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Netflix orders a new season of Arcane




Picture: Netflix

Suggesting that at least someone at Netflix does indeed have the patience and courage to learn how to play particularly toxic League of Legends, the streaming service announced that it has granted a second season to the linked animation Esoteric. The show’s first season debuted on Netflix earlier this month and received a pretty positive response, much like that of Netflix. Castlevania animated series, which is also based on a video game, although it is from another animation studio.

This news comes from Variety, who says that Season 1’s main stars – Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell, and Katie Leung – will all be returning to voice their characters (Vi, Jinx, and Caitlyn). In a report, Esoteric co-creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee said they were “working hard with the creative wizards of [League Of Legends developer] Riot and [animation studio] Fortiche to deliver our second installment.

League of Legends is a big name in the PC gaming world and an even bigger name in the esports world, but Esoteric was Riot’s first attempt to translate the gaming world into the world of narrative television. Variety note that the company has not announced any “other projects”, but at this point it should be fairly easy to use Esoteric2D animation style / CG animation to tell stories about many others League of Legends characters beyond Jinx and the others featured in this show.

In addition, the problems of large video game companies are still relevant thanks to Activision Blizzard employees demand the resignation of their CEO, do not forget that Riot had his own issues regarding a California Department Of Fair Employment And Housing investigation and 2019 settlement with nearly 100 women who worked at the company. Riot doesn’t do the show directly, but he is on board as a co-producer with Fortiche.