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Did Apex Legends just confirm the romance of the season? New Comic Brings 2 Characters Closer Than Ever


A new chapter of Summit Legends The Season 14 comic left fans delightfully confused about the status of Fuse and Bloodhound’s relationship.

Released today, the new comic is part of the eight-issue series that provided context for Vantage’s inclusion in the Summit Games. Each season, the game’s latest legend meets up with the rest of the cast and gets the chance to share more of their story through several brief issues.

In Chapter Four, titled “Certainly, Maybe,” Vantage seeks to befriend fellow Apex Games competitors. She talks to Bloodhound and Fuse about becoming their friend when she brings up a particularly sensitive topic: their relationship. Bloodhound attempts to explain the idea of ​​friendship to a confused Vantage by likening it to a hunt: “What Walter was trying to explain is that…friendship is like a hunt. It may take time to get closer,” they say.

The next page is where things get interesting. Bloodhound continues: “You have to be attentive and listen. Take Walter and me, for example–” Vantage chimes in, clarifying, “Oh, no, I’m talking about FRIENDLY friendships, not ROMANTIC friendships, like you have. Fuse and Bloodhound dance around the subject in disagreement, with Fuse implying that the two are a romantic object and Bloodhound denying it. The comic ends with Fuse telling Bloodhound that they have “a lot to unpack”, with Bloodhound postponing the conversation for another time. Fuse seems disappointed that Bloodhound thinks there is nothing between them. Vantage then leaves the two, blissfully unaware of the damage she has caused.

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This isn’t the first time the season’s comic has teased a relationship between two legends. In Chapter Two, Respawn hinted at potential feelings between Wattson and Crypto as she attempted to repair one of his communication devices.