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The light shines | National Catholic journalist


“He who kindles a light does not hide it” (Luke 8:18).

Ezra 2: 1-6; Luke 8: 6-18

Today’s gospel of light affirms one of Pope Francis’ reflections on the importance of discernment. Just as physical sight requires light, insight comes only with attentive and prayerful thought in the light of the presence of God in all things. The insightful person is constantly absorbing and processing their life experience, with God in mind. Faith is not just ideas, but the active investigation of how God reveals himself in our daily journey.

Jesus addresses people’s perceptions and attitudes as the source of their behavior. People stumble because they are blind to reality. Even educated teachers and leaders can go blind if they allow their biases to distort their experience. Jesus is the light entering a world darkened by sin and human pride. His disciples carry this light which enables them to discern. As Pope Francis said: “The wisdom of discernment redeems the necessary ambiguity of life and helps us find the most appropriate means. We can then act with wisdom and efficiency.

Faith is our response to God’s revelation of the truth that is found in Jesus. Our relationship with him opens our minds and hearts to ongoing ideas that enrich our lives. Those with insight will gain even more insight as they learn more about themselves and the world. Those without insight become more myopic, narrow-minded and blind, until they stumble and fall. But the disciples are in the world to share the light with all, to be guides for others. We welcome today by being “Christophes”, bearers of light.

Reprinted from 2013

Apex Legends’ invisible Pathfinder glitch ruins games


Apex Legends players can choose from a ton of different characters who all have different abilities. Pathfinder is a legend that revolves around mobility and the ability to create new paths. However, a bug apparently added an unwanted invisibility benefit to his kit and is ruining the games.

Pathfinder’s kit is definitely one of the funniest to use. With his ability to grapple him, you can really close the gap on enemies and face them.

On top of that, Pathfinder can create a new zipline anywhere on the map when he activates his ultimate. All of this makes him one of the most chosen characters in Season 10, but now players are raging against a new bug that makes him invisible.

Respawn entertainment

Pathfinder offers a very diverse kit when it comes to mobility, but a new issue adds invisibility.

Apex Legend Pathfinder’s glitch makes it invisible

While Season 10 brought a lot of new content to the game, there were also some groundbreaking bugs with certain characters – and Pathfinder is now on that list.

In this Reddit clip posted by ‘Rini2g’, you can see this new issue in full effect. When the Pathfinder starts using the Shield Cell, the character model simply switches to full Harry Potter mode and disappears.

I just saw a scout go invisible using a syringe lol of supreme legends

You can see that there is nothing causing this other than the Pathfinder which begins to heal itself. While it might seem harmless, it destroys games and gamers go crazy.

One person in the comments said she was killed because she didn’t realize there was anyone near her. While other players have suggested that players abusing this should be banned.

A Redditor says this is due to using certain skins and getting a specific animation. There is no way to confirm exactly how this is happening, but gamers are hopeful that Respawn Entertainment fixes this issue as soon as possible.

Dragon blood is beautiful in real life


Lara Pulver plays Princess Mirana in exile in “Dota: Dragon’s Blood”. Mirana goes on a quest with her mute bodyguard, Marci, to find and return stolen lotuses in the woods of Nightsilver. Unlike most of the cast in “Dragon’s Blood”, Pulver is better known for her live performances than those delivered in the voiceover booth.

Pulver is an English actress best known for her portrayal of Erin Watts in the tenth and final season of the BBC’s “Spooks” (known as “MI-5” in the US). She joined Geoffrey Streatfeild, Alice Krige and Jonathan Hyde as newcomers to the British intelligence organization. Pulver reprized his role in the 2015 movie “Spooks” with Kit Harington (via IMDb).

Pulver also played Irene Adler in Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ production “Sherlock”. Irene Adler is an iconic character in the universe of Sherlock Holmes. In addition to Pulver, Irene has been played by Rachel McAdams, Natalie Dormer, and Morgan Fairchild at various points throughout the story. Irene Adler’s version of Pulver was a charming criminal with an attraction to Sherlock by Benedict Cumberbatch. Often times, she was saved by Holmes rather than outsmarting him.

Animated TV Promotions, Ranked: “Lucifer” & More Cartoon Episodes


The Winchester brothers, Raymond Reddington, and the Devil himself are among the lucky TV characters to have found each other in cartoon form.

While animated TV specials have popped up several times over the decades, the coronavirus pandemic has forced even more series – some of which you might not expect – to get creative with different forms of TV. art as live TV production has ceased for the past 18 months. In recent weeks, Hulu PEN15 and Netflix Lucifer Both have experienced animation, but where do these episodes rank among the rest of the animated specials on TV?

In the list below, we’ve ranked 13 one-off animations, which means the shows in question are all live-action series that have ventured into 2D styles on one occasion – or, in Communitycase three times. And while all 13 episodes intrigued us with their original approaches, we quickly found that not all attempts at animation are created equal. (We always feel like we imagined this holiday episode of The nanny, but alas, it’s real!)

Note also that an episode has not must be fully animated from start to finish to make our list. The Blacklist, Legends of Tomorrow, Fringe and other series only delivered a handful of animated scenes in total, but they also made the cut (for better or for worse).

Which animated episode took first place on our list? Scroll down to find out, then drop a comment with your own rating!

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The worst movies of the past 20 years, according to Metacritic


The last 20 years have given us movie greats like “Lord of the Rings”, “Moonlight” and “Parasite”. The last two decades have also given us real bombs.

To revisit some of those hiccups, we turn to Metacritic, an entertainment review site that consolidates the scores of internet movie reviews, assigns a weight to each score, and calculates a weighted average. Basically instead of reading a lot of movie reviews, Metacritic just gives you an aggregate score of zero to 100.

| See more listings and rankings across Tennessee →

Ready to take a trip down memory lane? Here are the worst movies released each year, for the past 20 years, according to Metacritic.

(A quick note on our methodology: we’ve left out movies that aren’t rated or rated NC-17. We prefer not to write summaries of these movie storylines on our work computers. Additionally, Metacritic omits them. movies that received less than seven reviews, so we removed them from our list as well.)

2020: “Love, marriages and other catastrophes”

It’s one of those romantic comedies with an ensemble cast – including Diane Keaton playing a blind woman – and multiple storylines that all converge in one way or another. In a year where COVID-19 has ruined many marriages, maybe this movie just wasn’t the right vibe?

Metascore: 11 (based on seven reviews)

2019: “The Haunting of Sharon Tate”

Hillary Duff plays Sharon Tate in this dramatized account of her murder at the hands of the cult of Charles Manson. Los Angeles Times critics called it a “fishy B-thriller” and The Wrap called it “insanely tasteless.” The Wrap also predicted it would be one of the worst – if not the worst – movies of the year. It turns out they were right!

Metascore: 8 (based on 10 reviews)

2018: “Death of a nation”

The movie was directed by conservative expert Dinesh D’Souza and compares Donald Trump to Abraham Lincoln (and Democrats to the Nazis) in the opening moments of the trailer, so you probably get the gist of it. But beyond its clear political agenda, critics say the movie was just plain bad: “The one thing stopping me from dubbing this one of the dumbest movies of any kind I’ve ever had is seen in my life is the fact that I’m not quite certain that something so miserably constructed and artistically bankrupt as this is actually considered a movie in the first place, ”wrote Peter Sobczynski in his critical.

Metascore: 1 (based on eight reviews)

2017: “The Emoji Movie”

This is an animated film about the emojis that live inside your phone. It’s a quirky idea, but critics say the writers haven’t been able to turn the concept into some truly fun moments. Apparently, the star cast of voice actors – including Maya Rudolph, Jennifer Coolidge, Patrick Stewart, Anna Faris, and at least five other very famous people – were also unable to carry the film.

Metascore: 12 (based on 26 reviews)

Some of the commercials for the upcoming animated film “The Emoji Movie” displayed at Caesars Palace during CinemaCon 2017 on Monday, March 27, 2017, in Las Vegas. (Photo by Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP)

2016: “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”

Another Dinesh D’Souza production that failed with critics. “In the past, I’ve given D’Souza the benefit of the doubt, doing everything I can to be more objective,” wrote Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic critic. “But this thing is madness.”

Metascore: 2 (based on 17 reviews)

2015: “A kind of beautiful”

Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba embody a love triangle in this romantic comedy. But critics seem to think that the talents of these actors are wasted in this film full of clichés and misogyny.

Metascore: 11 (based on nine reviews)

2014: “Septic man”

“Septic Man” is a horror film in which a man is trapped in a septic tank – which, to be fair, is a horrific premise. But critics found the film neither scary nor funny, just boring.

Metascore: 8 (based on seven reviews)

2013: “Horror movie 5”

The fifth installment of the “Scary Movie” series targets the horror film “Paranormal Activity”, but critics say the parody missed the mark. This is an understatement. The Washington Post critic called it a “lazy, boring, vile, and tragically funny attempt to parody a horror movie that is sure to kill brain cells and could signal the impending apocalypse.”

Metascore: 11 (based on 16 reviews)

Lindsay Lohan, right, a “Scary Movie V” actor, receives a kiss from coworker Charlie Sheen during the film’s Los Angeles premiere at the Cinerama Dome on Thursday April 11, 2013 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP)

2012: “A little corner of paradise”

Kate Hudson plays a beautiful and funny single woman with a crush on her doctor. Then she got cancer. You can see where this is going, right? The consensus seems to be that the film was too stereotypical to be interesting. But Whoopi Goldberg is playing God, so at least that has it for that.

Metascore: 14 (based on 20 reviews)

2011: “Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star”

Bucky Larson was a buckskin-toothed grocery store worker, his life “going nowhere” (as the trailer says) until he found out his parents were pornstars. He moved to California to follow in their footsteps. The premise sounds pretty funny, but the jokes just didn’t seem to land. “It’s a lousy movie to watch and a slightly smelly movie to watch, actually,” Roger Moore wrote in the Orlando Sentinel.

Metascore: 9 (based on 13 reviews)

2010: “The vampires suck”

Critics were not a fan of this parody of the popular “Twilight” saga, very much in the style of the “Scary Movie” parody. They said it was filled with bad jokes and dated humor.

Metascore: 18 (based on 17 reviews)

2009: “Miss March”

The principle alone is chaotic: a teenager falls into a coma on prom night, wakes up four years later and realizes that his virginal date is now a “Playboy” model. He wants to find her, detours follow. It’s predictably scorching, but not very funny, the reviews wrote. However, the Boston Globe’s review of the film is funny enough: “‘Miss March’ is a sex comedy that appears to have been made by people who have never had sex.”

Metascore: 7 (based on 15 reviews)

2008: “The hottie and the nottie”

It’s even hard to describe this movie in a harmless way. Basically, the protagonist has a crush on Paris Hilton, but her “nottie” roommate with crooked teeth and body hair gets in the way of their relationship. The reviews from critics were universally terrible.

Metascore: 7 (based on 18 reviews)

2007: “Dads day camp”

Two dads decide to go back to summer camp to spend more time with their children. Men? In charge of childcare ?? They couldn’t do that! It’s a sequel to “Daddy Day Care” that no one asked for.

Metascore: 13 (based on 19 reviews)

2006: “Rendezvous film”

The folks from “Scary Movie” are once again on this list. This time they parody the whole genre of romantic comedy. A few reviewers admit it made them laugh once, but if that’s the best you can say for a comedy, it’s not great.

Metascore: 11 (based on 18 reviews)

2005: “Alone in the dark”

“Alone in the Dark” is (fairly) based on the video game of the same name, and reviews suggest that fans of the game are just playing it instead of watching the movie.

Metascore: 9 (based on 25 reviews)

2004: “Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2”

Jon Voight plays an evil German with a plan to control the minds of everyone on the planet… but not if those superhero toddlers had something to do with it! Cute? Sinister? The two? Critics say the plot was too confusing for kids and too boring for adults.

Metascore: 9 (based on 19 reviews)

2003: “From Justin to Kelly”

Two “American Idol” favorites, Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini, are trying to switch from singing to acting… and it doesn’t really work. The reviews make the movie really boring.

Metascore: 14 (based on 16 reviews)

Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini in “American Idol”. (Photo: Associated press)

2002: “Vulgar”

The film centers on a professional clown who is violently raped and then blackmailed by the rapist. But is it also a comedy? It’s impossible to imagine why Lions Gate, the independent distributor who released ‘Monster’s Ball’, would bother with this garbage, ”the San Francisco Chronicle review read.

Metascore: 5 (based on 10 reviews)

2001: “Sequins”

Mariah Carey plays a troubled childhood pop star in this infamous film. What exactly is so bad? Critics have called it joyless, tedious, ridiculous, and unintentionally hilarious. Could the movie be so bad that it is good? No, not even that.

Metascore: 14 (based on 23 reviews)

La Claqueta Unveils ‘Bella’ Animated Gender Abuse Survival Story


Famous Andalusian production house La Claqueta, run by producer Olmo Figueredo, will produce “Bella”, the first animated feature film by Spanish director Manuel H. Martín – with whom the company has previously produced the award-winning documentary “30 Years of Darkness “and” El viaje mas largo “, and famous VFX supervisor Amparo Martínez Barco (” Marshland “,” The Head “).

Martín also co-wrote the screenplay for “Bella”, in collaboration with award-winning filmmaker Carmen Jiménez, co-screenwriter of “Adiós”, nominated for the Spanish Academy Goya in 2019, with Mario Casas.

“Bella” is inspired by the true story of Ana Bella Estévez from Seville, an entrepreneur from Ashoka España and a survivor of gender-based violence who founded the Ana Bella Foundation, a global network of over 30,000 female survivors who work to create social change in 82 countries. worldwide. Importantly, the film crew chose animation as the medium to tell their story so that audiences of all ages could hear the important message Ana has dedicated her life to sharing.

Ana Bella Estévez
Credit: La Claqueta

Although “Bella” is Martín’s first attempt at making a fully animated feature film, he worked on animated sequences in “30 Years of Darkness”, a documentary on Spanish topos, or moles in English, the opponents of Franco’s murderous regime who went into hiding. after the Spanish Civil War, some of them for up to three decades before amnesty was offered in the late 1960s. The documentary was a key inspiration for the award-winning submission for Best International Spanish Feature “ The Endless Trench ”, also produced by La Claqueta.

Martín explained to Variety that, “Our team knows this is a difficult story to tell, and unfortunately too contemporary, so we opted for a subtle and delicate aesthetic. As a universal story of overcoming adversity, we work so that, with our own and personal artistic proposition, the film finds a very accessible language for the general public, especially young audiences.

For his part, Martínez declared that: “The main challenge that this film presents us is to tell the story of Bella, a story of gender violence, through animation. The scourge of abuse is not discerned by age, so we feel responsible for making a film accessible to younger audiences, and animation makes that kind of storytelling easier.

“Bella” will be produced by Olmo Figueredo Gonzalez-Quevedo for La Claqueta and the Bella La Pelicula label. Sara Gómez is an executive producer and the film is supported by the Spanish audiovisual agency ICAA and the Junta de Andalucía, among other public institutions. As a project, the script was developed with the European programs EAVE and Sources.

“I met Ana Bella Estévez eight years ago at an awards ceremony and her motivational speech made me realize that the way out of a woman’s environment of gender violence is not only to show the physical consequences suffered by other victims, but that it is more effective in showing the survivors’ overtaking stories, ”Figueredo said. “With a vital and positive approach, we hope to show that there is always an alternative and that there is always someone who wants to help us. It was the starting point of this film.

Larson wins in Bristol while Harvick and Elliott Feud | Sports News


BRISTOL, Tennessee (AP) – Kyle Larson won at Bristol Motor Speedway – it’s hardly a big surprise or even the most interesting part of NASCAR’s first playoff race.

The post-race feud between defending Cup Series champion Chase Elliott and Kevin Harvick stole the show on Saturday night, especially when Harvick angrily said to the excited crowd, “I’m ready to rip someone’s head off. ‘a.”

The fickle crowd struggled to choose sides before settling firmly behind Elliott, NASCAR’s most popular driver.

Harvick took the lead from Elliott with 33 laps to go, but the difficult race caused contact that cut one of Elliott’s tires. After a quick tire change, Elliott got his revenge by deliberately slowing down past Harvick to give Hendrick Motorsports teammate Kyle Larson a chance to catch Harvick.

Larson pulled off the winning pass with four laps to go for his sixth victory of the year. Then Harvick and Elliott parked next to each other on the pit road, jumped out the windows, and immediately started nibbling at each other.

Political cartoons

“Obviously Harvick and Chase got together. Chase was upset. Kind of held it back, ”Larson said. “It made Harvick move around and use his tires down. I started doing a few dives from (lap) two, did a big run, decided to press the trigger, slide him, squeeze him a little bit, when he got me up on the frontstretch, it was wild.

Then came the pit route showdown.

Harvick had put on his helmet first and Elliott waved his finger in front of Harvick’s face. There was a brief flare up, Harvick slammed his helmet in anger and the two drivers blamed each other even after the verbal fight moved inside Elliott’s transporter for a private conversation.

“We were running for the fucking victory in Bristol, we’re three wide in the middle, and he gives a tantrum like I’m just trying to take the lead and beat him hard,” Harvick fumed. “Then he pulled in front of me and sat there until I lost all my head.

The crowd at that time was very decidedly on Elliott’s side.

“They can boo anybody, I don’t care,” Harvick said.

Elliott, meanwhile, has indicated that Harvick is pushing people onto the track and the pattern needs to stop.

“It’s something he does all the time. It constantly bumps into your left side on other tracks and sometimes it cuts your left side and other times it doesn’t, “Elliott said.” He did it to me in Darlington a few weeks ago because he was fed up with running with me and if he did it on purpose it didn’t matter.

“I don’t care who he is or how long he’s been doing it. I’m going to defend myself and my team and continue on the road.”

With that, the Bristol faithful were firmly Team Elliott.

But fans loved Larson too, and he was overwhelmed with adoration as he approached his first NASCAR Championship. Larson is the seed and the favorite to win the Cup.

“I love this place. It’s by far my favorite track. That’s why,” Larson told the crowd. “You are amazing, loud. We feel the energy as we race. Thank you all for spending your hard earned money to come and watch us put on a show.”

Elliott had led a race-high 175 laps, but was 25th. Harvick, winless after last year’s series-lead wins, was looking to achieve a 36-run winless streak on the anniversary of his final victory in 2020. Instead, he finished second.

The sixth win of the season, a Larson Cup high, was a record-breaking night for Hendrick Motorsports. Its four drivers advanced to the playoffs after Alex Bowman and William Byron both faced elimination danger in Bristol, the third and final race of the first round when NASCAR reduced the field from 16 to 12.

Instead, Tyler Reddick, Aric Almirola, Kurt Busch and Michael McDowell were eliminated.

Bowman was third to save his playoffs, while Bowman was fifth and Chevrolet had three cars in the top five. Three more spots went to Ford with Harvick, then Penske teammates Ryan Blaney fourth and Brad Keselowski sixth.

Martin Truex Jr., seventh, was the highest ranked Toyota driver.

Kurt Busch’s elimination from the playoffs means Chip Ganassi won’t win a championship in his 20-year NASCAR career. He sold his team to TrackHouse Racing at the end of the season and Busch was his last title shot.

Ganassi entered NASCAR in 2001, the year he came close to winning a championship until a late-season injury ended Sterling Marlin’s season early. Ganassi still competes in several other series and has three IndyCar Championship chances starting on Sunday.

MORE: The second round of the playoffs opens Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where Larson won his first race of the year. Kurt Busch is the reigning race winner. Las Vegas is the first of three races on the tour in which the field is reduced from 12 to eight.

More AP auto races: https://apnews.com/apf-AutoRacing and https://twitter.com/AP

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Politicians on the big screen: Bollywood films based on real-life stories of politicians in India


We watch Bollywood movies based on real stories of politicians in India.

By Reya Mehrotra

Recently, the highly anticipated film about the life of late actor-politician Jayalalithaa Thalaivi starring Kangana Ranaut hit theaters with positive reviews, especially in the south of the country where Jayalalithaa was originally from. There is something with biographical films. The real stories of politicians, sportsmen or all those who have succeeded in their respective fields attract the public to the screens out of curiosity. We watch Bollywood movies based on real stories of politicians in India.

Abhijit Panse’s 2019 film Thackeray was based on the life of Balasaheb Thackeray. A cartoonist by profession, he founded the Shiv Sena party in 1966. Nawazuddin Siddiqui played the protagonist as Amrita Rao played his wife. The right-wing pro-Marathi and Hindu Nationalist Party remains active in Maharashtra and is currently in power. Thackeray had a strong influence on the Maharashtrians, especially in Mumbai, as he defended their rights. He first worked as a cartoonist with Free Press Journal and then started his own cartoon weekly Marmik with his brother. After Marmik’s success, he started his own party named Shiv Sena.

Ketan Mehta’s 1994 film Sardar starring Paresh Rawal was based on the life of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The film is a coming-of-age drama because it shows Patel ridiculing Gandhi’s fight for independence. But later, when he meets Gandhi, he joins the struggle for independence. Patel later became India’s first deputy prime minister. He was a senior Indian National Congress leader and lawyer. He was often called ‘Sardar’ or ‘Chief’. He was India’s interior minister during Indian political integration and the Indo-Pakistani war of 1947.

An insignificant man
The 2016 socio-political documentary is based on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, leader of the Aam Aadmi party. It is the rise of anti-corruption protests in India that led to the formation of the AAP. The film received a standing ovation at the Toronto International Film Festival. A former bureaucrat, Kejriwal received the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emerging Leadership for his campaign against government corruption. Prior to becoming a politician, Kejriwal worked in the Indian Tax Service as Co-Income Tax Commissioner in New Delhi.

The Sarkar film series – Sarkar, Sarkar Raj and Sarkar 3 – is said to be inspired by The Godfather and loosely based on the life of politician Balasaheb Thackeray. Amitabh Bachchan’s role as Sarkar is said to have several traits of Thackeray. Abhishek Bachchan plays Amitabh’s son in the film. Ram Gopal Varma’s film also stars Katrina Kaif, Kay Kay Menon, Tanisha Mukherjee, and Supriya Pathak in leading roles.

The 1975 political drama is said to be loosely based on the life of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. However, it was later stated that only the style of the character was inspired by Gandhi. Directed by Gulzar, the film stars Suchitra Sen and Sanjeev Kumar. The story is based on the chance meeting of a separated couple after several years. Aarti Devi, a successful politician, stays in a hotel run by her ex-husband during an election campaign. While there, the two remember their days gone by and how life evolved.

The 2021 Indian biographical drama stars Kangana Ranaut as the late actor-politician Jayalalithaa. It stars Arvind Swami as MG Ramachandran. The film was released in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu and was directed by AL Vijay. The film traces Jayalalithaa’s journey as an actor, politician and feminist figure in Indian politics. She became Tamil Nadu CM for six terms and served a total of 14 years.

