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Next year marks the 30th anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series preview, and fans were hoping Warner Bros. would do something to mark the occasion. After all, this is one of the best iterations of the Dark Knight we’ve ever seen, and it remains a beloved show that continues to find new fans through streaming and personal video.

We heard intermittent rumors of a potential resumption that would be exclusive to HBO Max, but they turned out to be false when JJ Abrams’ Batman: Crusader in a Cloak was announced instead, with Bruce Timm a key part of the creative team.

However, while we probably aren’t going to have any new episodes to complement the 85 that aired between 1992 and 1995, Kevin Conroy revealed during an appearance at Los Angeles Comic-Con via The Hollywood Reporter that Batman: The Animated Series receives a whole new audio drama, with longtime writer Alan Burnett overseeing the project.

The market for audio-only Gotham City deals has exploded recently with Batman: Audio Adventures with Jeffrey Wright and Winston Duke’s Batman not buried, but it would be safe to assume that fans of Batman: The Animated Series will ensure that anything involving Conroy and his former cohorts propels to the top of the most anticipated list.

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Kathryn Hahn: TV Shows & Movies You Never Knew The MCU’s Agatha Harkness Was In https://r-goldberg.com/kathryn-hahn-tv-shows-movies-you-never-knew-the-mcus-agatha-harkness-was-in/ Sun, 05 Dec 2021 09:00:00 +0000 https://r-goldberg.com/kathryn-hahn-tv-shows-movies-you-never-knew-the-mcus-agatha-harkness-was-in/

“Wanda, Wanda. You didn’t think you were the only magical girl in town, did you? The name is Agatha Harkness. Nice to finally meet you, my dear.

The name of Agatha Harkness or Agnes holds a special place in the hearts of fans. Kathryn Hahn with her incredible performance in the WandaVision, won a lot of praise. Underrated but gifted actress, Kathryn is set to appear in “Agatha: House of Harkness” a WandaVision spin-off starring the character played by Hahn.

Kathryn Hahn began her career in 2001 and since then has delivered unparalleled performances in television and film. Her character of Agatha Harkness has grown in popularity, but there are several such movies and TV shows where Hahn has acted similarly. Here are some TV shows and movies you never knew she was in:

Ericka Van Helsing in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is the great-granddaughter of legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. Hahn’s vibrant sense of humor suits Ericka’s character transition from an overly generous tour guide to a sneaky vampire enemy. Her character fills the void for a much needed comedic energy show in the film.

Doctor Ock

Before playing Agatha in WandaVision, Hahn had played another Marvel’s villain “Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse”. Olivia Octavius ​​aka Doc Ock is an alternate female version of Doctor Octopus played by Alfred Molina in “Spider-Man 2”. She is described as a nerdy scientist who unexpectedly reveals her alter ego as a supervillain. Molina’s performance of the character had raised high expectations for Hahn, which she delivered with a character who stands alone.

Loretta Jamison

Hahn is best known for her work in the comedy and drama genre. However, his work in M. Night Shyamalan “Visit” marks his only appearance in the horror genre. Her character Loretta Jamison gets very little screen time but manages to capture the essential emotions of the film. In the short time available to him, she portrays a loving mother of two suffering from a midlife crisis. At the end of the film, she is a poignant reminder of the importance of a family.

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Animated Series Audio Drama in the Works – The Hollywood Reporter https://r-goldberg.com/animated-series-audio-drama-in-the-works-the-hollywood-reporter/ Sat, 04 Dec 2021 23:37:30 +0000 https://r-goldberg.com/animated-series-audio-drama-in-the-works-the-hollywood-reporter/

The Bat family could come together as a podcast.

At Los Angeles Comic Con on Saturday, actor Kevin Conroy (Batman) and John Glover (The Riddler) revealed that an audio drama is in the works that will continue into the 1990s. Batman: The Animated Series. According to the actors, Batman: The Animated Series writer Alan Burnett is developing the project.

