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KC Fairgrounds welcomes thousands to Bakersfield Comic Con


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Bakersfield Comic Con returned to the Kern County Fairgrounds this weekend. The convention featured celebrity guests, collectible figures, costume art, and of course comic books.

Comic Con attracts thousands of people for the event each year. This year, Comic Con was combined with a renaissance festival featuring specialist vendors and medieval-themed shows like swallowing swords.

“It’s for the fans,” said Steve Wyatt, owner of Bakersfield Comic Con. “When you look around at the people here, there are all smiles on their faces.”

The excitement of being a part of the annual convention could be seen from everyone. From vendors to cosplayers – people who dress up as characters from favorite games, cartoons or anime.

“Honestly, you feel like home. You surround yourself with like-minded people and all the things you look for in a community,” said Sarah Rust, owner of LenaMartian. “It’s really always fun if you just come as a guest, performer or exhibitor. You have found that your people are pretty much how you feel.

“I’ve been making cosplay costumes for years now,” said Buzz Lightyear cosplayer James Knowles. “You know, personally, I like to see creativity. I like to promote my own expression of my arts.

A big highlight was all the celebrities visiting town for the event. The cast of Little House on the Prairie, a few Power Rangers, and other classic movies and TV shows from across the decades met with fans throughout the weekend.

The exhibit hall had rows and rows of vendors selling comics, classic action figures, and other specialty merchandise. The event had a gaming area for fighting tournaments, tabletop games, and even a section for classic arcade game machines like Street Fighter. The event has already ended, but organizers say next year’s event can’t come soon enough.