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Is some ridiculous 1970s cartoon anti-solar power rhetoric?


In September 2021, an old political cartoon that disparaged the fossil fuel industry and anti-renewable energy rhetoric gained prominence online, thanks to a popular Reddit post, who described the strip as “a funny cartoon from the 70s that I found on Facebook”.

The meme consisted of a built-in caption – “That 70s cartoon is still too precise!” – and a series of illustrations of a man in a suit sitting behind a large desk with “Big Oil” inscribed on his nameplate.

The cartoon suggests that the real motivation behind opposition to solar power is the ubiquity of sunlight and the difficulty of narrow private interests in monopolizing it. For example, the “Big Oil” man says “You want coal? We own the mines ”, and“ You want oil and gas? We own the wells. When it comes to solar power, the fat cat is bewildered. “Do you want solar power? ” he asks. “We have the uh … ah … Solar power is not feasible”:

This caricature was completely authentic and dated well to the 1970s, albeit from the later years of that decade. It was first published on April 21, 1978 in the Dayton Daily News and was created by Mike Peters, the famous political cartoonist who conceived the popular and longtime comic strip “Mother Goose and Grimm”. The cartoon can be seen in its original context, below:

Poster, Advertising, Text

In 1981, Peters won the Pulitzer Prize for the editorial caricature of his work on the pages of the Dayton Daily News. He continues to regularly publish political cartoons, which can be viewed on his website, and Twitter account.


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