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Animated Series Audio Drama in the Works – The Hollywood Reporter



The Bat family could come together as a podcast.

At Los Angeles Comic Con on Saturday, actor Kevin Conroy (Batman) and John Glover (The Riddler) revealed that an audio drama is in the works that will continue into the 1990s. Batman: The Animated Series. According to the actors, Batman: The Animated Series writer Alan Burnett is developing the project.

“It’s a great script by Alan Burnett and it brings back the original cast,” Conroy said on the ‘History of the Batman’ panel, hosted by Londyn Jackson.

Glover added, “The Riddler is back, and he’s evolved in a number of ways… He understands he’s part of the spectrum.”

The panel also included Will Friedle, who starred in Batman beyond as Terry McGinnis / Batman.

Batman: The Animated Series ran for 85 episodes from 1992 to 1995 and also featured Mark Hamill as the Joker and introduced the show’s flagship character Harley Quinn (Arleen Sorkin) to the world. It took place in a 40s style world and embraced the dark nature of the Dark Knight. He also cast Conroy as what many consider Batman’s definitive voice actor, and saw the series hit the big screen for Batman: Mask of Fantasy. The series is considered one of the great animated comic book series and won the Emmy for Outstanding Animation Program in 1993.

While it’s unclear which actors might return for the audio drama, surviving voice actors include Paul Williams (The Penguin), Richard Moll (Two-Face), David Warner (Ra’s Al Ghul), Diane Pershing (Poison) Ivy), Adrienne Barbeau (Catwoman), Ron Perlman (Clayface), Melissa Gilbert (Barbara Gordon) and Loren Lester (Dick Grayson / Nightwing).

There are many Batman audio dramas on the market. HBO Max has Batman: Audio Adventures, with Jeffrey Wright as Batman, while Spotify has the upcoming Batman not buried, with Winston Duke as the Caped Crusader, with The black Knight supervising screenwriter David S. Goyer. Marvel, too, has delved into the space of audio drama, with Wolverine: The Long Night and Wolverine: The Last Lead. Meanwhile, Bruce Timm, the host behind Batman: The Animated Series is developing a separate animated Batman show with JJ Abrams and The batman filmmaker Matt Reeves. This series tilts on HBO Max.

No distribution platform has been revealed for the new podcast. But Conroy has revealed that another veteran of the ’90s animated series is committed to the project. Conroy said, “Danny Elfman will write the theme.”