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Best movies and TV shows on Netflix this weekend (April 2-3, 2022)


HBO Max subscribers are in luck this weekend with April, which means they have a great selection of new movies and TV shows to choose from on the streaming service. It will take viewers hours to sift through dozens of new movies and TV shows to choose from, which is why it’s essential to know only the best of the best. As a momentous awards season draws to a close, HBO Max has viewers covered whether they want to watch award-winning performances or standout visual effects. From biopics of treasured characters from history to sci-fi epics, here are the best movies and TV shows to watch on HBO Max this weekend.

Moonshot tackles fake relationships

moon movie

When it comes to the romantic trope of fake relationships, Lana Condor just can’t help herself. Best known for her work in the To all the boys I’ve loved before trilogy, Condor returns to its young adult romantic comedy roots, but this time, in the space. The other half of this burglar duo is Riverdale‘s Cole Sprouse as a laid-back barista named Walt, who has an age-old dream of going to Mars, which isn’t so hard to achieve in Chris Winterbauer’s sci-fi world of Moon shot.

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Moon shot follows Condor’s character, Sophie, who is on her way to visit her boyfriend on a colonized Mars. When Walt sneaks into the space shuttle to visit his girlfriend, who is also on Mars, he assumes the identity of Sophie’s boyfriend to avoid being caught up in his scheme. For 35 days, the two have to share a bunker and end up exchanging flirtatious teasing. Anyone familiar with the trope knows where these situations lead, but regardless of its predictability, Moon shot is a fun space ride to get there.

Take champagne for death on the Nile

Simon and Jacqueline were the killers of Death on the Nile

For fans of murder mystery movies, this is the perfect excuse to stick around on Saturday night. Death on the Nile acts as a sequel to the 2017 film Murder on the Orient Express and brings back the old-school genre that made Agatha Christie a household name. Kenneth Branagh returns as director and lead actor alongside Tom Bateman with an all-new cast, including Gal Gadot, Annette Bening and Russell Brand. The story may be a little lackluster, but its epic setting against the sandy deserts and pyramids of Giza makes up for it as Branagh’s character tries to uncover the mystery that cut short a couple’s honeymoon.

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Minx is having a feminist good time


Who knew HBO could get more erotic? HBO has definitely experimented with nudity in the past with game of thrones, Girls and even real detective, but never has a program been directly devoted to eroticism. With NaughtyHBO Max is taking a leap of faith and reminding subscribers that even though their service has Teen Titans and sesame streetthat’s not all for the kids.

Set in the 1970s, Naughty follows Joyce, who sets out to publish the first women’s erotic magazine with low-rent publisher Doug. The writing often backtracks in joke after joke, and the ’70s aesthetic strips away all the excessive genitalia that flaunts like a sundress in a shop window. But hey, what did people expect when they clicked on a show like this?

Julia is a delicious treat

julia show

HBO Max loves cooking shows, especially ones that feature celebrities, but what everyone really loves is a biopic on a cooking show. By telling the story of chef Julia Child, audiences can watch her rise to fame as she considers the world of television to be the next step in her career. The show was created by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel producer Daniel Goldfarb, and it’s not hard to see the similarities between the two shows. Both series focus on women thriving in a time that is rooted against them. There are comedic moments here and there, but Julia manages to stay in her lane and not mirror Mrs. Maisel’s stand-up number. For gourmands in need of comfort, this is the show they need.

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Look deep into Tammy Faye’s eyes

tammy faye eyes

Hot on the heels of Jessica Chastain’s first Oscar win, everyone should head to HBO Max and watch her eclectic performance in Tammy Faye’s eyes. Chastain stars as glamorous, eyelash beater Tammy Faye Bakker and depicts her journey from humble beginnings to her career as a televangelist. The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Andrew Garfield stars alongside her husband, Jim Bakker, with whom she created the PTL satellite network and a Christian theme park.

While the film is obviously heavy on religion and its impact on Tammy’s life and career, it also provides some behind-the-scenes insight into her life. There’s insight into her strained relationship with Jim, her arrest following a cheating scandal, her addiction to pills, and her support for the LGBTQ community. Over all, Tammy Faye’s eyes acts as a performance piece in the service of Chastain, who is swallowed up in wigs and heavy makeup, proving she deserved the Oscar long before this film.

Immerse yourself in the world of Dune

Paul joins the Fremen in Dune

While Dunes isn’t necessarily a new movie on HBO Max, it’s still a movie people can’t help but rave about. Is it the influence of the novel on the science fiction community? Is it moviegoers who have a pretentious obsession with knowing the finer details of the movie’s overly complicated world? That doesn’t seem to matter in the grand scheme of things, as the Oscars gave him six wins. Clearly, director Denis Villeneuve did something right.

With a star-studded cast, including Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, and Oscar Isaac, Villeneuve didn’t even have to try very hard to make this movie great, but he did it anyway. The film can be classified as an epic, with the synopsis of its hero’s journey and beautiful landscaping, but it also contains grounded character moments that stand out in the “volume” of the film. Even if the viewers do not fully understand what is happening in Dunesrest assured they will be sucked in by the visual aesthetic created by its award-winning score, cinematography and more.

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