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Encanto’s video shows how storyboards turned into live-action animation in the film


Disney Animation shares a side-by-side comparison of the original Encanto storyboards and the final product of “The Family Madrigal.”

Disney Animation has shared a look at some of the original storyboards from Encanto. The film, released in theaters on November 24, 2021, is the 60th feature film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. It follows Mirabel, the brave young girl of the Madrigal family, a magical family in a fictional Colombia, who all receive a magical gift – except for Mirabel. When the family and their home begin to lose their magic, Mirabel embarks on a quest to solve the problems at the center of her family.

Encanto was a mid-size box office hit, earning just over $250 million worldwide. However, it didn’t explode to its current popularity until it started streaming on Disney+ just a month after its original release on December 24, 2022. That’s when his original songs began appearing on the Billboard charts, with the set number “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” reaching No. 1 and becoming a go-to meme. The song was even performed at the Oscars despite not being nominated for Best Original Song (that honor went to the Spanish-language number “Dos Oruguitas”), with the Encanto-heavy ceremony culminating with the film winning the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.


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On their official Twitter account, Disney Animation shared a video showing some behind-the-scenes magic on Encanto. This is a side-by-side comparison of the original storyboards of “The Family Madrigal” opening number and the final product of the actual movie. Watch the video below:

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Seeing how much the animators had already worked on the world even when presented in much simpler sketch form without the characters being rendered in CGI is a sight to behold for the landmark film. The Head of History for Encanto was Jason Hand, who has worked with Disney several times in the past. It’s clear from the video above that by working in tandem with the animators, the story was able to come to life in such an imaginative and effective way, partly explaining why Encanto is such a sensation in the first place.

Additionally, Hand is a Disney veteran and, with him at the helm of Encanto‘s development, it makes sense that the story felt so completely formed even at such an early stage. They had many details already meticulously mapped out, right down to the iconic Mirabel glasses, which were drawn in color even on the largely black-and-white storyboards. It’s fascinating how once the full processing power of the Disney computers was added to the project, only minor things ended up changing, largely just the angle of the frame or which objects were on which side.

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