Gandhi, my father
Feroz Abbas Khan’s 2007 film explores the troubled relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and his eldest of four sons, Harilal Gandhi. Akshaye Khanna portrayed the role of Gandhi’s eldest son. While Harilal wanted to go abroad and study to become a lawyer like his father, Gandhi wanted him to join him in his fight for causes in India. Harilal abandons his father’s visions and joins his wife Gulab and children, but fails to educate himself or earn any money, which leads to a life of poverty. His wife dies of illness and he turns to alcohol, converts to Islam, to later convert to another Hindu sect. He died shortly after Gandhi was shot.

Accidental prime minister
The 2019 film was based on the book The Accidental Prime Minister written by political analyst Sanjaya Baru. It starred Anupam Kher as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The film chronicles how Singh fell victim to the dynastic approach of Congress in promoting Rahul Gandhi. Akshaye Khanna played the role of Sanjaya Baru, Aahana Kumra played Priyanka Gandhi and Suzanne Bernert took on the character of Sonia Gandhi.

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Each Jay & Silent Bob movie in chronological order


Jay and Silent Bob have been lazy movie icons since their 1994 debut in Clerks, and here are their screen appearances in chronological order.

Jay and Silent Bob have had many crazy adventures over the years, but what’s the correct chronological order for their films? Writer / director Kevin Smith became an independent sensation thanks to his micro-budget debut Clerk in 1994. This comedy centered around the somewhat aimless lives of convenience store clerks Dante and Randal, and the film’s quotable dialogue made it a word of mouth success. It also featured Jay and Silent Bob, played by Jason Mewes and Smith himself, respectively.

Clerk would launch an interconnected film series called View Askewniverse, with subsequent entries attracting actors like Ben Affleck, Rosario Dawson, and Matt Damon. Smith has done a lot of work outside of this shared universe, including directing dramas like jersey girl horror movies like Defense. He has directed episodes of TV shows like Super girl, written for comics, runs a network of successful podcasts, and more.

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While Smith promised once the characters would be removed after Jay and Silent Bob strike back in 2001, the duo were dusted off several times in the years that followed. Newcomers to the series may be slightly confused as to the exact order of their View Askewniverse appearances, so here is the chronological order based on the movies’ timeline.

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

  • Mallrats (1995)
  • Clerk (1994)
  • In pursuit of Amy (1997)
  • Dogma (1999)
  • Jay and Silent Bob strike back (2001)
  • Clerk II (2006)
  • Jay and Silent Bob reboot (2019)

While the Jay and Silent Bob movie timeline is mostly in line with the films’ production order, Smith said Mallrats is set one day before the events of Clerk, who introduced the pair. They were also featured in the animated adventure Jay and Silent Bob’s super groovy animated movie!, and when added to the overall View Askewniverse timeline, things get muddy. While it was released in 2013 – between Clerk II and Jay and Silent Bob reboot – it is an adaptation of a Bluntman and Chronicle comic link from 2001.

This comic book itself is best described as the one created by Ben Affleck’s Holden and Jason Lee’s Bankey in the 1997s. In pursuit of Amy. Jay and Silent Bob made numerous other film and television appearances outside of Smith’s fictional cinematic universe, most notably making cameos in the 2000s scream 3, Canadian drama Degrassi: the next generation, Flash and various music videos, such as Afroman’s “Because I Got High”, which appeared on the soundtrack of Jay and Silent Bob strike back. The duo are also expected to return for other View Askewniverse projects, including Clerk III and maybe even the long brew Twilight of the Mallrats.

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Tom Cruise's wish to shoot his first space film is beaten by Russia

Tom Cruise’s wish to shoot his first space film is beaten by Russia

About the Author

Iranian artists awarded in Croatian cartoon competition


TEHRAN – Iranian cartoonists Majid Amini and Fakhreddin Doost-Mohammad have won special prizes at the 16th Solin International Comic Festival in Croatia.

“Historic towns” was the central theme of the festival led by cartoonist Marko Ivic.

Amini’s cartoon shows the Colosseum of Rome drawn in the form of a large watch, while Doost-Mohammad’s work depicts a carpet weaver pretending to accompany a musician by playing his unfinished carpet as an instrument.

The winners of the festival, organized in collaboration with the Solin Tourist Board, the Zvonimir Public Institution of Culture and the Solin Central Library, were announced last Thursday.

The first prize went to Klaus Pitter from Austria, while Israeli cartoonist Ilya Katz won the second prize.

Dubravka Bodulic from Croatia finished third and another special festival prize went to Marco De Angelis from Italy.

A selection of the best submissions to the Solin International Comic Festival is being presented at the Zvonimir Public Institution of Culture in an exhibition that will run until September 17.

Several workshops were also organized during the festival.

Iranian cartoonist Amini has presented his works in numerous Iranian and international exhibitions.

He has also been honored at some international cartoon festivals, most notably the We Defeat Coronavirus international cartoon competition in Iran, where he won the People’s Choice award.

It also won the third prize at the 22nd Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition 2005 in Ankara, Turkey.

Doost-Mohammad’s works have also been featured in exhibitions in South Korea, Belgium, China, Syria and several other countries, and have won awards at several international events.

Photo: A combined photo shows works by Iranian cartoonists Majid Amini and Fakhreddin Doost-Mohammad, who won special prizes at the 16th Solin International Comic Festival in Croatia.


Cartoonist apologizes after linking JPC to HKJA line


A political cartoonist apologized on Saturday after his latest newspaper work linked the Junior Police Call (JPC) to a recent row over the Hong Kong Journalists Association.

Security Secretary Chris Tang said earlier that the HKJA had “infiltrated” schools to recruit students to become members, but the association denied the request.

Police wrote to Justin Wong, assistant professor of visual arts at Baptist University, criticizing him for “making baseless accusations” and “smearing” the JPC. The force also asked him to clarify the matter.

The cartoon was posted to the Mingpao supplement page on Friday, in which two students discussed the possibility of participating in extracurricular activities.

One of them said he had become a student journalist.

“Have you been recruited to join the association … so that you can pretend to be a journalist and do whatever you want?” asked the other student.

“Where did you hear the fake news from?” the first student asked in response.

“I don’t know. Friends of JPC,” said the other student.

Wong admitted that it was inappropriate and unfair to involve the JPC in the argument and that he never intended to smear the group.

He added that he respects the contributions made by the JPC.

‘Do, Re & Mi’: Amazon Animated Music Series, Kristen Bell


Jackie Tohn still remembers the day her best friend Kristen Bell co-signed her dream of musical education.

Tohn, an elder American Idol competitor and GLOW actress, wanted to give children who no longer have arts education programs in their schools a colorful and unpretentious way to learn about various instruments and styles of music. It was then that she tested a prototype on Lincoln, Bell’s eldest daughter, with the help of her creative partner Michael Scharf.

Bell, who heard the music, saw the designs and loved the way it resonated with his daughter, then encouraged Tohn and Scharf to think about turning their idea into a TV series, and Do Re Mi was born. The lively offering, which leverages its three adorable and brightly colored titular birds to teach preschoolers everything from rhythm to genre, is featured today on Amazon Prime and boasts of Bell as the executive producer and voice of Mi, an optimistic blue bird.

“Arts education in schools is always the first thing to do when schools are faced with budget cuts,” Tohn told TVLine. “Mike and I wanted to create something that would replace all of these music and art programs that are being wiped out in schools. It was a great business that would have remained the dream of two artistic hippies if Kristen, Gaumont and Amazon hadn’t made it a reality. I’m a creative who hasn’t thought of asking for help from one of my closest friends, who also happens to be the voice of Princess Anna. Fortunately, she helped me anyway.

In addition to co-creating the show, Tohn voices Re the Talkative Hummingbird, and Community and Harry potter Veterinarian Luke Youngblood does the honors as Do, an adorable owl. Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen invited as a Frankish peacock named Juan.

The series, which also features interactive play and other home educational components, focuses on a different kind of music per episode and kicks off its debut with six installments. Tohn and music supervisor David Schuler handpicked the genres, and Tohn even tries his hand at rap in Episode 5.

“Each episode presents a new genre and a new emotional lesson,” adds Tohn. “The hardest part was the opera episode because the whole episode was sung. We had to work closely with the screenwriter to make sure it was as satisfying as it was empowering. “

Youngblood, who grabbed fans years ago with his small but hilarious turn as Magnitude on Community, says he hopes the series will fill young viewers with inspiration and information.

“When I was a kid, I remember how much music education helped me as a performer and as a human being,” exclaims the London native. “Our show exploits that and gives wisdom. My character Do, for example, is not the best pilot, but his friends are there to raise him. It’s the kind of symbolic, subtle lesson that teaches kids, when the going gets tough, that there are ways to find and overcome solutions.

Playing Magnitude in the past has also helped in some ways, Youngblood says.

“It’s really cool that this character who said a word twice [Pop! Pop!] could have such an impact, ”Youngblood says with a laugh. “Being on the set of Community allowed me to watch a lot of other actors and observe their comedic timing, and I learned the rhythm of when to drop the punchline. The more you do, the better you become, and the more you are able to incorporate that into your own work.

In this way, comedy and music are very similar, observes Youngblood.

“You can teach so much through music and humor,” concludes the amateur steelpan drummer. “Do Re Mi is such a collaborative project, and it was so nice to share ideas with each other. This family spirit is found in this magnificent world that we have been able to build. “

New animated short “American Sikh” about writer Vishavjit Singh launched | Global


Sikhlens announced on September 16 the launch of an animated short he produced by an executive.

The film, “American Sikh”, is produced by Vishavjit Singh, creator of SikhToons.com (aka Sikh Captain America), and directed by Ryan Westra, alumnus of Chapman University and Chapman University’s Sikhlens program, the release notes.

The film captures the story of Vishavjit Singh – the struggles he faced throughout his life course (including 1984 and 9/11) and the unique way he fights intolerance through the power of his art. and his alter-ego: Sikh Captain America, he said.

“The terrorist attacks of September 11 had a tremendous impact on communities of color in the United States, particularly Sikh Americans. As we celebrate 20 years of the tragedy, it is more important than ever to place this story in the American entertainment landscape, ”Sikhlens noted in the statement.

Vishavjit Singh is a New York-based Sikh American designer, writer and artist. He is a speaker exposing diversity, inclusion, storytelling and the power of art in schools, universities and businesses across the country, according to learningforjustice.org. He is also a Creative Arts and Diversity Researcher at the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund, based in Washington, DC.

The Sikh Art & Film Festival will take place from November 18 to 21.

Gamethread 148: From Twins to Blue Jays


Time: 6:07 a.m. central. Vegas line: -200 TOR / MIN +180

Weather forecast: Clear, comfortable, 20 ° Canadian on the first throw

Opponent’s SB Site: Bluebird Banter

TV: BS North. Radio: Most Canadian stations have call signs starting with C, reasonably enough

Eight-year MLB veteran southpaw Hyun Jin Ryu was one of the most successful KBO players to reach our shores; he was an All-Star in 2019 and started a World Series game in 2018 (the first two for KBO pitchers). He throws all four old school throws plus a cutter, none very hard, has good control, and his best throw is his change. By BRef, his nickname is Monster, for some reason; he wears the cool number 99, made less cool by the Jays Tron dorky number font. He will face Big Mike Pineda. 2021 figures (note the almost exact reversals of ERA and FIP):

This week’s edition of Stuff TwinkieTowners are the few survivors of many I’ve had, when I used to put every Twins gift button on my favorite jersey:

The circular stain on this Koskie button is from an old “I voted” sticker that has peeled off. Yes, I voted for my favorite Twins jersey. I take democracy seriously, people.

Eventually I stopped doing that because the jersey started to shake like Ramblin ‘Rod’s sweater. Who the hell is Ramblin ‘Rod, you ask? “Ramblin ‘” Rod Anders was the host of an introductory 1970s / 80s children’s cartoon morning show in Portland. The show featured an audience of toddlers in the studio who cheered on every upcoming cartoon and would likely chomp on each other’s chin straps to get Rod’s attention. (Giving her buttons to add on that sweater was part of that sycophancy.) The birthday toddlers had a line in front of the camera, and there was a “smile contest” that won a lucky little SOB one. Chuck’E’Cheese meal or something like that.

Of course, I was part of that studio audience at one point; a friend’s birthday, maybe. None of our friends won the Smile Contest, so the birthday meal took place in a disappointing pizzeria with no audio-animatronics. I’m sure we’ve all complained about this ignominy, because children are monsters.

What shocked and appalled me was that the kids in the studio couldn’t even watch those rotten old cartoons! (Mostly bad Looney Tunes like Woody Woodpecker, IIRC, whatever cheap junk the station had the rights to.) Rod would announce, “here’s another cartoon,” we’d go crazy for the cameras and the panel “applause “. .. then more studio tracks. No cartoons. Only the children at home were able to see cartoons.

I learned on the spot that TV celebrities are a big collection of LIES.

Incidentally, given that “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening was originally from Portland and had undoubtedly at one point seen the misleading Ramblin ‘Rod, there was speculation that the introductory host of cartoon Krusty The Clown could have been inspired by Anders. This does not appear to be the case; Krusty’s likely doppleganger was an even older Portland TV host, whose character was called “Rusty Nails” suggesting tetanus:

A carrier of Mirth.

Oh, hey, back to those buttons! As you can see, we have the photo of the twins mainstay from the 2000s, the Canadian born (and briefly a blue jay) Mr. Koskie. What has he been up to lately?

Well, on occasion he continued some of his charity work helping the homeless (Koskie used to do winter evenings as a twin to sponsor coat drives). And, as this exceptional profile of Travis Sawchik from The Score describes, Koskie ran a few gyms, which didn’t go very well. Lately he’s been at a town ball in Loretta, Minnesota with his older sons.

Which brings us to this weird little frustration story from PP’s Bob Sanservere. Apparently, as Koskie was never cut on his last attempt to return to MLB (with the Cubs; he retired before they could cut him), he needed “disposition papers” before he could. be able to play (even amateur ball!) for another American team. Koskie was knocked down by the Cubs and Twins Honchos the Falvine when he asked them for help; Finally, Twins team president Dave St. Peter made contact with non-cigarette butts in the Cubs office, and Koskie was able to play on his sons’ team.

Not mentioned in either article is this 100% ABSOLUTELY TRUE conversation recorded between St. Peter, Thad Levine and Derek Falvey:

DSP: Hey guys, I just wanted to ask you a question about that Koskie Town prom story that he contacted you about. It shouldn’t take long.


DSP: Corey Koskie. He was part of the team that made the twins fun again at first—


DSP: Well, he just wants to play ball in town with his sons—

LEVINE: What the hell is f @% k?

DSP: It’s a peasant tradition. We celebrate it at Target Field in the Town Ball Tavern.

FALVEY Oh, yeah, that thing. Note to self: we need to convert this space into a hot spot for influencers.

LEVINE: Great! Let’s call it the InstaTok Game Room!

FALVEY: You’re awesome!

DSP: You know, I think I’ll just check my old Chicago phone list …

FALVINE: and THEN we’ll trade Berrios! But keep Pineda! Brilliant!

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, “My Lord, that’s a lot of padding for a picture of old, dingy baseball buttons,” well, first of all, don’t get the Lord involved in that. But, secondly, you are right. Yet, hey, the Twins’ season is almost over on Fridays!

And, next week, look for a contest. Where you can earn stuff! It’s actually quite new! I mean, not super new or having any collector’s value, that would be against the spirit of this series. Newer than my stuff, however!

Queues are posted if I get home before 5am which is unlikely as I have to go around handing out “Mauer Luv 4 Guv” buttons among her many, many mistresses in my job as as an unpaid activist for his race in 2022.

Andrew Garfield and Jessica Chastain are “The Ken and Barbie of Televangelism” in “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”


Speaking to students during a Minneapolis Bible College in the early 1960s, a young Jim Bakker, serious, nasal and sure of himself, denounced the evils of poverty. “God doesn’t want us to be poor! he proclaims, fully embracing the credo of prosperity gospel promoters and formulating its toxic marriage between religion and wealth. A scene from “Tammy Faye’s eyes, it’s a taste of the attractions to come.

Andrew Garfield and Jessica Chastain are “the Ken and the Barbie of televangelism” in “Tammy Faye’s eyes“, an often irreverent, biting but eerily heartwarming portrayal of tabloid star Tammy Faye Bakker (later Messner) and her former husband who was dishonored by accusations of financial impropriety and a widely disseminated report allegation of sexual assault.

Andrew Garfield and Jessica Chastain are “the Ken and the Barbie of televangelism” in “Tammy Faye’s eyes. “

Ahead of the film’s September 17 release, America spoke with Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield about the nature of Tammy Faye’s singular faith and courage.

Beginning in 1974, Michigan-born Bakker and his devoted wife Tammy Faye, known for her sparkly outfits and bizarre, garish makeup, organized “The PTL Club”, A Christian discussion program designed as the evangelical response to“ The Tonight Show ”.

Bakker, a former host of children’s shows, has become a charismatic servant of God and Mammon. He and his wife have shaped themselves as the reigning king and queen of television preachers as generous donations from their flock have supported their lavish, 2,300-acre lifestyle. religious theme park, named Heritage USA. The couple came under media scrutiny during the 1980s as an IRS report revealed the Bakkers had embezzled $ 1.3 million of church funds for their personal interests and Jim Bakker was accused of drugging and raping a church secretary, later buy his silence.

Jim Bakker, a former host of children’s shows, has become a charismatic servant of God and Mammon.

But “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”, based on the 2000 documentary by the same name recounted by RuPaul, made of Bakker’s loyal wife and pioneer, Tammy Faye, his main subject and unlikely hero.

When you first introduce Jim and Tammy, you’ll ask yourself, “Are these people real? ” It’s a good question. They arrive as creaky Christian cartoon characters. Jim is a Pharisaic combination of Eli Sunday and Elmer gantry while Tammy Faye, subservient to her husband in nearly Stepford fashion, is a naive singer with what Jim calls “a crybaby […] The voice of Betty Boop.

“She had the fearlessness of a drag queen,” said Ms. Chastain, who prepared for the role over a decade before director Michael Showalter took over the project. Noting Tammy Faye’s flamboyant style, Chastain sought to embrace her “high camp” glamor without resorting to outright caricature or reducing it to a series of sequined dresses. “She loved the makeup and the clothes and her humor was to die for,” said Chastain. “She sang from the rafters. Everything about her was larger than life, and I celebrate it. I don’t care. “

“She had the fearlessness of a drag queen,” Ms. Chastain said of Tammy Faye Bakker.

A challenge for Chastain was to cut through the overwhelmingly negative and contemptuous media portrayals of Tammy Faye to get to the heart of a woman known to many but understood by few.

“We had to work on this story from a non-cynical point of view because the media only saw it through cynical eyes,” she said.

Garfield faced a similar challenge when describing Jim Bakker, who recently controversy for selling colloidal silver as a miracle cure for coronavirus. “I came to [Bakker] with a fairly clean slate so I was able to go through all the headlines and scandals to start with who he was, ”said Mr. Garfield, who considered it a great responsibility to be someone who is still alive. life. “The intention has always been to go as deep as possible into his psyche and his motivations.”

Despite Bakker’s notoriety as an evangelist, Garfield, who previously portrayed men of faith in “Hacksaw ridge“And” Silence “, does not consider this film as a story of belief. “It’s not really a matter of faith for me,” he said. “This is a story of certainty gone awry. Because faith is not faith if it is certain. As we know, if we have read a spiritual text, like the works of Thomas Merton, it there is always a doubt. ”The fatal flaw in Bakker’s religious message, according to Garfield, is its amalgamation of God’s love for mankind and material goods.

“It’s not really about faith for me,” Garfield said. “It’s a story of certainty gone wrong.”

“[Bakker’s] certainty with its erroneous interpretation of this word “prosperity” which comes up a lot in the Bible, combined with a fear of the void makes us fill us with external, unreliable things, especially with the concept of a God-Father who gives us validation through material wealth, ”he said.

Jim’s fixation on wealth as a sign of God’s grace is disrupted when Tammy Faye, possessed by her own religious beliefs and opinions, throws a moral key into their highly lucrative operation by challenging powerful evangelical leaders and expressing her support for the gay community amid the HIV / AIDS crisis.

During a lunch with the Bakkers, Baptist pastor and Figurehead of the moral majority Jerry Falwell Sr., brought to life by an intimidating performance by Vincent D’Onofrio, presents himself as a soldier in the holy war against what he calls liberal, feminist and gay agendas. “The Bible explicitly forbids homosexuality. There is no gray area, ”he says. Tammy Faye disagrees and raises her eyebrows among the others present. “We’re all just people made out of the same old dirt,” she says. “And God didn’t make any junk.” Falwell stares at her.

The Bakkers’ television career was threatened in 1985 when Tammy Faye conducted a live broadcast. interview with Steve Pieters, a young gay man living with HIV Through tears, Tammy Faye displays a truly Christian empathy with Pieters, scandalizing the sexually conservative evangelical movement and unwittingly transforming herself into her most unexpected gay icon. (Take that, Anita bryant.)

Depressed by the deplorable state of her marriage and subsisting on a diet of diet Coke and benzine, Tammy Faye ends up divorcing Jim Bakker, who is indicted on numerous counts of fraud and imprisoned for several years. The subject of frequent parodies and derision, Tammy Faye spends the second part of her life as a television actress, reality star, author and occasional guest on the Gay Pride Marches until succumbing to a long battle with the cancer in 2007.

Backed by meticulously reproduced sets and flashy cinematic style, “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” is a dark and funny examination of money-hungry televangelists and an ultimately admiring study of an accidental feminist and a holy scroll that drew the attention and late respect of the American public.

“Tammy Faye lived her life for love and wanted to get to this place,” Ms. Chastain said.

8 reasons the DCEU should make a Titans movie


The Teen Titans debuted in the Silver Age of comics and have become a staple of DC programming. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that they reached their peak of fame thanks to the now iconic Judas Contract scenario. Since then, and thanks to a beloved animated series, the Titans have established themselves as one of DC’s most popular teams.

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Despite all their fame, the Titans have yet to make their big screen debut, and with the DCEU seemingly focusing on standalone films, now is a great time to take the plunge. The Titans have enough notoriety to direct a movie on their own, not to mention one of the most intriguing and diverse lineups on any comic book team.

8 The Titans have some of the most compelling stories

Teen Titans Rebirth Team

The Teen Titans are a bunch of people who shouldn’t work together so well but do. They come from very different backgrounds and each has the potential to tackle issues that remain unexplored in the DCEU. Robin tries to escape the shadow of her iconic mentor, Raven can’t show herself for fear of her abilities, Starfire is an intergalactic refugee, and Superboy is a newborn baby struggling to regain his humanity.

In short, the Titans have the potential to create a compelling narrative that successfully explores deep and timely issues while providing a thrilling entry into the action-packed DCEU.

