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Joker 2 Gets Big Event Movie Budget, The Batman 2 Isn’t Lit, WBD’s 3-Option Fiasco With Ezra Miller’s The Flash, Blue Beetle Rumor Mill & More


From the DCTV series like Titans and Doom PatroI to features such as blue beetle – Uncertainty looms over DC’s movies and TV shows ever since David Zaslavredesign of WBD. However, the joker 2 seems to fall under the “quality over quantity” plan of the new regime, because Todd Phillips‘ the sequel receives a budget allocation of $150 million, putting it in the category of big event movies while another major blockbuster, the flash faces a painful situation of scrapping it or releasing it with a PR crisis due to Ezra Millerthe onslaught of controversy. Meanwhile, james gunnit is Peacemaker season 2 and adult animation harley quinn season 3 are apparently the only DC content offerings currently in the safe zone.

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The future and current strategy for DC films has been in flux since the bat girl chop. In fact, it is not known if even the current leader Walter Hamada will stick to his executive role at Warner Bros. Discovery after black adamthe exit. Nevertheless, Zaslav’s current superintendents for DC, Michael DeLuca and Pam Abdy reportedly insisted the veteran New Line Cinema producer stay in the role.

Amid this confusing management crisis, the previous leaders’ plan to enact a Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline was leaked. The adaptation based on the fan-favorite comic would have given DC a clean slate, and insiders previously pointed to Snyder-created characters such as Ben Affleckis Batman and Henry CavillZaslav’s Superman was also part of the event’s big crossover, but that idea was scrapped for Zaslav’s “10-Year Plan”.

Photo of Zack Snyder captured on set in London during the filming of Justice League

As Snyderverse fans remain hopeful since witnessing Zack Snyder’s Justice League footage during WBD’s earnings call presentation – industry pundits insist the regime’s strategy does not include crafting the Man of Steel director’s 5-movie plan. Plus, Snyder’s schedule isn’t free in the near future either, with the director developing a new franchise for Netflix, rebel moon.

Blue Beetle Movie Picks Up Rumor

blue beetle

Blue beetle concept art

Speaking to the rumor mill of the week, a few credible journalists reportedly said Blue Beetle featuring Xolo Mariduena was the subject of additional photography in Puerto Rico, but the film’s cast and crew faced a life-threatening situation after being caught in the middle of a gang shootout. Readers are always advised to take this news with a grain of salt until official confirmation. However, it’s also causing panic among DC fans since the film could face a potential release delay or worse even face the Batgirl storyline if the budget skyrockets, especially since the feature has already cost $100 million for a theatrical release. Will the new head of WBD see there another scenario of tax depreciation? It is too early to speculate.

Titans and Doom Patrol are in trouble


Photo of Starfire from the TV series Titans

Speaking of cancellations, the Variety report suggests that Titans and Doom Patrol could also face the axe, following the debut of Season 4 of both shows. JJ Abrams Justice League Dark series and spinoffs based on characters from the supernatural set Constantine and Madam Xanadu are still advancing.

The Joker 2, The Batman 2 and The Flash, DC’s blockbusters

Joker 2, Lady Gaga

Joker 2 Lady Gaga

Even amid ever-changing decisions at Warners, The Joker 2 cast and crew are getting big paydays with director Phillips and the lead Joaquin Phoenix set to earn $20 million and sequel newcomer, Lady Gaga receive $10 million. The total production cost is expected to land at $150 million. WBD seems to be betting big on Joker: Madness for two and that should come as no surprise, especially since the 2019s Joker Broken threw $1 billion in worldwide box office revenue as an R-rated title. batman 2 of Matt Reeves has yet to receive the green light although the director is still working on development with the penguin spin off.

The news shocked fans if WBD could interfere with Reevesverse’s original plan to incorporate the current 10-year strategy. Nevertheless, there are signs that the Robert Pattinson starrer’s sequel will encounter no obstacles. However, The Flash is surrounded by obstacles, Miller being accused again and this time of burglary. THR says WBD is likely exploring three options, with Miller addressing his controversial incidents after seeking professional help and engaging in limited promotions and releases. Andy Muschietti– carried out autonomously as planned.

The second option, releasing the film without Miller’s involvement in marketing with the replacement of the star in future projects. The final worst-case scenario is the complete abandonment of the $200 million production. But insiders with knowledge of The Flash’s test selection think it would be a bad move to set aside.

Batgirl’s Future in the DC Live-Action Universe

Batgirl, Michael Keaton batman

batgirl and michael keaton batman

De Luca and Abdy are apparently interested in seeing Leslie Grace play Batgirl for DC or at least sign a deal with the star for another Warner Bros. movie. However, the decision is likely to be up to whoever Zaslav hires to oversee the DC franchise, could it be Greg Berlanti? It’s uncertain but his The Green Lantern series still has the green light to move forward with development. However, insiders like Grace Randolph I think the dynamic changes at WBD put the future of every project on hold.

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