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Is Broly in Dragon Ball Super: The Superhero Trailer?



It looks like Broly is in the trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. But was it really him, and what would he mean for the story?

It seems that Broly is in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes Trailer. Released by Toei Animation at New York Comic Con, the short trailer offered a better look at the film’s new animation style and villains. This time around, Goku and Vegeta will face off against the Red Ribbon Army.

At least on the surface, Goku’s former enemies from the original Dragon ball the anime barely feels like it can match the threat level of the main antagonist from the previous film. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Goku and Vegeta were pushed to their limits by the arrival of the legendary Super Saiyan. The classic Dragon ball z official introduction of the film character in Dragon ball canon ended in his defeat, but set up a possible comeback by having him survive the final fight with Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta. However, there was no indication at the time whether Dragon ball super would never see him again. Many believed the intention was for him to be a unique villain, especially since the conflict had reached a proper resolution.

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Wink and you miss it shot in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes the trailer apparently reveals Broly’s return. Starting at 0:32, the trailer gives a glimpse of an intense battle on the planet of Beerus between Goku and another character. When Goku jumps back, what appears to be Broly’s head can be spotted on top of a cloud of smoke at 0:34. The muscular arms also strengthen the connection. Based on the character’s face, hair, and physique, a second canon appearance of the legendary Super Saiyan from Universe 7 appears to be on the horizon. As for what he’s doing, it could be that Goku brought him to Beerus’ planet for combat purposes. After all, Goku expressed his intention to fight Broly again the last time the two met.

It’s worth asking why Broly is hiding in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes trailer. It is possible that the reason is related to the fact that he only has a minor role in the film. This could be the case, especially if it only appears at the beginning. Goku, Vegeta, and Broly could train with Whis early in the story. If so, its role may be limited to a cameo. That would be understandable, given that Broly’s outsized level of power could cause him to eclipse the two main characters in a fight. In addition, his uncontrollable outbursts make him a joker. Taking him into battle would put their own lives in danger.

Alternatively, there is at least a chance that Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes will find room for Broly to make an impact on the story. There might come a time when Goku and Vegeta, realizing that they need him to win, enlist his help for a major battle. If so, it would be the first time in a movie (canon or otherwise) that Broly has fought on the same side as the Z-Warriors. But even if it doesn’t, any appearance by the fan-favorite villain will likely be welcome. Largely because he has been redesigned as a tragic and sympathetic figure, there has been significant interest in what will follow for his character.

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