7 The Titans represent the new generation

Basically, the team aims to preserve the legacy of their mentors. Indeed, the founding members of the Teen Titans were all sidekicks of established heroes, trying to find their place in the larger DC universe. Over time, they have become their own characters; some even surpassed them, with Robin becoming Nightwing, Speedy becoming Arsenal, and Kid Flash taking on the role of Flash.

The DCEU is currently trying to find a rhythm that suits them. There’s talk of introducing a new Superman, there’s a new Batman already, and most of the plot points set up by the early films are fading away. The Teen Titans provide a unique opportunity to introduce characters closely associated with DC’s most iconic heroes who are still their own thing. The Teen Titans could also become their mentors, as many have done in the comics.

6 The Titans are the perfect harmony between science and magic

In most adaptations, Robin and Kid Flash are exceptionally intelligent and able to come up with incredible inventions. In some cases, Kid Flash is also a staunch opponent of magic, preferring to seek logical explanations through science. On the other hand Raven is the very representation of mysticism due to her status as a man-demon hybrid.

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Most modern superhero stories fall into the fantasy side (Shazam!, Doctor strange, Wonder woman) and the sci-fi camp (Iron Man, Flash, Man of Steel). However, the Teen Titans successfully blend the two together, creating a chaotic yet appealing mix of genres and ideologies sorely lacking in modern superhero movies.

5 The Titans have incredible villains

Trigon and Deathstroke are the Teen Titans' biggest villains.

In most iterations of the team, Deathstroke is the nemesis of Dick Grayson and the Titans. The Bounty Hunter is a threat he can always beat but never truly overcome. Indeed, Deathstroke returns time and time again, implementing an infamous plan that puts him back on the Titans’ path again.

The Teen Titans have several other powerful villains who could give Deathstroke a run for his money, including the anti-hero Terra, the fanatic Brother Blood, the envious Blackfire, and the time traveler Harvest. However, their most menacing villain is Trigon, a demon from another dimension and Raven’s father. Trigon has a myriad of powers that place him among the most powerful beings in DC, and the fact that the Titans face and beat him often strengthens their place among the most capable and courageous teams.

4 Beast Boy’s abilities would be visually stunning

Beast Boy is one of the most iconic members of the Titans. He was an original member of the Doom Patrol before joining the New Teen Titans in the 1980s. Beast Boy can metamorphose into any animal of his choice after being injected with a serum developed by parent scientists. His powers are unlike anything else in the comics, and no one else has such versatile gifts in modern superhero cinema.

The character has appeared in several adaptations, including Cartoon Network’s animated show and HBO Max’s. Titans. However, his powers are never properly used, possibly due to budget constraints. A DCEU version of the Titans would allow for a befitting adaptation of Beast Boy’s abilities, enhancing the film’s spectacle and delivering some of the most visually daring footage in modern cinema.

3 Raven is among the most powerful beings in DC

Raven casting a dark spell in the Teen Titans comics.

Without a doubt, Raven is the most powerful member of the Teen Titans. She has extensive knowledge and control over black magic, with Trigon admitting that she uses only a minimal portion of her abilities in combat. Indeed, Raven can do almost anything with her darkness and her abilities are proving to be more and more intelligent.

Seeing a crow live would allow for a festival of visual wonders. From lifting and manipulating objects to creating many shapes out of darkness, Raven’s powers would be a dynamic and exciting battle. His struggle to keep them under control and his inability to express his emotions would add even more complexity to his already compelling story arc.

2 There is already a dedicated Titans fan base

The Titans have been around for over 50 years, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that they became a real hit thanks to storylines like Judas Contract. Since then, they have been a constant performer for DC, building a loyal fan base over the years. Their reputation grew thanks to Cartoon Network’s beloved animated series, introducing them to new audiences.

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These days, the Titans are DC comic book superstars and are more than ready to join the DCEU and take their devoted fans along. The struggling universe could benefit from setting up a team that would appeal to a younger audience. However, they should learn from the welcome that divides people who are too juvenile. Teen Titans Go and avoid making their titans on the big screen too childish.

1 A Titans movie would further extend the reach of the DCEU

Superman The Atom Ryan Choi Martian Manhunter Justice League DCEU members

Characters like Starfire, Blackfire, Blue Beetle, Miss Martian, and even Superboy would do a lot to extend the current reach of the DCEU. Superman is the most important alien in the Cinematic Universe so far, with comic book favorites like Martian Manhunter, Darkseid, and other Kryptonians barely making appearances.

The DCEU could follow in the footsteps of the MCU and introduce a cosmic side to their universe. A Teen Titans movement would provide the perfect starting point, with characters like Starfire and Miss Martian serving as the audience’s introduction to these new worlds. Raven would also serve as the starting point for a mystical side to the DCEU, eventually bonding with other characters like Zatanna and Constantine and even leading to Justice League Dark.

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Shared Image: T'Challa defends himself with a shield / Thor and Loki look angry

Marvel: 10 times the MCU heroes deserved to lose

About the Author

From empty to living, the windows of buildings become the drawing board of the designer


Artist Nelson Ann Braunsteiner completes work on her work titled

Braden Fastier / Stuff

Artist Nelson Ann Braunsteiner is finishing work on her work titled “Punk It Up”.

Nelson’s Hardy St pedestrians previously wouldn’t have looked at the empty store at the entrance to Montgomery Square.

The store was once the location of the KB bakery and had been empty since the lockdown last year. Now the building is impossible to miss.

Small white figures cross the store windows against a bright pink background. Cartoon houses, speckled circles, and ladders connected to drifting balloons lie between swirling lines. A cheeky slogan saying “your car here” rests near the entrance to the parking lot.

Here is Punk it Up by artist Nelson Ann Braunsteiner. For seven days, Braunsteiner drew in white chalk the inside of the empty 12-meter-long windows of the Hardy St.

* Turning downtown Nelson into an art walk
* A vision for the central city
* Coronavirus: lockdown lifted for pubs and clubs in Nelson


The arts are proving to be a powerful tool in helping Kiwis navigate the Covid-19 pandemic.

With bold lines and energetic cartoon characters, Punk it Up’s aesthetic was partially inspired by the works of Keith Haring, a popular artist of the 80s, Braunsteiner said.

The work was commissioned by Make / Shift Spaces. Inspired by a global movement, the organization helps artists and tenants revitalize unused urban spaces by transforming them into art.

The artist worked from previous designs. In this, the lockdown was an advantage, Braunsteiner said.

Although she was “ready to go” when the level 4 alert was triggered, Braunsteiner said she appreciated the extra time to plan and prepare for the installation.

A key theme of her installation was usability, she said. The pink background represented a safe space and celebrated the connection in a time of constant change.

Braunsteiner said the response to his work has been “amazing”. The artist played music through speakers as she drew and danced to it as she worked.

Onlookers danced alongside him from the street. It was an upbeat and uplifting experience, said Braunsteiner, and those positive vibes are reflected in the work itself.

“It’s just a happy job.”

The pink background represented a safe space and celebrated the connection in a time of constant change.

Braden Fastier / Stuff

The pink background represented a safe space and celebrated the connection in a time of constant change.

The Hardy St location is currently leased by Nick Widley, owner of Kismet Cocktail and Whiskey Bar.

Widley had rented the location before the lockdown last year, with a plan to expand Kismet Bar in the old bakery. After the announcement of containment, the project was suspended.

Widley said that starting next week, construction of the empty store will begin to turn it into an additional seating area for Kismet. Hopefully the space will be ready for use by Christmas.

Braunsteiner’s work can be seen on his Instagram page here. The artist is currently co-owner and gallery owner of project space 18a with Lee Woodman.


One of New Zealand’s most influential visual artists – Billy Apple – has passed away. He was an icon of the Arts Foundation and an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

The Academy Museum’s animated exhibition addresses racism, sexism and violence


When most of us hear the word “animation,” we think of the cuddly cartoon images of Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse. We usually don’t think of sexual assault, racism and violence.

But the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures’ main exhibit, “Stories of Cinema,” presents a more problematic side to the history of animation. An experiment of three galleries entitled “Inventing worlds and characters” returns to images and dubious tropes. Through these galleries, they explore animation, effects and encounters. It exists both as its own genre and encompasses all other genres such as westerns, noir films, documentaries, etc. It is also a profession that encompasses all other professions such as costume production and design, editing, etc.

“When you have a completely unlimited profession under the laws of physics, you can have wonderful examples of pure imagination,” says assistant curator Dara Jaffe. “Yet you also get these extremely grotesque portrayals that reflect the racism of the present day.”

Disney Enterprises Inc.

An example: “Dumbo” from 1941, made during the days of Jim Crow laws and pervasive racism in the United States, has a black bird named Jim “Dandy” Crow who “speaks jive” and is voiced by the white actor Cliff Edwards. But don’t worry kids big elephant ears are funny.

“Visitors will have to put themselves in a state of mind to digest this material,” explains exhibition curator Jenny He. “We have intentionally included this so that we can start the conversation and dialogue. This is only the springboard to have them.

The exhibit contains three slideshows that examine the portrayal of racialized and sexualized violence in animation – “The Legacy of the Minstrel in American Animation,” “Racist Portrayals and the Racial Cast” and “Women in America”. American animation “- each with their own disclaimer. .

In the “Women in US Animation” slideshow, the commissioners are quick to highlight images involving sexual assault, such as Betty Boop having her clothes ripped off by an elderly man with a tooth, followed by a look at the Pepé Le Pew aggressively lustful. (The character of Warner Bros. has been removed from the “Space Jam” sequel.)

Any type of film can be racist and has been racist, so what about the cinematic nature of the animation that allowed for this expression of racism?

Lazy loaded image

Mexican Schmoes, 1959, Warner Bros. Entertainment
Warner Bros. Entertainment

In “Racist Representations” you will navigate early examples like “Little Nemo” by Winsor McCay (1911) before revisiting such notable missteps as “Mexicali Shmoes” (1959) with Speedy Gonzales. As you travel through the period, you encounter the degradation of indigenous peoples in “Hiawatha’s Rabbit Hunt” (1941), the portrayal of young black girls in “Fantasia” (1940) and the offensive Middle Eastern stereotypes of “Aladdin” (1992). ).

In “Legacy” you will find familiar images such as Dandy Crow from “Dumbo” (1941) with painful and perhaps unknown visitors such as “Mammy’s Li’l Boy” and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”.

The Conservatives have sought to avoid a checklist mentality when addressing these sensitive topics. He notes that the exhibition presents only 12 examples of many such moments throughout the history of animation. “We weren’t trying to be exhaustive,” she says. “If there’s a cartoon that traumatized you, we weren’t trying to exclude you. Rather, this is just the start of a larger conversation that the museum wants to have. “

If your story or your experience is not there, the museum listens to you.

Maria Stevnbak Westergren | Programming profile


Maria Stevnbak Westergren
Vilstrup Films and Projects, Toolbox Film
Pitch: Drink

What’s the biggest problem facing the animation industry?
The industry wants more animation and demands more volume at lower prices, but still expects high quality. It is therefore very difficult to make it meet in the middle and to find a balance between the creative ambition and the needs of the presenters.

What is your business doing in response to this?
We go with high quality projects in the sense of design and history, but with a small configuration to keep costs down so that we can meet the demand for volume. Otherwise, we end up with a project that is magnificent, but which cannot be brought to life. We also need to take care of our creativity, so we don’t want to say yes to something that we know will be too difficult if the budget doesn’t match the ambition.

Are physical animation studios essential or is working from home the future of the industry?
What I need from our creatives and our team is to be in the same room together, but working remotely can create greater opportunities for co-productions. Working from home can therefore help to make more co-productions in the future, but I also believe in basic human contact. We need to be in the same room with those we work with every day.

What do you think of Disney’s decision to shut down several of its TV channels around the world?
It doesn’t surprise me; we live in a digital world. In the Nordic countries we have new online platforms for children’s entertainment and this will happen more and more. So I’m not that nervous about it.

Tell us about the project you are presenting at the Cartoon Forum.
Woodlings (52 × 4 ‘) is a series of short, poetic and fun stories about cute forest animals. The focus is on all four seasons, with one season represented in each episode, and it’s based on core emotions and core colors to match our target audience ages 0-5. He has commercial potential because he has a lot of heart, as well as humor. We have a Danish broadcaster and a Danish streaming platform wanting to join us, but I’m waiting for Cartoon Forum before making any deals.

White House warns confronting debt limits could hurt states | Economic news


By JOSH BOAK, Associated Press

White House warns state and local governments of sweeping cuts to disaster relief, Medicaid, infrastructure grants, school money and other programs if Congress does not increase limit of US debt.

A fact sheet for state and local authorities that was obtained by The Associated Press is an attempt to increase public pressure on Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell. President Joe Biden has so far insisted on bipartisan support to raise the debt ceiling that was almost fully accumulated before he took office, but McConnell, R-Ky., Has remained unresponsive and has repeatedly said that the Democrats had to act alone.

The Treasury Department has taken extraordinary steps to keep the government running after the suspended debt limit was restored in August to a level of $ 22 trillion, about $ 6 trillion less than the current total debt. The Treasury’s extraordinary measures will be exhausted by October, creating a potential for default.

The debt limit is the amount of money Congress allows the Treasury to borrow. It was suspended three times under the Trump administration and has been lifted dozens of times since 1960. Created at the start of World War I so that Congress no longer needed to approve every bond issue, the cap debt has become a political weapon like borrowing. has increased sharply over the past two decades.

Political cartoons

McConnell has said he will not sanction further increases and that Democrats have the ability to go it alone.

“With a Democratic president, a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate, Democrats have all the tools they need to raise the debt ceiling,” the Kentucky senator tweeted Wednesday. “It’s their sole responsibility. Republicans will not facilitate another reckless, partisan tax and spending spree. “

Biden countered that Republicans are to blame for the growing deficit and that his plans for child care, schooling, health care, infrastructure and climate change adaptation will be fully paid off in the long run.

“Let me remind you that these are the same people who just four years ago adopted the Trump tax cut,” Biden said in remarks Thursday at the White House. “This has just inflated the federal deficit.”

With a total debt of $ 28.4 trillion, the government would be forced to cut programs dramatically unless restrictions on borrowing were lifted or suspended. The risk of recession and financial market turmoil would make it more difficult for states and cities to borrow, while wreaking havoc on investments in public pension plans.

The Biden administration’s fact sheet argues that the pain would be spread across states, as many programs rely on federal dollars. The government’s ability to respond to natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes or forest fires would be reduced.

States would face severe Medicaid shortages because the federal government covers two-thirds of the costs. About 20% of Americans get their health insurance through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

About $ 100 billion in infrastructure subsidies for highways, airports and public transportation would be in jeopardy. The more than $ 50 billion for special education, school districts serving the poorest students and other programs would also be at risk, as would $ 30 billion in food aid and $ 10 billion for public health. .

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

The best nostalgic Halloween specials


“SpongeBob Squarepants” has dominated the airwaves since the late 90s, capturing the hearts of children and adults alike. In his very first season, he also delivered a delicious double header of a Halloween special. Fans received a pair of eleven-minute episodes, reunited with the two featuring spooky stories regarding their favorite yellow pineapple sponge.

First there’s “Scaredy Pants,” where SpongeBob is finally looking to shake off his status as a resident creepy Bikini Bottom cat. Dressed as the fearsome underwater legend, the Flying Dutchman, SpongeBob SquarePants appear to scare off attendees at Krusty Krab’s Halloween party. Things get a bit tricky, however, when the Flying Dutchman shows up to threaten the party.

In “I Was a Teenager Gary,” Squidward’s neglect in pet care leads Gary to fall ill. This results in a visit from the Snail Doctor, who provides a dose of snail plasma to be administered to Gary. However, SpongeBob SquarePants accidentally get the dose and slowly begin to take on snail qualities on their own. Ah the horror!

The result is a welcome dose of nightmarish fuel, as SpongeBob SquarePants slowly transform into a snail. Either episode taken alone is absolutely delicious; together they serve as cartoon classics and solid Halloween viewings for the whole family.

Bringing the Art of Disney Animation to the Quad Cities


A promising new animated series based in the Quad Cities has caught the attention of Disney animation genius Tom Ruegger. Now, the local artist who created the cartoon “Chucky Chicken” is hoping to work with the experienced mentor to bring the YouTube series to the big screen.

“One hundred years ago, Walt Disney had to leave the Midwest and come home to make his dream come true,” said Davenport-based host Michael Cook, “We’re in the future now, we shouldn’t have to do this. “

Davenport ⁠— the setting for this Emmy-nominated host’s new adventure. Cook describes how he ⁠— literally ⁠— draws inspiration from his surroundings, saying, “I can be inspired by what I see the Mississippi River around me in the summer — the steamboats passing by.”

Cook and Chucky weren’t on this trip alone – the eccentric chicken caught the eye of Tom Ruegger – the creator of Disney’s Animans.

“It’s so intimidating knowing that someone who created my childhood is now helping me to have new childhoods.” said Michel.

The Leading Animator ⁠— bringing the magic and passion of Disney to the Quad Cities-based series. Cook enjoys working with the artistic legend of animation.

“It’s not just wanting to work with someone just because they have the big name, it’s building a relationship and building a friendship and building a connection with someone because that’s more important than anything. . “

Friendship – solving both chicken struggles and human struggles.
“Chucky is kind of me in chicken form.” Cook explains, “What I love about Chucky is that he’s always there for his friends.
“I have to deeply admire how human the microphone is.” said a voice actor from the Chucky Chicken project.
“Mike cares about the person behind the voice so Mike cares about the character.”

From a scribble on a piece of paper, in the hands of a talented Disney, Chucky is ready for his next adventure. Michael hopes to see his chicken grow up. He hopes Chucky will star in a TV series, a movie, and wherever his wings can fly ⁠— “Someday I’ll get him … someday.” Cook said.

What is the release date of the DC animated film “Injustice”?


DC Comics and gaming fans are eagerly awaiting the Injustice Animation Film. In the world of games as in that of comics, the Injustice The screenplay has become extremely popular in recent years. When will the film be released and what do we know so far? Read on to find the latest information on the film.

The animated film “Injustice” arrives this fall

Bat-Signal lit in Mexico City to celebrate Batman’s 80th birthday, 2019 | Eyepix / NurPhoto / Getty Images

The film is scheduled to arrive on October 17. It will be available to stream on digital platforms and for purchase on Blu-ray.

As reported by IGN, it will be based on the years 2013 Injustice: Gods Among Us video game, developed by Mortal combat NetherRealm studio. It takes place in an alternate universe where the Joker sends Superman down a path of darts, causing him to kill Lois Lane. The film will also be influenced by the graphic novel based on the game, Gods Among Us: First Year, written by Tom Taylor.

In this scenario, Superman’s grief and anger pushes him to the brink of collapse and he ends up becoming a bully. It’s up to Batman and his underground insurgency to stop Supes and oppose his One Earth regime. The schism between Batman and Superman divides the superhero community.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only recent incarnation of the premise. In the Snyder Cut – Zach Snyder’s extended version of Justice League – there is an epilogue called “Knightmare”. In it, Superman (Henry Cavill) has gone dark following the death of Lois Lane, and Batman (Ben Affleck) and others attempt to stop him.

What do we know about the trailer?

So far, we haven’t seen a lot of surprises. The clues we get from the trailer stick pretty closely to the original story. We see the Joker set up the murder of Lois Lane and Superman let his rage begin to drag him down a dangerous path.

At one point, Superman announces, “What happened to Metropolis can never happen again.” Batman then says, “You’re going to throw away whatever the Justice League stands for.” Next, we see Supes blasting a field with his heat vision and shooting down a plane.

In the same way Superman: red son, Injustice is one of the most famous “Superman gone bad” stories. It will be interesting to see the film’s take on this premise and how well it harmonizes with games and comics.

Who will be in the movie?

The film will feature a pretty impressive cast. Anson Mount, who plays Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek: Discovery and the next one Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, will play the role of Batman. And Justin Hartley, who played Green Arrow in Smallville, will play Superman.

The cast will also include Gillian Jacobs as Harley Quin. Jacobs had roles on Community, Street of fear, Star Trek: Lower Bridges, Rick and Morty, and more. Laura Bailey will play Lois Lane and Kevin Pollak will play the Joker.

Ernie Altbacker, writer of Batman: Shhh, wrote the script. And Matt Peters is the director. Peters also directed Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

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Ethan Hawke plays Batman on the DC children’s animated show; Check Out the Full Voice Cast Here


With the launch of Cartoonito, WarnerMedia Kids & Family’s new preschool programming block on HBO Max and Cartoon Network, the voice of Bat wheels has been revealed. Batwheels is aimed at preschool audiences and is an action-adventure animated series featuring a group of overpowered and sentient crime-fighting vehicles defending Gotham City alongside Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and other heroes from DC.

Voicing Bam, the Batmobile and leader of the Batwheels team, is Jacob Bertrand (Cobra Kai). Bam is similar to Batman – reliable with a strong sense of justice. He does his best to lead the team and the other Batwheels know they can count on him, not only as a great teammate, but also as a friend.

There’s also Jordan Reed (Chuggington) voicing Redbird, Robin’s fast sports car and the team’s little brother eager to prove he’s a worthy mate of Bam. Redbird is enthusiastic and curious, like a young detective. Madigan Kcmar (Chuggington) voices Bibi, Batgirl’s brave and daring motorcycle and the fastest of the Batwheels. The rest of the Batwheels are voiced by Noah Bently (Elliott of Eather) as Buff, the Bat-style monster truck with a heart as big as its wheels; Lilimar (Cleopatra in Space) as Batwing, Batman’s supersonic jet plane; Kimberly D. Brooks (DC Super Hero Girls) as The Batcomputer, supervisor, dispatcher, trainer and mother figure of the team; and Mick Wingert (What if?) as Moe, Batman’s robot repairman.

While the accent of Bat wheels is about this group of sensitive vehicles, the show will also feature members of the Bat-Family. Most notably, Ethan Hawke (The good Lord bird) was chosen to embody the voice of Batman. Everyone probably knows Gotahm City’s greatest protector, and in this series, he acts as the father figure of the Batwheels.

AJ Hudson (The right place) voice Duke Thomas / Robin. Bat wheels represents the first on-screen portrayal of Duke Thomas, the first black character to don the Robin “R” in the DC comics. Finally, we have Leah Lewis (Nancy drew) as Cassandra Cain / Batgirl, the first Asian-American Batgirl first introduced in the comics.

Here is the synopsis for Bat wheels:

Coming from being created by the Batcomputer, our heroes are basically children with little to no life experience. Led by Bam (The Batmobile), the Batwheels – Bibi (The Batgirl Cycle), Redbird (Robin’s Sports Car), The Batwing and Buff (The Bat Truck) – must overcome the growing challenges of being a newly formed super team as well as the growing pains that come with just being a child. This relatable and ambitious series will follow the journey of this dynamic team as they thrill and entertain with their heroic adventures, while demonstrating to children the value of self-confidence, friendship and teamwork.



