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New Saints Row trailer shows off-the-wall cartoons playing with kids


We’re only two weeks away from the return of the Saints, so it’s time to watch all the mayhem you’ve seen as the leader of the most exciting gang on the block.

If you haven’t seen any of the previous Saints Rows trailers, the latest six-minute gameplay basically gives you everything you need to know. As the boss, you discovered the Saints, an evil man who has an outcrop in everything from high profile heists to high profile heists. Your home base is a converted church in St. Ileso, a town that feels like Las Vegas and Reno had a baby in New Mexico and didn’t tell anyone.


For Saints Rows, there are more unique weapons like the Dubstep gun.

There are other rival gangs lurking between you and financial security. Los Panteros is an arcade-inspired criminal operation whose owners can’t decide if they’re crossfit enthusiasts or luchadors. Idols are Burning Man releases with cases and LEDs. And marshals are basically the cops, but with better tactical gear than the US military. We were talking in futuristic night vision goggles under cowboy hats while singing “yee-haw” from the back of a tank.

You have colleagues by your side. Eli is a nerdy man with dreams and an MBA. Kev hates shirts, loves to party, and that’s no problem for those who lack vibe. Neenah is the taxi driver. Often you have a strong shot for the whole town.

Fortunately, your arsenal will eventually become as powerful as anything in Saint Illeso. Assault rifles, machine guns and pistols are just the tip of the iceberg. What you mean with your pistol sandwich is an amazing mallet, confetti grenade launcher, utfo, homemade bazooka, and colossal missile launcher with guitar case.

If you get tired of fighting on foot, you’ll have the garage full of customizable cars to keep your head up. There are also futuristic VTOL stealth boats, helicopters, tanks and planes to fly.

Watch our presentation and check your opinion of Saints. And if you want to start, download Boss Creator for starting your personal avatar.