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Creators Say HBO Max Purge Shows Long-Term Animation Careers Are Dead


The creators of the anime series that were removed from HBO Max believe the move will have long-lasting effects on the animation industry.

Animated series creators have claimed that HBO Max’s recent purge of animated content proves that long-term animation careers are a thing of the past.

The Wrap recently interviewed several creators, showrunners and animated series agents about the latest actions of Warner Bros. Discovery to reduce its billions in debt, with most believing the company’s efforts have hurt talent relationships. “There are clearly no more long-term, multi-season careers in animation, not just at WBD but elsewhere. None of these streamers will commit to picking up more than one season of a show at a time, which is just not the way animation works,” a showrunner said. “Animation is a long-term investment – you can’t just walk in and out thinking you’ll get good quality.”

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Owen Dennis, who created the deleted animated series infinite trainpreviously revealed that Cartoon Network warned WBD “not to do this because it would hurt creator and talent relationships, but they clearly don’t care what it looks like publicly, let alone what we do. think”. infinite train was one of over 30 anime series that was removed from HBO Max alongside other Cartoon Network titles like Dodo, Elliott of Earth, Mao Mao, Hero of Pure Heart, Powerful Master Swords, OK KO! – Let’s be heroes, uncle grandfather and Victor and Valentino.

The future looks bleak for animated content on HBO Max

The streaming service not only removed massive amounts of anime content, but also canceled several highly anticipated anime projects such as Batman: Crusader Caped and The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie. HBO Max is also unlikely to renew the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite DC animated series. young justice for a fifth season, despite fans’ online campaign for the #SaveEarth16 streamer. harley quinnanother DC-exclusive animated series, is said to be one of the few animated projects currently off the chopping block at HBO Max.

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rick and morty is perhaps the only animated project under the WBD umbrella that continues to create and air new episodes for the foreseeable future. The popular animated series landed a massive 70-episode order from Adult Swim in 2018, which will take rick and morty at least 10 seasons. Series co-creator Justin Roiland has confirmed that talks for additional episodes beyond this 70-episode order will take place within the next two years. “It will become a conversation on the road, with Discovery Network, apparently,” Roiland said with a laugh. “We’ll be talking with the people at Discovery after season 10. But I imagine those discussions will probably start during production on season 10, or maybe even season 9, just because they’re taking so long to understand that stuff.”

Source: The Envelope