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BATGIRL Star Leslie Grace May Return as Barbara Gordon in Future DC Comics Movie


Although it appears to be the start, a new report suggests that Warner Bros. Discovery have contacted Leslie Grace about the possibility of returning as bat girl in a future DC movie.

The news that Warner Bros. Discovery has decided to set aside its $90 million bat girl film entirely while it was in the final stages of post-production came as a surprise to everyone, but it must have been terribly disappointing for Leslie Grace, who was on the verge of reaching new levels of stardom after having won acclaim for her breakout performance in recent musicals In the heights.

Grace replied to the announcement with a refreshing and upbeat Instagram post, and it looks like her positive outlook has paid off.

According Variety“New heads of Warner Bros. Pictures group Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, who are looking to mend barriers with Batgirl star Leslie Grace, are considering the possibility of having her continue playing Batgirl in a future DC film. “

However, any potential deal is far from set in stone, as reports add that Grace could be courted for “another Warner Bros. production.”

The trade does not mention in which project we could see Barbara Gordon dressing, but our guess would be the solo black canary movie, which is still in active development (Jurnee Smollett was reportedly set to make an appearance as Dinah Lance in bat girl).

We have heard conflicting reports about bat girl, but all signs point to WBD chief David Zaslav dropping the film after screenings of a “10-week director’s cut” led to lackluster test results. Apparently, it was decided that the reshoots needed to expand the HBO Max project into a big-screen proposal were “considered a waste of money.”

Whatever happens, the chances of us ever laying eyes on the bat girl the film are between thin and none, so hopefully Grace gets the opportunity to reprise the role at some point.