“It’s a great script by Alan Burnett and it brings back the original cast,” Conroy said on the ‘History of the Batman’ panel, hosted by Londyn Jackson.

Glover added, “The Riddler is back, and he’s evolved in a number of ways… He understands he’s part of the spectrum.”

The panel also included Will Friedle, who starred in Batman beyond as Terry McGinnis / Batman.

Batman: The Animated Series ran for 85 episodes from 1992 to 1995 and also featured Mark Hamill as the Joker and introduced the show’s flagship character Harley Quinn (Arleen Sorkin) to the world. It took place in a 40s style world and embraced the dark nature of the Dark Knight. He also cast Conroy as what many consider Batman’s definitive voice actor, and saw the series hit the big screen for Batman: Mask of Fantasy. The series is considered one of the great animated comic book series and won the Emmy for Outstanding Animation Program in 1993.

While it’s unclear which actors might return for the audio drama, surviving voice actors include Paul Williams (The Penguin), Richard Moll (Two-Face), David Warner (Ra’s Al Ghul), Diane Pershing (Poison) Ivy), Adrienne Barbeau (Catwoman), Ron Perlman (Clayface), Melissa Gilbert (Barbara Gordon) and Loren Lester (Dick Grayson / Nightwing).

There are many Batman audio dramas on the market. HBO Max has Batman: Audio Adventures, with Jeffrey Wright as Batman, while Spotify has the upcoming Batman not buried, with Winston Duke as the Caped Crusader, with The black Knight supervising screenwriter David S. Goyer. Marvel, too, has delved into the space of audio drama, with Wolverine: The Long Night and Wolverine: The Last Lead. Meanwhile, Bruce Timm, the host behind Batman: The Animated Series is developing a separate animated Batman show with JJ Abrams and The batman filmmaker Matt Reeves. This series tilts on HBO Max.

No distribution platform has been revealed for the new podcast. But Conroy has revealed that another veteran of the ’90s animated series is committed to the project. Conroy said, “Danny Elfman will write the theme.”

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Harry Potter star Jessie Cave shares pregnancy news https://r-goldberg.com/harry-potter-star-jessie-cave-shares-pregnancy-news/ Sat, 04 Dec 2021 10:53:20 +0000 https://r-goldberg.com/harry-potter-star-jessie-cave-shares-pregnancy-news/

Jessie Cave revealed she was pregnant in an Instagram post. (Keith Mayhew / SOPA Images / Sipa USA)

Harry potter Star Jessie Cave has confirmed she is pregnant with her fourth child.

The actor and designer, who played Lavender Brown in three films in the series, shared the news with his followers on Instagram.

She posted a photo taken in a bathroom mirror by her sister Bebe where she could be seen cradling her bump.

Read more: Rupert Grint joins Instagram to reveal his daughter’s name

Cave, 34, captioned the snap: “I can’t hide this new baby anymore.”

The kudos were extended in the comments section of other famous faces, including singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, comedian Katherine Ryan and her colleagues. Harry potter actor David Thewlis.

She already shares three children, sons Donnie, seven, and Tenn, one, and daughter Margot, five, with her partner, comedian Alfie Brown.

He took a humorous approach to sharing the happy news on his own, assignment a sonogram with the caption: “It will be easier in the future if I just announce when she is not pregnant. Enjoy baby’s foot.

To concern: Jessie Cave’s son returns from hospital amid coronavirus battle

the youngest son of Cave had a “scary start” in life after contracting Covid-19 when he was just a newborn baby.

Read more: Harry potter Devon Murray star welcomes baby boy

In an appearance on ITV Lorraine Earlier this year, the star detailed Tenn’s ordeal that came after they also had a difficult birth.

Cave has previously opened up about the unconventional start to her relationship with Brown, as she fell pregnant with their first child in what was an overnight fling.

Jessie Cave and her partner Alfie Brown will welcome their fourth child next year.  (Photo by David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images)

Jessie Cave and her partner Alfie Brown will welcome their fourth child next year. (Photo by David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images)

The couple broke up shortly after the birth of their daughter, but rekindled their relationship after a few years of separation.

