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My Hero Academia’s sixth season kills off a major character


The paranormal war of liberation is currently underway in My Hero Academia’s sixth season, and considering the stakes and the large number of fighters facing off against each other, it should come as no surprise that the Shonen series is taking some serious casualties. With the release of the third episode of season six, a major character has passed from this deadly reel and neither the heroes of UA Academy nor the League of Villains will ever be the same.

Warning. If you haven’t watched yet My Hero Academia last episode, the third episode of season six, be warned that we are going to dive into massive spoilers.

As heroes young and old converge to ambush the combined forces of Shigaraki and Re-Destro, the biggest fight in the final episode is much more intimate. Hero number two, Hawks, has spent the majority of season five working to learn as much as possible about the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army, earning the trust of several villains. With the onslaught of heroes underway, perhaps no villain has taken more pain from Hawks’ betrayal than Twice, the duplicitous villain who had befriended the Commission member of the public security.

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Hawks has already acknowledged just how dangerous Twice can be, with the villain sporting a Quirk that allows him to create doubles that can number in the hundreds of thousands. While the number two hero took over at the start of their fight, with his feathers able to cut through any doubles Twice made, Dabi’s arrival in the fight kept Hawks on his toes, his wings being badly burned in the process. .

With Dabi giving Twice the moment he needed, the League of Villains almost had an ace in the hole that could have won them the war, that is until Hawks killed the villain in duplicate. in a tragic scene. With its double success in rescuing Toga and Mr. Compress, the animated adaptation confirms that Twice has perished, taking a major trump card from the villains but showing that the paranormal war of liberation is far from over.

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