Curator Jenny Robb heads the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum


As curator of Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, Jenny Robb’s “coworkers” on any given day might include a beagle named Snoopy, an imaginary tiger named Hobbes, and a number of other pen and ink creations.

The institution, named after a famous designer from The Columbus Dispatch deceased in 1935, is home to hundreds of thousands of examples of comic book art, from newspaper strips to editorial cartoons to graphic novels. Regular exhibitions draw on the depth of the collection, notably The dog show: two centuries of canine cartoons (continues until October 31).

Originally from Cincinnati, Robb, 52, graduated from the University of Wittenberg in 1991 and received an MA in History and Museum Studies from Syracuse University in 1995. She joined Billy Ireland, then called Cartoon Research. Library, in 2005.

Also an associate professor at Ohio State, the Clintonville resident has a son, Alexander, 9, with her husband, cartoonist Steve Hamaker.

What was your interest in comics growing up?

We have Cincinnati investigator every morning at my house. I loved the newspaper comics. I read them all, from the ones I liked least to those I liked the most. I’ll save the best for last. I remember Peanuts and blonde hair and Family Circus.

I started to be more interested in history and politics in my teens and early twenties and then I really fell in love with Doonesbury. Cincinnati investigator I had Jim Borgman as an editorial cartoonist, so I discovered editorial cartoons.

My real passion for studying comics started in college when I was studying history and discovered cartoons as historical documents. It was then that I became particularly passionate about all the things that one could learn about an era or culture by studying popular culture, including satire and comics and cartoons. animated.

Did you think you could find a full time job studying comics?

I hoped that I could eventually combine my interest in exhibitions, curating and collecting with cartoons. I knew there weren’t a lot of places in the country where I could do this. I met [Billy Ireland founding curator] Lucy Caswell, and I was able to apprentice with her as part of my graduate experience.

I said, “This is what I want to do, this is the job I want.”

In your free time, do you try to get away from comics and cartoons?

I always read comics and cartoons for fun. My son [and I] read all Calvin and Hobbes comics together. I’ve read them all – put on an exhibition and reread them all – and I always laugh at gags and I’m so impressed with what [cartoonist Bill Watterson] was able to accomplish.

Does Reading Comics Help Develop Visual Literacy?

Recent research has shown that there are so many benefits for children who read comics and graphic novels. It helps with visual literacy, but it also helps with literacy, helping to improve vocabulary. It’s a way to introduce kids to all of the different elements of storytelling that they’re going to encounter in prose, things like characters and storytelling, point of view, conflict, and resolution. All of these aspects are part of comics and graphic novels.

What lesser-known books would you recommend to young readers?

I am a big fan of the work of Gene Luen Yang. [The graphic novel] “American Born Chinese” is his most famous, but he recently published a non-fiction book about his experience with his high school basketball team called “Dragon Hoops” which is truly phenomenal.

When presenting a family exhibit, such as The dog show, do families and children attend Billy Ireland?

Our museum is more of a traditional art gallery, but I think art is so accessible to people of all ages. That’s what makes it special.

For children who want to be an illustrator, there is so much to see, just the technique and the way the drawings are created for publication. There is a lot to learn there. But even just to come and see familiar characters that you know and love, it’s a lot of fun.

Peter Tonguette is a freelance writer.

A shorter version of this Q&A appears in the Fall 2021 issue of Columbus Parent.

Dragon Ball launches new figures for Goku and Gogeta awards


Toei and Shueisha reveal new Dragon Ball prize figures inspired by the Super Saiyan 4 primal form of Goku and the Fusion Gogeta.

Dragon ball collectors are taking note, as two new action figures depicting two of Goku’s most memorable transformations have been revealed.

The new figures have been unveiled on the official website Dragon ball website. The first of the numbers represents the Super Saiyan 4 form of Goku, which was first seen in Dragon ball gt. The second figure is that of Gogeta, the mighty warrior born from the fusion of Goku and Vegeta. Both figures were shown alongside a statement by Dragon ball figure maker Hiroyuki Nakazawa who says, “No Goku fan can afford to miss the brutal facial expressions and amazing variety that this series of Goku figures brings to the table! Go down to your local play center and add these two awesome Goku figures to your collection! “

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The new collectibles are “prize figurines,” which is the term used by collectors to refer to the mass-produced character statues that are commonly handed out as crane game prizes in Japanese arcades. While the award-winning figures typically feature less detailed carvings and paint jobs than the more expensive scale figures, their affordable prices and easy availability have made them popular with budget fans and collectors. While the numbers are meant to be earned in arcade machines, they are also frequently available for purchase direct from various retailers and in the aftermarket.

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon ball is the third best-selling manga series of all time, ranked only behind Golgo 13 and the equally respected shonen epic of Eiichiro Oda A play. While the series has always maintained a cult outside of Japan thanks to imports and syndicated broadcasts, Dragon ball z found a mainstream following when it aired on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block in the late 90s and early 2000s. The hugely influential series has now generated over $ 27.9 billion in revenue in the world and is widely recognized for helping anime and manga achieve mainstream popularity internationally.

The series currently continues with the Dragon ball super manga, and the next film in the series, Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes, will offer a new artistic style that mixes 2D and 3D animation. The new film will take place several years after Dragon Ball Super: Broly and will feature a slightly older Pan, as well as the first look inside Piccolo’s house. Super hero is currently scheduled to debut in 2022.

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Source: Dragon Ball official website

Naruto's Strongest Rinnegan

Naruto’s Strongest Rinnegan, Explained

About the Author

‘Shazam 2′ to feature DC Films’ Justice League animated intro


Shazam! The fury of the gods Director David F. Sandberg has confirmed the sequel will feature DC Film Justice League introductory animation.

Now that the shoot on Shazam! The fury of the gods is finished, David F. Sandberg is hard at work on the post-production of the film. A production as huge as The fury of the gods is filled with hundreds, if not thousands of plans that need to be crafted and edited in post, meaning we won’t see the Zachary Levi-led sequel until 2023.

Details on the sequel are slim, although it is known that the Shazam! the family will be at the forefront of the film. Lucy Liu, Rachel Zegler and Helen Mirren are also expected to play the Daughters of Atlas who come into direct conflict with Shazam! and his family.

While the first film exists within the confines of the DCEU – Superman is mentioned several times – the action / comedy didn’t feature DC Films’ opening intro which features many members of the Justice League. Speaking to Instagram, director David F. Sandberg showed off DC Films’ iconic opening and revealed that he “forgot” to include the Justice League opening animation for the first film and that she would appear in the sequel to come.

Justice League animated intro was first used in 2017 Wonder woman, before Justice Leaguethe Liberation. It’s great that David F. Sandberg can find some humor in the original Shazam! lacks the intro from DC Films, which seems to be more of a creative choice than a mistake.

Here is the official synopsis of the first Zachary Levi Shazam! movie:

We all have a superhero inside of us, it just takes a little bit of magic to make it stand out. In the case of Billy Batson (Angel), shouting one word – SHAZAM! Always a child at heart – inside a torn, divine body – Shazam revel in this grown-up version of himself doing what any teenager would do with superpowers: have fun with it. them ! Can he fly? Does he have x-ray vision? Can he shoot lightning from his hands? Can he skip his social studies exam? Shazam sets out to test the limits of his abilities with the joyful recklessness of a child. But he will have to master these powers quickly.

Directed by David F. Sandberg, Shazam! stars Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Mark Strong, Jack Dylan Grazer, Grace Fulton, Faithe Herman, Ian Chen, Jovan Armand, Cooper Andrews, Marta Milans and Djimon Hounsou.

Shazam! is available on Digital HD, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD, while The fury of the gods hits theaters on June 2, 2023. Keep it locked to Heroic Hollywood for all the info on Zachary Levi’s upcoming film, and be sure to subscribe to the Heroic Hollywood YouTube channel for more video content!

Source: Instagram

From 1971 to 2021: the musical reviews of Maestro Mickey


BAY LAKE, Florida – This is one of the first attractions guests spot if they pass through Cinderella’s Castle to reach Fantasyland. Pass in front of La Fontaine de Cendrillon and the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique which is currently closed, turn left before the Carrousel and you can’t miss it: the Philharmonie de Mickey.

Since 2003, Maestro Mickey Mouse has welcomed guests to don 3D “opera glasses” for a special concert presentation. Being a modern theme park attraction, something goes terribly wrong and the performance is hijacked by Donald. But this is not the Maestro’s first concert in this space, and it is not the first time that he has been hijacked. Both times he was taken to Tokyo, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

A d

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“Mickey’s Philharmagic” finally replaced “The Mickey Mouse Revue” in the Magic Kingdom (© 2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.)

In the December 31, 1962 issue of Newsweek, while touting a dazzling innovation in 3D animation that he called “Audio Animatronics,” Maestro Walt Disney spoke about the enchanted Tiki room then under construction at Disneyland.

Looking past the songbirds and flowers, he was setting up a show with “all the Disney characters, so everyone can see them … I have a theater in mind, and the characters won’t just do the show. but will be seated in the boxes with the visitors, heckling. I don’t know when I’m going to do it. That “when” turned out to be October 1, 1971, when “The Mickey Mouse Revue” debuted on the opening day of Walt Disney World, albeit without rowdy. This idea was first used in the Country Bear Jamboree on the same day (and much later in Muppet * Vision 3D).

A d

Concept art for “The Mickey Mouse Revue” in The Magic Kingdom, possibly by legendary director and animator Bill Justice (Disney)

Like Hall of Presidents, “Mickey Mouse Revue” was too far advanced to be successful before Walt left us, but the idea clearly hasn’t been forgotten. To give an idea of ​​the scope: On opening day, there were 36 presidents sharing a stage in Liberty Square, and 73 Disney characters were featured in the Revue, but there were actually 81 animatronics.

Maestro Mickey Mouse conducts “The Mickey Mouse Revue” in the Magic Kingdom (Disney)

Cinderella was “transformed” from her rags into her magical ball gown by the Fairy Godmother and later in the show appeared with her Prince Charming, all thanks to a different kind of magic: hydraulic lifts and light effects.

The imaginary Leota Toombs retouches the makeup of Cinderella before the opening of “The Mickey Mouse Revue” in the Magic Kingdom. Ms. Toombs is best known as the face of Madame Leota and Little Leota in The Haunted Mansion (Disney)

Likewise, a highlight of the show featured The Three Caballeros appearing in different parts of the theater. First Donald, José Carioca and Panchito are together, then they separate, before finishing their act together. To achieve this, it took three copies of each character and it all played out in less than a minute.

A d

An Imagineer adapts Panchito Pistoles for his costume for “The Mickey Mouse Revue” in the Magic Kingdom (Disney)

Also impressive: Alice singing “All in the Golden Afternoon” with a choir of flowers from the 1951 animated classic “Alice in Wonderland”.

Alice sings with the Wonderland Flower Garden in “The Mickey Mouse Revue” at the Magic Kingdom (Disney)

Snow White sings “I’m Wishing” in the middle of a small forest of animals. A few yards away, the seven dwarves sing “The Silly Song” inside their cottage, with Grumpy playing the organ.

Snow White, the animals and the seven dwarfs from “The Mickey Mouse Revue” in the Magic Kingdom (Disney)

Mickey’s orchestra itself featured 23 Disney musicians ranging from Daisy and Huey, Dewey and Louie to new era stars Baloo, King Louie and Kaa (playing his tail like a flute) from 1967’s “The Jungle Book “and Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit and Piglet from the 1966 & 1968 shorts. Their full feature film didn’t debut until 1977.

“The Mickey Mouse Revue” program before opening day at Magic Kingdom (© 2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.)

Perhaps, most fittingly, Minnie Mouse gets the limelight with an impressive violin solo from “When You Want a Star,” while Walt Disney World’s most advanced figure was Mickey himself. Standing at 42 inches tall, Maestro Mickey could perform 33 different functions, the same as Abraham Lincoln of the Hall of Presidents, who was almost twice as tall at 6 feet 4 inches.

A d

Minnie and Maestro Mickey Mouse were star performers of “The Mickey Mouse Revue” when the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971. (Disney)

If this sounds like a mind-blowing spectacle, well it was. It was also a user-friendly 9 minutes and 30 seconds duration, much shorter than sister music magazines The Enchanted Tiki Room and The Country Bears. However, Mickey Mouse Revue was one of the few headlining attractions that went from an “e-ticket” to a D (the opposite of Dumbo).

There are probably two main reasons it wasn’t as popular: As I just mentioned, it was one of three similar song robot shows, and bears and birds originally had more time to show their personality. The second, more important reason – in a rare miscalculation, the Revue’s main theater could accommodate around 500 guests at a time, but its pre-show could only hold just over 300, so most of the time, the main show had a lot of empty seats. , which sends the wrong psychological signal.

A d

“The Mickey Mouse Revue” in the Magic Kingdom (© 2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.)

Still, it’s possible that Mickey and the gang still performed for the 50th anniversary without The Oriental Land Company. When the owners of Tokyo Disneyland visited Florida and Anaheim, they made a list of what they wanted most for their new park and Mickey Mouse Revue was at the top of that list. When Tokyo Disneyland first opened, it was kind of a weird hybrid: California’s Small World, Space Mountain and Pinocchio Ride, next to Haunted Mansion in Florida, Snow White and Mr. Toad Rides, and a few – like the Pirates who are mixtures of the two. It was designed by a small team of imaginaries, as most of Disney society as a whole spent their time and money building the EPCOT center. The two parks opened less than six months apart.

A d

With its huge distribution, it was much easier to pack everything up and ship it to Tokyo than to build a duplicate. The curtain fell on Mickey Mouse Revue on September 14, 1980, just before a 9-year-old race in Florida. In Tokyo, he performed in front of mostly crowded crowds from opening day, April 15, 1983, until May 25, 2009, when he was 26 years old.

Even the curtains of “The Mickey Mouse Revue” have been moved to Tokyo from the Magic Kingdom (Disney)

The Revue building in Florida remained dark for seven years, until EPCOT Center’s spooky Magic Journeys 3D movie moved in (it was replaced at EPCOT by Captain EO). After six years, Journeys closed its doors to make way for the “Legend of the Lion King” puppet show in 1994. This played until 2002 to make way for Maestro Mickey to reclaim his home. Mickey’s Philharmagic is such a success, since its debut in 2003, it has now opened in one form or another at all Disney resorts around the world except Shanghai. This is what replaced Mickey Mouse Revue in Tokyo.

Just in time for the 50th, Philharmagic will launch an additional scene based on the Pixar film “Coco”, giving guests a new reason to see the 18-year-old attraction.

A d

A scene inspired by the Pixar movie “Coco” is added to “Mickey’s Philharmagic” in time for The Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary. (Disney / Pixar)

You can also see some of the artists from Mickey Mouse Revue to date. While the numbers aren’t quite as advanced, the molds of the Seven Dwarfs were used in a 1994 redesign of the Snow White’s Adventure ride. When this closed in 2012, most of these characters were moved to the cottage stage at the end of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

The Three Caballeros used in “The Mickey Mouse Revue” from 1971 returned to Walt Disney World after closing in Tokyo in late 2009. (Disney)

More importantly, an original set of the 1971 Three Caballeros returned to Florida after it closed in Tokyo. They have performed for guests at the ‘Gran Fiesta Tour’ boat ride finale at Epcot’s Mexican pavilion since December 4. 2015. Figures of the same molds debuted in Florida in April 1969, exhibited with Maestro Mickey at a VIP and press briefing in Ocoee to announce that construction of Walt Disney World was progressing.

A d

Maestro Mickey and the Three Caballeros on display at Ocoee in 1969 at a VIP and media event marking the complete build from Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World (© 2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.)

The Caballeros were also on display at the Walt Disney World Preview Center. The set of numbers actually used in the Review were just refreshed earlier in 2021 and are back in the Mexican race. Hopefully, they can continue to entertain their guests in Florida for the next 50 years.

Three Caballeros figurines have just been retouched in 2021 and returned to the “Gran Fiesta Tour” in the Mexican pavilion of Epcot. These same characters appeared on the opening day of “The Mickey Mouse Revue” in the Magic Kingdom. (Disney)
Disney 50

To everyone who comes to this happy corner of ClickOrlando.com, welcome! Walt Disney World is counting down to its 50th anniversary, and so are we. With 50 days to 50, we take a daily look at the past, how the Disney openness has shaped Central Florida’s present, and a glimpse of what lies ahead for the future.

We’re also looking to hear your memories of Walt Disney World: What do you like? What are you missing? What are your magical moments? You can share them with us by emailing us and we’ll post them all for everyone to enjoy. Some might even be featured on our News 6 TV coverage of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

A d

It’s gone to dream, and here’s another half-century of The Most Magical Place on Earth!

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See ? Tammy Faye’s eyes? through a feminist prism, with its director and her pioneering mother


ES: I remember when he was in high school and when he was in college he was in everything. He was in a rap group, he was a cartoonist, he did drawings for the Princeton University newspaper when he was in high school, he had a literary magazine, he played, just a million different things. But you could see the movie was of major interest and sort of incorporated all of those things. And when he started, from “Wet Hot”, every once in a while, we would talk about something that was in the news, or someone that I was interested in, and he would say, “Oh, this is A nice story.” Like the life of Margaret Fuller, who was one of my great heroines and had an incredibly dramatic life with an incredible story arc. And I would say, “Oh, I wish someone would make a movie of it. And Mike would say, “Yeah, that would be great, but it won’t be me.” “And I would say,” Why? He would say, “I’m a comic book actor and comic book director.” The real turning point was “Hello, my name is Doris”. And it had a lot to do with Sally Field. Her character was someone who played the role of that basic young girl in the office – a little short, a little eccentric. In the middle of this movie it takes an amazing turn where you really step into her life and it’s such a change. I think every movie since then has become more and more confident, serious and conscious from the start.

Ethan Hawke to play Batman … in animated TV series on a sentient Batmobile


Chances are you’ve never wondered what would happen if the vaguely terrifying world of “Cars” breaks up with Batman, but that’s exactly what “Batwheels” will be attempting to explore. The sensitive vehicles team is made up of five members:

  • Jacob Bertrand (“Cobra Kai”) is Bam, the name apparently given to the Batmobile and the leader of the group, and is described as having “a strong sense of justice and doing his best to lead the team, even he’s not always sure he’s up for the job. Ultimately, the other Batwheels know they can count on him, both as a great teammate and as a friend. “
  • Jordan Reed (“Chuggington”) is Redbird, the sports car that belongs to Robin (wait, can a sensitive thing even “belong” to anyone? Ah!) And is described as “the little brother of the team, always keen to prove that he is a worthy sidekick of Bam but he can hold up on a mission. He is enthusiastic and extremely curious, posing tons of questions, like a young detective. “
  • Madigan Kacmar (“Chuggington”) is Bibi. “Batgirl’s brave and daring motorcycle is the fastest of the Batwheels, but also the smallest, so sometimes it’s used to being impulsive and jumping straight into the action without a plan.”
  • Noah Bentley (“Elliott of Earth”) is Buff, a Bat-monster truck. Yes really! He’s described as “the muscle of the team and can crash into or clear any obstacle in his way, but he’s also the heart of the team – a gentle giant who doesn’t really know his own strength.”
  • Lilimar (“Cleopatra in Space”) is Batwing, surprisingly the only member of the team whose name actually matches the type of Bat vehicle they actually are. Yes, I have already given too much thought to this concept. Either way, she is described as the most “sophisticated” and “confident” member of the team.

That’s not all, however, as the new animated series will also reunite the Bat family with a voice cast that includes Hawke as Batman, AJ Hudson (“The Good Place”) as Duke Thomas / Robin and Leah. Lewis (“Nancy Drew”) as Cassandra Cain / Batgirl. Batman’s character description makes it clear that he can’t actually communicate with his vehicular counterparts, which is both logical and not.

Regardless, “Batwheels” has previously been described as “an animated action-adventure comedy series for preschoolers featuring the most heroic and iconic vehicles in the DC Universe,” this which probably explains why it is better not to think too much deeply into the mechanics of world-building involved. Although in a truly fair world, I feel like such a smart premise as that would be the basis of the live DC Universe instead of what they currently have. I’m just saying.

It’s not yet clear when or even where to “Batwheels”, but keep those bat ears tuned in for more as we go.

Ren and Stimpy join Nickeloden All Star Brawl roster


The nostalgia for the 90s cartoon continues: Ren and Stimpy (from The Ren & Stimpy Show) will be added to Nickelodeon Star Brawl, developers Ludosity and Fair Play Labs announced on Tuesday.

The chihuahua and cat duo’s knack for dark, comedic hijinks – especially Ren’s tendency to aggressively express his rage – makes him a no-brainer to add to that. Smash– like a platform fighter. The duo will function as a tag team that will function as a single playable brawler. Basically, they’ll be used as weapons, according to a PlayStation blog. They will join a growing cast of iconic characters from the network, including those from Sponge Bob SquarePants, Danny Phantom, and Avatar: The Last Airbender among others.

The tag team will have moves and attacks that reference iconic moments from the original 1990s cartoon, project manager Ludosity Joel Nyström and Fair Play Labs game designer Matías R. Singer announced in the post. . These include references to the newspaper advertising Blammo and the song “Happy Happy Joy Joy”. Ren and Stimpy will also move a bit slower but have a greater attack range, in order to be “welcoming even to novice players” according to the developers.

Image: GameMill

It seems to continue the theme of the developers trying to capture the spirit of the animated shows these characters came from – especially all of the memorable moments that took off as memes. The developers noted in the announcement that “each of Ren & Stimpy’s moves is inspired by a particular scene in the series, but we’ll leave it to players to find all the references.”

The Ren & Stimpy Show was so beloved for its classic appearance – especially compared to other fan favorites from the 1990s, like Rugrats, which deviated widely from the accentuated and mischievous tone of older cartoons. Nickelodeon Star Brawl seems to be aiming for a portal to those happy days.

The New Yorker Festival returns in October, in person and online


A renowned selection of writers, artists, scientists, chefs and more will appear virtually and in person as part of The New Yorker’s twenty-second annual festival, which returns this year from October 4-10. In addition to the Festival’s signature mix of conversations and panels, this year’s event will feature an in-home dining experience, as well as film screenings and performances at Skyline Drive-In, an outdoor venue in Brooklyn. Most of the events will be broadcast live and then be available for replay on demand, allowing ticket holders to attend from anywhere in the world. Visit festival.newyorker.com to see the full schedule and buy tickets. Magazine subscribers benefit from discounts on virtual tickets.

