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Charles Addams cartoons are way darker than the Addams family movies


“Gomez in particular is a really revolting-looking man. He was inspired by Thomas E. Dewey, although there was a bit of Peter Lorre, but crossed with a pig. I think Hollywood just can’t bring itself to picking someone who looks like that. And Morticia, of course, has always been prettier.

But the general press consensus that followed Charles Addams, the artist and town man, sometimes clad in full medieval armor, based the character of Morticia Addams on his first wife, Barbara Jean Day.

“They liked to play with it, because she had black hair,” says Davis. “It’s a prettier, sweeter version of Morticia, but I will say that all three [his wives] looked like Morticia. And he liked to draw them like Morticia. He liked this genre. All three women had dark hair and were that type, although he also dated blondes and redheads.

The world of cinematic horror comedy also lacks a treasure chest of dark ideas by focusing so narrowly on the Addams family created to emulate its own. “There are so few Addams Family cartoons that I wish someone would look at their other cartoons and add them to the script,” Davis says. “There are a lot of other dark cartoons that could work.”

In a hurry to name the cartoons that lend themselves to cinema, Davis chooses one “from the 1930s, which shows a woman walking through the doors of a nursing home. She wears mink or fur like the women of the time. And there are vultures sitting on the pole. There are a lot of cartoons about husbands and wives breaking up or trying to do so. It illustrates the idea, of course, not the act, which wouldn’t be funny. One of them, a very old cartoon, I think it’s from the 1950s, shows a man opening his car door. It overlooks a really steep cliff.

The sign says “Honey, do you want to go out for a minute?” “


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