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10 Great Actors Who Voiced Recognizable Anime Characters


In live-action movies and TV shows, an actor’s appearance is altered by costumes, hairstyle, and makeup. However, once an actor enters the field of animation. They must convey their character through their voice. The way actors speak their words, the accent, intonation, and inflection all create the character they express.

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These voice actors must alter these traits for each character they voice to ensure that their characters have different personalities and behaviors. Actors who have appeared on screen, such asIdris Elba, Mindy Kaling, and John Goodman also lent their voices to the animation. Still, there are a few actors who are more recognizable by their voices rather than their live performances.


George O’Hanlon voiced George Jetson

Set in the not-too-distant future (around 2062), the Jetsons have taken on their day-to-day responsibilities while relying on advancements in technology that many could only dream of. Whereas The Jetsons Set in the future, the television series aired from 1962 to 1963 and from 1985 to 1987. George O’Hanlon voiced one of the show’s main characters, George Jetson, a caring father of two and loving husband.

The character appeared in the 1987 television series and film The Jetsons meet the Flintstones, a cross between the Stone Age family and the Futurist family. While George Jetson may have been Hanlon’s most prolific role, the actor has also starred in a few shorts, movies, and TV series over the years.

Eartha Kitt voiced Yzma

Eartha Kitt voiced mean and selfish, Yzma, from The Emperor’s New Routine (2000) movie, The Emperor’s New School (2006-2008), and a series of video games. Her character hatched the perfect plan to secure the throne as Empress after killing the Emperor. His plans usually fell apart.

Yzma wasn’t the only character Kitt voiced. Between 2002 and 2006, she voiced Vexus in My life as a teenage robot. Vexus was also an antagonist and was able to transform his appearance to hide his identity. In the late 1960s, Kitt briefly portrayed Catwoman, on the live-action television series The Batman (1967-1968).

Veronica Taylor voiced Ash

Ash Ketchum is part of the Pokemon universe, the Japanese manga series, and aspired to become the strongest and best Pokémon trainer. In the original Japanese version, Ash Ketchum or Satoshi is voiced by Rika Matsumoto. In the English dubbed version, the character is voiced by Veronique Taylor.

In addition to voicing Ash, Taylor also voiced Tamao in shaman king (2021-2022), a Japanese manga series. Tamao was a manager of the Funbari Hot Springs Inn, who was trained to be a shaman by the Asakura family. In addition to these characters, Taylor lent her voice to Didn’t I say to make my abilities average in the next life? ! (2019) Television series, where she plays Pauline, a nice young woman specializing in water magic and healing.

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Tom Kenny voiced SpongeBob SquarePants

A handful of individuals know the answer to the question “who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” The person who voices SpongeBob SquarePants is none other than Tom Kenny. Three Sponge Bob SquarePants movies and a show continue to air on Nickelodeon with new episodes since 1999, Kenny voiced the quirky yellow sponge along with other minor characters from the show.

In addition to bringing SpongeBob to life, Kenny also voiced the Ice King, an unstable but powerful antagonist, in adventure time (2010-2018), the optimistic dog, brother of the cat, in Cat dog (1998-2005), and the pragmatic rabbit in Winnie the Pooh, to name a few.

Bill Fagerbakke voiced Patrick

Bill Fagerbakke voiced Patrick Star who was SpongeBob’s best friend since day one. It’s only a few episodes later that viewers will find out that SpongeBob and Patrick met at a very young age and became neighbors. Together they would find ways to annoy Squidward or pass the time jellyfishing.

Fagerbakke’s character, Patrick, has appeared in television shows, films, short films, and video games. Besides the gullible starfish, Fagerbakke voiced the Scarecrow, Muchkind Mayor, Tinker, Kaliko, and several other characters in Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz television series (2017-2020), as well as the role of Prince Cashmere, a Viking, in take a walk there (2013-2016).

Dan Castellaneta voiced Homer Simpson

Today, the slogan “D’oh” can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster dictionary. “D’oh” is a term used to express an unexpected twist and was commonly used by Homer Simpson, a character who Dan Castellaneta has voiced Home Simpson since 1989.

Homer is perhaps Castellaneta’s most notable role as the character is one of the main characters in The simpsons and appeared in The Simpsons movie (2007), a few short films and a guest on a few talk shows. In addition to Homer, Castellaneta has voiced other recurring characters on The simpsons like Krusty the Clown, Grandpa and Groundskeeper Willie, to name a few. Apart from The simpsons, Castellaneta’s voice can be heard in Futurama, and The Batman as well as in other animated shows.

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Nancy Cartwright voiced Bart Simpson

Besides Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson was another main character in the series The simpsons. Nancy Cartwright voiced Bart Simpson, Homer’s mischievous son who liked to prank the people of Springfield. However, Bart wasn’t the only character she spoke about. The simpsonsshe also voiced Nelson Muntz, the school bully, Maggie Simpsons, Bart’s little sister, as well as Ralph Wiggum, Rod Flanders, and other characters who played minor roles on the show.

Outraged The simpsons, Cartwright lends his voice to Chuckie in the Rugrats (1996 – 2006) as well as other TV shows and short films. Chuckie Finster, the second oldest of the Rugrats group, didn’t have the same fearless attitude as the other toddlers.

Henry Corden voiced Fred Flintstone

The Flintstones was the iconic family that virtually everyone knew. Behind the voice of the main character, Fred Flintstone was Henry Corden. Fred sought out opportunities to improve his family’s life, and his ideas were often impulsive and unthoughtful. The Flintstones family have appeared in a variety of animated shows and crossed paths with them.

In addition to voicing Fred, Corden also voiced Spider-Man’s nemesis, “Wild” Willie Wilson in the TV series, Spider Man (1981-1982) and Ookla the Mok in the 1980s TV show Thundarr the Barbarian. Strong and a great fight Ookla the Mok was Thundarr’s friend.

Tara Strong voiced Timmy Turner

Viewers who have watched any of the classic anime TV shows like Fairly Odd ParentsWhere Rugrats probably heard Tara Strong’s voice. Strong has voiced over 100 anime characters in various anime shows. In Fairly Odd Parents alone, she has lent her voice to at least 80 of the most minor characters like a cheerleader to Timmy Turner, the young boy, who is mostly ignored by his parents and relies on his fairy godparents to fulfill all her wishes and the show’s lead.

Although she has a credited appearance in Big time Rush for playing Miss Collins, a teacher who emphasized spending time having fun rather than writing a difficult assignment or studying for a math test.

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Mel Blanc voiced Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is the clever gray rabbit who manages to outsmart Daffy Duck and Elmer Fund. Over the years, many actors have voiced the Rabbit. However, Mel White voiced the character the most from the 1940s through the 2000s. In the looney tunes Blanc also voiced Yosemite Sam, Marvin the Martian, Tweety Bird, Porky Pig, Sylvester, and Bug’s Bunny’s rival (and sometimes Bug’s friend) Daffy Duck.

Including Bugs Bunny, Blanc has voiced around 400 different characters throughout his career. In the 1980s, he lent his voice to Barney Rubble, the blond-haired caveman who was Fred Flintstone’s best friend and neighbor, in The Flintstones. In The Jetsons (1962-1963), White voiced the hot-tempered boss, Mr. Spacely.

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