Ticket sales for this year’s Festival start Tuesday, September 14 at 12 p.m. PM AND, when unlimited access digital passes, in-person outdoor event tickets and Dining In with The New Yorker tickets become available. Tickets for individual virtual events can be purchased from Monday, September 20 at 12 noon. PM HEY

This year’s sessions include:

  • Actor and writer Stanley tucci in conversation with The New Yorker Helene Rosner.

  • The model and the writer Emily ratajkowski and the comedian and actor Amy schumer in conversation with The New Yorker Michael schulman.

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, and Jamaica Kincaid, contributors to the New Yorker anthology “The case of black lives“, discuss their groundbreaking work on race, in a conversation moderated by The New Yorker Jelani cobb.

  • The primatologist and activist Jane goodall will be interviewed by The New Yorker Andy Borowitz.

  • The writers Jonathan franzen and Tara Westover in conversation with The New Yorker Henry finder.

  • “Politics and the Novel,” a fact-driven roundtable on fiction, will feature the writers Yiyun Li, Valerie Luiselli, and Viet Thanh Nguyen, moderated by The New Yorker Parul sehgal.

  • The writers rachel brosme and Patricia lockwood in conversation with The New Yorker fiction editor, Deborah Treisman.

  • ‘The Legacy of Globalism’, a roundtable on our collective future, will include economist and Nobel Prize winner Esther Duflo, the doctor and New Yorker writer Siddhartha Mukherjee, and the foreign policy expert Anne-Marie Slaughter, moderated by The New Yorker Evan osnos.

  • “Very Funny Ladies”, a round table on the history of women cartoonists in The New Yorker, will feature Roz chast, Liza Donnelly, Liana fink, and Amy hwang, in conversation with The New Yorker cartoon editor, Emma Allen. This is a free community event.

The Festival will also include screenings and concerts at Skyline Drive-In, Brooklyn, where attendees can walk, cycle or drive:

  • The musician Dave Grohl speak with The New Yorker Kelefa Sanneh and execute.

  • The singer-songwriter Aimee Mann speak with The New Yorker Atul Gawande and execute.

  • Stephane Karam will screen his first film, “The Humans”, an adaptation of his Tony award-winning play, then speak to the stars of the film, Feldstein beanie, Jayne Houdyshell, and Richard jenkins. The New Yorker Michael schulman will moderate.

  • Jessica chastain and Oscar isaac, the stars of the new limited series “Scenes from a Marriage”, will join the writer, director and executive producer of the series, Hagai Levi, for a conversation led by the therapist Esther perel. Sponsored by HBO Max, this event is free.

  • Another free event, sponsored by Nature Conservancy, will feature Katharine Hayhoe, the organization’s chief scientist, and Bill Ulfelder, its executive director in New York, speaking on how to accelerate climate action. Moderated by Allegra Kirkland, the political editor of Vogue teens.

The Festival will also offer a socially distanced twist on past excursions exploring New York’s food culture:

  • Residents of the five boroughs can order organized meal deliveries from Dasha 46, Kimika, Reverence, and A yellow rose, accompanied by on-demand access to interviews with chefs, led by The New Yorker Helen Rosner.

Iconic character retired from Roger Rabbit Ride at Disneyland


Both images: credit @thecalibae

Disneyland just updated Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin at Disneyland, as visitors notice a major item is missing.

roger rabbit
Credit: Disneyland

On board the Disneyland Ride, guests will take a cab and follow Roger Rabbit and Benny the Cab as they cross Toontown in search of Jessica Rabbit. Of course, along the way, guests will need to watch out for those pesky weasels and the iconic fondant dip.

Well, in one scene Jessica Rabbit used to be spotted in a car trunk with a weasel trying to close the trunk. However, on a recent ride, a guest noticed that Jessica Rabbit was missing! By FIVE FIRE YOUTUBE (@thecalibae):

It happened today! Big update at #disneyland Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
#disneyland #toontown

At this time, it’s unclear why Jessica Rabbit was removed from this scene. It could be to do maintenance on the animatronics due to malfunctions, or just basic touch-ups. Or it could be a more permanent change, although Disney hasn’t made any announcements regarding Jessica Rabbit to Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. Inside the Magic will update you as we get more information.

Learn more about Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

roger rabbit turn
Credit: D23

In case you didn’t know, Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin is based on the movie Who wants the skin of Roger Rabbit, who Disney + described like:

When the owner of Toontown is found murdered, all fingers point to cartoon superstar Roger Rabbit. With nowhere to turn – and the sinister, power-hungry Judge Doom on his heels – Roger begs Detective Eddie Valiant, who hates Toon, to find the real villain. But the plot thickens as Eddie uncovers scandal after scandal and realizes Toontown’s very existence is at stake!

The the official Disneyland website describes this trip like:

A “hare” breeding tour

Take a cab and follow Roger Rabbit and Benny the Cab as they drive through Toontown in search of Jessica Rabbit. Be careful, the ugly weasels pour a melting slippery dip on the paths of passing vehicles, including yours!

Crush and dash into Bullina’s Chinese store and slide and slide through the power station. Spin wildly into the Gag Warehouse storage area, where weasels wait to aim for your taxi.

Is this the end of the line for you and Roger Rabbit? Don’t count on it!

Keep away

You can turn your vehicle 360 ​​degrees as you try to drive along the crazy course and regain control of your cabin.

Based on the hit movie

Because Roger Rabbit’s Toon Spin was inspired by the Oscar-winning film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Steven Spielberg, the film succeeded in creating the illusion that animated characters were interacting in the “real” world with people, using advanced technology of the time.

The attraction revisits the story of Roger Rabbit as he attempts to save his beloved wife Jessica Rabbit from the evil henchman known as the Weasels.

ROGER RABBIT CHARACTER © Disney / Amblin Entertainment, Inc.

Roger Rabbit lamp
Credit: Disney

Have you ever ridden Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin? Did you notice that Jessica Rabbit was missing? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to head to Disneyland for a ride on Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, start planning your trip today! Click here to begin.

Daily cartoon and live briefing: Monday, September 13, 2021


Trump 2024 by Bart van Leeuwen, PoliticalCartoons.com

Today in the eyes of the editorial staff: The Town of Bunnell Commission meets at 7 p.m. The commission will hold a hearing to set its property tax rate and adopt its budget for 2021-2022. The proposed tax rate of $ 7.43 per $ 1,000 of assessed value represents a 23.3 percent tax increase. The tax hike is needed, according to city administration manager Alvin Jackson, to balance the budget, to buy land on Commerce Parkway to build a new town hall, now that the town has to move out of its moldy town hall, and to carry out other repairs to city equipment. View the full agenda and background documents here. The commission will also consider an agreement with the Historical Society of Bunnell to obtain and preserve non-permanent records or records that have met their shelf life but may be of historical significance to the city. The company is represented by Ed Siarkowicz. The senior games of Palm Coast and Flagler Beaches until September 19. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement welcomes the 2021 Florida Missing Children’s Day event and awards ceremony at the Florida Capitol Monday at 10 a.m. in the Florida Capitol Courtyard, 400 South Monroe Street. The ceremony is open to the public. Trump’s deadly effect: A local doctor recently told me about seeing a Covid patient in pretty bad shape and asking me why she hadn’t been vaccinated. She held up her Trump t-shirt. Another example of how a man, with a few harmless, less expensive gestures and a few wise, calm, and sane words repeated over and over again could have literally, on his own, saved hundreds of thousands of lives, even after the mess in February and March 2020 – a mess that could be excused given the Chinese secrecy lie about the virus until February, and scientists’ own understanding of SARS as they once knew it, before Covid shattered those assumptions. There were so many opportunities to turn the tide, and at every turn ideological madness ensured we wouldn’t. The woman showing off her t-shirt is as iconic as a revamped Statue of Liberty as “Mum for Freedom,” that crazy group of activists who roam Florida school boards, urging board members to stay at home. away from the masks, and doing as deadly work to fuel the pandemic as Trump did.

Calendar and information on Covid tests and vaccinations from the Ministry of Health:

The Florida Department of Health in Flagler County offers weekday testing from 8 a.m. to noon at Cattleman’s Hall at the Flagler County Fairgrounds, 150 Sawgrass Rd, Bunnell. No appointment necessary. The Ministry of Health no longer offers weekend tests. Monoclonal antibody treatments are now available in Flagler County on the Palm Coast campus of Daytona State College. People 12 years and older who are at high risk, who have contracted or have been exposed to Covid-19, are eligible for this treatment. Treatment is free. Vaccines continue to be available at 301 Dr. Carter Blvd. two afternoons a week on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Meetings are privileged; Walk-ins are welcome. Vaccines are also available daily at 18 local pharmacies.

The Live Calendar is a collection of local and regional political, civic and cultural events. You can enter your own calendar events directly on the site as you want them to appear (pending approval of course). To include your event in the live calendar, please complete this form.

September 2021

senior palm coast games

Friday – Sunday, September 10 – 19

2021 Palm Coast and Flagler Beaches Senior Games

senior palm coast games

From Saturday to Monday from September 11 to 20

2021 Palm Coast and Flagler Beaches Senior Games

senior palm coast games

Sunday – Tuesday, Sep 12 – 21

2021 Palm Coast and Flagler Beaches Senior Games

senior palm coast games

Monday to Wednesday, September 13 to 22

2021 Palm Coast and Flagler Beaches Senior Games

Monday, September 13

Bunnell Town Commission Meeting

senior palm coast games

Tuesday – Thursday, Sep 14 – 23

2021 Palm Coast and Flagler Beaches Senior Games

palm tree coast logo

Tuesday Sept. 14

Palm Coast City Council Workshop

The July 4th fireworks off Flagler Beach Pier were as iconic on Independence Day as the pier itself on the other 364 days of the year.  (© FlaglerLive)

Tuesday Sept. 14

Flagler Beach Fireworks Committee Meets July 4

st johns river water management district logo

Tuesday Sept. 14

Saint John River Water Management District Meeting

Saint John River Water Management District

flagler county commission government logo

Tuesday Sept. 14

Flagler County Planning Council Meeting

arts in education week

Tuesday Sept. 14

Free outdoor concert: Top Flight Air Force Band

Palm Coast Arts Foundation downtown

No events found!

For the full schedule, go here.

Conner Bosch attorneys attorneys palm Coast flagler county law firms

Cartoonist, journalist charged under Bangladesh’s Internet law


The men were charged with posting offensive and false information, defamation, and intentional posting of digital content that creates unrest or unrest.

A renowned cartoonist and a Swedish-based journalist were among seven men indicted on Sunday under Bangladesh’s internet law which critics say is being used against opposition figures.

A court in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka has accepted formal charges brought by police under the digital security law against cartoonist Ahmed Kabir Kishore and rights activist and journalist Tasneem Khalil, prosecutor Nazrul Islam said Shamim.

The men were charged with posting offensive and false information, defamation, and intentional posting of digital content that creates unrest or disturbance.

They face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty.

“The court also issued arrest warrants for four of them who fled,” Shamim said. AFP.

Rights groups including Amnesty International say the law is being used to silence and intimidate critics of the government in the country of 169 million people.

Kishore, 45, said he was a “victim of injustice”.

“Drawing cartoons is not a crime,” he said AFP via a phone call after the announcement of charges.

Following street protests, Kishore was released on bail in March after being arrested in May last year on preliminary charges under Internet law.

Kishore said he was tortured before police arrested him.

He filed a petition with a court in Dhaka regarding the allegations of torture, which the police denied. There has been no decision on the petition to date.

Kishore said his alleged torturers asked about the cartoons he drew mocking a powerful businessman close to the government as well as a series criticizing the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Shamim did not detail the precise acts allegedly committed by the cartoonist.

Amnesty said in a July report that Bangladesh had at least 433 people detained under Internet law that month.

Most were being held for allegedly posting false and offensive information online, the global rights group added.

Comic book debuts at Florida Supercon to honor heroes who save the lives of blood cancer patients


New comic strip “The Call” created by Gift of Life Marrow Registry in collaboration with cartoonist Angus Cameron

“This comic gives us the opportunity not only to thank donors, but also to raise awareness about blood cancer, sickle cell disease and childhood cancer, all of which are recognized in September.”

As comic book fans flock to the Florida Supercon today, a new comic will be unveiled to honor real-life heroes who voluntarily donate blood stem cells and bone marrow to save the lives of patients battling cancer. blood cancer. Entitled “The Call”, the digital comic is created by Gift of Life Marrow Registry in collaboration with cartoonist Angus Cameron. Fans attending the convention can visit Gift of Life booth # 411 for a direct download of the comic and the option to register.

The comic tells the story of a young superhero who selflessly responds to the “call” to become a stem cell donor and finds purpose by being identified as a vital partner for a patient in need. Additionally, it celebrates donors around the world ahead of World Marrow Donor Day (WMDD). Created by the World Association of Bone Marrow Donors and recognized this year on September 18, WMDD salutes the more than 39 million volunteers from 55 countries around the world who are now part of the International Bone Marrow Registry in the hope of save lives.

“Twenty-six years ago a heroine named Becky gave me the ultimate gift when she donated bone marrow that cured my leukemia and gave me hope and hope. health, ”said Jay, Founder and CEO of Gift of Life Marrow Registry. Feinberg. “Marrow donors may not wear a cloak, but they all have extraordinary courage and the conviction to step in when called upon to help someone in need. “

The comic is also part of Gift of Life’s efforts to attract and recruit healthy 18-35 year olds, which is the most popular age group in transplant centers.

“We are always looking for ways to tell the stories of our donors and to thank them, both those who have already made a donation and those who are on the global registry waiting to donate,” said Marti. Freund, Director of the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry. . “This comic gives us the opportunity not only to thank donors, but also to raise awareness about blood cancer, sickle cell disease and childhood cancer, all of which are recognized in September.”

While a bone marrow or stem cell transplant can cure leukemia, sickle cell anemia and other blood diseases, only 30 percent of patients have a matched donor in their family. The remaining 70 percent must hope that a compatible alien can be found using the global registry. More than 50,000 patients per year seek a suitable donor outside their family.

“Saving a life starts with a remarkable person taking the first step to wipe their cheeks to get on the registry and then answer the call to donate,” Freund said. “We hope that by seeing themselves represented as the superheroes they are, existing donors can be proud of their actions while potential new donors can be inspired to join the registry.”

Cartoonist Cameron has illustrated for advertising agencies, film production companies and publishing houses around the world, specializing in graphic novels, comics, character design and storytelling. His work has won numerous advertising awards including the prestigious Grand Prix at the Loeries Advertising Awards.

To read the comic strip “The Call”, visit http://www.giftoflife.org/thecall or follow us on the Gift of Life Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels.

About the bone marrow donation registry

Gift of Life Marrow Registry is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that cures patients battling blood cancer, sickle cell anemia and other life-threatening diseases by providing donors for bone marrow and cell transplants strains. Founded in 1991 and based in Boca Raton, Florida, the international organization operates a 32,000 square foot vertically integrated facility housing its donor registry, apheresis collection facility and cell therapy laboratory. Its newest division, Gift of Life Biologics, provides cell and gene therapy developers with allogeneic cell starting material for the further manufacture of next generation biologics. To learn more about the Marrow of Life Donation Registry, visit http://www.giftoflife.org.

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Professors urge Georgia colleges not to move on masks and vaccines | Georgia News


By JEFF AMY, Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) – Protests by faculty members continue to increase at Georgian public universities, although leaders of the Georgian university system are not backing down from their position that schools cannot demand masks or vaccines.

Acting Chancellor Teresa MacCartney made it clear Thursday that those policies will not change, saying the system will follow the lead of Governor Brian Kemp and the Republican lawmakers who control the purse strings of the university system.

“We fulfill our institutional missions to deliver higher education and services to students in the way that works best for them,” MacCartney said. “These expectations were clearly set before the start of the semester. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. There are consequences for those who don’t follow through and do their job.”

The remarks earned an unusual thunderous applause from the regents, almost all of whom were unmasked. They were surrounded by dozens of university presidents and administrators, almost all masked.

Political cartoons

She spoke on the same day that groups of professors at the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech and Georgia State University passed resolutions calling for mask and vaccine mandates, as well as letting campuses take their own decisions, including whether teachers should be able to change online courses. The faculty of the University of North Georgia passed a similar resolution earlier.

A handful of professors have resigned, and at least one has been fired, due to their disagreement with system policies that do not allow universities to impose masks.

“The governor has appointed a board of regents that doesn’t care about our health and safety, that doesn’t care if people get sick and die,” said Wendy Simonds, professor at State University of Georgia who helped organize a Thursday “die-in” protest supported by United Campus Workers of Georgia, a union. “I have never been so angry with the Board of Regents. “

Last year there were also protests as some faculty and students pressured the university system to cancel a number of in-person classes the system had mandated. The university system imposed masks last year and let some professors teach entirely online. Some of the system’s 340,000 students ended up living on campus but attending virtually all classes. System leaders promised in March that this fall would be “normal,” with full classrooms, dormitories and stadiums.

Data shows that students in the traditional 18-22 age group have long reported high rates of COVID-19 infection. The number of cases in this age group has increased during the current wave of infection in Georgia, but has been exceeded on a per capita basis by children aged 5 to 17. The Georgia Conference of the American Association of University Teachers counted more than 4,400 reported cases of COVID-19 on college campuses across the state in August.

Around the same time last year, Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, and UGA in Athens were battling some of the highest per capita COVID-19 outbreaks in the country. State public health data shows infection rates among residents aged 18 to 22 in these communities are not as high as last year, but remain high.

MacCartney said the university system continues “to be aligned” with Kemp, who appoints all regents but is not supposed to dictate their decisions.

“Gov. Kemp told Capitol Hill last week that he believed the warrants called division on campuses and did not support them, ”she said. “He further stated that he believed that those who wish to wear a mask should wear it to protect themselves and others. He expects the university system to continue to focus on immunizing all eligible people to educate an advocate as to why this is so important.

She also said that while the university system would accept “vigorous debate,” people should be respectful.

“Attacking our campus presidents and administrators is unproductive, and will not and will not determine how we make decisions within the Georgia university system,” MacCartney said.

Professors, however, expect more protests to begin Monday and continue each day for the next week on at least 15 of the system’s campuses. But even some of the protest organizers say he is unlikely to persuade the administration of the system.

“There are not too many numbers that the regents are going to change this policy,” said Matthew Boedy, professor at the University of North Georgia and chair of the AAUP Georgia conference.

Follow Jeff Amy on Twitter at http://twitter.com/jeffamy

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Which Nickelodeon cartoon character are you based on your zodiac sign


Nickelodeon cartoons have no shortage of quirky characters with distinct and memorable personalities. Since this is such a widespread source of children’s favorite cartoons, it’s more than likely that those who grew up with Nickelodeon could relate to many of the animated characters on the network.

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Due to the wide array of traits featured in Nickelodeon cartoon characters, many of them can easily be traced to different astrological signs. While there are so many possibilities with such a plethora of cartoons to choose from, some characters represent certain zodiac signs much better than others.

12 Aries – Jenny Wakeman (My Teenage Robot Life)

Janice Kawaye voicing Jenny My Life as a Teenage Robot

Literally new to the world after being assembled by her father, Jenny Wakeman fits right in as Aries, the youngest in the zodiac. Due to their youthful nature, Aries investments can sometimes struggle to develop personally. That’s the exact crux of Jenny’s character, as she’s all about learning how to be a teenager despite not being human in addition to juggling the pressure of crime-fighting.

Jenny is as fiery as an Aries. She can be quite reactionary when not getting what she wants, often screaming or having temper tantrums. Despite this, the Aries often have bubbly personalities due to their youthfulness, which is also true of Jenny.

11 Taurus – Nigel Thornberry (The Wild Thornberrys)

Nigel Thornberry smiling in The Wild Thornberrys

As the patriarch of the Thornberry family, Nigel represents Taurus well. Like a typical Taurus, Nigel is dedicated, intelligent and hardworking, especially in the way he is totally devoted to his art of wildlife studies. Also, given that he loves nature so much, it is only fitting that he is an earth sign.

Due to his passion for what he loves, a Taurus can sometimes end up with a case of tunnel vision. This is certainly true for Nigel, who can be distracted by his interest in wildlife, allowing his family to find themselves in chaotic situations without supervision. Interestingly enough, April 19 is Nigel Thornberry’s canonical birthday, making him a true Taurus on the show.

ten Gemini – CatDog (CatDog)

Cat dog on Nickelodeon

Represented by twins, the two twin characters Cat and Dog correspond perfectly to Gemini. The two are poles apart, bicker often, and yet come together to support each other again and again, embodying the duality of the sign Gemini.

Gemini are also known to be great communicators. That’s true for Cat, who knows how to manipulate Dog to get things done. Dog, on the other hand, has a bit of his head in the air, but that suits the air sign of Gemini.

9 Cancer – Spongebob Squarepants

SpongeBob SquarePants Gary Snail

The character holding Sponge Bob SquarePants can represent Cancer in many ways. Cancers tend to be extremely caring for those around them and very passionate about their creative endeavors. SpongeBob SquarePants are best known for being so dedicated to their work as a fried cook, and they are often seen spending time with their beloved friends.

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On the other hand, Cancers are often considered the most emotional in the zodiac. Seeing that SpongeBob SquarePants can be so sensitive at times, it makes sense to him. Also, according to SpongeBob’s boating license, his birthday is July 14. This makes him both a true Cancer and another character whose canonical zodiac sign makes perfect sense for his character.

8 Leo – Angelica (Rugrats)

Angelica Pickles on Rugrats

Of all the cartoon characters in Nickelodeon, and especially all of the Rugrats characters, there is no one more egotistical than Angelica Pickles. Like a real Lion, she thrives on the attention of adult and child characters.

Although she is known to be an antagonistic force on the show, Angelica is also one of the smartest on the show. Rugrats babies. She’s smart in the way she carries out her manic plans and she always has the will to go out of her way to get what she wants. Leos are naturally successful in this regard given their daring and courageous personality.

7 Virgo – Lincoln (The Loud House)

Lincoln smiling and raising his arms in The Loud House

Being the most neutral of a family full of savage personalities, Lincoln of The noisy house is the quintessential character of the Virgin. The main trait of Lincoln’s character is practicality, as he always goes out of his way to solve the problems of his sisters, and this is also one of the main qualities of Virgo.

Virgos are also one of the zodiac’s greatest communicators, and this is especially true for Lincoln. It’s pretty impressive that he can get along with all of his siblings so easily most of the time with so many of them, but it’s something that can come naturally for Virgos.

6 Balance – Sheen (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius)

Sheen lifting Ultra Lord cereal box in Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

Memorable character Sheen says and does bizarre things throughout Jimmy Neutron, so it’s always hard to guess your next move. This makes Sheen well suited as an air sign, and in particular as a Libra. Libras are known to be the life of the party in many instances, as their unpredictable nature can make spontaneity truly enjoyable.

However, the unpredictability of a Libra can also translate into unreliability. Sheen’s personality is fun, but her antics can be a bit exhaustive and often lead to more problems for her group of friends.

