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10 Predator Comics As Good As The Movies


With the recent release of Dan Trachtenberg Preythe Predator the franchise is more popular than ever. Shortly after the film’s release, Marvel Comics released the first issue of their Predator series – a comic by Ed Brisson and Kev Walker. Considering that critics’ and fans’ reactions to the film have been largely positive, this new Marvel comic is likely to attract considerable attention.

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While the output of Predator comics under Marvel signifies the start of a new era for the franchise, Predator has a long comic book history under many publishers. Although almost all Predator comics aren’t as recognized as movies, many are just as good.

ten Predator Cold War takes the Yautja to Siberia

A four-issue miniseries by Mark Verheiden and Ron Randall, Predator: Cold War was released in 1991. A book published by Dark Horse Comics, Cold War focuses on Detective John Schaefer, the original’s brother Predator the film’s main character, Dutch Schaefer.

In the comic, American and Soviet soldiers work together on a joint rescue mission, soon realizing they are in the presence of a technologically advanced alien killer. Located in Siberia with an icy environment in a vast isolated landscape, Predator: Cold War displays the Yautja’s ability to hunt in different environments.

9 The deadliest of species takes place in the future

A series of twelve issues that ran from 1993 to 1995, Aliens vs. Predator: the deadliest of the species is an Alien/Predator crossover comic published by Dark Horse Comics. Written by comics legend Chris Claremont – with art by Jackson Guice and Eduardo Barreto – The deadliest of the species is a much stronger example of an Alien/Predator crossover narrative than the two Aliens vs Predator movies.

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For one thing, the comic isn’t distracted by constant action like the movies are, and it presents a relatable human story with societal commentary. Set shortly after humanity has been freed from xenomorphs invading the planet, the comic follows Caryn Delacroix, who is a genetically engineered trophy wife.

8 Hell Come A Walkin’ is set in the American Civil War

A comic set during the American Civil War, Predator: Hell Come A Walkin is a two-issue series by Nancy A. Collins and Dean Ormston. Another comic published by Dark Horse Comics, hell come a walkin uses the American Civil War as a dramatic backdrop for an action-packed bloodbath with a compelling cast of main characters.

The story begins with a group of pro-Confederate militiamen who, while patrolling the Ozark Mountains, are forced to team up with Union soldiers against a rogue Yautja. Similar to the Predator movies, hell come walking Perfectly combines action and horror elements to create an engaging Predator story.

seven Primal inspired one of Prey’s best scenes

Considered one of the most exciting Predator comics, Predator: Primal was released in July 1997. A story that inspired a popular action sequence in Prey, Primitive is a two-issue series by Kevin J. Anderson and Scott Kolins.

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A comic strip with only three characters, Primitive does a great job of replicating why the franchise became popular in the first place. For example, Yautja are empowering creatures with incredible abilities. True to its title, Primitive features a fight between a Yautja and a Grizzly Bear, which undoubtedly served as the inspiration for the Feral Hunter battling the Grizzlie Bear in Prey – one of the best fights Predator franchise.

6 Fire & Stone is part of an epic event

A four-issue miniseries by Joshua Williamson and Chris Mooneyham, Predator: fire and stone was part of Dark Horse Comics’ franchise crossing event, fire and stone. A story that eventually leads to the unveiling of a larger plot, fire and stone follows the crew of the Perses: a Weyland-Yutani ship.

On the ship, the crew quickly realizes that they share a journey with a dangerous stowaway: a Yautja. Unlike the other comics on this list, fire and stone present the Yautja in an honorable light. In the form of Ahab – a Yautja who partners with a human – fire and stone honestly displays Yautja hunting principles.

5 Nemesis follows a Victorian policeman

Located in Victorian London, Predator: Nemesis is a two-issue series by Gordon Rennie and Colin MacNeil. Published by Dark Horse Comics, the first issue of Nemesis follows a British police officer named Edward Soames during Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror. While investigating a crime scene, Soames realizes that Jack isn’t the only killer in London.

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Acknowledging the methodical carnage, Soames recalls a time in India when he saw a ferocious creature the locals called “Rakshasa”. Similar to hell come a walkin, Nemesis’ unique historical context shows the remarkable versatility of the Predator franchise.

4 The Yautja fought Batman in Batman Vs. Predator

Recognized as one of the strongest Batman crossover comics, batman vs predator is a comic book published by both DC and Dark Horse Comics. A comic book with a massive creative team, the book was created by Dave Gibbons, Andy, and Adam Kubert, and edited by legendary comic book creator, Dennis O’Neil.

In the story, Batman investigates a series of violent murders in Gotham before realizing that it is not the work of a regular serial killer but of a specialized hunter. The first one Predator comic to present a crossover with another publisher, batman vs predator was a huge hit and led to two sequel titles.

3 Humans captured a captive Yautja Predator

A one-shot comic by Gordon Rennie and Dean Ormston, Predator: Captive was published by Dark Horse Comics in May 1998. The comic follows a reclusive billionaire named Tyler Stern who captures a live-action Yautja, something many characters have attempted to do throughout the franchise.

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After capturing it, Stern encases the Yautja in a biosphere and amputates its right arm, removing the Yautja’s ability to self-destruct. What follows in the comic tells an incredible, action-packed revenge tail, complete with commentary on the modern industrial prison system.

2 Enforcer predators introduced by Bad Blood

A comic strip that served as inspiration for Shane Black The predator, Predator: Bad Blood is a four-issue series by Evan Dorkin and Derek Thompson. Another one Predator comic published by Dark Horse Comics, Bad blood revolves around a Yautja thug randomly massacring people in New Jersey.

Due to its feral behavior, the Yautja finds itself hunted by other members of its species. This comic served as an introduction to the Enforcer Predators, which is a class of Yautja tasked with taking down lesser Yautja who choose to hunt unworthy game.

1 Concrete Jungle is a must read

Recognized as the most successful Predator comic ever made, Predator: Concrete Jungle is a four-issue miniseries by Mark Verheiden, Chris Warner and Ron Randall.

As the first comic in Dark Horse’s massive lineup Predator comic books, the franchise’s success in comic book form is often attributed to Concrete jungle. This is due to its excellent plot and thrilling introduction to a new format. In addition to having a massive impact on the franchise, concrete jungle received a handful of adaptations, including those from Eurocom Predator: Concrete Junglewhich is one of the best Predator video games.

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