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More Animated MCU Shows Coming After What If …?, By Victoria Alonso



The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand. We’ve had movies for over a decade, with three more coming out later this year and four (!) More in 2022. We also have the Marvel Disney + shows, which are just starting to earn Emmy nominations at galore. But the next Disney + show, What if…?, is the MCU’s first foray into animation. And according to Victoria Alonso, executive vice president of film production at Marvel, it won’t be the company’s last.

“We’re going to have our animation branch and our mini studio, and there will be more to come as well,” Alonso said. Variety at this year’s NALIP Media Summit. “We are very excited about the animation, which is my first love. “

According to Alonso, What if…? will only be the first of many animated projects taking place in the MCU. Part of the impetus for Marvel’s expansion is tied to the launch of Disney +.

“When the chance to be a part of this streaming world came along we were more than excited because all of a sudden we could actually give fans well over a quarter page or three cool moves.” , she said.

Small screen support allowed for a deeper dive into previous ancillary characters like Wanda, Vision, and Loki. With the animated What if…?, fans will now be able to enjoy deep dives into hypotheses, like Peggy Carter getting the Super Soldier serum instead of Steve Rodgers. The great thing about animation is that it allows Marvel to make these changes without the big budget of a live production.

Marvel branching out further into animation begs the question: which animated series (or movie ?!) will the MCU take on next? There is a vast Marvel library to choose from, and the possibilities seem endless. We are still hopeful for a Howard the Duck spinoff series.

What if…? will premiere August 11 on Disney +.



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