5 Scorpio – Sam (Danny Phantom)

Sam with his arms crossed and an indifferent look on his face in Danny Phantom

Scorpios are naturally drawn to the dark side of life, and as a self-proclaimed goth, Sam embodies this trait in both his visual design and characterizations. When interacting with someone other than close friends, Sam tends to present a mysterious and secretive front, just like a Scorpio would.

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As a water sign, Scorpios can be incredibly loyal when a strong emotional attachment is involved. This is evident in Sam’s dedication to helping Danny in any scenario, especially since they are each other’s primary love interests.

4 Sagittarius – Zim (Invader Zim)

People of the sign of Sagittarius are generally known for their spontaneous and lively personalities. Of all the cartoon characters in Nickelodeon, Zim from Invader Zim is perhaps the most energetic. He’s ridiculously motivated in his attempts to conquer planet Earth, which suits an ambitious Sagittarius.

More traits of Sagittarius include loyalty and assertiveness. The whole series revolves around Zim’s loyalty to his mission on Earth, and when it comes to interacting with others, Zim is known to be quite abrasive.

3 Capricorn – Wanda (fairly odd parents)

Wanda smiling on pink background in Fairly Odd Parents

Capricorns are known for their pragmatic and work-oriented nature. This suits Timmy Turner’s fairy godfather, Wanda, who is notoriously the most practical of the wish-granting duo on the show. Wanda understands that being a fairy is her job, and she often tries to consider the rules and consequences of a wish before granting it to Timmy.

Additionally, Capricorns can be quite straightforward in their approach to life. This can be viewed as positive or negative, depending on the perspective. Wanda is often very direct towards Cosmo and Timmy in her attempts to be brutally honest and realistic about their decisions, but they tend to take her advice as nagging.

2 Aquarius – Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Those with Aquarius placements are inherently unique, which is undoubtedly true for Aang, who is one of the toughest guys out there. Avatar: The Last Airbender characters of all time. The Aquarius sign often represents the dawn of a new age, and who else fits this description better than perhaps the most influential avatar of the set. ATLA universe?

Plus, with Aang being an airbender, it’s only fitting that he is an air sign himself. Aquarius is also known to be the most in touch with the supernatural of any other sign, and Aang’s incredible ability to master the four elements demonstrates this.

1 Pisces – Arnold (Hey Arnold)

Pisces are widely considered to be the friendliest and most selfless of the zodiac. Take Arnold, for example, someone who is very caring and helpful to his friends on Hi Arnold. Like a wise Pisces, he is good at giving advice to another Hi Arnold characters.

Arnold is pretty balanced for the most part, which matches that of a Pisces who is emotionally in touch with himself. He could be considered one of the friendliest Nickelodeon characters of all time, just like Pisces is one of the friendliest zodiac signs.

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Split image of Kramer, Jerry, George and Elaine in Seinfeld.

Seinfeld: A quote from each character that perfectly sums up their personality

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Animation of “Lucifer” Not the Biggest Shock in “Yabba Dabba Do Me” (RECAP) | Entertainment


[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Lucifer Season 6 Episode 3 “Yabba Dabba Do Me.”]

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is still on a quest to prove that he can be God, and in “Yabba Dabba Do Me” he ultimately seems to understand everything … right before his whole world is turned upside down.

Of course, he started to care about Carol Corbett (Scott Porter). But somehow on the suggestion of Dr Linda Martin (Rachael Harris), Lucifer decides to help someone with whom there is no chance of it happening again: the first criminal he and Chloe Decker (Lauren German) have caught together, Jimmy Barnes, who killed the devil friend. He may be dead, but that makes things “almost easier,” Lucifer admits. He can just jump to hell.

Chloe insists on joining him; Amenadiel’s (DB Woodside) necklace makes her incredibly strong, which will help her survive a trip to hell. Once there, she spots Lucifer’s throne (“he looks so lonely”) and begins to look around. He prevents her from opening a door because she doesn’t want to be trapped in someone’s hellish loop, he warns: “I was there, I did that, I stabbed my brother. to death a million times. But when they find Jimmy’s, nothing can prepare them for what’s on the other side when they come alive as soon as they walk through his door.

Spot the usual cartoon antics: Lucifer on an accordion, Chloe playing as she shows off her strength, Lucifer as a true evil monster crashing down at Jimmy’s wedding, little flying devils when Lucifer is stunned and… “I am. a smoothy! ” he realizes in horror as he pulls his pants down. Plus, Lucifer has no control over the Hell Loop, so they’re trapped. They have to help Jimmy. To get him out of the cartoon, Lucifer urges Jimmy to show him his real hell, and they find themselves in the ’80s, back to normal. (But Lucifer still doesn’t have his control.)


They follow Jimmy through a group that fires him and a girlfriend dumps him, and there’s a common line: someone says to Jimmy “you’re just holding me back” and a brief glitch where a blonde woman with a guitar replaces the loudspeaker. As they learn when Lucifer insists on going to the heart of Jimmy’s torment, this woman is his mother, who abandoned him in a motel room. Cartoons are his comfort. With this, Lucifer understands the pain behind the decisions he has made, and although he cannot get him out of hell, he brings his mother back to him.

Lucifer grew up loving Jimmy of all people, so now he knows he can care and help anyone. “Ironically, we are in hell, and finally, I am ready to be God! He said to Chloe. But before she gets home, she has to see Dan (Kevin Alejandro). There is only one problem: he is not where Lucifer kept him safe.

This is because Dan made a deal with this angel, Rory (Brianna Hildebrand), to destroy Lucifer, to come back to Earth. But as soon as he lands in Lucifer’s penthouse, he calls to warn his friend. (Lucifer and Chloe have only Hell at this point.) While they wait, Dan discovers he’s a ghost: he can’t touch anyone or anything. He tries to talk to Rory down, offering to listen to his pain, but she isn’t interested.

DB Woodside as Amenadiel in Lucifer

John P. Fleenor / Netflix

Then, when Lucifer returns to his penthouse, he only has a few moments to register Dan’s presence before Rory nails him to the wall and holds his razor-sharp wings against his throat. “Finally, after all these years that I have spent hating you for what you did to me, finally I can take revenge,” she said. But who is she? “I am your daughter!” Rory tells Lucifer. Wait what ?!

Elsewhere in this episode:

  • Amenadiel is starting at LAPD, and his training officer, Sonya Harris (Merrin Dungey), has a reputation for being tough. So, in an attempt to help her friend, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) gets arrested for vandalism (“It was horrible, I’ll never look at old people the same way again,” says an officer). Her refusal to believe “once a criminal, always a criminal” impresses Sonya after dropping Maze off at a women’s shelter for help. Thisthat’s what she wants in an intern.
  • That frog that fell on Ella’s (Aimee Garcia) windshield after her date with Corbett? She keeps it because she thinks it might be related to something “that changes mind, body, and soul.”
  • Linda may have found what will satisfy her: writing a book, Sympathy for the Devil: My Time with Lucifer Morningstar.
  • Lucifer misses BONE just as much as us. He calls Chloe’s idea of ​​joining him in hell “the worst I’ve heard since a genius decided to cancel BONE. … This show was the perfect combination of procedure and joke. He had at least five other seasons.

Lucifer, Complete Series, Immediate Streaming, Netflix

Six British Columbia premieres of National Film Board of Canada documentaries and animation


The 2021 Vancouver International Film Festival (October 1-11) will present six British Columbia premieres of documentaries and animated works from the National Film Board of Canada.

The festival features a strong selection of work by Indigenous creators, with short film Mary Two-Ax Earley: I Am Indian Again by Courtney Montour, Meneath: The Hidden Island of Ethics by Terril Calder, as well as two new works from Labrador. of the NFB. Documentary project: Evan’s Drum by Ossie Michelin and Nalujuk Night by Jennie Williams.

There is also the award-winning NFB animation, co-produced by the NFB, with Bad Seeds (Weeds) (L’Unité Centrale / ONF) by Claude Cloutier and Flowing Home (song Nhu môt dòng) by Sandra Desmazières ( Les Films de l’Arlequin / ONF).

Mary Two-Ax Earley: I Am Indian Again by Courtney Montour (34 min)

Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/mary-two-axe-earley-i-am-indian-again

Mary Two-Ax Earley: I Am Indian Again tells the landmark story of Mary Two-Ax Earley, who fought for more than two decades to fight sex discrimination against First Nations women enshrined in the Indian Act. Indians of Canada, and has become a key figure in the rights movement. Using stock footage and never-before-seen audio recordings, Mohawk filmmaker Courtney Montour engages in a deeply personal conversation with the late Mohawk, who challenged sexist and genocidal government policies that have robbed women and First Nations children of their Indian status when they married non-Indian men.

Montour chats with late Cree activist Nellie Carlson, Mary’s longtime friend and co-founder of Indian Rights for Indian Women, and meets Jodi Calahoo Stonehouse of Edmonton and her daughter in Mary’s kitchen in Kahnawà: ke to honor the legacy of a woman who galvanized a national network of allies to help restore Indian status to thousands of First Nations women and children.

Award: Best Director, Weengushk International Film Festival 2021

Labrador Doc Project

The Labrador Documentary Project supports Indigenous storytelling by working with Labrador Inuit filmmakers for the first time to create and distribute Inuit stories from an Inuit perspective. Two titles were selected at VIFF:

Night of Nalujuk by Jennie Williams (13 min)

Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/nalujuk-night

Inuk filmmaker Jennie Williams immerses audiences directly into the action in this chilling black and white short documentary about a winter night like no other. Every January 6, from the dark night of Nunatsiavut, the Nalujuit appear on the sea ice. They walk on two legs, but their faces are animal, skeletal and otherworldly as they approach their destination: the Inuit community of Nain.

Evan’s Drum by Ossie Michelin (14 min)

Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/evans-drum

Freelance Inuit journalist from Montreal-based North West River, Labrador, Ossie Michelin follows a young boy and his mother, who share a passion for Inuit drum dancing in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. After generations of silence, the traditional Inuit drum beat has returned to Labrador, and seven-year-old Evan is one of the new generation who will keep his heartbeat strong.

Animated shorts

Meneath: The Hidden Island of Ethics by Terril Calder (19:22)

Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/meneath

Meneath: The Hidden Island of Ethics delves deep into the innate contrast between the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Sacred Teachings, embodied in the life of a precocious Métis baby. Convinced that she is defiled and destined for Hell, Baby Girl receives teachings that fill her with strength and pride, and affirm a path to healing.

Born in Fort Frances, Ontario, and now based in Toronto, Meneath (“island” in Anishinaabemowin) by Métis artist Terril Calder is a darkly beautiful stop-motion tour de force, unearthing a haunting and familiar world which sheds light on the prejudices of colonial systems. The film arrives at VIFF after its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, as part of a tour of Canadian and international festivals.

Bad Seeds by Claude Cloutier (6 min 22 s)

Co-produced by L’Unité centrale and the ONF

Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/bad-seeds

Winner of the Genie award for best animation for Sleeping Betty (2007) and director of the famous Carface (2015), seasoned animator Claude Cloutier takes us into a strange world populated by carnivorous plants that can change shape like a chameleon changes color. . Bad Seeds skillfully combines growth and rivalry with evolution and competition, creating an increasingly shocking duel, peppered with allusions to the western, the cold war, board games and more.

Prizes: Audience Award of the International Competition, 2021 Sommets du cinema d ‘animation, Montreal

Flowing Home (Nhu môt dòng sông) by Sandra Desmazières (15 min)

Co-produced by Les Films de l’Arlequin and the NFB

Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/flowing-home-nhu-mot-dong-song

Child of a Vietnamese mother and a French father, Sandra Desmazières directed an award-winning animated short about two sisters separated by war for almost 20 years. The letters they exchange are their only way to connect as Thao and Sao Maï write about their daily life, their memories, the war and its ghosts.

Awards: Best Animation, 2021 LA Shorts International Film Festival

– 30 –

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Art Review: Side Effects – Paintings by Patrick McDonnell 2016-2021


Patrick McDonnell has long established himself as one of the best cartoonists and illustrators working today. In addition to his award-winning comic mutts, McDonnell’s illustrations were featured in The New York Times, Parents Magazine, and Time magazine. He has authored and published numerous children’s books (he earned a Caldecott Honorary Award in 2012 for Me … Jeanne), has won a number of National Cartoonists Society awards and has often been touted as the heir apparent to Charles Schulz.

What is less well established (and what Side Effects: Paintings by Patrick McDonnell 2016-2021 present in abundance) is McDonnell’s prowess as a painter. Through a selection of more than 50 paintings, Side effects allows McDonnell to flex his pictorial muscles and show that his creativity and humor extend far beyond the printed page.

In a statement accompanying the exhibition, McDonnell describes his appreciation for abstract expressionists Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, and Cy Twombly. Unsurprisingly, the works themselves exploit this exact territory; using all the broad strokes, heavy splashes and bold fields of color of these mid-century masters. With a skill that makes everything seem perfectly natural, McDonnell then populates these rich abstractions with a veritable “who’s who” of cartoon characters from the 20th century. In doing so, he establishes fascinating connections between the spontaneous and gestural marks of abstract painting and the gestural economy of the designer’s stroke.

While McDonnell’s good faith as a student of cartoons is unmistakable, I would say here that his knowledge of 20th century painting is at least as strong. We do not throw in the kind of skull made in Lemonade or the sun style shown in Lizards jumping without knowing Basquiat. In the same way, Panels is unlikely to come fully trained from an artist unfamiliar with the work of Robert Motherwell Elegies to the Spanish Republic series. As references abound. There are many nods to neo-expressionism, pop art, cubism and color field paintings. The venerable Ben Day points are even making an appearance.

Patrick McDonnell | Lemonade | 2019 | Acrylic latex paint and ink on canvas

All this reaches the “peak benchmark” in the form of a large red canvas titled And none will survive. Dramatically lit and hung with the kind of lonely reverence normally offered in hyper-dark works by Mark Rothko, there’s even a bench where viewers could have ample time to contemplate the meaning of it all! And none will survive features a mix of 1960s high and low culture that carefully slides Marvel Comics drama into the austere picture shots favored by Mark Rothko and Clifford Still.

Which does not mean Side effects is a purely academic exercise. Nor is it just an art history (or comic book) lesson. Which makes Side effects so much success is the seriousness McDonnell brings to the job. He clearly enjoys the work of rendering cartoons. He also clearly enjoys the job of applying paint to the canvas, pushing it, scratching it, just seeing what it does. It is this sense of exploration and love of process that resonates in this collection of paintings. The artist’s approach invites the viewer to be part of the work. Like Nancy and Sluggo (who frequently appear in McDonnell’s paintings), we are both observers and participants.

Patrick McDonnell | and none will survive | 2017 | Acrylic latex paint and oil on canvas

The works included in Side effects were created at a particularly busy time. This unease and uncertainty is reflected in many of the paintings on display, but so too is hope. Flowers bloom in unexpected places. Those lost at sea are rescued. The sun is shining on Annie and Sandy.

McDonnell shares that “these paintings are about adaptation and persistence, how everything is connected and how art (and humor) heals. If this is the side effect McDonnell was hoping for, we’ll take whatever we can get.

Side Effects: Paintings by Patrick McDonnell 2016-2021 is on view through October 3 at the Urban Arts Space at Ohio State University, 50 W. Town St., Suite 130. The Side effects The exhibition is co-sponsored by the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. Click here for more information.

All Jeff Regensburger Art Photos

Patrick McDonnell | Leaping lizards | 2021 | Acrylic latex paint, ink, oil stick, pencil, watercolor and collage on canvas
Patrick McDonnell | Tales of Suspense | 2020 | Acrylic latex paint, pencil and collage on canvas
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Jeff Regensburger

Jeff Regensburger is a painter, librarian and drummer for The Christopher Rendition rock combo. He received a BA in Fine Arts (Painting and Drawing) from Ohio State University in 1990 and an MA in Library Science from Kent State University in 1997. Jeff blogs sporadically (OnSummit.blogspot.com), occasionally tweets (@jeffrey_r), and painted if time permits.

Most physicians receive limited training in eating disorders. This online training helps fill the gap


Training of physicians to diagnose and treat eating disorders is limited in American medical schools, and this lack of education can be a barrier for patients to obtain effective care.

Data from the National Eating Disorder Association indicates that 10 million American women suffer from eating disorders and that 10 to 15% of all Americans have some type of serious eating disorder.

Eating disorders have the highest death rate of all mental illnesses. But the training provided in residency programs to meet the needs of these patients is scarce, according to a study that evaluated more than 600 residency programs.

Evelyn Attia, MD, director of the Center for Eating Disorders at Columbia University Medical Center, and Deborah Glasofer, Ph.D., associate professor of clinical medical psychology at the center, have long paid attention to the widespread lack of nutrition training among college students. medicine, residency programs and general practitioners.

They led a group at Columbia University Medical Center, in partnership with a learning technology company, to develop an eating disorder training course. The course, called preparED, is free and accessible to the public. The Center for Eating Disorders and the New York State Psychiatric Institute have collaborated with eLearning Brothers to develop and launch the course in the summer of 2020. The enthusiastic comments about it so far have been “huge,” Attia and Glasofer said. at Fierce Healthcare.

The program recently received a Bronze Award in the Best Advancement category in the Custom Content category from research and analysis firm Brandon Hall Group.

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This upcoming academic year marks the first time that the course will be integrated into the curricula of several institutions: the Yale School of Medicine, Atrium Health in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Columbia University. Development of the course was funded by New York State Comprehensive Care Centers for Eating Disorders.

With the infrequent exposure that interns receive to these types of disorders, they may feel inclined to refer patients to specialists, who are not always available to patients or needed, Attia told Fierce Healthcare.

Although patients with eating disorders are a “complex and large population,” Attia said, even knowing some basic principles is essential to avoiding potentially unnecessary patient referrals. GPs also need to be able to spot undiagnosed eating disorders, as these are often the first point of care for these patients.

With the pandemic and most programs shifting to distance learning, the course, which contains six modules and lasts less than two hours, has become even more relevant and timely, the developers said.

Using custom animations, graphics and short online modules, the courses break down complex and sensitive topics in an engaging and informative way.

Its development, however, has not been without challenges, according to Attia and Glasofer. Several factors had to be taken into account, such as how best to make the course introductory and yet non-elementary, to ensure that it is aimed at a large audience and the “21st century learner”, whoever. one who prefers information in smaller segments.

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André Chatelain, vice president of custom solutions at eLearning Brothers, noted that during the creation process, the company, which has already developed courses on sensitive topics, not only thought about how best to keep the light topic for users but also how to “improve their empathy towards the people they might treat.”

While the course is based on realistic patient scenarios, the developers also intentionally avoided using real photos of people wherever possible, instead using faceless illustrations and focusing on the story behind each. character.

Since eating disorders impact people of all genders, races and ages, illustrations aim to reflect this universality in their body types, skin tones and appearance. In some cases the course shows medical images such as x-rays, but otherwise the real photos are kept to a minimum.

Knowledge checks throughout each module keep the content interactive and give users the opportunity to test their knowledge. So far, developers are measuring the impact of the course by performing pre- and post-completion reviews with users.

FACTIONS uses motion capture technology to create virtual animated characters


Bernie Su is one of the most innovative creators in the web series television industry. After winning the first Youtube Primetime Emmy for his Pride and Prejudice adaptation, Lizzie Bennet’s diaries, the director, screenwriter and producer moved on to Emma Approved, which spanned five platforms and won it the same award twice more.

Moving on from his adaptations of Austen, Artificial was Bernie’s next creation. As innovative as it is, it brought its first web series to Twitch, which just like Emma Approved, is interactive and looks a lot like Emma Approved, received an Emmy upon the release of Season 1.

In the seasons that followed, an extremely talented cast joined the project, including Dante Basco. (Hook, Avatar: The Last Airbender), Tohoru Masamune (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Inception), Jennifer champ (Swim, Miss Asia-America), Justin lee (Development stopped, Maintenance), Stephen chang (Captain Marvel, The Last of Us II), and Alejandra Reynoso (Castlevania, Winx Club). Besides, Tiffany Chu, Veronica Mitsuk, Devon Werkheiser, LaTrice Harper, Christy St. John and others helped complete the cast over the first three seasons.

Stepping Up Things For Season 4, which is titled Artificial: Factions and premieres this Thursday on Twitch, two virtual animated characters are created using motion capture technology, which is not at all surprising given Bernie’s interactive and innovative career. Continuing the rivalry between the characters played by Dante Basco and Stephen A. Chang, everyone’s AIs will see the web series audience split in two and forced to choose a faction to support.

Los Angeles, California, August 31, 2020 – Distributed exclusively on Tic, the award-winning sci-fi series, live, scripted, serialized and interactive with audiences Artificial returns for its fourth season on September 9, 2021, showcasing all of the innovative new ways for audiences to collaborate and determine character outcomes.

From triple award-winning writer / producer to Primetime Emmy® Bernie su, Season 4 of Artificial will introduce factions, an interactive storytelling tool that allows audiences to choose sides and make decisions that determine the outcome of the series. The leaders of these rival factions are Kai and Ember – virtual characters (known as Vtubers) played by live actors using motion capture technology. Vtubers are created by Obskur, a developer of interactive multimedia software.

“We’re excited to see the thrilling drama of Season 4 of Artificial exclusively on Twitch,” said Steven Flisler, Head of Original Content at Twitch. “Artificial: Factions truly embodies what Twitch is – the future of entertainment. With the innovative extensions, cutting edge technology and live audience interaction available on our service, viewers can be closely involved and have an impact on the direction of the story. We look forward to seeing what Bernie, the team and our community have in store for this coming season. “

“This season, we’re taking consistent audience storytelling to another level by allowing viewers to side with their favorite characters to pit themselves against and compete directly with others,” said Bernie Su, co-creator and founder of 96 Next. “This collectively shared audience experience has never been performed on scripted television.”

Artificial: Factions will follow the competition between two rival tech CEOs, played by Stephen chang (Captain Marvel, The Last of Us Part II) and Dante Basco (Hook, “Avatar: The Last Airbender”), and their AIs, Ember and Kai, as they race to be the first to capture rare technology. Viewers will join the factions, choosing either Sebastian (Chang) or Zander (Basco), and help their team develop their AI to win the Heist by voting in faction-specific polls and using Twitch Channel Points to improve their team, and sabotage their enemies.

This season will put heist strategy decisions directly in the hands of the viewer, as audiences will make decisions that will have a huge impact on the final episode. Additionally, every third episode will be a world-building episode, a dynamic interactive experience with the creators behind the show that empowers audiences to make important decisions over the course of the story, including character creation and design. decorations.

With new characters, settings and inventive technology only available through Twitch, Artificial: Factions will air live every Thursday at 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET from September 9, 2021 to November 18, 2021.

