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Adipurush Teaser Reaction Users Disappointed With Big Budget Anime Film Pipa News


Adipurush Teaser Release: The teaser for Om Raut’s directorial film ‘Adipurush’ was released on Sunday evening. The film stars Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles. The story of ‘Adipurush’ is based on the Ramayana. Prabhas plays Lord Ram while Saif Ali Khan plays Lankesh. This big budget movie will be released next year. It will be published in several languages. Fans have been waiting for the teaser since the movie poster was released, but now, if you look on Twitter, it’s not getting a very good response.

disappointed users

VFX is mocked in the teaser. At the start of the video, Prabhas does penance underwater. Amidst the snow, a glimpse of Lankesh turned Blue-Eyed Saif is shown. In another scene, he shows his 10 heads to a woman. Saif rides a dragon-like creature. After watching the teaser, the user says that it was released in a rush. So many users said that they love watching anime movie. Significantly, the poster of ‘Adipurush’ was not liked by users either. There was a lot of trolling about the poster.

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One user said, “After the Aadipurush teaser, I can say a lot of work has been done on Brahmastra’s visual effects. Respect grew for Ayan. After watching Aadipurush teaser, I want to go to the theater but the VFX punch will be missing. Another user wrote: “Big budget animated film”. A user says, “The teaser is very bad. It’s like an animated movie. The visual effects are so bad that cartoon channels have good photography. This film should be released on the Pogo channel. Another user wrote, “Aadipurush made such a good clumsy saga in the visual effects business by force… There were high hopes but disappointment came.

One user wrote: “Adipurush satellite rights belong to Pogo Channel”. Another said: ‘How can you ruin the Ramayana like this. If you can’t do justice, please don’t spoil it”.

when will the movie come out

‘Adipurush’ will be released in theaters on 12th January 2023. According to media reports, its budget is around Rs 500 crore. Om Raut directs the film. He had already done ‘Tanaji’ with Ajay Devgan.