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9 healthiest characters from the animated series



Although recently published, the Harley quinn the animated series has already taken fans by storm. One of the reasons is the unique and fun characterization of not only Harley, but a number of DC characters, ranging from fan favorites to lesser-known characters, to even a few new original characters.

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The series itself is vastly overkill in terms of violence and salty language, and most of the characters can be rough and harsh. But among it all, there are some very healthy characters that not only sweeten the mood but can both amuse and warm the hearts of fans. Whether through their actions, relationships, or general demeanor, these characters make fans smile with their integrity.

9 Bat girl

Harley Quinn Barbara Gordon Batgirl Unmasks

Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl, has been a staple in the Batman universe for many generations. In the Harley quinn series, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon is featured in the second series as a student at Riddler University. After helping Harley take out the Riddler and watching her father decline after his divorce, Barbara decides to become Batgirl.

Batgirl is a healthy character because she never gives up hope and knows what is right. She gets her father back on his feet to help restore Gotham, she tries to dissuade him from bringing down Harley after seeing that she has good intentions, and she fights crime in Batman’s absence. What makes the latter particularly healthy is that it fights crime while chatting with its many followers on social networks.

8 Mr. Freeze

Harley Quinn Nora Fries and Victor Fries Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze, an underrated villain from Season 2, was also introduced in Season 2. Harley quinn series. Revealed as the fifth member of the new Injustice League, Freeze uses his weapon to trap Harley in a block of ice. But it is later revealed that he did it to prevent other League members from killing her.

It is clear from his introduction that Mr. Freeze won’t be as sinister as other versions of the character, as he apologizes for tearing down a door in the Iceberg lounge because he didn’t realize it was. was a pull. He is also ironically a warm and considerate host when Harley and his team arrive to take him down. But it’s his sacrifice to save his wife Nora out of love that really makes Freeze a sane character. In a show full of humor and adult violence, it’s one of the bittersweet moments of the series, proving to Harley that there is an act of true love.


7 Mrs. Cobblepot

Mrs Cobblepot, Joshua and the Penguin in the Harley Quinn series

Joshua Cobblepot and Mrs. Cobblepot, the Penguin’s nephew and sister, are two new characters created for the series. Although she only has a speaking role in one episode, Ms. Cobblepot’s moments in the episode “A High Bar” showcase her, as well as one of the healthiest characters on the show.

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Mrs. Cobblepot gives off the vibes of a warm and healthy mother with her appearance and hospitable nature. She politely asks Harley and Ivy to “put sugar on the salty language” for the sake of the kids, comforts Joshua when he can’t bring himself to shoot Harley, and even gives Harley and Ivy a bag of goodies each when they leave, despite the fact that the former accidentally destroyed his son’s bar mitzvah. The cleanliness is well rounded off when she happily calls them “such sweet girls” after they thank her in their softest voices possible.

6 Clayface arm

Clayface's Arm and Commissioner Gordon in the Harley Quinn series

In the episode “You’re A Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon”, Clayface loses his arm and is forced by Harley to leave it behind, where it is bagged as evidence by the Gotham Police Department. Things take a surreal turn when Arm develops a life of its own and ends up befriending Commissioner Gordon, who goes through a rough patch when Batman takes the Bat-Signal away from him.

Since he looks a lot like an innocent child, Clayface’s arm is quite adorable and has a healthy demeanor. What cements his status as a sane character is his unusual but heartwarming friendship with Commissioner Gordon. As one of the friendliest characters in the Harley quinn series, Gordon’s friendship with the arm is incredibly rewarding, especially since it ultimately helps mend her relationship with Batman.

5 Harley and ivy

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy sitting on a bench

One of the most notable elements of the series is the relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Starting off as best friends, Harley soon falls in love with Ivy after an impromptu kiss, and the two end Season 2 as a romantic couple.

Separately, neither Harley nor Ivy could really be considered healthy. But together, their friendship is easily one of the healthiest aspects of the entire series. It is proven early on that Ivy, an introverted misanthropist, would go out of her way to help Harley, even stepping in front of her to protect her from the Joker. In addition, the most “normal” moments of their life are also a pleasure to watch, such as watching their favorite shows together.

4 Clay face

In the series, Harley forms her team from villainous underdogs, and one of those villains is Clayface. Voiced wonderfully by Alan Tudyk, Clayface proves to be an asset not only to the Harley team, but to the show as a whole.

Though he’s proven his worth on the team, Clayface is far more concerned with delivering a compelling acting performance than committing crimes, going so far as to create in-depth stories for his characters. But that’s not the only factor that makes Clayface healthy. Clayface is extremely loyal to Harley and the crew and is constantly upbeat. His enthusiasm is contagious and it’s hard not to love him. Effectively giving so much personality to a piece of clay, Clayface is one of the Harley quinnthe best-designed characters of.

3 kite man

A D-List villain in the DC Universe and considered a joke by the villains of the Big League of Gotham, Kite Man has proven to be one of the most popular characters in the series. First introduced on “A High Bar” while trying to pick up Ivy, Kite Man sort of won her over and the two met throughout the series.

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Kite Man might not be the smartest character on the show, but he’s definitely endearing. He never stops believing in himself and goes above and beyond to prove his love for Ivy, whether it’s finding a second job so that he can keep spending money on her or trying to steal a ring from her. engagement. While the relationship is ultimately doomed from the start, Kite Man’s dedication, whether it’s Ivy or his kite motif despite being labeled as stupid, is just plain healthy.

2 Scourge

Strong, intelligent, and infamous for “breaking the bat”, Bane is one of Batman’s deadliest foes. Still, this healthy and hilarious portrayal of Bane, while unexpected, is easily one of the best characters on the show. Harley quinn series.

Even though he could take them out on his own, Bane is harassed by the other villains, which makes him rather sympathetic to fans of the series. He’s surprisingly good and sweet, as evidenced by scenes like giving Joshua Cobblepot a pep talk, expressing longing for a Pixar. Up sequel, and even asking Joker how he’s doing after Harley dumps him. What really makes Bane rage are the little things that can be related, like tripping over an office chair, asking the wrong question on Trivia Night, or dropping a couch. All of this makes Bane one of the most popular characters on the show as well as one of the healthiest.

1 King shark

Harley Quinn DC Universe King Shark

Aside from the smell of blood that turned him into a cold-blooded killer, King Shark has turned the show’s expectations upside down. Hired online to help Harley find a nemesis, King Shark proves to be a friendly and gentle computer genius who ends up becoming a devoted member of Harley’s team.

Despite being strong and deadly, King Shark prefers to be used for his technical knowledge rather than his teeth, and often takes a benevolent approach to the cutest characters, even though they ironically tend to be more aggressive than him. His loyalty to the crew and healthy personality, combined with the brilliant voice of Ron Funches, made King Shark an adorable character and a fan favorite.

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