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10 Pixar Characters Who Deserve Their Own TV Show


One of the most famous computer animation studios in the world currently has 24 films. Pixar also offers several theatrical short films and animations related to feature films. Anthropomorphic characters and lovable animation transport viewers to a magical world that completely immerses audiences. With additional chapters or a spinoff series, a character’s legacy can continue.

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Disney fans were treated to Pixar Popcorn in 2021, a series of feature-related short films which gives viewers a brief dose of their favorite Pixar protagonists. While some movies are often followed by sequels, spinoffs and TV shows allow characters to develop further. Producers can often develop the fictional universe they have created in feature films.

ten Dory is a beloved Pixar character

Dory from Finding Dory in the Reef

After leaving The world of Nemo in 2003, Dory made a big impression on audiences with her energetic and good-natured personality. His friendly antics and quirky ways are the foundations of his beloved character. She was so successful in wooing viewers she won the sequel Find Dory.

Due to her sympathy, Dory deserves her own series and it would be sure to keep fans entertained. The spin-off would further extend the franchise and allow for the introduction of more shady friends. New antagonists who visit the reef often would also keep fans engaged, and writers might gain new opportunities for storylines.

9 Geri’s friends and family could be expanded

Geri from Geri's Game playing chess in the park

Geri is an obscure and lesser-known character in the Pixar world. He is the protagonist of the animated short, Geri’s game, where he ends up playing a game of chess against himself. This senior proves that age is just a number and that life is what you make of it.

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As Geri is the only character in the Pixar production, other characters should be added to allow for substantial dialogue. Geri’s family could be expanded, as could his close friends who could join Geri in the activities.

8 Dash has yet to show fans his stamina level and top speed.

Dash from The Incredibles

The Parr family each have their own unique superhero traits and talents. The second child of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, is Dash. The amazing’s Dash has super speed. When he fights alongside his family, sometimes the battle is fought in one place. Dash usually circles around his enemies.

Fans have yet to see Dash’s level of stamina and top speed. In his own spin-off, fans would likely see more of Dash’s abilities as he grew into a young adult. He can even integrate more with his school friends, which could present viewers with potential evil characters and antagonists.

seven Sid’s uncontrollable behavior could be explained in a spin-off

Sid from Toy Story

In 1995, Disney fans got their first glimpse of Sid in Toy story. Sid is Andy’s neighbor with a disturbing appetite for destruction. In Toy story, fans learn that Sid enjoys taking toys apart and rebuilding them with different components. From the perspective of any toy, this Frankenstein hobby is cause for concern.

A series focused on Sid’s education might explain his behavior. Its unique collection of toys would be included in the spin-off, each of which may have a story explaining their origin and modifications. His younger sister, Hannah (who appears to be a lot sweeter than Sid), would line up for a minor protagonist.

6 WALL-E spent a lot of time on Earth before the movie

Wall-E blanket

the WALL-E The universe is an interesting concept with plausible ideas, some of which can come true. Earth is a world where humans fled the uninhabitable planet in order to save humanity. The last robot left on Earth is WALL-E, and although he spends a lot of time cleaning up trash, he has positive programming and a curious outlook.

If WALL-E had a prequel series, viewers could get a glimpse of what else he’s encountered in his 700 years on a Wasteland. The planet could be visited by aliens or suffer from extreme weather conditions. His only known companion is Hal, his tough cockroach friend who would likely join the curious robot in his quests.

5 Mr. Potato Head is a fan favorite

Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story 4

Another character in the Toy story the franchise is Mr. Potato Head. In addition to its features and changeable limbs, the walking stick has a New York accent and a sharp wit that entertains both children and adults alike. He is often cranky, but shows determination and leadership when it comes to getting tasks done and taking care of his friends.

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Although this fan favorite appears briefly in episodes of the Toy story collection, he doesn’t spend a lot of screen time, nor is he heavily involved in the plot. A series devoted to Mr. Potato Head would allow this character to flourish once again. Mr. Potato Head might shine with the abundance of toy characters created for feature films and associated animation.

4 The history of the syndrome remains unknown

Incredibles Syndrome

The main antagonist of The Incredibles is Syndrome, real name Buddy. As a child, he was a huge fan of Mr. Incredible and aspired to someday work alongside the superhero under his own alias, Incrediboy. After attempting to impress his idol, Mr. Incredible claims he works alone and clearly isn’t interested in a sidekick.

Buddy then loses confidence in his favorite superhero and pursues the life of an evil genius. The story of how Buddy grows up, gets rich, and invents tons of cool gadgets is unknown. A series that explores this transition from good to evil would help fill in the gaps in Syndrome’s rise to power.

3 Ernesto De La Cruz’s musical career could be explored further

Ernesto de la Cruz de Coco on stage

The main antagonist of the 2017 version of Pixar, Coco, is Ernesto de la Cruz. Before ending up in the land of the dead, he was known as the greatest musician in all of Mexico. The child protagonist, Miguel, admires Ernesto before it became apparent that his idol’s rise to fame was dishonest.

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With his own series, fans could learn how this Disney character originally got involved in music with his old friend, Héctor. A spin-off could deepen the friendship between the two and their careers. A TV show could explain Ernesto’s way of life during his stardom to see if this character shows remorse for his actions.

2 Circus Bugs Adventures Would Make An Entertaining Spin-Off

Circus Insects from A Bug's Life

In The life of an insect, Flik leaves the ant colony and heads for town. That’s when fans are introduced to the circus insects performing at PT Flea’s World’s Largest Circus. Circus bugs are life threatening and risk the reputation of the circus to achieve incredible feats.

In their own series, viewers will see more death-defying stunts and witness the group’s adventures on the road. Insects would likely tour bug towns and other settlements, meaning they’ll meet plenty of new characters that will set the stage for a solid first season.

1 With Edna “E” mode in the spotlight, viewers can learn how she discovered her talents.

Edna "E" Incredibles Mode

The designer responsible for making almost all of the Mr. Incredibles costumes is Edna Mode. She appears in both films in the franchise and is voiced by the film’s director, Brad Bird. Along with an admirable sense of style, Edna often includes quirky gadgets and useful features in her outfits.

Edna has a hilarious reputation among fans and is sure to amuse viewers even more with her own spin-off. With Edna in the spotlight, viewers will learn more about her manufacturing methods and the customers she works with. Edna is clearly talented and the story he came from has yet to be told.

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