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DC’s animated injustice ending explained



Although he has united to fight Amazo, Superman still condemns Batman and his group of “rebels” as fugitives who will be imprisoned. However, the device that Mr. Terrific was building was a gateway to other universes. He was able to enlist the help of a righteous Man of Steel to help him fight his own threat.

The good Superman shows compassion for the tragedies that have befallen the Clark’s of this world. However, too stubborn to change, the two clash in a heated battle and test of will. The tyrant Superman reveals that he has the upper hand, simply because he is no longer holding back. After coming out of the fight in the lead, he then goes to attack Bruce, but is stopped when he sees a pregnant Lois from another universe. Mr. Terrific did not hold back his requests for extra-dimensional help. This Lois took care of her Clark’s death. She begs Superman to stop killing the others just because they don’t agree. Superman’s recently revealed catchphrase in DC comics is “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow.” In “Injustice”, Clark betrayed all the supporters of this slogan.

Finally, seeing the error of his ways, he surrenders. Distraught, he listens to the heartbeat of Lois’ child. With tears in his eyes, he becomes truly remorseful for the suffering he has caused. Batman explains that a prison in the red sun will be built to contain him. In the final moments of the film, Batman feels the weight lift off his shoulders as he kisses Catwoman and gives a half-smile bigger than anything we’ve seen of the Dark Knight as a brighter future truly begins to dawn. .



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