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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox


2022 will be a huge year for live-action comic book movies, thanks to multiple releases from Marvel and DC. As Marvel continues to dominate the superhero universe, there’s no denying the excitement around DC projects such as The Batman and the flash. The Batman is supposed to be a standalone movie, but there’s no doubt that the flash will shake up the shared DCEU, not least because it brings back Michael Keaton as Batman and will include time travel and other multi-versal characters.

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the flashThe first teaser of seemed to share some similarities with the 2013 DC animated film, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Based on the Flashpoint comic, JL: The flashpoint paradox is a mind-bending story about Flash, who uses his super speed to go back in time and save his mother before she is killed. Unfortunately, Barry’s decision to go back in time has a major impact on the world, and several insane moments occur throughout the film.

ten Violence and history are extremely disturbing in many parts of the film

wonder woman and aquaman

The sheer violence during the Amazon and Atlantean War is quite a sight, especially for a DC animated movie. However, DC began releasing more adult-themed animated films around this time – mostly PG-13 rated films. However, they ventured into R-rated animated features. The Flashpoint Paradox is rated PG-13; however, there are plenty of violent action scenes and uncomfortable visuals that push the boundaries of a PG-13 movie. The final battle scene features incredible bloody action, including Wonder Woman killing one of Batson’s children and Batman shooting Zoom in the head.

9 Mera attempts to kill Wonder Woman after finding out Arthur and Diana might be lovers

mera wonder woman flashpoint

The violent war between Wonder Woman’s Amazons and Aquaman’s Atlanteans comes to a head after they initially bond and decide to work together. However, Aquaman’s lover, Queen Mera, enters into a romantic interaction between Wonder Woman and her king, Aquaman.

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This leads to Mera attempting to assassinate Wonder Woman in her private quarters, but Wonder Woman overpowers and beheads her. Wonder Woman takes Mera’s crown and wears it proudly as she leads her Amazonian warriors into a bloody war with the Atlanteans.

8 Aquaman and the Atlanteans use Captain Atom as a nuke

captain atom flashpoint

The Atom is a proud member of the Justice League at the start of The Flashpoint Paradox, showing up with the team to help Barry defeat his rogues’ gallery at the Flash Museum and helping diffuse the bombs Zoom placed on all the bad guys. However, in the alternate universe, Captain Atom is captured by Aquaman, and the King of Atlantis uses Atom’s nuclear power to build a world-destroying weapon. Before Wonder Woman kills Aquaman, he blasts the remote atom with a ray and the world begins to be taken away.

seven Barry’s, aka The Flash’s, Thomas Wayne’s Fingers Are Broken By Batman

flashpoint by thomas wayne batman

When Barry, aka The Flash, realizes he’s in a different universe, he travels to Wayne Manor to seek help from his Justice League teammate Batman. Unfortunately, Bruce Wayne was killed as a young child in this universe, and his father, Thomas Wayne, took over as Batman.

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Thomas struggles to believe Barry’s story at first, even breaking a finger and threatening to do more if Barry ever mentions his “dead son” again. Barry’s ring finally reveals his Flash suit to Thomas, though Zoom’s suit comes out, causing Barry to think that Zoom is responsible for this alternate timeline.

6 Flash creates multiple timelines when trying to stop

Barry's Flashpoint Paradox

After defeating his main villains with the help of the Justice League, Flash decides to go for a run and ends up fracturing the timeline. This leads to Barry waking up to a world where his mother is alive, his wife is married to someone else, Thomas Wayne is Batman, and there is all-out war between Amazons and Atlanteans. When Aquaman detonates Atom’s nuclear power and after several main characters are killed, Thomas Wayne’s Batman urges Flash to keep running until he puts everything back in order. Flash catches up with his previous self, which accidentally causes another timeline to be created. However, Barry wakes up in his main universe and gives Bruce a note from Thomas.

5 Hal Jordan’s attempt to use an alien ship on the Atlanteans fails

hal jordan flashpoint

Green Lantern appears in the opening battle scene at the Flash Museum to help Flash defeat the villains. However, he never gets the Green Lantern ring in the alternate universe that Barry creates by breaking the time barrier. Hal Jordan is brought in by General Lane to help end the war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans by having him pilot an alien ship into the war. Unfortunately, the ship, which belonged to a member of the Green Lantern Corps, is shot down by Aquaman’s troops, killing Hal Jordan on impact.

4 The Flash gives Bruce a note from his father when he returns to the main timeline

batman flashpoint paradox

Although Barry creates an alternate timeline at the end of the film, he somehow ends up in the main timeline and explains everything to Bruce Wayne in the Batcave. The Flash then presents a letter to Bruce from Thomas Wayne, who gave the note to Barry just before the alternate universe was destroyed. Bruce recognizes his father’s handwriting and sheds a few tears as he reads the moving letter. He then proceeds to thank the Flash and tells him “you’re one hell of a delivery boy”.

3 Superman’s shuttle lands in Metropolis and he’s been used as a lab rat for 20 years

Superman's Flashpoint Paradox

Superman’s shuttle eventually overtakes Smallville in the alternate universe and crashes in the middle of Metropolis. However, no one in the alternate timeline knows of a Superman, leading Barry and Thomas to enlist Cyborg’s help in finding out what happened to the Man of Steel. Barry, Thomas and Cyborg’s Batman discover an emaciated Superman locked away in a secret underground lab, who has been experimented on and used as a lab rat for years. Superman is rescued by the group and gains strength from Earth’s sun, however, he kills enemy soldiers and flies away after realizing what he has done. He returns in the final battle and attempts to save Cyborg, however, it is too late and Cyborg succumbs to his injuries from a fight with Aquaman.

2 The opening fight scene between the Justice League and the Flash villains at the Flash Museum

blitzkrieg flashpoint paradox

The opening fight scene in The Flashpoint Paradox is a goldmine for Flash fans everywhere, mostly because it’s set in a Flash museum and features all the best Scarlet Speedster villains. Flash defeats Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Heat Wave, Mirror Master, and Top, all of whom worked for Flash’s nemesis Professor Zoom. Zoom stops Flash and threatens to blow up the museum and all of Central City, however, the Justice League show up and help even the odds for the fastest man on Earth. The Justice League safely detonates all of Zoom’s bombs and captures the villains, but not before Zoom makes a devious comment to Flash, leading to a universe-altering run for the Scarlet Speedster.

1 Thomas Wayne’s Batman helps electrocute Barry multiple times so he can regain his speed powers

thomas wayne batman and flash

When Barry wakes up in the alternate universe, he finds his mother alive and well. However, he also discovers that he never gained his super-speed powers. Seeking answers from Batman, Barry discovers that Bruce was killed as a child, Martha Wayne went mad and became the Joker, and Thomas became the Dark Knight of this universe. After some persuasion, Thomas begins to believe Barry and helps set up a way for Barry to be struck by lightning and regain his superspeed. Unfortunately, the first try doesn’t work and Barry is nearly killed by lightning. However, the second attempt goes better and Barry’s powers are restored.

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