While there is a lot of information in the press release above, you can also see the official announcement tweet and teaser for Artificial: Factions, a.k.a Artificial Season 4, below.

What do you think of these advances and changes Artificial for Season 4? We’ll have a full chat with creator Bernie Su who will help you explain exactly what’s going on in the new season, which kicks off Thursday, so stay tuned for more!

In the meantime, anyone interested in the show should check out our brand new chat with model, actress and former Miss Asian America Jennifer Field. (To swim), in which we discuss the character she plays in the series, Dr. Ruby.

Artificial Season 4 – Artificial Factions kicks off on Twitch this week on Thursday, September 9.

Why the small film studios of the 2010s no longer exist


Like the start of any decade, the early 2010s were a time full of promise. So it was for FilmDistrict, a new independent film studio founded by King Graham, among others. One of the first titles acquired by this outfit was Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2011 movie Drive. Purchased in November 2011 even before filming of the project was completed, there was excitement behind Drive and how it could not only be a success, but also help establish a strong identity for FilmDistrict. It was a studio to watch, it was a studio that could launch the next big indie crossover hit.

By the end of 2013, FilmDistrict was reportedly gone. The struggles he faced were not exclusively his own. They were shared with other movie studios that started at the dawn of the decade like Relativity Media, CBS Films, Open Road Films, and even a relaunched version of DreamWorks Pictures which distributed its works through Disney’s Touchstone Pictures. They all left in the early 2010s with high hopes of being someone who could shake up the film industry. By the end of the 2010s, none of them would exist as independent distributors anymore, with the exception of Open Road Films existing as a skeleton of itself.

How did we get here? How have so many promising studios fallen prey to disbandment?

The bottom line here is that the emergence of these independent studios was not the only big thing that happened to the American film industry in the early 2010s. The 2008 economic crash had erased financial models before. reliable for major studios (like Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, etc.). In response to this development, studios have started to wean themselves off mid-budget movies and downsize their slates. The focus was now on bringing fewer, bigger budget films to the market, a radical departure from the norm even five years ago.

On paper, this seems to have created a vacuum that new studios like FilmDistrict or CBS Films could jump into. Certainly, the biggest hits of these studios could be due to the continuation of productions that other places weren’t doing, like Relativity Media which fills the need for romantic drama with its 2013 film. Safe Haven. Overall, however, the new studios have struggled to stand out in the market with their titles. For one thing, their range of features generally weren’t the mid-budget titles of $ 50-80 million that the big studios had largely turned down. Lots of them, like the April 2012 title of FilmDistrict Confinement, were inexpensive films that would have gone to independent distributors even before the economic downturn.


Image via the open road


On the other hand, the new emphasis on rampant blockbusters has made it harder than ever for these little films to stand out at the multiplex. Open Road Films, for example, launched the Arnold Schwarzenegger action film Sabotage at the end of March only for the entire target population of this film to be swept away Captain America: The Winter Soldier A week later. The combination of softer title lists with persistent competition meant that new studios like FilmDistrict were bringing in Nerf blasters to battle the vast arsenals of the big studios.

Of course, there was also another problem these studios were facing: money. It takes a lot of money to run a studio that distributes and markets its own titles. The big existing studios have decades of older movies and TV shows to fall back on to generate revenue if a new release doesn’t make money despite an expensive marketing campaign. On the flip side, brand new studios, in the modern cinematic ecosystem, basically need every movie to be a hit or else they’ll have to start worrying about the possibility of sinking.

At the end of 2011, less than a year after distributing its own films, FilmDistrict had to make a deal with Open Road Films to distribute its 2012 titles. Around the same time, CBS Films, less than two years after release. from his first film, Extraordinary measures, announced that he would change direction. Following weaker box office results for its inaugural titles, CBS Films would shrink to a mostly acquisition-based studio. Very quickly, these new studios found themselves struggling to maintain the finances necessary to compete with the big names in the industry.

Of course, there were also unique circumstances that plagued each studio. This was especially true for Relativity Media, the passion project for Ryan kavanaugh. Unlike CBS Films, for example, Relativity Media had early successes like Unlimited and Immortals, which achieved box office results that would have been at home in major studios. However, soon after, signs emerged about the erratically reliable nature of this studio. Among those early indicators, Relativity Media was involved in a funding lawsuit, while The Hollywood Reporter reported in early 2012 that the studio was facing financial difficulties.

2012 was not only a turning point for Relativity Media. It was also a pivotal year for DreamWorks, which had seen its initial distribution plan drastically change. Once intended to be a partnership that would see DreamWorks produce up to 30 films over 6 years, DreamWorks found itself in such dire financial straits at the end of 2011 that it has grown to two films per year. For the last two years of his time at Disney, DreamWorks would only release one movie per year, a concluding moan for an initially promising alliance that could have rejuvenated the DreamWorks brand.


Image via relativity

As the dawn of the 2010s turned into 2013 and 2014, problems kept mounting for the handful of new studios that even remained. FilmDistrict was the first to depart in the fall of 2013, with Spike lee widely criticized Old boy remake being an informal ending to a once promising newcomer to the American exhibition world. DreamWorks, meanwhile, has grown from a standalone studio to one of the many brands employed by Amblin Partners, a company largely owned by Universal Pictures.

The demise of these two studios, which saw the FilmDistrict library and DreamWorks name absorbed into the Comcast-owned Universal library, now seems, in hindsight, a harbinger of what was to come. These studios were once meant to compete with the big film companies, becoming just another acquisition for a conglomerate and a forerunner in the wave of mergers and acquisitions that hit Hollywood. Much like with Amazon buying MGM, the demise of these studios shows how quickly promising glimpses of potential can become the new must-buy item for a media empire.

In 2015, even Relativity Media fell into a messy bankruptcy that turned into a more gripping spectacle than most of the films it produced. While other groups like FilmDistrict have just been quietly absorbed into larger studios, Relativity Media has endured a lengthy legal process which also included the brief possibility of Kevin spacey and Dana burnetti being hired to run a new version of Relativity Media. All the messy finances of running a new film studio exploded in Relativity Media’s face and led to an even more chaotic bankruptcy process.

Heading into 2021, returning to these studios now offers a combined feeling of bittersweet melancholy and disappointment. On the one hand, the American film industry needs as many studios as possible to combat potential creative stagnation. With all the growing monopolies in this sector, this is more true than ever. Read the first press releases on the acquisition of FilmDistrict Drive or with the heads of the studio talking about all the excitement of starting this business, one can’t help but get nostalgic for all the shattered potential.

Again, the real reality of these studios was less ideal than their ambitions. The intention was to deliver regular doses of mid-budget cinema that the big studios largely avoided. In fact, the financial difficulties of running a new studio meant that CBS Films and Relativity Media regularly released disappointing feature films that could be acquired and produced cheaply. There’s a reason people haven’t shown up for the largely forgotten likes of Faster Where Hector and the search for happiness. Rather than preparing the ground for the next When Harry meets Sally, Relativity Media added Free birds, another talking animal cartoon full of pop culture references in a market crowded with such titles.

However, that does not mean that the legacy of these studios is only negative. FilmDistrict may not have lasted even three years as a stand-alone distributor, but it is the company responsible for releasing Drive on the general public already gives it an important place in the history of cinema. FilmDistrict is releasing a tougher Nicolas Winding Refn movie that other big studios wouldn’t touch, which is a testament to why we need more independent studios. Meanwhile, the shortcomings of FilmDistrict and other studio newcomers of the 2010s serve as a warning to future distributors entering the field.

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William-Shatner star trek social interview
William Shatner on the first four ‘Star Trek’ films and his thoughts on whether they should correct mistakes with modern visual effects

He also talks about what it was like for him when ‘Star Trek’ ended after Season 3.

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‘Shang-Chi’, an epic sci-fi car chase, followed by two hours of sporadically good comics


The Muni Kung Fu Sword Fight Car Chase scene in the hills of San Francisco is well worth the admission, but the rest is well worth the admission Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring Well, it’s top to bottom.

The excitement of San Francisco moviegoers began in October of last year when there was a big budget. Car chase scene from action movie shot in Russian Hill. SFist has confirmed it’s for the next Marvel Comics movie The legend of Xiangqi and Tenring, Bringing Kung Fu characters to the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. Xiangqi trailerThe cartoon and transit nerds who fell in April were thrilled to have a kung fu car chase at 1-California Munibus. The premiere of this film was immediately on our agenda.

Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring It premiered last night and is currently playing in theaters across the Bay Area. But the first 30 minutes are just “San Francisco movies”. After that, you’ll travel the world, dive into the Magic Forest dimension, and dive into the inflated formula you’ve come to expect from the Disney Industrial Complex.

Image: Marvel Studios

Muni’s absolutely illustrious car chase battle scene begins about 20 minutes in the film, lasts 8 minutes, and deserves early praise as one of them. San Francisco’s best car chase scene ever. Yes, there is an incredible geographic leap in the location, but the scene is temperamental and adrenaline-fueled, so anyone’s suspicion is thankfully interrupted.

I have some exterior photos of the Fairmont hotel and Chinatown (SFGate reports) In fact, Richmond), and an aerial drone introduction to the local landmarks that establish these events takes place in San Francisco. But big stars Simu Liu and Awkwafina may never have set foot in the city. Their scene seems to have been mounted and woven into the exterior shots. (NS Location of IMDb Xiangqi Please indicate only San Francisco in the “second waterfall”. )

Image: Marvel Studios

Destin Daniel Cretton (director Destin Daniel Cretton) after the film left San FranciscoJust pity) Skillfully mix the comic book formula with the elements of the gangster movie, story of narniaStylistic fantasy, When Crouching tiger-Inspired martial arts scene with radical ballet movements and meditative character development during combat. It generally works well, and for the last 30 minutes most people except college and MCU demographics Stan are sighing and wondering, “Is this over?” A totally useless CGI dragon. . Until it becomes absurd.

Awkwafina is interesting, but it’s not Crazy Rich Asians Interestingly, she’s the necessary tonic in the second half of the movie when it gets too serious. Ben Kingsley – Of all peoples! – Also, I am fully responsible for the mission of Comic Relief. Michelle Yeoh appears to be doing exactly what Michelle Yeoh expects. Yes, this is a Marvel Comics movie, with a bonus “Stinger” scene after the credits (there are two of them, staying with the full credits), but these are discreet, just to establish that it is. there is a sequel that I have. As if it was a problem.

There are several reasons Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring This is the reason for the celebration. It is the first predominantly Asian comedy film in a big budget American franchise, A Terrible Year for the Asian American Community. Most of this movie has Mandarin subtitles and is proudly an Asian American movie. made in San Francisco After the COVID recession, there is a very important issue of citizen pride here. Xiangqi It’s ultimately another animated film, and most Bay Area viewers are only interested in the first 30 minutes.

And hey, you can only watch the first 30 minutes and then wear something else! Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring It will air for free on Disney Plus on October 18, just a month and a half away. You can wait until then.

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Image: Marvel Studios

‘Shang-Chi’, an epic sci-fi car chase, followed by two hours of sporadically good comic book movie

I wanted my September 11 cartoon to be unique. I didn’t expect him to take his own life.


Breen is a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist at the San Diego Union-Tribune. He lives in Encinitas.

One of the things I remember most about September 11, 2001, was the clear blue sky that morning. At the time, I was telecommuting from my home in Manasquan, New Jersey after being hired by The San Diego Union-Tribune. The Jersey Shore is beautiful this time of year, and Tuesday was no exception. Thinking it was just another day at work, my wife and I fed our young boys breakfast and then went for a run on the sunny boardwalk with the double jogging stroller. When we got home at around 10:40 am, our friend and neighbor, Mary, called. She was almost out of breath and asked us if we were watching the news. I quickly turned on the television and saw that the two World Trade Center towers were gone.

Steve Breen and his sons in 2001.

(Courtesy photo)

Like the rest of the world, I was incredulous. It was difficult to understand the extent of the horror. And as a reporter, I felt stupid to ignore the events that were unfolding just 66 miles north as I ran along the beach. I immediately remembered visits to the World Trade Center, including a cartoon convention the year before where I ate at Windows on the World, the spectacular restaurant that sits atop the North Tower. I selfishly wondered if the sale of our home would be affected since we had a conditional offer from a couple trying to sell their home in New York City. (It would.) And then it was realized that our county, Monmouth, was home to many people commuting to work in lower Manhattan – New Jersey residents with families who also jogged. and strolled on local walks.

Around noon, a call came from Bob Kittle, my editor at the Union-Tribune.

“I think you know your cartoon topic for tomorrow,” he said.

I went to our old detached garage where I had a quiet little studio to sit at my drafting table and concentrate. The cartoon I produced that afternoon depicted a stooped, grief-stricken Statue of Liberty with a dark black background. It seemed like a natural image and I was happy with it … until I saw that many other cartoonists had basically drawn the same for the September 12 diary.

I wanted the piece I designed for Thursday, September 13th to be unique. Instead of grief, I focused on anger and drew a beefy bald eagle, sitting on a stool, sharpening its talons with a file. The visceral cartoon quickly rose to fame and was put on everything from t-shirts and hats to military badges. Someone even hung a copy at Ground Zero.

In October of that year, I drew a cartoon “sequel” of the eagle taking flight when we launched military strikes against terrorist training camps and the Taliban in Afghanistan. I am proud that hundreds of American servicemen wore the image of the eagle on their uniforms during the early days of Operation Enduring Freedom. I drew a third and final eagle cartoon in the series when our special forces killed Osama bin Laden in 2011. The first and only cartoon trilogy I ever made took almost 10 years. I generally don’t like the idea of ​​revenge, but in my opinion, we had to react forcefully to the worst terrorist attacks in US history.

It was both interesting and frustrating to see the original eagle design used in pro-Iraqi war rallies in 2003, because unlike Afghanistan, I was completely opposed to the new conflict. I remember seeing this cartoon enlarged and recorded on a military Humvee in Baghdad or somewhere while watching a report. “Hey, wait a minute! Don’t they realize that they are using my cartoon to support something that I am opposed to? I thought reflexively. The answer, of course, is no. Cartoons come to life and people see what they want to see in them.

Sometimes people take editorial cartoons and edit them using Photoshop or something similar so that the message goes against the original intent. This has happened a few times with the eagle cartoon, and it was particularly infuriating, but then again, there’s not much you can do in most cases.

And then there are times when the story survives the cartoon. Afghanistan is still in the news, but it’s under very different circumstances today. Over the past decade or more, I have made several quagmire-themed cartoons related to our involvement there, featuring images of quicksand and mazes. The feelings that fueled the original eagle cartoon faded as the “war forever” dragged on for 20 years. The anger eventually turned into a fuzzy confusion about our goal.

But in 2001, our mission was as clear as a September sky.

Georgia Lieutenant Governor declares independence from Trump | Georgia News


By JEFF AMY, Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) – Republican Lieutenant Governor of Georgia declares independence from Donald Trump in new book and urges other GOP members to follow.

Geoff Duncan has come under heavy criticism from the former president and many other Republicans for his harsh criticism of Trump’s efforts to reverse his presidential defeat. In a new book, “GOP 2.0”, he sets out his vision for a different future for the Republican Party.

The book, which comes out next week and was obtained exclusively in advance by The Associated Press, mixes Duncan’s perspective on what went wrong with Trump and the aftermath of the 2020 election with his ideas on the how the GOP might once again welcome the moderate, college-educated suburban voters who have strayed from the party. He says he doesn’t want to be anti-Trump, but post-Trump.

“I just wanted to have a conversation with anyone in America who considers themselves conservative,” Duncan said in an interview before the book’s release.

Political cartoons

Duncan never writes Trump’s name in the book, a gesture he says he did on purpose.

“I won’t worship it,” Duncan writes. “I won’t apologize for his excesses. I won’t believe his lies. I will not imitate his tone. I will not falsely flatter voters that he is misinformed. And I will certainly not fool my constituents because he wants to.

He recounts a visit with Trump during a pre-election race in a motorcade, where he found him knowledgeable about Georgia’s problems. He says he thinks Trump could have been re-elected in 2020 by showing up on his case instead of voicing his grievances. But Duncan concludes that Trump’s post-election behavior has shown the former president to be so flawed he’s glad he lost.

“Looking back, maybe his flaws and the resulting loss have been our saving grace,” Duncan writes. “We found that not all political victories in the world could make up for other shortcomings.”

Most Republicans think differently. Duncan chose not to run for Georgia in 2022, saying he couldn’t campaign effectively for the job and promote his party vision at the same time. But he should have faced a major challenge with no guarantee of re-election.

Duncan says he gets a lot of support, but it’s hard to see many top Republicans rallying to the GOP 2.0 banner. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger were attacked by Trump alongside Duncan, and the two Republicans tried to appease supporters as they tried to win re-election.

Duncan sums up his prescription for what Republicans should do next to a three-word slogan – politics, empathy, tone. He argues that Republicans need to pursue better politics to broaden its appeal, empathize to effectively reach voters, and reject a divisive tone aimed primarily at pissing off their grassroots voters.

On politics, Duncan commits further apostasies from GOP orthodoxy in the book, claiming he can no longer support the death penalty as compatible with his opposition to abortion. He writes that his sons once asked him, “Daddy, why are you fighting so hard to protect unborn babies but endure the death penalty?”

He is also moving away from absolutist support for gun rights, saying Republicans will lose influence if they don’t show some willingness to compromise on issues like background checks.

“We can’t stop gun violence completely, but we can keep the debate in check by taking smart steps that balance our freedom to bear arms with everyone’s right to safety,” Duncan writes.

Duncan goes back and forth on Georgia’s new electoral law, supporting many of its measures, but not all. He acknowledges that most Republicans were motivated by the loss of Trump, but accuses Democrats of unfairly attacking the end product even after some of the worst provisions were removed.

“No one thought Bill was perfect, but it wasn’t a monster,” Duncan writes.

The book is peppered with metaphors and stories of Duncan’s academic and professional career as a pitcher. When he talks about tone, he argues that Republicans need to vary their rhetoric despite demands from supporters.

“The crowd wants you to throw a fastball on every pitch and knock it off the batter,” Duncan writes. “They are literally screaming at you to bring warmth!” But if you do, you will end up losing the game.

Duncan repeatedly argues that grassroots Republicans are misled by partisan media and their own leaders. People should seek media coverage outside of their ideological silos, he says, and Republicans should avoid some of the “entertaining and tantalizing battles that unfold on social media.”

The book has a serious right arrow tone. Some would say naivety, but Duncan calls it optimism: “What if – if – the Republican Party can get rid of its loyalty to evil leaders, and if our party can understand, love and forgive others, I think we can find a better way. forward and elect a new type of Republican president in 2024.

Follow Jeff Amy on Twitter at http://twitter.com/jeffamy.

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Before Billy West was Fry in ‘Futurama’ … he entered a radio show contest in Boston


Growing up in Roslindale, he immersed himself in music. After a semester at Berklee College of Music, West found himself in various bands, performing on the Boston stage at night and selling guitars in a Harvard Square store by day.

Then one morning in 1980, his phone rang, “My friend said, ‘Hey, call BCN, they’re having a contest. They want to see who can look like Mel Blanc.

West quickly found himself live on “The Big Mattress” by Charles Laquidara. He “put on a little dog and pony show”, had a laugh and “won a dinner somewhere”.

This BCN competition victory ultimately led to a year-round resume for television and film. West voiced a true Who’s Who of animated characters: Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg and Zapp Brannigan in Matt Groening’s “Futurama”. Doug Funny (and his nemesis Roger) in Nickelodeon’s “Doug”. Ren and Stimpy. Honey Bee Cheerios with Walnuts. Shaggy in a Scooby-Doo movie. Popeye. He did “Adventure Time”, “The Spongebob Movie”, “The Looney Tunes Show”… (We’ll stop there.)

West is currently the voice of the Red M&M and various characters in Groening’s Netflix animated series “Disenchantment”. It will appear at the Boston Fan Expo at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from September 3-5.

We called West, now in LA, to talk about Boston Radio, “Doug” and the Zen of Silliness.

Q. What happened after you won this BCN competition?

A. Then I was invited to the station to record a bunch of station IDs with different voices – prints, cartoon characters, whatever came out of me at the time. They were happy. Then I left.

A few months later, a friend of mine was installing burglar alarms; he installed one at Charles Laquidara’s. He gave Charles a tape of me. [Charles] invited me to enter; I started working part time on the production of “The Big Mattress”. It has become a full time. I worked in production for years with Tom Sandman.

It was FM radio at its best. You won’t hear anything like that again. Between Tom and me there was nothing we couldn’t cover as much as the parody.

It was like a training camp; that’s where I cut my teeth. I loved the radio. I can’t take it now. I loved the old radio, the good old days. I wanted to be a pure radio performer like my idols, Mel Blanc, Jack Benny.

Q. You left BCN in ’89 for the Howard Stern show.

A. It was our sister station. The guy who owned our station knew I wanted to go to New York, and he did. I eventually became a member of the show, doing the grotesque – people in the news, politicians, celebrities, anyone.

Q. How did radio lead to television?

A. The Stern Show was a big break – it was like an electronic business card on Madison Avenue. In 1991, I auditioned for Nickelodeon’s “Doug” and “Ren & Stimpy” and got both.

Q. How did you find Doug’s voice?

A. One of my idols, Daws Butler, voiced the little boy in “The Jetsons”, Elroy. I was inspired by him. Doug’s voice is a bit like Elroy Jetson turned left.

Q. And you are currently the Red M&M.

A. [uses voice] He’s sort of a candy-wrapped Leonardo DiCaprio.

Q. How are you going to find a voice for a character? When you looked at, say, Fry, do you look at it and say, “It would sound like that”?

A. I immediately identified with Fry. I thought: there’s a voice I’ve never done, mine. Except when I was 25. [In Fry voice] “I was all whiny and nasal and plaintive. Aww man, I just broke a string! Now what am I going to do? And that’s basically me – but much younger.

Q. You are now on “Disenchantment” on Netflix.

A. I am Sorcerio, the father of King Rulo and Elfo, the court jester.

Q. What is your favorite role or show?

A. My favorite thing I ever did was “Futurama”. I have separation anxiety because for me it was the best thing I have ever been part of. The writing, the production, everything. The chance I had to express myself – I was very lucky.

I was supposed to do these things. I can’t do anything else. This is honest truth to God. I’m on the autism spectrum – still can’t tie my shoes properly, or a tie. I’ve always had [ADHD] except they had no words for it in the good old days. Meanwhile, no one knows what’s going on in your head.

Q. Was the voice work helpful?

A. My only way out of hot spots was to play. To be an idiot. Yet if I read the news, horrible stories, that make you want to crack and cry – I find a way to get up [by] pick something stupid and repeat it. Come up with pieces to make me laugh. Because psychologically, you might feel like there is no hope for humanity. So I will immediately look for the silliness.

The interview has been edited and condensed.

Lauren Daley can be reached at [email protected]. She tweet @ laurendaley1.

