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Miss Game of Thrones? HBO Max is preparing two more animated series



Game of thrones, the captivating television series based on George RR Martinis unfinished A song of ice and fire books, finished in May 2019 with a lot of fans feel disappointed. But a success is a success, so several projects surrounding the high fantasy property are currently in development. This list includes two new animated series, Hollywood journalist has learned.

One of the new animation projects would take place in the Golden Empire of Yi Ti, a region far from where most Obtained took place. The meticulous, fan-sourced Ice and Fire wiki Yi Ti place east of Qarth and the Bone Mountains along the Jade Sea. (Okay, that sort of thing reigns.) Earth is mentioned in passing in the books but has yet to have central action in the series. Martin suggested that Yi Ti was meant to represent East Asia in the way Westeros conjured up the British Isles, according to a comment from 2014 to a fan on Martin’s LiveJournal page. THR notes that it is “inspired by Imperial China” in particular.

THR had no details to share on the second new project. Another animated series has reportedly already been in development before the two new ones were revealed. We don’t know much about the first animated series other than it will be “adult addiction,” according to a January report.

A deal is not a guarantee that a project will pass the Night’s Watch of Development. A previously discussed Obtained live action series, Anti-flea background, was denied according to THR. The show was going to take place in the poor neighborhood of King’s Landing, but it was “still the most nascent of ideas”, according to THRthe sources.

Other rumored shows, according to Deadline, include: 10,000 ships, set 1,000 years before the action of Game of thrones and about a princess named Nymeria; 9 trips, following Corlys Velaryon and his adventures on the ship Sea Snake; and Dunk & Egg Tales, based on pre-existing Martin novels. None have been confirmed by HBO.

Live action Dragon house, a prequel series based on the book Fire and blood regarding House Targaryen (the Khaleesi family, if you’re rusty), actually went into production in the UK in April. it will be the star Olivia cooke, Matt smith, Paddy considine, and Emma D’Arcy and debut next year.

In addition to all this, AMC recently announced George RR Martin and Robert redford as co-producers on Dark winds, based on a successful series of novels by Tony Hillerman. Martin is also said to be finishing his sixth and seventh Ice and Fire books.

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