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10 Movies With Better TV Spinoffs, According To Reddit


Peacemaker is one of the biggest successes of the past year, as it has managed to become arguably more beloved than The Suicide Squad. And now there’s another suicide squad spin-off series in development on Amanda Waller. But this isn’t the first time a TV spin-off has been as successful as the original movie, and in some cases the shows have even improved on the movies.

The editors have teamed up with the series which they believe is much better than the films they are based on. Some are in line with the general consensus and some are massively unpopular opinions, but either way users are making great points.

ten The Avengers (2012)

Coulson and Simmons in Agents of SHIELD S7E03

After The Avengersa spin-off show from the prequel, Agents of SHIELD, followed the success of the film. The show follows SHIELD’s Agent Coulson and Marvel super-producer Kevin Feige has denounced the show and claimed it’s not canon.

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Few people rate Agents of SHIELD strongly, especially after Marvel Studios invested hundreds of millions of dollars in high-quality Disney+ series like Wanda Vision and Loki. However, Thatoneguy112358 thinks the show is actually better than the movie, and not only that, but “Agents of SHIELD is a Phase 1 spinoff of the MCU, and it’s better than everything else in the MCU.”

9 Hercules (1997)


Hercules: The Legendary Voyages was a massive and epic show that even had multiple feature lengths, but SenorBigbelly refers to the morning cartoon. The show was a continuation of the 1997 Disney movie about the Greek god, and, almost afraid to say it, the Redditor mentions, “You know what? I’m gonna say Herculesthe Disney animated series based on the 90s film.”

There was actually a lot of production value in the show, because not only was the animation great, but many of the movie’s voice actors returned for the show, and there were tons of guest stars. Some of the stars who have lent their voices to the series include Craig Ferguson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell, making it one of the best animated shows based on a movie.

8 The Suicide Squad (2021)

peacemaker and vigilante

Peacemaker is the latest example of a TV spin-off from a movie, as director James Gunn took the best part of the soft reboot, The Suicide Squad, and gave it its own platform. Affectionate_Box7818 thinks that not only is the show an awesome and creative continuation of the movie, it’s even better than the movie.

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If anything. the show has proven that John Cena can be a leading man, and the character will hopefully get several more seasons and maybe even his own movie. And since James Gunn is the best at developing adorable CGI creatures, whether it’s Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 or King Shark in the 2021 film, fans have become obsessed with Peacemaker’s sidekick Eagly.

7 The Indiana Jones Series

Young Indiana Jones

The Chronicles of Young Indiana Jones is a prequel to IndianaJones series, and it capitalizes on the best part of The Last Crusade, which is a flashback of young Indy stealing the Golden Crucifix. The series had such a huge budget at the time, and due to low viewership, that was ultimately what led to its cancellation. But it also means that what exists of the series is epic and has a far greater reach than any other series from the 1990s.

Tealcandtrip postulates, “I maintain that the ‘Phantom Train of Doom’ is the best 90-minute prequel to the original trilogy that we will ever have.” The Redditor refers to a specific feature film episode, which sees Indy attempt to destroy a train carrying a giant German cannon. It’s as action-packed and grounded in history as anything in the movies, and it’s one of the many great episodes of the canceled TV series.

6 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)

Buffy standing up and looking sad in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

buffy the vampire slayer is an interesting spin-off/reboot, as it managed to become much more popular than the original movie and some don’t even know the series is based on an older movie. The 1992 release underperformed at the box office and was quickly forgotten, but the series ran for seven seasons and even had an equally successful spin-off, Angel. When considering movies with better TV spinoffs, Bokbreath wastes no time, saying that “there are several more but buffy is a perfect example.”

Although the series is more of a TV reboot than a spin-off, creator Joss Whedon was the helm of both. But with the TV format, it deepened the lore and built a weird, fantastical world. The movie doesn’t even have the same tone, as it’s more of a teen comedy than a coming-of-age horror. And the show is so beloved that fans want a buffy the comeback.

5 What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

What we do in the shadows is one of the funniest mockumentaries to come out since Borat, as it follows a group of roommates who happen to be vampires. Although the film exceeded viewers’ expectations, the series went above and beyond. MrRickSter puts it best by explaining, “What we do in the shadows is now in its 3rd series with an excellent television spin-off.”

As is the case with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, What We Do in the Shadows delves deeper into world-building, only it keeps the same comedic tone. The show is far more ambitious and features funnier and more interesting characters than any character in the movie, like Baron Afanas. However, the film series has not been abandoned, as creator Taika Waititi has been talking for years about a sequel to the 2014 cult hit, which is titled werewolves.

4 Stargate (1994)

The cast of Stargate SG-1

Director Roland Emmerich found his signature in the 1990s, when he combined the disaster movie genre with science fiction and directed both independence day and Godzilla. But before that, he created the universe spanning stargate. The movie is a fun but messy sci-fi popcorn flick, but three years later it’s been turned into a melodramatic and surprisingly engaging TV series, Stargate SG-1.

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Trylobyte claims the show is better than the movie, and the TV series was so successful that it spawned not just one spin-off, but several of them. Atlantis Stargate and Stargate Universe expanded the world, and there was even the spin-off anime series, Stargate Infinity.

3 Fargo (1996)

Fargo Season 4: Chris Rock as Loy Cannon and Tommaso Ragno as Donatello Fadda.

Uxasls quote ABC series Fargo as being better than the Coen Brothers directed film on which it is based. The film is a cold and thrilling murder mystery film, it features some of the best cinematography of the 1990s, and it has such a unique sense of humor. And, somehow, the spin-off series manages to top-Fargo the Coen brothers. classic.

The TV spin-off has become one of the best anthology series of all time, as each season follows a different antagonist or crime syndicate. The show is perfectly faithful to the beloved Coen Brothers classic, as it maintains the same weirdly funny tone, and just like the film’s iconic opening scene, each episode begins by telling viewers it’s based on a story. true, which is absolutely not the case. t.

2 The Terminator Series

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Lena Headey

Unfortunately, there are now more bad terminator films only good, as the four recent films have had mostly negative receptions compared to the beloved first two films. It even got to the point where the movies were so bad that Terminator: Dark Fatethe sixth film in the series, was called a return to form even though it sits at a miserable 6.2 on IMDb and has lackluster reviews.

But Vidzphile reminds users Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which unfortunately only lasted two seasons. While it’s clearly made for TV and by no means has the epic blockbuster effects and production value of its cinematic counterparts, there’s a lot to like about the series in terms of storytelling. If the film series took inspiration from the TV show, it could have been far more successful and critically acclaimed than it is now.

1 The Evil Dead Series

Ash versus dead evil Ash Williams

the evil Dead is one of the most iconic horror franchises of all time, and even though the third film, army of darknessended on a cliffhanger, the series continued with the TV show, Ash vs. the Evil Dead, years later. BertoPRIME feels the series is better than the movies, which is a big claim and might ruffle some fans’ feathers.

Redditor’s claim that the series is better is widely debated, as the first film is a classic, evil death 2 has one of the most shocking endings of all time, and army of darkness is one of the funniest horror comedies of the 90s. However, the series is still entertaining, hilarious and self-referential, and it’s kind of a swan song for Ash (Bruce Campbell) because, sadly, Campbell said he would never play Ash again.

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