In addition to her work as a designer, Cave continued to act and appeared in programs such as trolled and buffering as well as the 2014 film Pride.

Brown, whose mother is Impressionist Jan Ravens, is currently on tour with his comedy show Sensitive Man.

To concern: Will David Thewlis be involved in the Harry potter meeting?

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Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 Review: Netflix’s Cult Spanish Series Heist Fails To Offer A Satisfying Finale (Latest Exclusive) https://r-goldberg.com/money-heist-season-5-part-2-review-netflixs-cult-spanish-series-heist-fails-to-offer-a-satisfying-finale-latest-exclusive/ Sat, 04 Dec 2021 09:01:53 +0000 https://r-goldberg.com/money-heist-season-5-part-2-review-netflixs-cult-spanish-series-heist-fails-to-offer-a-satisfying-finale-latest-exclusive/

Money Heist Series 5 review: Netflix’s premium junkyard show is finally over. Money theft took over the streaming service with a storm on its initial release and since then every season has been met with great enthusiasm. This was the case with Series 5, which just lost its last five episodes and with it the series ends. So, does it give a satisfying ending? Well not really. Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 review: Fans are crying tears of joy after the latest showdown over Netflix’s hit Spanish drama (see tweets).

Money Heist Series 5 Part 2 resumes just after the end of part 1 naturally. The majority of the group mourn the death of Tokyo as the professor faces his own demons. These last five episodes bring the series to a close and focus heavily on the group trying to get out of it while Tamayo blows on their necks.

Money theft floored me again with its production values. Everything looks amazing and the budget extremely high to the point where it doesn’t look like a show at all. It’s pretty impressive how high the production values ​​for this are on a TV budget. The action is surprisingly framed and gives a great feeling of rush.

Also coming to the cast, The Professor once again proves to be the single, most sane character of them all. Alvaro Morte has always been one of my favorite parts of this series and I think he portrays this character wonderfully. He feels the most human of all and has real emotions that dictate his decisions. That alone makes him a character worth rooting for. This is what makes the teacher so enjoyable to watch on the screen.

Watch the trailer:

But not all characters are as good as him. This is a problem that I have always had with the series and here I even feel used to a bigger effect. Each character feels like they’ve been taken out of a cartoon. They are so exaggerated that they immediately have the impression of clashing with tone. There’s a new character introduced here very early in episode six, and his whole contract is to have seven kids with seven wives, and the way he’s presented is so… bad. I didn’t care much and it made everything so out of date.

This problem is also apparent with so many main characters. All of them look like caricatures. There isn’t much for them. It conflicts so much with the tone and the few characters that are quoted on the good guys quote, they just feel so boring. The only interesting character they had in Tokyo is also gone, so there’s really not much to chew on here. Money Heist: Netflix to expand Heist’s universe, announces spinoff series called Berlin (see post).

Even with the story, I didn’t care a lot. Money theft took me from song to song as soap opera-like rhythms erupted in the action. By the time the end came, I was just happy this was the last I would see from this show on my social media. Also, it had major pacing issues where sometimes I felt like nothing was happening in the background and a lot of stuff was padded.


The teacher

Great production value


Cartoon like characters

The story is bland

Rhythm problems

Final thoughts

Money theft ends with a devil and honestly it’s not that surprising. While longtime viewers will find pleasure in the way it all ends, it still doesn’t do much. If anything, writing this was cathartic knowing that I won’t see Bella Ciao constantly being spammed on my Instagram Stories.

(The above story first appeared on LatestLY on December 4, 2021 at 2:31 p.m. IST. For more info and updates on Politics, World, Sports, Entertainment, and Fashion life, connect to our website Latestly.com).

Animated adaptation by the directors of Aladdin https://r-goldberg.com/animated-adaptation-by-the-directors-of-aladdin/ Fri, 03 Dec 2021 23:45:00 +0000 https://r-goldberg.com/animated-adaptation-by-the-directors-of-aladdin/

A comic design depicts the shiny, chrome-plated characters of Metal Men.

