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1 Joaquin Phoenix’s movie inspired the animated film


Ron went wrong is Locksmith Animation’s debut film. It puts a lot of pressure on the studio to make a good impression. They have strong competition with studios such as Pixar, but may also begin to establish their own narrative identity. Ron went wrong writers Peter Baynham and Sarah Smith recently said that a specific Joaquin Phoenix movie inspired it all.

“Ron’s Gone Wrong” is about friendship

Ron (voiced by Zack Galifianakis) and Barney (voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer) | 20th century workshops

The story follows Barney (Jack Dylan Grazer), who will be a goofy college boy in the future. Children make friends with digitally connected “B-bots” who can walk and talk. Barney meets Ron (Zach Galifianakis), who seems to have gone wrong. The flaws of the new toy attract the attention of a suspicious executive who will do anything to protect his company’s stock price.

Ron has gone wrong is intended to be a social commentary post on the age of social media. Young children are now growing up in the digital age, which has changed the way many children make new friends.

A Joaquin Phoenix movie inspired by “Ron’s Gone Wrong”

Ron went wrong writers Baynham and Smith spoke about the animated film in an interview with The Digital Fix. The investigator made a comparison between Ron has gone wrong and Spike Jonze Her. Smith replied that Her actually inspired the animated film. She linked it to her daughter’s experience with technology.

“That’s a great question because that’s literally when I thought about the idea for the movie. [Her]”Smith said.” I was watching this and I was like, ‘We have to make this movie for the kids.’ Because my daughter was getting a little obsessed with an iPad when she was three or four years old and constantly returning ads like they were the truth.

She developed her response that they wanted to make a movie that revolves around growing up with the internet. Technology continues to advance, so children are exposed to the online environment at a very young age.

Smith continued, “And I thought we could do a movie where we talk about what they see and experience online to give them an idea that maybe it’s a little more complicated than face value, you know. . This is where it comes from. “

Resonate with a younger audience

Baynham and Smith really wanted to make a movie that resonates with kids. The writers explained that children should be able to relate to the themes of the film.

“All kids want this kind of secret pet thing that’s only theirs,” Smith told The Digital Fix. “But at the same time, I also hope that we put a lot of emotion into Barney, which comes from our experiences with our own children, and the children around us what it feels like to be the child.”

Baynham added that adults have also developed a great dependence on technology. Children notice that the adults around them are using technology on a regular basis.

Baynham added, “Yeah, I hope that resonates. And as you also know, kids can see in this movie the adults not necessarily putting their devices down either. You know, that’s all we’re going through. all. And that’s what it is. We all have a comedic exploration of the crazy times we live in. “

Ron has gone wrong plays exclusively in theaters from October 22.

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