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10 Godzilla Comics As Good As The Movies


With the recent celebration of Godzilla Day culminating in the announcement of an all-new Godzilla movie slated for release in November 2023, fans of the King of the Monsters are buzzing with excitement.

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Although Godzilla made its cinematic presence known in the 21st century thanks to Legendary Pictures’ “Monsterverse,” the recently announced film will be produced by Toho, the studio behind the original series. Godzilla movies. As one of the greatest fictional characters ever created, it’s only natural that Godzilla’s media expanded into the comics. Although Godzilla has a reputation as a great movie character, some of his comics are just as good, if not better, than the movies.

10/10 Godzilla joined the Marvel Universe in King Of The Monsters

Thor Watches Godzilla Destroy Manhattan in Marvel Comics

As they often do with notable pop culture characters like Dracula and the Transformers, Marvel acquired the license to produce Godzilla comics in the late 1970s. The first Godzilla comic they ever produced, Godzilla: King of the Monsters was an ongoing series that ran for 24 issues and was written by Doug Moench with art by Herb Trimpe, Fred Kida, and more.

Based on the version of the character seen in the original Godzilla films by Toho Studios, Godzilla has become a presence in the main 616 Marvel Universe, making him an adversary for heroes like the Avengers. Godzilla’s days as a Marvel character finally came to an end, but not before making an appearance in 1985 and another in 2007.

9/10 Godzilla Legends Focuses On Many Other Kaiju

Godzilla Shows His Teeth In IDW Comics

A five-issue series by numerous writers including Matt Frank, Jeff Prezenkowski, Jon Vankin, and more, Godzilla: Legends revolves around some of Godzilla’s most powerful enemies and allies. Kaiju like Anguirus, Rodan, Hedorah, and a few others, each get their own short story in different serial numbers.

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Published by IDW Publishing, Legends is the second Godzilla series created by the publisher, and it served as a critical springboard for IDW becoming the first creator of Godzilla comics. In addition to featuring many fan-favorite monsters from the Godzilla movies, Legends expanded everyone’s tradition.

8/10 Godzilla fought the Power Rangers in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vs. Godzilla

Power rangers dino bot look godzilla face in IDW comics

Easily one of the weirdest comic crossovers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vs. Godzilla is a five-issue series featuring some of the most impressive comic book covers ever created. A joint publishing effort by IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Hasbro and Toho International, the series was written by Cullen Bunn, with art by Freddie E. Williams II – who also handled the beautiful cover art.

Like most other crossover comics of its size, Power Rangers Vs. Godzilla is packed with incredible action and genuinely shocking moments for fans of both franchises. Considering the recently released book did so well with critics and fans alike, readers hope to see both of these franchises again soon.

7/10 Survivors hidden in the ruins of Tokyo in Godzilla: Cataclysm

Godzilla charging lightning into his mouth in IDW comics

Created by Cullen Bunn, Dave Wachter and Chris Mowry, the five number Godzilla: Cataclysm is the fourth Godzilla miniseries published by IDW. Set twenty years after a massive monster attack, the story revolves around a group of survivors living in the ruins of Tokyo.

In the center of the group is a man named Hiroshi, his grandson Arata, and another young man named Shiori. Through the eyes of these three characters, readers see some of the most epic battles in Godzilla history. A comic full of different monsters, Cataclysm includes appearances from fan favorites like Mothra, King Ghidorah, Ebirah and Biollante.

6/10 Godzilla Returned in Godzilla Terror

Godzilla destroying a building with his tail in Dark Horse Comics

Considered a must-have Dark Horse comic, Terror of Godzilla is a six-issue series created by Kazuhisa Iwata, Dan McKinnon, and Chris Chalenor. Based on the 1984 film Return of Godzillathe series begins with Godzilla rising out of the seas, nearly sinking a Japanese fishing boat.

Following an investigation by a nearby reporter, a nuclear submarine is suddenly destroyed in the same area, helping the Japanese people realize that Godzilla has returned. A great comic for fans of the traditional Godzilla, Terror of Godzilla emulates the old-school style of the original Godzilla films, combining thrilling action with a fun yet engaging story.

5/10 Godzilla went to hell in Godzilla in Hell

Red Godzilla with open mouth in IDW comics

Definitely one of Godzilla’s most unique concepts, godzilla in hell is a five-issue series by Dave Watcher, Brandon Seifert, Erick Freitas and a few others. The story begins with Godzilla suddenly falling into the Hellmouth and slamming into a giant boulder.

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Passing through two mysterious cities with alien architecture, Godzilla comes face to face with a giant nuclear demon. The battles don’t end there, as Godzilla spends the rest of the series battling demonized versions of the most powerful monsters in the Godzilla universe.

4/10 Godzilla Introduced To A New Era In Kingdom Of Monsters

Godzilla Burns Hollywood Sign in IDW Comics

The first entry for the IDW official Godzilla continuity, Godzilla: Kingdom of the Monsters is a 12-issue series by Eric Powell, Tracy Marsh and Jason Ciaramella, Phil Hester, Victor Santos and Bruce McCorkindale. The story revolves around the first emergence of Godzilla in modern Japan.

Quickly followed by the appearance of many other monsters like Rodan, Anguirus and Battra, two evil twins use strange psychic abilities to command monsters as they please. kingdom of monsters also features an appearance from one of Godzilla’s most well-known enemies, Mecha-Godzilla.

3/10 A detective enlists Mothra’s help in Gangsters and Goliaths

Godzilla fighting Gigan with Anguirus, Destroyah, Rodan, and Mothra in the background in IDW comics

A five-issue series published by IDW, Godzilla: Mobsters and Goliaths was created by John Layman, Alberto Ponticelli, Jay Fotos and Chris Mowry. The plot revolves around Makoto Sato, a Tokyo detective on a mission to take down the Takahashi crime syndicate.

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Waking up on a beach shortly after being beaten up by a group of gangsters, Sato soon realizes that he is not on just any beach. it is on the coast of Monster Island, the home of many monsters like Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra. Shortly after, encountering the House of Elias – Mothra’s allies – Sato begs them to enlist Mothra to protect her family and eliminate the crime syndicate.

2/10 Godzilla was introduced to Dark Horse in King Of The Monsters

Godzilla destroys a boat with blood on its mouth in the Dark Horse comics

Not to be confused with the Marvel comic of the same title, Godzilla: King of the Monsters is a 16-issue series by Bob Eggleton, Kevin Maguire, Arthur Adams, and more. After Marvel lost the license to produce Godzilla comics in the late 1980s, the license was acquired by Dark Horse Comics, which quickly gave the character the A-list treatment he deserved.

Although Godzilla’s first Dark Horse appearance was Dark Horse Comics #10, he soon received his own series in the form of king of the monsters. However, Dark Horse Comics was unable to license other famous monsters from the Godzilla movies, which led to the creation of many original enemies.

1/10 The Godzilla: Half-Century War is a must-read

Godzilla lifting an aircraft carrier out of the ocean with his back in IDW comics

Recognized by many fans as one of the greatest Godzilla stories ever told Godzilla: Half-Century War is a five-issue series by James Stokoe and Heather Beckel. An epic comic that surpasses even the epic scale of Legendary Pictures’ “Monsterverse” films, the aptly titled Half-Century War takes place over fifty years – from 1954 to 2002.

The story revolves around a man named Ota Murakami and his incredible five encounters with Godzilla. The series also includes appearances from other famous monsters like Battra, Kumonga, and Hedorah.

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