Metal men could have his own movie thanks to two Disney legends.
Picture: Shane Davis / DC Comics

It’s not everyday that two of animation’s most famous directors the story jumps into the comic world, but it’s about to happen. Directors Ron Clements and John Musker, who made movies you may have heard of like Aladdin, The little Mermaid, and Moana, are looking to make an animated film based on the DC series Metal men.

Hollywood journalist broke the news and added that the couple had teamed up with writer Celeste Ballard (Space Jam: a new legacy) on the project. Clements and Musker wrote a treat and are looking to direct, but it’s unclear if that would be Warner Bros. or for HBO Max.

Now obviously Metal men isn’t one of DC’s first titles, but the concept certainly has real potential and has come back to life over the years. Created in the early 1960s by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru, the story followed a brilliant scientist who created six intelligent robots (which, despite the title, were not all men) with powers centered on the specific metal of which they were made: gold, iron, lead, tin, mercury, and platinum. The tones have changed with the characters and there is no word on what Clements, Musker and Ballard have planned, but one would imagine, if you look at the director’s previous works, a family-a friendly affair with heart and humor seems likely.

According to trade, this isn’t the first time Warner Bros. tried to bring Metal men on the big screen. A live-action version was in development in the early 2000s with bigtime names such as Lauren Shuler Donner (X Men), DC mainstay Geoff Johns, and even Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in black). It did not materialize (understood?) and with Warner Bros. really going through its DC properties to spread to all of its media, it looks like a version that has a good chance of solidifying. Yeah, another metal pun.

Wondering where our RSS feed went? You can pick up the new one here.

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The best outdoor TV shows streaming on Netflix https://r-goldberg.com/the-best-outdoor-tv-shows-streaming-on-netflix/ Fri, 03 Dec 2021 16:56:20 +0000 https://r-goldberg.com/the-best-outdoor-tv-shows-streaming-on-netflix/

If you’re forced to be indoors for some reason, you might as well watch outdoor TV shows that immerse you in the elements. Here are the best shows according to GearJunkie.

You might be the most outdoorsy person you know. But when the going is good, it can be nice to watch people push the limits even more than you do.

There is a lot more variety on this list than you might think. It ranges from top-rated survival shows to wacky reality TV series, to outdoor TV shows showing ethical hunting and fishing, and documentary series that cover the natural world. And the fun of TV shows over an hour is that you get more for your money.

Here are the shows GearJunkie recommends for the outdoor nerd in all of us.

The best outdoor TV shows on Netflix


“Alone” reigns as one of the coolest survival reality shows to ever graced the small screen. Ten survivors are placed in the wild with only a few items to rely on, and the last remaining outdoorsman earns some real money.

But it’s not your typical reality TV show, either. These people self-film, are completely cut off from the outside world, and face life-threatening situations on a daily basis.

The only downside to watching it on Netflix is that only Season 7 is currently available. But you can find seasons 1-8 on History.com (with advertisements) or seasons 1-7 streaming on Hulu.

‘Meat Eater’

“MeatEater” is unlike any other award-winning hunting show you’ve seen. It’s because acclaimed host Steven Rinella approaches hunting with a mind for the culinary, thoughtful and adventurous aspects of the hunt.

Even if you are not a hunter, you will likely learn a lot about what hunting and fishing has to offer. And you’ll enjoy the colorful cast of characters who will join him along the way.

Seasons 6-10 are currently available on Netflix, but you can also watch previous seasons for free thanks to MeatEater’s Youtube channel.


“Animal” is the latest outdoor documentary series to hit Netflix’s screen. And it’s packed with incredible images of some of the most interesting wildlife on the planet.

Famous narrators like Bryan Cranston, Rebel Wilson, and Rashida Jones add color and drama to an astonishing array of species-focused episodes. The first season features big cats, dogs, marsupials and octopuses. And each is fascinating in itself.

