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10 HBO Max shows to expect in 2022



While HBO is often considered to make the most compelling crime dramas and ground-breaking comedies on television, the HBO Max exclusives so far leave a little to be desired. However, the network will take huge steps to ensure that anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the streaming service will be absent.

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There are tons of DC series in development, and while they could be released in 2022, that is unconfirmed. And there are other great shows like Love life and Fate Patrol which will return for another season, but these are all new and original HBO Max exclusives that subscribers can look forward to in 2022. HBO is preparing to release some of its most exciting crime dramas and comedies to date.



Gremlins Secrets of Mogwai's First Picture

This is hilarious Gremlins is in the process of being adapted into a children’s cartoon, as the original film is not suitable for children at all. Not only have the Gremlins committed actual crimes, they’re tossed in blenders and microwaves until they are mush or exploded.

Nonetheless, the animation of the cartoon is so charming and it looks like it will build the world’s lore as well. The series is a prequel to both films, as it is set in Shanghai in the 1920s and follows Sam Wing as he meets Gizmo. But young audiences who do get started will be surprised when they’re old enough to watch the ’80s classic.


Peacemaker Buttocks Babies

HBO Max is promoting Peacemaker like they’ve never promoted anything before, and in terms of exclusive shows, the DCEU series has the potential to attract more subscribers than any other. Peacemaker is John Cena’s best character in 2021, and he was arguably the best character in The suicide squad also, because Cena wasn’t afraid to make a fool of himself and he had some of the best one-liners in a movie filled with them.

Now, with his own TV show, fans will be treated to roughly eight hours of completely unfiltered Peacemaker, as he tries to keep the peace by killing dozens of people. This also has The suicide squad director James Gunn helming most of the episodes as well, which means the unique humor will remain intact.

Love and death

Love & Death Starring Elizabeth Olsen

Love and death Will have virtually no comedic relief, as the series surrounds the brutal ax murder of Candy Montgomery in the 1980s. It’s based on a true story and all of the characters are based on real people who lived in Texas. The show is based on the non-fiction book, Proof of Love: A true story of passion and death in the suburbs.

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The new HBO show will star not only Elisabeth Olsen but also Jesse Plemons, who could very well be the best working TV actor today, as his credits include Breaking Bad, Fargo, and Black mirror. Plemons being thrown in the show is a big signifying that Love and death could be great, as the actor is clearly very selective about the high-profile shows he stars in.

Full circle

Steven Soderbergh operates the camera

Director Steven Soderbergh has a great working relationship with HBO Max. The workaholic has made not one but two films for the platform, Let them all talk and No sudden movement, which are two of the best exclusive HBO Max movies. And his hectic work ethic and partnership with the streamer will continue into 2022.

The director is preparing the release of another film, KIMI, and an original series, Full circle. The exclusive show sees Soderbergh do two things he does best, crime thrillers and multi-faceted storytelling. Full circle is about a botched kidnapping in New York City, which connects several characters in weird ways.


Colin Firth in Kingsman The Secret Service

Although it may not sound interesting, Stairs is a strangely disturbing title. The show is another true crime series from HBO, as it follows a man who was convicted of murder when his wife was found at the bottom of the stairs of their house.

Just as television has become the platform for prominent actors to show off their actor lineup for quite some time now, HBO has picked up some of the Hollywood royalty. Toni Collette and Oscar winner Colin Firth star in the crime drama.


Nick Miller looks confused in New Girl

Comedy to come Naughty has a fascinating concept, as it follows a young feminist from the 70s who creates the world’s first erotic publication for women. In a strange way Naughty almost looks like Presenter, because the comedy is about a news station in the 1970s dominated by men, only to be completely confused when an employee is hired.

Not only is the concept interesting, but one of the most talented comedy filmmakers is producing the show as well. Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaids and The heat, supervises production. And although the cast is largely unknown, Jake Johnson is in a lead role.

Our flag means death

Jack of all trades Taika Waititi is one of the best comic book directors out there, but he’s equally brilliant in front of the screen. Enter playing a vampire in the mock documentary What we do in the shadows, playing Korg in the MCU and being the antagonist in free guy, Waititi already has so many iconic characters under her belt. But in 2022, he could see his best role yet in Our flag means death.

The actor will pull out his plastic fangs and put on his eye patch, as he will play the famous pirate Blackbeard in Our flag means death. The show is a pirate-based comedy and will focus on Stede Bonnet, an actual aristocrat who gave up his life to become a pirate. It looks like 2022 could be the year of the pirates. Not only viewers will have Our flag means death, but the next one Unexplored concerns the history of pirates, and the subject that we talk about a lot Pirates of the Caribbean the restart could surface.


Rosario Dawson as Bridget Meyer in Dopesick

Rosario Dawson is going to have a huge year on streamers in 2022, and she has the potential to have the best show on both Disney + and HBO Max. Not only will Dawson star in the Star Wars series Ashoka, but she will lead DMZ too much.

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While HBO Max will feature all of DC’s exclusive shows, DMZ is based on a comic that is unrelated to any universe. The show follows a doctor in the midst of a Second American Civil War on a dystopian island in Manhattan. It’s a fascinating premise, and there’s a possibility that it will turn into a huge, long-running series.

Dune: brotherhood

An illustration of Reverend Mother imparting knowledge to a hopeful group from Bene Gesserit to Dune

Warner Bros. creates an interesting model, as the studio creates spin-off TV series from some of their acclaimed films. it happens first with Peacemaker, The batman receives two spinoff shows focused on The Penguin and GCPD, and now, the sci-fi hit Dune receives one too.

the sorority will follow a mysterious order of women who have unique abilities on body and mind. And because the novel is so steeped in lore that it’s impossible to detail it in just one movie, the show can help take the weight off the shoulders of the film series. Although the 1980s Dune is one of the novel’s strangest adaptations to film, the latest adaptation is a compelling, detailed, and cohesive visual masterpiece, and one that will hopefully translate to the small screen as well.

Tokyo Vice

Ansel Elgort in West Side Story

Included between The Sopranos, The Wire, and Real detective, crime dramas are the bread and butter of HBO and they are the gold standard of the genre. And since these three shows have legendary status, Tokyo Vice could be the show to carry the torch.

The crime show also has a period, as it’s set in the late 90s and follows an American journalist who reports corruption on Team Vice. For anyone familiar with the subject, they will know that the show has the potential to be one of the toughest HBO dramas to date.

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Daredevil Hawkeye Kingpin Canon

Hawkeye’s pivot detail made Daredevil MCU canon