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Cartoon Forum announces the 2021 program


Comic Book Forum announced the programming of its next edition, which will be held in person in Toulouse from September 20 to 23. Pitching and networking remain at the heart of the event, with projects presented to international animation professionals from the television and new media industries, including broadcasters, distributors, investors, streaming platforms and new media, as well as potential co-producers.

European animation is emerging from the COVID cloud with 84 new TV series, mini-series and TV specials involving independent studios from 21 countries. For the 10th year, the capital of the French region of Occitanie will host the event.


Shortlisted from 141 applications, the 84 selected projects have a total budget of € 326.1 million with an average cost per series of € 3.9 million, although the cost per minute of animation production has decreased slightly compared to 2020 (€ 11,887 vs € 12,250). In total, the projects represent 457 hours of animation, while series formats continue to diversify to meet new demands, both in terms of number of episodes and duration.

Twenty-one European countries are involved in the projects: 13 as main producers and eight as minority co-producers. 37% of the projects (31) are co-productions between two or more European countries, and only one non-European country, Canada, participates as a co-producer.

France leads the selection with 33 projects, followed by Ireland with 11, Germany with 8, Spain with 6, Belgium with 5 and Portugal with 4. The Czech Republic and Denmark participate with four projects each, and Italy and Poland with three, while Finland, Latvia and Ukraine are present with one project each. With nine projects, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are maintaining the momentum in animation production.

Almost half of the selection (41 projects), series intended for children aged 6 to 11 continue to gain ground in Cartoon Forum. With 25 projects, preschool series represent almost a third of the selection, while young adult / adult projects rose to 17% from 14% the previous year.

2D remains the most widely used animation technique by European producers (56%), although 3D series reach 28% compared to 20% in 2020.


The French production companies presenting projects are: Les Armateurs (Abyss Special Case Unit); Around Midnight (Scared); Dandelooo (It’s your body!); Roll on Monday! (Me and my compost); Xilam Animation (Pig builders); Cyber ​​Group Studios (The McFire family); Ellipsanime Productions (Under the school); The films of the goldfish (Voro); Magical Society (Mr. Crocodile); and Studio 100 Animation (Rek & Nola).

Independent production companies from other European countries include: Fabrique Fantastique – Belgium (Gardener Gavin); Ulysses Filmproduktion – Germany (Butterfly Academy); Studio of the Red Monk – Italy (Nadia); Animoon – Poland (Icky & Poo); Sardinia em Lata – Portugal (Pete & Bern’s and in co-production for The Saskatoons); Peekaboo Animation – Spain (My little heroes); and Animagrad – Ukraine (Hrafn Academy).

Young production companies and new talents presenting their first projects include: IBRIDO Studio – Italy (Anselmo Wannabe); Dreamin ‘Dolphin Film – Germany (Hygge); The Astronauts – France (What’s needed); and MiniCosmos – Denmark (Space ham).

Five projects were selected directly through cooperation agreements including: Badi Badi – Poland (Robot and martians); FILM BILDER Studio – Germany (Lambs); and Wolkenlenker – Germany (Insects and firearms); Galmar Films – Belgium (Muscaria); and Mad Cat Studio – Belgium (Library rats).

The Toulouse and Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée region animation will present the TV special Sacha and the Christmas creatures (Xbo movies).

The following selections are adaptations of comics or books, including My dog, God and the Pokethings (TNZPV Productions); Scared (Around Midnight); Living with daddy (Dupuis Publishing and Audiovisual); Blue wolf (Anim tag); Suzon (Mondo TV France); Corgi, a royal family (Red Frog Studio); Tales of Terror (Dream logic); Freddy Buttons Wacky Mysteries (Treehouse Republic); Hi Oscar! (Atomic art, Latvia); Welcome to Mamoko (Pigeon, Poland); and Fio Lina and the maestro (Sérienwerk, Germany).

Discover all the projects here.


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