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DC Battle of the Super Sons CG-Animated Moving to be released in 2022



DC Animation is producing its very first fully CGI animated film in the form of DC Battle of the Super Sons, which will be released on home video in 2022.

Warner Bros. Animation and DC have announced that they are developing their first CGI animated feature film in the form of DC Battle of the Super Sounds. Superman and Batman have had many titles together, often paired up as the best in the world. They are so closely linked in projects like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and even their companions will team up DC League of Super-Pets.

Super Sounds were first introduced in Best in the world # 215 in 1973, which focused on Superman Jr. and Batman Jr., college kids of iconic superheroes and existed on another parallel reality in the DC Multiverse. The concept was reintroduced to the comics in 2017 with a focus on the children of Superman and Batman. The title featured Jonathan ‘Jon’ Kent, who is the son of Superman and Lois Lane and the latest Superboy, teaming up with Damian Wayne, aka the most recent Robin and the son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul.

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TO DC FanDome, it was announced that one of DC’s upcoming animated films will be titled DC Battle of the Super Sons. It has been confirmed as the studio’s first fully CGI animated film and will premiere in 2022. No word on Super Sounds incarnations will be shown, but it is more than likely that the film will focus on the latest incarnation of Jon Kent and Damian Wayne.

The Super Sons face each other with their fathers next to them.

Jon Kent and Damian Wayne have become popular characters on the pages of DC Comics, and the publisher has done a lot to prioritize them. Jordan Elsass plays Jon Kent in the CW series Superman & Lois, and recently, DC announced that Jon Kent has turned bisexual. During this time, Damian Wayne has been featured in a number of DC animated film projects such as Son of batman, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, and Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

Since its inception in 2007, DC Universe Animated Original Movies has produced 42 animated films based on DC characters, with the most recent release being Batman: The Long Halloween Pt. 2 on July 27, 2021. The franchise has primarily focused on hand-drawn animation, often trying to stick to the comic book style of the original work at times like Justice League: New Frontier Where Gotham by Gaslight. Even outside of the movies, the last time DC Animation experimented with CGI animation was on TV with Green Lantern: The Animated Series in 2011 and Watch out for the Batman in 2013, which only lasted one season. However, the announcement of DC Battle of the Super Sounds may point to a new direction for some of the studio’s home animation releases.

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Source: DC FanDome

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