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Lunar Chronicles YA Series Becomes An Animated Movie

Cinder, the main character from Marissa Meyer's Cinder, holding a gun and looking away.

Picture: Tomer Hanuka/Feiwel and Friends

Film adaptations of popular YA books were all the rage in the early and mid-2010s, but with some exceptions and one go on television, have largely fallen by the wayside for the 2020s. That makes it all the more interesting considering by Marissa Meyer beloved YA sci-fi series The Lunar Chronicles is not only suitable for cinema, but is going to be animated rather than live action.

The news broke earlier in the week, with studio CG Locksmith Animation opting to adapt the film. Locksmith was one of the companies behind the children’s film Ron gone wrong from the end of last year, which was apparently considered pretty good!). In a statement, Locksmith CEO Natalie Fischer described the London-based studio as “big fans” of Meyer’s work and is ready to do the series justice. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with Marissa to bring her vision to life through animation…we’re committed to giving this material the treatment it deserves.”

In a statement of his own, Meyer expressed excitement about partnering with Locksmith to adapt his work. “Hearing about Locksmith’s vision for the project gives me the best chills,” she said. “I’m as excited as readers to see Cinder, Prince Kai and the rest of the Rampion crew brought to life with stunning animation and lots of love!”

Meyer’s series is set in the future during a time of turmoil between Earth and the Luna colony thanks to rising tensions and a pandemic affecting both worlds. The first book in the series, 2012 Ash, is about the titular teenage cyborg who discovers her origins and tries to escape the grip of her evil stepmother. Future books in the series are about Cinder trying to overthrow the Evil Queen and making friends who are also themed around fairy tale characters, including a computer hacker based on Rapunzel and Red Riding Hood as a starship pilot. spatial. The five-book series ended in 2015, later followed by a collection of short stories and a graphic novel.

Currently, Ashes the adaptation being animated is the only real news about it, and also the most curious. While there’s no shortage of animated films based on children’s books, teen books haven’t really been explored in this medium yet. Given the burst of creativity we’ve seen recently in the animation works of The Mitchells vs. the Machines and the spider worms movies at Esoteric and Lupine III, it’ll be interesting to see how Locksmith’s animation brings Meyer’s sci-fi world to life… whenever it comes out, of course.

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