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8 Good Cartoons That Deserved One More Season


In the long history of animated shows, fans have seen hundreds of great cartoons come and go. Whether specifically aimed at children, adult audiences, or even all ages, different types of cartoons have always found ways to connect with people. Unfortunately, the nature of the television industry usually causes these great cartoons to end far too soon.

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Whether it’s to make room for a new show, an attempt to rebrand content from a specific network, or a host of other business-related reasons, dozens of great cartoons have been dropped and fell apart. completed long before they reached their full potential.

8 Beware that Batman was on par with other great Batman cartoons

Beware The Batman Main Poster

In a world with a slew of cartoon series featuring DC Comic’s Batman, it’s easy to see how one of them slipped under many fans’ radar. Using CG animation, an animation style fans had never seen Batman in, Beware the Batman visually separates itself from other Batman cartoons like The Batman and Batman: The Animated Series.

Similar to those shows, Beware the Batman does a great job of fleshing out the character’s roots as a detective. Unfortunately, Beware the Batman was canceled and removed from Cartoon Network’s lineup just three months after it first aired.

7 Jeff and some aliens lost a similar show

Jeff and Some Aliens Main Poster

Jeff and some aliens is best described as a good show that nobody watched. Running briefly from January to March 2017, the show was quietly canceled before it had a serious chance. Jeff and some aliens focuses on aliens who find an ordinary person to study. Despite his incredible ability to be mean at all times, Jeff constantly finds himself in ridiculous and over the top situations.

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In his heart, Jeff and some aliens is a tongue-in-cheek sci-fi comedy that continually goes in unique directions. However, in 2017, the wacky animated sci-fi market was locked in by a juggernaut in the form of rick and morty. As a result, Jeff and some aliens struggled to get a consistent audience.

6 Courage The cowardly dog ​​was deemed too dark

Courage the frightened cowardly dog

One of the most unique cartoons of its time, Courage the cowardly dog features a pink dog named Courage who lives in the middle of nowhere and must rescue his owners from bizarre situations. Over its four seasons, fans have seen Courage protect its owners, Murial and Hustace, from many dangerous things like encounters with Bigfoot, alien abductions, a killer cat, and more.

Courage the cowardly dog also did a great job of complementing its bizarre storylines with wry, hard-hitting humor. Unfortunately, Courage ran its course in just four seasons, and production was canceled after producers were no longer willing to tolerate parental complaints about the show’s disturbing nature.

5 Spectacular Spider-Man couldn’t survive legal troubles

Spider-Man's eyes pinched

Considered by many Spider-Man fans the best of many animated films Spider Man shows, The spectacular Spider-Man ran for two seasons from 2008 to 2009. With several A-list Spider-Man characters receiving true-to-comic-book adaptations and storylines pulled straight from iconic comic books, Spectacular Spider-Man is undoubtedly the most comically accurate Spider Man television series.

Unfortunately, Sony lost the rights to Spider-Man as the character on September 1, 2009, which ultimately canceled the series. calls for a third season of Spectacular Spider-Man still resonate with Spider-Man fans.

4 Wildcats barely had a chance

wild cats

In 1994, five years before being purchased by DC Comics, the WildC.ATs had a self-titled animated series. Wild CATS, which only lasted thirteen episodes, centers on a universal war between two prehistoric alien races – the heroic Kherubim and the evil Daemonites. In wild CATS, the team consisted of the original Wildcats from the comics and featured characters like Helspont, Troika, and Coda.

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Wild CATS was part of a three-series lineup that CBS called the “action zone”, which included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Skeleton Warriors. It’s not publicly known why the show never got a second season, but it’s safe to assume that the existence of many other famous comic book anime shows at the time had something to do with it.

3 Invader Zim had a confusing cancellation

Zim Main Invader Poster

One of the most popular cartoons on TV in the early 2000s was Nickelodeon’s. Invader Zim. It follows Zim, a young alien who dreams of becoming a great space invader. After being unknowingly kicked off his home planet for a seemingly impossible mission, Zim sets up a base on Earth and infiltrates human culture. Unfortunately, The Zim’s Invader the cancellation was not so simple.

With plans to undo Invader ZI am, Nickelodeon aired only the first seven of thirteen episodes of season two, leaving six episodes on the show floor. Although Invader Zim was canceled in 2002, it was not until 2006 that it officially ended. A Invader Zim The movie was recently released on Netflix but many fans are still clamoring for a third season.

2 Green Lantern The Animated Series Is A Faithful Adaptation

Hal Jordan in space

In a world with minimal Green Lantern adaptations, Green Lantern The Animated Series shines like an emerald light for Green Lantern fans. Originally released in 2008, Green Lantern The Animated Series tells the story of Hal Jordan and his partner, Kilowag, venturing through the cosmos as powerful members of the Green Lantern Corps.

Green Lantern fans consider the series pivotal due to its ability to flesh out comic mythos with precision in just twenty-six episodes. Unfortunately, Cartoon Network canceled the show after one season due to low toy sales numbers.

1 Teen Titans had so much to do

Teen titans posing

Teen Titans The cancellation in 2006 is considered one of the most shocking cartoon cancellations in history. With the final episodes of the final season setting up another storyline, fans were understandably upset when they found out Teen Titans was abruptly cancelled.

Not only did the show end on a cliffhanger, but it did an amazing job of fleshing out each character, creating a diverse cast of villains, and establishing itself as a show that can be both serious and goofy. In 2013, Teen Titans received a spiritual successor in the form of Teen Titans Go!. Unfortunately, this decision sharply divided the original Teen Titans fan base.

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