“Southern survival”

The people of Battlbox Ranch are of a different race. And this show takes a more gear-centric approach to surviving life-threatening situations.

Fatal events such as explosions, natural disasters, and surviving an encounter with an intruder are covered. And expect a lot of ridiculous shenanigans from this crafty bunch of Southerners along the way.

‘Down to earth’

Actor Zac Efron takes the helm of this travel show, and the main theme is sustainability. His travels bring other celebrities into the mix, such as Anna Kendrick and chef Jose Andres. And he’s joined by wellness expert Darin Olien for the series.

Each episode focuses on a single country. And the theme shifts to wellness and sustainability as Efron and Olien engage with local experts and try new ways of living with ecologically ethical footprints.

“How to be a cowboy”

This wacky and fun show – hosted by cowboy comedian Dale Brisby – attempts to teach a group of cowboys how to be cowboys in the 21st century.

Now, this really isn’t a show to be taken seriously. Neither Dale brisby, a fictional caricature composed by the real cowboy Clint Hopping. However, the show’s silly nature still presents many difficult aspects of ranch life.

It’s a feel-good series that, amid all the jokes, returns to camaraderie as the central theme of cowboy life. And it’s worth the detour in my opinion.

“Night on Earth”

It is not too difficult to understand what “Night on Earth” is about. I bet now you’ve figured it out.

But it’s pretty cool to see how wild places come alive during the night hours. And the technology we now have in cameras allows us an intimate gaze into a multitude of landscapes, from seas to cities to plains.

‘Our planet’

I would be remiss if I did not include these incredible docuseries on this list. “Our Planet” is the most breathtaking outdoor TV show of our time. And it’s told by the legendary David Attenborough.

Both awe-inspiring and heartbreaking, Attenborough does not ignore the difficult state in which our planet finds itself. But all wonder is not put aside either. It’s a show that everyone on planet Earth should watch.

And if for some reason you haven’t seen it yet, report it ASAP.

“You against the savage”

This fun version of a series of outdoor adventures puts the viewer in charge of the decisions of famous outdoor enthusiast Bear Grylls. Each episode focuses on a life-threatening situation. And each interactively asks the viewer to make choices that will lead to Grylls’ survival or death.

It’s like choosing your own adventure and meeting a TV series, and this clever shot makes “You vs. Wild” the most unique show on the list. Try it yourself.

The many options are interesting and offer different ways to watch the same series several times. It’s also a great series for kids.

The best outdoor documentaries on Amazon

Looking for a Prime video for a movie night? We’ve scoured Amazon Prime to find the best documentaries for outdoor enthusiasts. From hiking great miles to mountain survival, these films are sure to entertain and inspire. Read more…

The best camping tents of 2021
The best camping tents of 2021

Make the most of your home away from home by choosing the best camping tent for your adventure. We’ve found the best RV and family camping tents for all budgets and uses. Read more…

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How my obsession with containment for Super Smash Bros led me to a vital revelation | Games https://r-goldberg.com/how-my-obsession-with-containment-for-super-smash-bros-led-me-to-a-vital-revelation-games/ Fri, 03 Dec 2021 11:28:00 +0000 https://r-goldberg.com/how-my-obsession-with-containment-for-super-smash-bros-led-me-to-a-vital-revelation-games/

Thirty is definitely not the best age to start an esports career. In this world, I am old, with back pain and reflexes about as sharp as a wooden spoon. But nonetheless, earlier this year I found myself standing in a dimly lit bar in east London, huddled among the city’s biggest players of Super Smash Bros., Nintendo’s beloved fighting game. As the throng of contestants reminisced about previous tournaments and shared high-level skills, I apprehensively looked at my name on the tournament leaderboard, hoping no one would find out that I only started playing Smash there. ‘last year.

