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Frozen 3 would be a big first for Disney animated films


If Frozen receives a third film, it will be the first Disney Animated Classic to be a true trilogy, not to mention direct video releases.

If Disney decides to bless the public with Frozen 3, the addition would be a capital first for the Disney animated classics. Encapsulate films such as Bambi, The beauty and the Beast, and The princess and the Frog, Disney Animated Classics are classified as films theatrically released by the studio, excluding films released in collaboration with Pixar. When Frozen released in 2013, it marked Disney Animation Studios’ 53rd feature film.

Of course, over the years, many Disney projects have continued in direct-to-video and even threesome release sequels. These sequels tend to be less successful than their original films. Properties like Cinderella, The little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Tarzan have all received three films, although some are prequels or even midquels (see The Lion King 1 ½). Surprisingly, Lilo and Stitch received three additional feature films.

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The sequels to these Disney classics have had varying degrees of success for obvious reasons. Many of the follow-up films mentioned were created for a younger audience who liked the characters but didn’t care if the storylines were underdeveloped or contrived. Only theatrically released movies are included in Disney’s animated classics roster, omitting nearly every movie in the sequel. Yes Frozen 3 is confirmed for production, which many fans sincerely hope will be the first Disney animated film to have inspired a true trilogy.

It’s surprising that Disney has been producing animated classics for over eighty years and has yet to attempt a true animated trilogy project, especially since Disney’s affiliate Pixar has done so with success. Pixar may only have one true trilogy at the moment (Cars) but, the success of the Toy story films, as well as the possibility of trilogies with Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, and The world of Nemo, indicates that Pixar is on track to create more trilogies in the future. In recent years, Disney has produced more than a few films with potential for sequelae, such as Moana, Tangled, and Zootopia. Ralph’s wreck already has a sequel film, but no real prospect for a third yet. Frozen is the only opportunity for Disney Animated Classics to complete a true trilogy in the near future.

A Frozen 3 The project has yet to be announced, but co-directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck seem to think the Anna and Elsa story is over. However, in an interview (via Digital spy), Lee appears on the fence about a third installment, saying that “It looks like the end, but the first one looked like the end when we made it. We do not know. “With the reluctance of creators to commit to ending Frozen after two films, the possibility of a Frozen the trilogy remains.

With the exceptional popularity of the first two films, it would be surprising if the creators didn’t at least think about how to extend the plot to a third and final installment. Granted, there are plenty of possibilities, given that the sequel still left a few points unresolved. Frozen 3 would have the responsibility of tying those ends together, creating a satisfying ending to the Anna and Elsa story, but she would also be offered the unique position of the first and only true Disney’s Animated Classics trilogy to date.

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