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10 DC Comics Characters Who Need To Be In Black Adam


Black Adam’s next film starring Dwayne Johnson is highly anticipated. DC Comics cashed in on the high-profile film, with Black Adam appearing in more comic books and merchandise. The movie will also bring the Justice Society to the big screen, which is something that many DC fans are thrilled with. However, there are many more DC characters that the film could introduce to the DCEU as well.

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Black Adam has been a big deal in the DC Universe for a while now. He has interacted with many characters, many of whom should definitely make an appearance in Black Adam.

ten The wizard is an important part of Black Adam’s story

Black Adam shares the same power source as Shazam, so one character that absolutely needs to be in the movie at some point is the wizard. The Wizard has already appeared in the DCEU, portrayed by Djimon Hounsou in 2019 Shazam. He’s the source of the power that powers Black Adam, so if the movie shows Adam’s origin, he has to show up.

The role could go either way. Either they just show Adam meeting the wizard and gaining the power, or an older, newly awakened Adam goes to him to get his powers back. No matter how they go about it, the wizard is important to Black Adam’s story.

9 Mr. Mind is a dark horse choice

Mr. Mind is another Shazam villain, but he’s weirder than most. Mr. Mind is a telepathic worm from Venus. His powers are nearly unmatched and he can control technology with his mind, a power unique among telepaths. If the movie’s story involves Black Adam freeing Kahndaq, Mr. Mind should be there.

In the comics, Mr. Mind helped control Brainwave Jr., the telepath who had joined Adam’s team that took over Kahndaq. While it certainly hasn’t been announced that Brainwave Jr. is showing up, Mr. Mind could still work with Adam one way or another.

8 Lex Luthor Could Fit Well In A Post-Credit Scene

Lex Luthor is tied as DC’s most popular villain with the Joker. Although the character hasn’t had much success on the big screen lately, now might be the time to bring him back. black adam would be a great place for that. Adam and Luthor had a relationship in the comics, most notably when they formed a team to stop the Crime Syndicate after the multiversal villains took over Earth.

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What’s great about Lex is that he’s a great manipulator. He would definitely try to have Adam on his side to fight against Superman. Having him in the movie would not only make a lot of sense, but it would also show that WB Discovery hasn’t given up on the Superman side of things.

Several important members of the Justice Society are missing Black Adamthe version of the team. The weirdest is Stargirl. By now, she’s the member of the Justice Society that most non-comedy fans know, having spent several years performing on The CW. Daughter of the Stars. Leaving out some lesser-known members of the JSA makes sense, but not Stargirl.

Warner Bros. Discovery might just keep it a secret for now, but there are plenty of options for Stargirl to show up. She could be a member of a larger Justice Society team that confronts Adam or appear in a post-credits scene. Stargirl is such a fun character, and it would be weird if she didn’t show up.

6 A Shazam cameo would be very cool

Shazam has already made his DCEU debut, and it’s safe to say he’s set to make an appearance in Black Adam. Dwayne Johnson has said in interviews that it was important to separate the two characters, which is why Adam didn’t appear in his film. However, Shazam makes an appearance in black adam would be really cool for viewers.

This would highlight the relationship between the two characters. Shazam has a long history in the comics and is closely tied to Black Adam’s. Giving Big Red Cheese an appearance would be great, especially if it brings Johnson’s Adam and Zachary Levy’s Shazam to face off.

5 Nabu and Black Adam worked together in ancient times

Black Adam was a hero in the past before becoming a villain and anti-hero in the present. He participated in many great victories and worked with Hawkman when he was Pharaoh Khufu. Another ancient hero who worked with him was Nabu, Khufu’s court magician and lord of order. Nabu would eventually become the guiding spirit and power source for the Helmet of Fate.

With Doctor Fate and Hawkman in the movie, having a flashback and showing Mighty Adam fighting alongside Khufu and Nabu is a no-brainer. It would give readers a bit of origin for Fate and his helmet, as well as showing integral parts of Adam’s past.

4 Hawkwoman is very important to the Hawkman mythos

Hawkman’s DCEU premiere is a big deal for longtime fans of the DC Universe. He is a beloved B-lister, helping found the Justice Society and later becoming a member of the Justice League. Its history is extremely complicated due to DC’s many continuity reboots, but some parts haven’t changed much over the years.

One part of Hawkman’s story that hasn’t changed is Hawkwoman. DC’s iconic married couple lived and died together for millennia. Having Hawkman without Hawkwoman is a travesty. Hawkwoman is to appear in black adameven if it’s just a cameo.

3 Superman would make a great match for Black Adam

Superman and Black Adam have clashed several times in the comics. Much like Shazam, the magical nature of Adam’s powers means he can hurt Superman like few others. On top of that, Adam can match the Man of Steel for power and speed, which is pretty rare in the DC Universe. Recent years have even seen the two make peace, with Superman bringing Adam into the League.

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Johnson played coy when asked if Superman was showing up at San Diego Comic-Con. It’s not an indication that the Man of Steel is making an appearance, but it would be amazing if he did. Fans want to see Superman back in the DCEU and use black adam bringing it back would be perfect.

2 Alan Scott would make a perfect addition to the Justice Society

Alan Scott has decades of experience with the Justice Society. Often referred to as the Superman of the JSA, both because of his power and the example he sets, Scott has been one of the most consistent members of the team. He also dealt with Black Adam, both as a teammate and an antagonist. These facts make it important for him to appear in the film.

Scott is the heart of the JSA. He’s so important it’s odd that he’s not part of the movie’s Justice Society. There are a number of ways to bring him in, perhaps giving readers a glimpse of him in the team’s past or a cameo at the end to show he’s about to play a bigger role in the game. ‘coming.

1 Jay Garrick must appear on the big screen

Jay Garrick is the first Flash, laying down the mantle for all who followed him. Garrick was a founding member of the Justice Society and fought alongside the group for decades. Kept relatively young by the Speed ​​Force, he served as an inspiration to all heroes on Earth. Garrick’s role in the JSA is indispensable.

Just like Stargirl, Garrick appeared on a CW DC show, flash, it is therefore known to audiences outside of comic book readers. Establishing that the Flash is a cloak would help the DCEU play into the legacy the way the comics do. Beyond that, it would be great to see Garrick love the big screen.

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