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10 Cartoons With Great Secondary Characters, But A Terrible Protagonist


In the world of cartoons, it’s essential that supporting characters shine as bright as the protagonist, creating a vast network of characters that viewers will love. This ensures that viewers ask questions not only about the main character, but also the people around them, and it gives the writers a chance to develop the story by using the supporting characters to explore areas where the main character would not normally enter. .

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However, while it’s great in theory, sometimes it’s not executed well in practice. Occasionally, the writers spend so much time developing supporting characters that the series’ protagonist is boring or distasteful in comparison.

ten Horse only wanted to go home (Centaurworld)

Centaurworld showed the broken bridge between two worlds, one a post-apocalyptic world parallel to reality, and the other which was a goofy, wacky, weird world full of centaurs of all kinds and the magic they possessed. The horse, coming from the old, had only one objective, which was to return home and find its rider. However, trapped in Centaurworld, Horse was forced to rely on a herd of centaurs, needing their magic to help her.

During her journey, Horse has proven to be single-minded in her goals and often doesn’t care about fellow travelers despite their best efforts to help her. This made it difficult for many viewers to appreciate the character of Horse, but they stuck for the unique and bubbly supporting characters who shared his journey.

9 Scrooge McDuck was a wealthy capitalist (DuckTales)

The restart of duck tales saw a plethora of characters gain unique new personalities. The triplets were no longer carbon copies of each other, having unique personalities, Webby was no longer the token woman who loved pink, and apart from the main family, villains such as Magica De Spell and heroes like Gizmoduck have been redesigned, capturing the hearts of old and new viewers alike.

Still, while the main character, Scrooge McDuck was arguably more likable than before, many viewers didn’t find him relatable. As a wealthy capitalist who doesn’t approve of charities and tries to accumulate unimaginable wealth instead of using it for good, very few viewers could appreciate Scrooge’s character.

8 Kim Possible could do it all (Kim Possible)

Cheerleader, class president, international super spy. No matter what Kim possible decided she could do it, always pretending it was “Not big.”

Kim’s abilities to excel at everything left some viewers feeling alienated, worried they couldn’t do anything, which made Kim an unrelated character. Because of this, the show’s audiences clung to characters like Ron Stoppable, Dr. Drakken, and Shego, who each had flaws and were prone to failure, but never gave up and were always willing to try again. .

seven Bloo was a selfish character who never changed (Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends)

As the sole resident of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends not to be adopted, Bloo was the key character of the series. Over many episodes, Bloo has shown himself to be a selfish, lazy character with no desire to change for the better. However, the surrounding characters each had different personalities, and many had suffered tragic pasts.

A better formula for the show might have been for the narrative to change, based on which characters had been around the longest and which would be adopted. That way, all the attention wouldn’t always have been on Bloo, but also shared with beloved supporting characters.

6 Ash got boring (Pokémon)

From 1997, the main Pokemon The series has followed Ash Ketchum as the main character for 25 years. During this time, several gym leaders, coaches and fellow travelers were featured, each with their own unique stories that viewers want to learn more about. Throughout this time, Ash has not changed. He didn’t achieve any of his goals and he only won one league title. Meanwhile, his character development continues to backtrack on itself, showing no promise of any real character growth.

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Because of this, many Pokemon viewers were bored with Ash Ketchum. It’s time for him to complete his journey so viewers can get a chance to see a new character take up the mantle of Pokémon trainer, or even maybe another profession so the Pokémon universe can grow even further.

5 Omi never changes (Xiaolin Showdown)

Raised as a Xiaolin monk all his life, Omi was determined to follow all the rules and make sure newly chosen monks would too, his main character flaw being that he didn’t know how to take things any less at face value. serious. Unlike the other Xiaolin monks, Omi never overcame his flaws, always serious in his fights against evil. So compared to a character like Raymundo who arguably had the most character development going from good to evil and back again, Omi wasn’t an interesting character to focus on in the series.

4 Optimus Prime became a cold leader (Transformers: Prime)

In G1 transformersOptimus Prime was the charismatically optimistic leader who loved his entire team, Animated transformers saw the alternate universe Optimus learn to be a good leader. However, Transformers premium Optimus was based on the Michael Bay movies, and so he became stoic and detached, rarely interacting with his team outside of missions.

For many fans of the older shows, this change took the fun out of the original Optimus character. Instead of focusing on Optimus, many fans turned their attention to more entertaining characters such as Ratchet or Bumblebee.

3 Robin was a boring leader (Teen Titans)

Teen Titans saw a host of interesting characters living in Titans Tower and protecting Jump City from the forces of evil. Starfire was the bubbly alien who didn’t understand Earth’s customs, Beast Boy was the immature prankster who had trouble handling too serious situations, Raven was the enigmatic enchantress who had to keep her emotions in perfect control for the everyone’s safety, Cyborg was the noisy technical expert with flare and Robin… was the leader.

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After serving as the leader of the Teen Titans, Robin had very little personality. As a Titan with no powers to speak of, Robin bored younger audiences who looked forward to flashy, imaginative battles with colorful and witty villains.

2 Ben grew up to be a fool (Ben 10: Alien Force)

Sequel to the original Ben 10 series, Ben 10: Alien Force sees Ben as a teenager, trying to be a leader after his grandfather’s disappearance. In the original series, Ben was obnoxious and immature, but his heart was in the right place as he tried to do the right thing. In foreign forceBen shows more maturity, but still sometimes makes bad choices.

However, instead of feeling guilty when he does something he shouldn’t, this series has seen Ben stubbornly stick to his choices, rarely offering excuses. Very few viewers liked the person Ben grew up and stuck with the show for more appealing supporting characters.

1 Numbuh 1 had no personality after being a leader (code name: Kids Next Door)

In Code name: Kids Next Door, each KND member had unique personalities that sometimes complimented each other and at other times clashed violently with their teammates. 5 was the cool and collected tactical expert, 4 was tough but secretly sensitive, 3 was cute and bubbly but still handy in a fight, and 2 was the prankish inventor with a love of aviation.

With four great team members to command, Numbuh 1 was blessed with being a cool, witty leader with a love of adventure. Instead, he was the paranoid leader who took his position too seriously and never allowed himself to have fun with his teammates, always on duty as Numbuh 1, making him boring instead of other more entertaining characters.

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