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Meet the new Monster High animated series boos, including Felicia Day


This is monster raised mania over at Nickelodeon and Paramount+! In October, the Mattel franchise is rolling out a live-action musical, Monster High: The Moviebefore presenting their brand new animated series monster raised just in time for Halloween. Today, Nickelodeon and Mattel shared an exclusive sneak peek with Collider, along with official key art featuring the all-new animated ghoul cast, plus a line-up of voice talent joining this monster crew!

The new 26-episode anime series follows Clawdeen Wolf, voiced by Gabrielle Nevaeh Green (Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai), and friends as they learn to sail growing up together. The titular high school welcomes its monster students of all types, and the halls are filled with teenagers of the most legendary movie monsters of all time. In the new key art, we see their latest designs, which still feature their signature bright colors, but all of the main monsters have updated glam looks for the new school year.


As Nickelodeon gears up for the big premiere, we have a brand new cast of monster stars joining the previously announced cast! Reno 911it is Ken Marin is on board as Draculaura (Courtney Lin) father, the infamous 4,000-year-old Dracula, who constantly strives to be a good father to his daughter; Felicia day (Supernatural) as Ghoulia Yelps, a smart zombie with lightning-fast fingers, who just happens to be Monster High’s top player; Valeria Rodriquez (The Valley of Tearslisten)) as Spectra Vondergeist, a talkative ghost eager to be seen by his peers; Scott Menville (The Teen Titans Go!) as Romulus, the leader of the pack who still has some learning and growing to do; Cole Massie (Tic and Tac: Rescue Rangers) as Finnegan Wake, the mermaids’ nephew who is a newt who uses a wheelchair to maneuver through the halls of Monster High, and like his aunts, he has an enchanting voice. Also registering for monster raised animated series are victoria t washington like Howleen, a natural leader who always speaks her mind; Jordan R.Coleman like Manny Taur, the bull-headed Minotaur who has a brain as big as his muscles and Kyrstina Alabado like Nefera De Nile, the most popular mummy with a heart literally made of gold (preserved in a jar).

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The new cast of voice artists will join the talents of Green, Lin, Iris Menas like Frankie Stein, Tony Revolori like Deuce Gorgon, Kausar Mohammad like Cleo De Nile, Valeria Rodriguez like Lagoona Blue, Alexa Kahn like Torelei Stripe, Alexander Polinksi like Heath Burns and Debra Wilson as headmistress of Bloodgood School.

As the monster raised Expanding from its 2010 roots, Mattel aims to focus the franchise on accepting and empowering its young audience. The message of being proud of your authentic self is reflected in each of their uniquely reimagined characters, fleshing out their stories and cultures for a richer foundation to build upon. Still inspired by the original range of dolls, these fangtastic monster raised the personalities are pushing a new generation to assume responsibility and have fun expressing themselves.

Shea Fontana (Polly pocket) serves as showrunner and co-executive producer of monster raisednext to Nick Filippi (Big Hero 6: The Series) as supervising producer. Production is overseen for Nickelodeon by Claudia Spinellisenior vice president for Big Kids Animation and Nikki PriceAnimation Franchise Director. Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mattel Television Fred Soulieand Christopher Keenansenior vice president of Creative, are executive producers for Mattel.

monster raised the animated series premieres on Nickelodeon and Paramount+ on October 28 at 7 p.m. ET. Check out the exclusive clip and key art below: