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Into the Spider-Verse teased by Paramount Head



The history of animation and “Star Trek” dates back decades, to “Star Trek: The Animated Series” (short-lived) of 1973-1974, which did everything possible to calm fans down after the cancellation of “The Original Series.” While the actual quality of the storytelling leaves something to be desired overall, the animation style has at least allowed the series to bring even stranger (and impossible to film) concepts to life, fulfilling the promise of ” Trek “boldly going where no one has gone before. Between the generally well-received “Star Trek: Lower Decks” and the more recent release of “Star Trek: Prodigy,” the franchise has managed to expand its influence across multiple mediums.

On a related note, Paramount’s new boss is planning several new films, one of which is slated to be an animated feature. According to THR (via TrekMovie.com), President and CEO Brian Robbins indicated that he and “Trek” Creative Director Alex Kurtzman took “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” as an example. of the “four-quadrant family movie” type of theater that they will use as inspiration for their own animated film “Trek”. Speaking more broadly about the themes and ambitions shared between the two franchises, Kurtzman added:

“’Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ is still one of the best movies of the last decade, animated or not. It’s just an amazing piece of art. I’ve been there with my whole family and another family and we all sat there with our jaws on the ground. Ultimately, ‘Star Trek’ is about family, it’s about these giant universal themes. Learning to tell a story like that, especially considering the level of cinema that we’ve already brought to the TV show, is a wonderful opportunity. I would love to do that. “

And as a farewell note, while neither Robbins nor Kurtzman specifically comment on any of the reported live-action “Trek” movies in development, Robbins at least gives a clue for the future of the movie side of the franchise. , saying, “I can’t wait to go; we’re not there yet, but we have to get there soon.” We haven’t seen a “Trek” movie in theaters since “Star Trek” Beyond “in 2016, so the urgency of reclaiming a cinematic niche for the franchise is understandable. Even with that delay, the future of” Star Trek “looks brighter than ever.



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