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Lending Your Voice to Inanimate Friends – The New Indian Express


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Comedian Seema Golchha (49) is never alone on stage. The Kathmandu-based performer is usually accompanied by her trusted sidekick Jack Denials, a fuzzy blue puppet who is elderly, married and often quite rude. Packing his wry humor into almost every set, Jack complements (both visually and aurally) Golchha’s performance by adding layers to it through his antics. Their typical act, inspired by the daily events of the artist’s family life, includes lively conversations between the two. You’ll find that most of the time, Jack keeps interrupting Golchha as she tries to crack a joke. Jack, however, is not the artist’s only companion. Over the years – she has been performing for about 10 years now – Golchha has featured Darwin the monkey, Ali the alligator and other vent figures.

Look who’s talking
To delve into ventriloquism was not his first choice. The artist mentions that her childhood dream was to become a cartoonist. Despite many obstacles – she comes from a common conservative family and was a housewife before becoming a stand-up artist – her vision, as well as her attempts to make storytelling interesting for the children of her family, have been a strong impetus for Golchha to explore. this world. “Being able to give a voice to a cartoon character felt extremely satisfying to me. Making people laugh and making them think the puppet is another person is an amazing feeling,” the artist shares.

Golchha has not only performed in his home country of Nepal, but also in India, Thailand and other countries. She fondly remembers her gig at New York’s Gotham Comedy Club, where she shared the stage with American comedy legends Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfield.

In his comfort zone
Over the years, Golchha has managed to carve out a niche for herself in the South Asian comedy circuit and is also one of the few female ventriloquists in India and Nepal. “When I started, I worried about what my family would think of my actions and the repercussions of what I say.” She also shares that as a member of a joint family, before, she always faced unnecessary guilt due to her travel schedules.

Stand-up comedy is a male-dominated space, and being a comedian is never easy here. Golchha says that although she has received immense love and respect, she still feels underrepresented. “I feel like a lot of people are still willing to pay more for male comedians. I find that ridiculous. Women can be just as funny, if not funnier,” she adds.

Talking about her upcoming show at Chat Gully Studio, Hauz Khas Village on Wednesday, Golchha promises to tickle your funny bones. She mentions that the show will feature the infamous Jack Denials with his new puppet – “chill” Granny.

WHAT: “Live in Denial”, a solo exhibition by Seema Golchha
WHEN: Studio Chat Gully, Hauz Khas Village
WHERE: April 6; 5:00 p.m.