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NFT Universe ‘Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult’ Gets Its Own TV Show



Los Angeles and Austin-based creative studio Magic Machine has teamed up with Emmy-winning animation studio Tit (Big mouth, Adventure brothers., Midnight gospel) to produce a unique television project called Cult of the Forgotten Rune Wizard – an NFT universe made up of over 10,000 unique wizards, each with their own story influenced by the exclusive owners of NFT themselves. It is one of the first endemic NFT IP addresses to be developed for the small screen to embody blockchain doctrine – giving holders decentralized ownership of their characters.

“There are few things that I dig more into this world than wizards and cults,” commented Titmouse president and founder Chris Prynoski. “When the guys from Magic Machine called me in to develop an animated show based on Sorcerer cult, I was thoroughly. I love that they used their big old wrinkled brains to conjure up the stories first and then attach badass, pixel art to their huge universe of characters. We are going to make batshit banana cartoons together. These wizard holders won’t know what hit them.

“While building this NFT project, we realized early on that a collection of 10,000 characters can be a storytelling vehicle in and of itself,” shared @ElfJTrul and @Dotta, co-creators behind Forgotten runes. “Our intention was to add as much knowledge as possible to these characters, with the collection strongly alluding to a world below. When the collection sold out, our holders immediately began creating their own stories and artwork with the characters, and the World of Forgotten Runes exploded with life. We’re building a Collaborative Legendary Legendary, and thanks to blockchain technology, our wizard owners can truly own and become these characters. It’s role-playing on a whole new level of authenticity and intimacy. Our goals now are to intensify and strengthen those emotional bonds by putting these characters in as many media expressions as possible, with the animated series being the one we’re very passionate about. Chris and his studio were at the top of our list of partners, and we can’t wait to get started.

Launched by Magic Machine as NFT in June with 10,000 images of wizards and unique stories, Wizards sold out in under 30 minutes. Each sold to a holder, giving holders the freedom and flexibility to embellish the wizard’s story and interconnect with the community, providing greater IP value for future media and expansion (TV, games, publishing) . Each token holder is granted commercial rights to their character.

Since its creation, the Forgotten runes The community has grown into one of the most engaged and creative in the NFT space with artwork, poems, and animation created daily by fans and holders. Where other brands allow consumers to be fans of the work, the Forgotten runes NFT holders identify themselves personally as their Wizards.

Prynoski from Titmouse and @ElfJTrul and @Dotta from Magic Machine will produce the series with the Wizards holders playing a role in the evolution of the stories chosen and to be produced.

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