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The long history of American politics is vast, affecting government policy and influencing every aspect of our personal lives. Readers will have ample opportunity to read a variety of new political books at the library.

“SECRET CITY: The Hidden History of Gay Washington” by James Kirchick (306.766 KI) examines 75 years of presidential administrations, from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Bill Clinton, revealing how employees and societal influencers were able to keep their homosexuality a secret at a time when affection between like-minded couples sex was considered deviant. The writing is engaging and packed with information, including detailed footnotes and a comprehensive index at the end of the book.

“ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE: A Startling History of Gerrymandering in America” by Nick Seabrook (328.3345 SE) chronicles the political process of reshaping electoral boundaries with the intention of favoring one political party over another. The practice of redistricting has continued since 1812 when Elbridge Gerry, Governor of Massachusetts, attempted to retain office by altering district boundaries to sway votes in his favor. Since then, virtually every state has changed electoral districts to influence political outcomes.

“THE SPY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH: A former CIA officer’s quest through a legacy of betrayal” by Howard Blum (921 Bagley) encompasses all things political. The CIA was created in 1947 as an extension of US foreign surveillance efforts that began during the Revolutionary War. See https://www.cia.gov/legacy/cia-history for detailed information about the CIA. Then follow Tennant “Pete” Bagley as he breaks into the mysterious CIA operations network and spends the rest of his life navigating the network.

“RADICAL: My year with a socialist senator” by Sofia Warren (921 Warren) uses a graphic novel format to document a year in the life of cartoonist Sofia Warren, as she joins the ranks of New York State Senator Julia Salazar to tackle the issue of the right to housing. The author provides a behind-the-scenes look at political newcomers operating within the confines of big government.

“THE POWER OF NUMBERS: How surveys work and why we need them” by G. Elliott Morris (303.38 MB) clarifies the voting process at a time when the general population does not believe their opinions are represented in the polls. The author provides a history of polls, how they play a role in democracy, and how the data can be used to predict trends, especially in elections. This book includes detailed notes and is well indexed.

“THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVITUDE: Donald Trump’s Washington and the Bid Price” by Mark Leibovich (324.2734 LE) just came off the press with an insight into the relationship between Donald Trump and his circle of Republican supporters who began as political opponents during the 2016 presidential campaign. Shortly after the Republican nomination, these stalwarts in Washington have bowed to Trump’s ideology in order to stay in his good graces and retain their own seats in Congress. The book is conversational, with many quotes from well-known media and political figures.

By Lynette Suckow

Reference Librarian

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