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Earthworm Jim TV Show Announced: Beyond the Groovy Rekindles’ 90s Favorite



Earthworm Jim is back and he’s getting ready for a new animated TV show.

Earthworm Jim, Beyond the Groovy will follow the titular hero and his new crew (two other worm cadets and a giant bull, judging by his appearance) through space as they attempt to find Earth. Software publisher Interplay Entertainment partnered with the Performing Arts Agency to create the show.

K. Michel Parandi – who wrote, produced and directed the 2019 TV movie XYZ: Fire and dust – will lead the creative team of Earthworm Jim’s new show and the creative team of Interplay’s newly formed TV and film division. Earthworm Jim is the first project in a larger Interplay effort to leverage its intellectual property, the company said in a press release.

Parandi works alongside Aaron Billet, who worked as an executive producer on Disney Initiated, and Passion Pictures, which has hosted a number of shorts and commercials.

The announcement for Earthworm Jim, Beyond the Groovy features loads of concept art and a mock interview with the star herself. Interplay did not disclose which network or streaming service Earthworm Jim, Beyond the Groovy will appear, but a representative told JeuxServer: “We have selected [Agency for the Performing Arts] to represent the series and choose the best partner for the distribution.

Earthworm Jim is an earthworm in a beefy robotic suit. He has a space blaster and fights through the stars in a spaceship. The character titled four video games and one WB children’s animated series in the 90s. Although he was part of some remakes and other projects in the 2000s, he mostly fell into oblivion over the years. Last 20 years.

It should be noted that Jim has a difficult history due to his original creator, Doug TenNapel. TenNapel is well known in the games and comics industry for its anti-LGBTQ + views. He has spoken out against marriage equality many times and recently took on the gender of a transgender journalist who criticized his work. He fought to keep progressive politics out of the comics for years.

Interplay said in a statement to Polygon that “Interplay owns all rights to the Earthworm Jim property and has assembled a whole new creative team to bring Jim to the small screen. Doug has no involvement in this new EWJ TV series.

Update: This story has been updated with a statement and new details from Interplay.