At the risk of sounding like the narrator of a ’90s teen movie, let’s step back. My Smash obsession started during the happy lockdown era. As Covid-19 exploded in devastating and invisible ways, the humble Bow apartment I shared slowly transformed from a fun party space into a cramped, claustrophobic prison. We’ve done our best to keep things light with bike rides, wrongly sized portions of weed brownies, and increasingly ridiculous theme parties – but Super Smash Bros Ultimate was what it really was. . got me through the mind-numbing ordeal of 2020.

As one of the few games that my longtime friend and roommate Akbar played, this wacky looking fighter became our multiplayer hangout, our big night out. On leave, stressed and with little means to channel my growing frustration, being humbled by Akbar’s roster of cartoon characters was a welcome escape for me and our other roommate, Andrew – much to the dismay of our non-gamer friends. .

Get Away … Fans are playing Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch at E3 2018 in Los Angeles. Photograph: Frederic J Brown / AFP / Getty Images

Because Akbar had been playing since the series’ genesis on N64, and I struggled to grasp even the basics of the game, these showdowns in the living room weren’t a fair fight at first. But in 10 grueling months, we’ve collectively dedicated 600 hours to the Brawler. I found myself reading the Smash patch notes, watching videos from pro gamers, and practicing on my own. When the lockdown was lifted, I moved into my own apartment – but my hunger for Smash was far from over. So I signed us all up for this tournament – a move my third brother from Smash Ed called “getting dragged into Tom’s public humiliation fetish.”

One of three regular London Smash tournaments, East London Smash (ELS) had the smallest slice (20 competitors) and the smallest prize pool (£ 40). The disarmingly kind event organizer, known only as Aggressive Duck, informed us that they are hosting potential ranked players who are recognized as the best in the UK and Europe. So no pressure.

At the tournament, pints in hand, we went through the list of competitors. Faced with such formidable fighters as Crispy, DAT: RePtile and GimpBizkit, it was clear that we had our work cut out for us. To make matters worse, as my motley ensemble played friendly matches to warm up, we ran into someone who had been in four UK based tournaments last week. Some of our opponents had traveled to Cyprus and Italy.

Of my four Smash Lockdown teams, one chickened out. But Akbar Jabar and Ed, competing under the professional pseudonym “bumbumbum”, both stayed with me. Friendlies were on the sidelines, and it was time to get down to business. Inexplicably seeded in the second round, I found myself playing the Cypriot champion, a friendly guy with a disarming form like The Legend of Zelda’s Link. Despite shrinking his pointy-haired avatar until the last life of the first turn, his relentless barrage of projectiles and clever off-stage acting proved too important for my rudimentary playstyle. Instantly picking up my movement and attack patterns, over the next two games he started to completely wipe the floor with me.

The author, bravely losing to Super Smash Bros
The author, bravely losing to Super Smash Bros. Photography: Tom Regan

Fortunately, my lack of pro techniques ultimately turned out to be an asset. Facing a tournament regular who fought like the dreaded Diddy Kong, my erratic moves and random aggression proved to be baffling for him. To my surprise, after an incredibly intense 10 minute showdown, I managed to lure my opponent into a trap, knocking them off the stage to win. My smash team was overjoyed. The next two games were close, but my monkey-loving enemy finally reigned supreme. Yet for me it was irrelevant. Against all odds, I had done the impossible and won a tournament match.

My friends also played admirably. While group favorite Akbar has been repeatedly looked down upon by a Wii Fit Trainer player named Joe, our young hopeful Ed has always managed to survive, until the very last life; he lost every game, but only by a hair. But whatever our less than heroic performances, we all came out of the euphoria. We had held up! After weeks of training with my favorite fighter, Kazuya, I felt like all those hours I had put into this weird little game had been worth something. My obsession with confinement had led me to a rewarding evening.

The London Smash players are a passionate and friendly community, a collection of people from different backgrounds united by a common love for a niche video game. Thanks to a refreshing lack of elitism, machismo, or control, it all looked surprisingly healthy for a competitive environment. As someone who has never had the ability, training, or fitness to play a real sport, it scratched an itch that I didn’t know I had. Thank you for putting up with us at your event, Aggressive Duck. You can bet I’ll be back – win or (inevitably) lose.

