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Autour de Minuit, FKLG, the Canal Plus team on ‘Freaked Out’


Around Midnight, FKLG and Canal Plus are teaming up to co-produce Théo Grosjean’s “Freaked Out” (“Flippé”), an animated series for adults whose first season was presented – and received an enthusiastic reception – at the Cartoon Toulouse Forum in September.

Producers are currently in talks to green light a second season.

The two-minute comedy series adapts Grosjean’s autobiographical graphic novel, “The World’s Most Anxious Man,” which revolves around a man’s modern day-to-day life: metro, carpooling, parties, flying. Everything triggers a panic attack in his overactive mind, able to imagine the worst scenarios for all kinds of situations.

“We were immediately convinced by Grosjean’s talent, loved his humor and his resonance with the times. The character embodies a reluctance to abide by the prescriptions of our society, which is obsessed with performance and achievement, deifies self-confidence, and urges people to expose their dream nights, incredible journeys, or ideal relationships throughout. the day on various social networks ”, Arielle Saracco, declared the director of Canal Plus Création Originale Variety.

She added, “In contrast, the character of ‘Freaked Out’ doesn’t know how to walk around looking cool or how to behave at a party. In fact, social interaction terrifies him completely. Watching him struggle with his surroundings therefore shows viewers that they are not the only ones who find modern life sometimes difficult to adapt.

Former stand-up comedian, co-producer Kyan Khojandi at FKLG is also artistic director of “Freaked Out”.

An Oscar-winning producer Nicolas Schmerkin, born in Buenos Aires d’Autour de Minuit, one of the most active independent figures in the vibrant French animation scene, also revealed that Autour de Minuit, Panique belge and the public broadcaster France Télévisions would go into production on the second season of the family show “Jean-Michel, Super Caribou”. Autour de Minuit will also launch production of “No-No Goes to Space”, Wassim Boutaleb Joutei’s new children’s special, which has just been sold to German host Kika.

Based in Paris, Autour de Minuit has produced nearly 100 short films and several shows and television specials for children, family and adults to date. He also has in production the long-awaited feature film by Spaniard Alberto Vazquez, “Licorn Wars”.

Since 2004, Autour de Minuit has also been responsible for the worldwide distribution of animated and digital works, with a catalog of nearly 400 films. The company recently strengthened its distribution-sales branch with the appointment of Zoe Turpin, who will head its international sales department, drawing on his experience acquired at Arte, Newen and Disney.

Recent microphones from the company include “It is necessary”, “The good hunter” and “Objectively”. The idea is to build a large and distinctive catalog for adults and adolescents.

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