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Irony comes knocking | Seattle weather


Attacks on civil servants, election workers and government employees have skyrocketed in recent years, with most acts of assault and intimidation perpetrated by far-right thugs who usually hide behind anonymous phone calls and online threats disseminated under pseudonyms.

It’s a serious and outrageous trend that should be condemned and rooted out, whoever the victim is – even if that person happens to be the most controversial member of the Seattle City Council.

Socialist council member Kshama Sawant told Seattle police her home had been repeatedly targeted with bags of human feces left on her lawn. “Most concerning is the very high likelihood that this extreme and hostile behavior is politically motivated and could escalate into more serious and dangerous harassment,” Sawant said in a letter to police Wednesday.

The letter expressed concern that the police did not take the harassment seriously. In response, the police insist they are being diligent and the investigation continues.

If your tongue-in-cheek alarm suddenly rings, you’re not alone. After leading efforts to drastically cut the police budget and encouraging anti-cop protests at Mayor Jenny Durkan’s home a few years ago, Sawant is now demanding quick action from a police department in understaffed.

It’s hard not to imagine that Sawant’s plea for help raised some eyebrows and caused some loud peals of laughter at the police station. She’s probably the cops’ least favorite person in city government. Nonetheless, they must do their job and work to identify the perpetrator of Sawant’s disgusting harassment. They must do so, not only for the sake of Sawant, but for all of us who wish to live in a society where politics is civil and public service is honored.

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