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10 Famous Comic Book Characters Who Need To Meet The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Debuting over 30 years ago in their own comic strip, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has remained a beloved pop culture classic ever since. Memories of those early issues are rare and treasured, and the original negatives of their first comic only recently resurfaced via a collector in Colorado (according to the Portland Press Herald). From their origins in the comics to their success in TV and film, the Radical Reptiles have had many adventures and faced many threats over the years. However, one aspect of the series that makes it appealing is its ability to intersect with several other worlds.

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From their teams with the Power Rangers to fighting crime with The Dark Knight, the group has met and joined forces with several heroes. But there are a few they haven’t met, some even coming from their old comic book lore. With the ability to overlap other series, TMNT still has plenty of other characters they can meet and assist.

10/10 Wolverine: A Mutant Match in Heaven

One of Marvel’s most popular heroes, Wolverine has proven to be both a formidable adversary and a brave hero. Although Logan prefers to work alone, he will team up with other heroes if the need arises and the threat is too powerful for him to handle alone. This includes other mutants, like his fellow X-Men and, if possible, the Turtles.

At first, Logan would probably be annoyed by the Turtles, even getting into a fight with Raphael. However, when danger threatens the mutants, Logan tries to fight on alone, only to ask the Turtles for help. While thinking they are too “green”, he might learn to respect the reptile superheroes, though their humor might cause him to keep his distance after the conflict.

9/10 Shang Chi: Kung Fu Mayhem

Starting to gain the notoriety he deserves, Shang Chi would be an interesting choice when it comes to crosses. One of Marvel’s finest fighters and now possessing all ten rings, Shang would be a capable opponent for the Turtles, with only Leonardo likely able to take on the martial artist.

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After learning that they are on the same side, they could both learn from each other, showcasing different styles of martial arts and comic-style techniques. Plus, a crossover with the Hand and the Foot Clan would make for an interesting fight, with a final battle against Mandarin and Shredder giving comic book fans their money.

8/10 Invincible: Interstellar Action

Another rising star thanks to his hit TV show, Invincible, as people could probably point out, started life as a comic book superhero. For Mark Grayson, dealing with the abnormal is a normal day in the life of an invincible crime fighter. So, an alliance with the TMNT could be a worthy mashup.

With its villains ranging from monstrous mutants to space invaders, Grayson and the Turtles might find new and interesting ways to help each other. Plus, combined with the humor and colorful cast from both universes, these indie superheroes could provide a fun story for fans to follow.

7/10 Deadpool: Excessive Madness

It’s no surprise that TMNT have encountered many interesting and strange beings throughout their adventures. That being said, the Turtles have yet to team up or tangle with one of Marvel’s most eccentric anti-heroes.

Wade and the Turtles shared stories that were both goofy and mature, according to the creative team. Additionally, depending on the incarnation chosen, the two could go head-to-head by constantly breaking the fourth wall, allowing some interesting conflicts to arise in the process. A fun and experimental adventure that could go either way for the Turtles and the Merc with the Mouth.

6/10 Hellboy: Gothic Stories and Mysteries

Another longtime superhero not created by DC or Marvel, Mike Mignola Hellboy focuses on the half-demon paranormal detective as he battles all kinds of supernatural threats. Although he met the turtles in the video game Injustice 2they never really shared an adventure together, which would be cool to attest to.

Not only would readers see indie icons teaming up, but the five would explore different genres. The Turtles had occasional mysteries to solve and battled different demonic creatures, but none on the same level as Hellboy. On that note, Hellboy’s sarcasm and lust for action would pair well with the Turtles, battling terrifying foes like Baba Yaga or the Rat King.

5/10 Rocket Raccoon: Antiques from Outer Space

With the growing popularity of guardians of the galaxy, it would be quite appropriate for a space-themed crossover with the TMNT, which is no stranger to traveling where no reptile has gone before. One member in particular, the animal Rocket, would hold the most promise, as both he and the Turtles are mutants in their own right.

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Together, the Turtles and the alien could do some interstellar mischief, with Rocket’s greed or his feuds with Ralph possibly getting in the way of their alliance. This could be an interesting combo as they can fight Kree or Triceratons while trying to get away with their shells (or fur) intact.

4/10 Teen Titans: Combine Teenage Crime Fighters

Starting in the 80s, the Turtles were always seen as teenagers, getting into trouble and still learning to be the heroes they could be. During their rise, the Teen Titans, a team of superheroes made up of sidekicks, would see a resurgence under a new creative team and a colorful new cast.

What would make this meeting so unique would be the interactions of the two actors. With the multiple incarnations of the Turtles and the ever-growing roster of Titans, groups could meet anytime and anywhere, from the early years to the present day. The combination of superhero antics and bizarre misadventures could be a definite hit for these teenage adventurers.

3/10 Fantastic Four: Adventures Across the Cosmos

Another popular team of four, eights would make for some interesting combinations. Donnie and Reed would like to study each other, impressed by their intelligence and mastery of technology. Mikey and Ralph would fit in well with Johnny and Ben’s dynamic, getting into trouble and pulling pranks on each other.

But in the end, the two groups share a trait that has made the popularity of their respective series: the concept of family. And that could be tested by either a Shredder/Doctor Doom showdown, or a Skrulls and Kraang alliance for universal dominance.

2/10 Spider-Man: combining comedy and action

Who better to team up with the adorable reptiles than everyone’s favorite wall-crawler, Spider-Man? Unlike their crossover with The Dark Knight, the Turtles wouldn’t have to leave New York, only to be transported to another version of their home. While exploring, the turtles could encounter the hero, either helping him fight villains or fighting each other due to misunderstandings.

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Right away, the Turtles would come to like one or the other, either because of his formidable intelligence, his wise nature, or his respectable heroism. Together, the five could fight either their respected villains, creating some interesting mashups and other villainous alliances, such as Green Goblin and Shredder, providing a fight for comic book fans.

1/10 Daredevil: honor their source material

The Hell’s Kitchen Devil has a lot in common with turtles. From his work in the shadows of New York to his training as a ninja and a mutant, Murdock shares similarities with all four heroes. But their team’s coolest and most notable reason has to do with the turtles’ origins.

During their creation, Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman extracted plot elements from Matt’s story, acting as both an homage to and a parody of the superhero. From their chemical creations to forming a wise old master, the two would honor Murdock through their early comics, particularly during Matt’s run under Frank Miller. The Turtles owe Daredevil a lot, and seeing them team up would bring their stories full circle.

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