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You want to see? https://r-goldberg.com/you-want-to-see/ Fri, 03 Dec 2021 00:36:03 +0000 https://r-goldberg.com/you-want-to-see/

“According to your faith it be done to you” (Matthew 9:30).

Isa 29: 17-24 “Matt 9: 27-31

One may wonder what made two blind people support each other. Perhaps they found themselves sitting next to each other along the road, competing for the same pity and pity, but still welcoming company because they had so much in common. What did they talk about? Were their stories similar – blind from birth or blinded by illness or accident? Where are their families, what ideas and strategies have enabled them to survive?

Listening and accustomed to taking news of the passing crowds, they learn that a preacher named Jesus passes by and that he has worked miracles in other cities, is even mentioned as the promised messiah. If they had been in the synagogue on the Sabbath day, they would know that the prophet Isaiah foretold that when God saved his people, the blind would see and the deaf would hear. Was this man the promised savior?

As Jesus passed, they shouted “Son of David”, a messianic title, and asked for compassion. To their surprise, Jesus stops and begins to question them. “Do you think I can do this for you?” (Mt 9:28). As in so many of his healing miracles, Jesus emphasizes that it is the faith of the person that makes the miracle possible. If they truly believe and want something to happen, grace will meet them halfway and a way forward will be offered to them. But can they accept all the implications and opportunities that will present themselves if their prayer is answered?

Jesus searches their faith. Do they understand what they are asking? If they are given sight, their entire life will be changed. They will no longer be beggars. They will have to find a new way to live and provide for themselves. But even more, they will have met Jesus. The physical view in the gospels is always related to faith, and faith leads to discipleship. How far are these men willing to go?

The adage “Be careful what you pray for; you might get it ”is relevant to this story. Do we really want to see as God sees? Do we really want to come out of our asserted blindness and become disciples of justice and love in a troubled world? Advent prepares us to welcome the light which reveals the active presence of God in our lives. Do we really believe that God can do this? If we do, Christmas is about to come true for us.

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Fan pits Battlefield 2042 with cartoon-like design https://r-goldberg.com/fan-pits-battlefield-2042-with-cartoon-like-design/ Thu, 02 Dec 2021 18:36:00 +0000 https://r-goldberg.com/fan-pits-battlefield-2042-with-cartoon-like-design/

Battlefield 2042 had a very eventful release. The game is a cesspool of visual issues and other issues often hamper the gaming experience as well. What is a travesty, however, is that the features present in previous games almost a decade ago do not. are not present in this version of the game. In fact, one of the missing features is the inability to see each other’s drawings made by the repair tool.


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Crucial feature missing from Battlefield 2042


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Battlefield boasts of having full-scale battles. It offers an experience that no other game can offer. The game also brings a mix of arcade-like experiences alongside a mil-sim. However, the intensity of the action and battles shown is not something that many gamers always go after.

The Battlefield community is teeming with meme-worthy content. One of the longest lasting memes is the ability to create artwork using the Repair Tool. The servers would often ditch any form of animosity and resort to creating in-game artwork. Players would often spend hours in the game trying to create the funniest and most intricate memes and designs.

Watch the story: Fortnite Chapter 2 most hated features


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This year’s Battlefield iteration, however, broke that tradition. It looks like Electronic Arts, the publisher of this iconic franchise, spent most of its budget on the marketing side of the game. The game is lackluster and lacks many of the features that were present in the old version of the game. .

The art of the repair tool is gone, and it looks like this particular Reddit user is pretty disappointed with that fact. Other users took to comfort the Redditor by leaving hilarious comments. They jokingly called this missing feature revolutionary.

Usually, when an AAA title is released, some aspects that were present in previous iterations tend to be left out. However, considering how Battlefield 2042 did so poorly, it leaves gamers and the community wondering, how the game could have messed up something as simple as the art of the repair tool?


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New Grand Theft Auto trilogy update set to fix over 100 issues with the game

1 day ago