Best Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Animated Movies for Families and Friends


Fall is just around the corner and it’s almost time to pull out the blankets and hot chocolates and sit in front of the TV.

There is always a Netflix and Amazon Prime Video animated movie that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Whether you like adventure and action or something easy and fun to watch, we’ve got you covered, so you don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet.

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Animation isn’t just for kids and our list definitely proves it, these animated feature films are capable of telling stories you couldn’t tell using traditional live action.

Here are our favorite selections:

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is fun for the whole family

Loosely based on the picture book of the same name. Bill Hader voices a clumsy and unaccomplished scientist who tries to invent a machine that turns water into food when his city goes through an economic crisis.

His invention is accidentally launched into space, and suddenly hamburgers start to fall from the sky. This accidental invention made it popular until it got out of hand.


One of Steven Spielberg’s finest works, Ravishing Visual Magic is a live-action adaptation of Road Dahl’s classic children’s book.

Everyone knows how the story unfolds – a young girl, Sophie, befriends a banished giant who, unlike others of her kind, refuses to harm humans. However, things change after the other giants decide to hunt Sophie down.

The unusual friendship between Sophie and BFG flourishes through a new style of animation.

Paddington 1 and 2

Paddington is loved by families around the world
Paddington is loved by families around the world

In the first film, after a deadly earthquake destroys his home in the Peruvian rainforest, a young bear named Paddington travels to England in search of a new home.

Named after the London station, it finds refuge with the family of Henry and Mary Brown. However, someone else has an eye on Paddington and she will stop at nothing to get it.

The sequel to 2017 Paddington 2 is one of the most beloved films of this century, with fans among adults and children alike.

Although the Paddington movies are live entertainment, it was too good not to put them on our list. With a score of 100% Paddington is considered the highest rated film of all time on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, if that doesn’t convince you to watch I don’t know what will.

How to train your dragon

How To Train Your Dragon, the film inspired by Cressida Crowell's book that lands in Newcastle
How to Train Your Dragon was inspired by a children’s book of the same name

Toothless, possibly the cutest animated dragon to ever exist, takes center stage in this movie.

The film loosely follows Harold, a Viking, who must kill a dragon to mark his coming of age and be initiated into his tribe. However, he ends up doing the exact opposite by befriending a deadly dragon called Toothless (we promise he’s not deadly).

Toothless, remains the last of the Night Furies, a rare and powerful dragon species. However, the Hidden World might have even more Hidden Night Furies.

happy feet

Mumble, the cute little penguin has a big problem: he can’t sing a single note. In a world where everyone needs a heart song to attract a soul mate, Mumble feels like he doesn’t belong in it.

But he soon discovers a hidden talent and dramatically reverses the one-armed tradition. Along the way, he befriends Amigos, who helps him rediscover himself.

This wellness movie is great to watch with family and friends, especially for anyone obsessed with penguins.

Abducted as if by magic

A scene from Spirited Away
A scene from Spirited Away

Last but not least is the critically acclaimed film Spirited Away, it is considered one of Studio Ghibli’s best films.

If anime isn’t your thing, don’t let that put you off. Director Hayao Miyazaki won an Oscar for this supernatural masterpiece.

In the film, 10-year-old Chihiro and his parents stumble upon a seemingly abandoned amusement park. After an incident, Chihiro meets the mysterious Haku, who explains that the park is a vacation spot for supernatural beings who need a break from their time spent in the earthly realm, and that she must work there to free themselves. herself and her parents.

Best Bets: A Quick Guide to Online and In-Person Fun and Experiences


The La Jolla Lightfeatures this continuing series of online activities to take on your computer or tablet, as well as local in-person events.

Conferences & learning

• La Jolla artist Sharon Hinckley presents a watercolor painting class starting at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, September 7, online. The first class is on a Tuesday due to Labor Day. After that, it will be Monday. The course, offered by the San Diego College of Continuing Education, will focus on still life. To free. To register, set up a student portal and choose class CRN 74453 at sdce.edu.

• Mended Hearts of San Diego nonprofit presents “Hypertension and how to lower your blood pressure” at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 11, online through Zoom and at the San Diego Cardiac Center, 3131 Berger Ave. The presentation will feature Chris Messick, Cardiac Rehabilitation Manager at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. To free. [email protected]

Family & children

• The La Jolla / Riford Library presents “Storytime by the sea at Scripps Park” at 4 p.m. Wednesdays on the lawn of Scripps Park in La Jolla Cove. The recurring event features stories, songs and activities such as bubble play or kite flying. To free.[email protected]

Arts and culture

• The San Diego Repertory Theater and Amigos del Rep present the fifth “San Diego Latinx Rep New Game Festival” Friday September 3 through Sunday September 5, online and at the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Theater, 6075 Aztec Circle Drive, San Diego. The festival will feature a selection of new plays by Latinx playwrights from across the United States. Passes are available at à la carte prices.sdrep.org/latinx 

• La Jolla Music Society presents “Final: A compound love” until Monday September 6, online. The SummerFest streaming event features a prelude performance by Trio Syzygy. To free.ljms.org/events 

• Warwick’s bookstore presents the author Andrea Owen at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, September 7 via Facebook Live. Owen will discuss his new book, “Make Some Noise: Speak Your Mind and Own Your Strength,” in a conversation with life coach Amy Smith. To free. warwicks.com/event/owen-2021

UC San Diego Library presents the 21st Annual Toy Piano Festival online Wednesday, September 8.

(Scott Paulson)

• UC San Diego Library presents the 21st Toy piano festival at noon on Wednesday September 8, online. The event will feature festival director Scott Paulson and his toy piano colleagues Sue Palmer, Andrea Wingen, Kenneth Herman, Barbara Scheidker, Samara Rice, Alex Segal, Christian Hertzog, Gail Gipson, Kiera Sullivan, Kay Etheridge and Linda Kernohan in filmed performances. To free. bit.ly/UCSDtoypiano

• Murals from La Jolla presents guided walking tours at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, September 10 and 11 a.m. on Saturday, September 11, at 1008 Wall St. The tours, which are part of San Diego Design Week, will feature more than half of the artwork currently displayed in the murals from the Jolla program. To free. bit.ly/MLJSDDW

• St. James Gallery-by-the-Sea presents the opening of its John August Swanson Art Exhibitionat 5:30 p.m. on Friday, September 10 at 743, rue Prospect, La Jolla. The exhibition will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and by appointment. To free. To make an appointment, dial (858) 459-3421, ext. 103.

• The Friends of Friendship Park and the Athenaeum Music and Art Library are present“Build this park! “until Saturday September 11 at 1008 Wall St., La Jolla. The exhibit is the culmination of a four-phase design competition designed by San Diego architect James Brown that coincides with the 50th anniversary of Friendship Park at the western end of the US-Mexico border. The exhibit includes various responses to the challenge of creating a binational park accessible to people from both countries. To free.ljathenaeum.org 

• The La Jolla Community Center presents“A night of fun and comedy”at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 14 at 6811, boul. La Jolla. The event will feature cartoonist and comedian Steve Kelley. $ 25 for members of the community center; $ 35 for non-members. Capacity is limited. ljcommunitycenter.org/specialevents 

• The Athenaeum musical and artistic library presents“Divine Dante”,a five-week lecture series starting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 14, online. Victoria Martino will direct the series commemorating the 700th anniversary of the poet’s death. The first lecture is entitled “Dante’s Florence: La Vita Nuova”. $ 16 per conference for Athenaeum members and $ 21 for non-members; $ 70 for the series for members and $ 95 for non-members. ljathenaeum.org/special-lectures

The Old Globe presents “Anonymous Biography: The Arguments of Juan Jose Saer” through Sunday October 31 online.

The Old Globe presents “Anonymous Biography: The Arguments of Juan Jose Saer” through Sunday October 31 online.

(Courtesy of The Old Globe)

• The Old Globe presents“Anonymous biography: the arguments of Juan Jose Saer”until Sunday October 31 online. The five-part production, produced by Johanna McKeon, is available in English and Spanish. To free. youtube.com/user/TheOldGlobe

Galas and events

• Project Concern International presents its“Hands beyond borders6 pm gala on Friday, September 24 at the San Diego Marriott La Jolla Hotel, 4240 La Jolla Village Drive. San Diego residents Norm Hapke and Valerie Jacobs Hapke will receive this year’s Humanitarian Legacy Award. The event will also include live performances and an auction. $ 275. pciglobal.org/hands2021

Do you have an event – online or in person – that you would like to see here? Send your prospects to [email protected]??

COVID recession pushed Social Security insolvency to one year | New policies



WASHINGTON (AP) – The brutal shock of the coronavirus recession brought Social Security one year closer to insolvency but left the Medicare exhaustion date unchanged, the government reported on Tuesday in a counterintuitive assessment that reinforces uncertainty around the country’s core retirement programs.

New projections in the annual reports of Social Security and Medicare administrators indicate that the huge Social Security trust fund will not be able to pay full benefits in 2034 instead of the due date. Last year’s estimated depletion of 2035. For the first time in 39 years, the cost of delivering benefits will exceed total program income from payroll tax collection and interest during that year. From there, Social Security will use its investments to pay for all benefits.

Medicare’s hospital care trust fund exhaust date remained unchanged from last year, estimated at 2026.

In the 1980s, financial warnings regarding Social Security prompted President Ronald Reagan and lawmakers from both parties in Congress to collaborate on a long-term solvency plan, but such action is unlikely in the bitter political climate of ‘today. Democrats who control the White House and Congress have said they will protect both programs.

Political cartoons

“The Biden-Harris administration is committed to protecting these programs and to ensuring that they continue to provide economic security and health care to elderly Americans,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a statement. communicated.

The latest estimates reflected the push and pull of many factors resulting from the pandemic, and the full impact may take years to resolve. The deep but relatively short recession reduced payroll tax revenue. But the death toll from COVID-19, concentrated among the elderly, has reduced future social security benefit payments. Hospitals have been stressed by the influx of COVID patients, but Medicare hasn’t had to pay as many for knee surgeries, colonoscopies and other more common procedures. Birth and immigration rates, which tend to support both programs, have both declined.

For Social Security, the loss of tax revenue on wages exceeded any savings on what the program would have paid to people whose lives were lost in the pandemic. The report notes that jobs, incomes, interest rates and economic growth fell in the second quarter of 2020 after the pandemic hit the United States.

“The finances of both programs have been significantly affected by the pandemic and the 2020 recession,” the administrators said. But “given the unprecedented level of uncertainty,” there was no consensus on the long-term effects of the pandemic. An imminent question for Medicare: Will the beneficiary population who survived the pandemic be healthier overall, or will a high number suffer from new conditions like the long COVID?

Social Security provides benefits to more than 65 million Americans, mostly retirees but also people with disabilities and survivors of deceased workers. Medicare covers over 60 million elderly and disabled people. Together, the two programs represent over 40% of the federal budget and act as stabilizers not only for families, but also for the national economy.

While the long-term projections are sobering, in the short term there was good news for Social Security recipients.

Government economics experts who prepared the Social Security report estimated that recent increases in inflation mean the cost of living adjustment for 2022 will approach 6%, a huge jump from 1.3%. % COLA granted for this year.

Part of this can lead to higher health insurance costs. The Medicare “Part B” premium for outpatient coverage was expected to increase by $ 10 per month in 2022, to reach $ 158.50 according to the report’s interim assumptions. The official issue will not be published until later this year.

Social Security and Medicare remain under intense financial pressure with the retirement of millions of baby boomers, who are living longer than previous generations.

When the Social Security trust fund runs out, the government will be able to pay 78 percent of planned benefits, according to the report.

Because a reduction in benefits of this magnitude would spark a political outcry, it is likely that a future Congress will find ways to recoup lost benefits, either by increasing payroll taxes paid by current workers or by increasing government borrowing. government to cover the deficit.

It’s unclear how Tuesday’s Medicare report will affect the debate in Capitol Hill over whether to allow the program to negotiate prescription drug prices, and then use the planned savings to provide new Medicare coverage for dental services. visual and auditory. Republicans argued that any savings should be used to shore up the underlying program, not to expand the benefits.

The Medicare report avoided making projections on the new Alzheimer’s disease drug, Aduhelm, which has a list price of $ 55,000. Most of the 6 million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease are covered by the program, although not all are candidates for treatment. The economics experts who prepared the reports said it was too early to estimate the drug’s impact on Medicare because the program has not officially decided how to cover it.

The directors’ reports, which have been delayed for months, represent the government’s effort to assess the impact of last year’s pandemic and recession on Social Security and Medicare.

The US economy lost 22.4 million jobs in March and April 2020 as the pandemic forced businesses to shut down or cut hours and the economy entered recession.

But the recession was brief, and hiring rebounded as economic growth resumed. Employers have restored 16.7 million jobs since April 2020, but the gain still leaves the workforce 5.7 million jobs below what it was before the pandemic.

The administrators of social security and health insurance include the secretaries of the treasury, health and social services and labor, as well as the commissioner of social security. They are supposed to be joined by two “public trustees”, knowledgeable private citizens who are the eyes and ears of taxpayers and beneficiaries. But these positions have been vacant since before the end of the Obama administration. And this year, there is also no Social Security Commissioner, as President Joe Biden sacked Andrew Saul, a replacement for the Trump administration.

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Mortal Kombat Animated Movie Makes Everyone’s Favorite Canon Shaggy Meme


Mortal Kombat: Battle of the Realms features a brief appearance of Ultra Instinct Shaggy who uses 1% of his power to train Scorpion into the Netherrealm.

Mortal Kombat: Battle of the Realms, the latest animated adaptation of the ultra-violent franchise, surprised fans by making Ultra Instinct Shaggy canon.

Battle of the realms opens with the familiar WB Animation logo which is quickly opened by the fan favorite Mortal combat Scorpio character. After hopping on the screen, doing all kinds of flips and waving his chains, the logo is once again opened by none other than Shaggy du Scooby doo franchise. Yet this Shaggy looks different …

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Surrounded by a brilliant green aura, his eyes shining threateningly, Shabby grabs Scorpion by the neck and pulls him back into the Netherrealm, Mortal combatthe version of Hell. “Zoinks! Come here, man!” Shaggy exclaims, a cruel smile on his face. Once Scorpion is gone, Scooby’s usually relaxed owner returns to the plane to overwhelm audiences with his blinding power and shuts down the logo. It is currently unknown if Shaggy was using more than 1% of his power.

The short clip is a fun nod to a beloved meme that made a name for itself in 2017. Netizens began to proclaim Shaggy as the most powerful fiction ever, largely due to its effectiveness. brutal combat in Scooby Doo! The Legend of the Phantosaurus. The joke was accentuated with the title of Ultra Instinct, a new level of power achieved by Goku in Dragon ball super.

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Unfortunately, while Ultra Instinct Shaggy appears in the opening logos of Mortal Kombat: Battle of the Realms, he never actually appears in the film’s narrative. This is likely due to the fact that Shaggy’s existence in the movie would render all the other characters powerless and thus end the story too quickly.

Mortal Kombat: Battle of the Realms is available now on Blu-Ray and via digital platforms.

Keep Reading: Scoob !: Official Twitter Page Resurrects Ultra Instinct Shaggy Meme

Source: YouTube, via Polygone

Frank Oz of the Muppets

Frank Oz of the Muppets on his return to the franchise: “Disney doesn’t want me”

About the Author

Meet the little-known genius who helped make Pixar possible


Those few yards to the whiteboard allowed Smith to pass the point of no return. No one has written on Steve Jobs’ sacred whiteboard. As Smith took the marker and scribbled – he didn’t even remember what he had written – he was committing a Steve-icide. “I wanted to get out of there,” he says. “I didn’t want this guy’s poison in my life anymore.”

Smith spent the following year locked in his office. He had realized that personal computer users could benefit from his advanced graphics. So he started writing an application that stood out for what he called “floating imagery,” which allowed users to easily move objects. “You couldn’t believe what you were seeing,” says Eric Lyons, an Autodesk executive who saw a first demo. “It wasn’t something Photoshop could do back then.”

Meanwhile, there was good news from Disney. In a meeting with the Disney Animation Tsar, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jobs, Smith, Catmull and Lasseter collaborated. Toy story got a provisional green light. Once Smith made sure the movie was made, he left Pixar. (Years later, Lasseter resigned from the company after accusations of sexual harassment.)

Like a computer graphics Moses, Smith helped deliver Pixar to the Promised Land. But he never entered it himself. Film after film, The life of an insect To Ratatouille To Soul– the studio has pushed the boundaries of technology and art, realizing the vision Smith nurtured in a full cast, on Acid trips, in Long Island mansions and on Lucasfilm’s after-spells . His former Pixar colleagues are unanimous in recognizing his contributions. But after he left, Smith’s name was taken off the website, an excision he said was somewhat of a betrayal. Catmull says he doesn’t view the websites as historical documents.

Smith did not escape cleanly. With Lyons and a third co-founder, he creates a company to sell his new image editing software. They named the company Altamira, after cave paintings dating from around 20,000 years ago in Spain. But there was a catch. “Alvy hadn’t written that he could take his code with him,” code written while an employee of Pixar, Catmull said. Jobs demanded that Altamira pay him a huge royalty for every copy sold, scaring potential investors away. After lengthy negotiations, Jobs signed in exchange for a stake in Smith’s company.

One day, Smith was at home with his wife and two sons when he felt “an intense howling pain” in his chest. A colony of bacteria had invaded one of his lungs, forming the equivalent of a bark that had to be removed surgically. A month later, on a ferry ride to Vancouver, he again felt pain. The same had happened to his second lung. To date, he has only a third of his normal lung capacity. “I asked, why did I get it? ” he says. “My answer is, absolute stress.” Catmull agrees: “Basically it was a life-threatening experience, which arose out of the pressure of Steve being late. “

The wasted months proved to be crippling for the start-up. Around this time, Photoshop released a competing feature called “layers”. Altamira sales were weak and the company needed a lifeline. Smith was introduced to Nathan Myhrvold, who ran Microsoft Research. “I just wanted the marketing help from Microsoft,” says Smith. Instead, Myhrvold bought the business, even though he wanted Smith more than his product. Smith spent four years there and retired in 1999. “I had decided along the way that they didn’t really care about my ideas,” he says.

Smith’s next move baffled his friends: he became a genealogist. He began to methodically explore his heritage and, in 2010, was elected a fellow of the American Society of Genealogists. Honor is limited to only 50 people alive and requires a qualified majority vote.

Team Harley Quinn’s Season 6 Animated Episode Teased by Showrunner


Lucifer’s co-showrunner Joe Henderson teases the upcoming animated episode which came to life with help from the Harley Quinn series crew.

LuciferThe co-showrunner teases the musical episode for Season 6, which was made with help from the Harley quinn team. The series, created in 2016, follows the character of Lucifer Morningstar (Ellis) as he leaves hell and decides to live in Los Angeles. Morningstar first opened her own nightclub and soon found herself acting as a consultant for the LAPD.

The series evolved beyond its procedural pitfalls, gradually introducing mythology and welcoming more characters into the fold. One of the reasons for the success of Lucifer, allowing her to be saved by Netflix after being canceled by Fox, was in her willingness to experiment with the show’s formula. There was a musical episode of Lucifer, a black episode, an episode that makes a secondary character the main protagonist, and others. The trailer for the sixth and final season of Lucifer, arrived on September 10, revealed an animated adventure. Joe Henderson, the co-showrunner and executive producer of Lucifer, revealed how it all came together.

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In an interview with Collider, Henderson noted that he always wanted to put an animated spin on Lucifer. He explained that, as has been the case with many shows, COVID-19 has allowed the writers of the Netflix series to experience an animated format. As he stopped before revealing how Lucifer and Chloe morph into cartoons for one episode, Henderson stressed that the premise would feel “biologicalTo the spirit of the show. The showrunner also congratulated Harley quinn supervising producer Jennifer Coyle and the HBO Max series animators, as they helped design the episode. Henderson’s quote has been included below.

“We were kind of talking about doing a Hanna-Barbera style, and then they also worked out a bunch of Looney Tunes influences, which you see a lot in there. I mean, we gave them our instincts and they just stole. They are amazing. As if they were just amazing to work with. I mean, we had the starting point, but they brought it to life.

Lucifer and God have a tense discussion

Henderson is right to point out that while COVID-19 has restricted the possibilities for storytelling in some ways, it has released others. Multiple shows, long-running crime drama The blacklist to the critically acclaimed comedy PEN15, have made lively installments recently. Lucifer, for its part, has the additional advantage of working with the Harley quinn team. Since its creation in 2019, Harley quinn has been hailed in some corners as one of the best adaptations of any DC character. In particular, critics have pointed out this show’s ability to use animation in a way that informs the characters. Henderson alludes to this very quality in his remarks, which will make “Yabba Dabba Do Me” worth watching once it hits Netflix.

And, in general, perhaps inspired by its titular Devil, Lucifer tends to have fun whenever he has the opportunity to twist his procedural structure. The musical episode of the series was remarkable, with particular praise for the way the actors approached their performances with enthusiasm. In a different vein, The Dark Episode allowed the show to play with established relationships and bring back former show regulars in new roles. Looking at the show’s track record, in addition to the talent involved in front and behind the camera, it’s possible that the positive trend will continue.

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Source: Collider

Ted Lasso Season 2: would Rebecca really come out [SPOILER]?

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The skinniest townhouse in the village is for sale again


Photo: dbimages / Alamy Stock Photo

Every neighborhood has a property that changes hands over and over again, and some of them are confusing: is the reason a surprisingly noisy corner, a terrible neighbor, a resident ghost? But 75-½ Bedford Street is back on the market again, and here the reason is not particularly mysterious. The townhouse is nine and a half feet wide, and it is outside. The interiors are only eight feet and one inch in diameter.

For years, residents have given interviews claiming to have happily adapted to the unique challenges of living in a house with rooms barely wide enough for a bed, but real estate records suggest they are all bored of it. as soon as possible. Since 2000, the thinnest townhouse in the Village, and quite possibly the city, has changed hands three times. The most recent turnaround occurred in 2013, when George Gund IV, “the descendant of eminent Clevelanders”, Bought it for 3.25 million dollars. (The deed was transferred a fourth time in 2015, but for $ 0 to an LLC that appears to be affiliated with the Gund family.) Even its most famous resident, poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, only lasted ‘a little over a year.

The house contains a quite respectable 999 square feet of living space, but it is spread over three floors (there is also a basement, but the layout is so tight, that at least in the past it was accessed. via a hatch in the kitchen). “Upon entering the house, a visitor enters what appears to be a generously distributed entrance hall, with a sofa along one wall. But the entrance turns out to be a very narrow living room ”, the Wall Street newspaper reported after the last sale. Gund claimed that several friends organized an intervention before he closed the house, to make sure he knew what he was doing. But he told them he was buying the house out of passion, not for profit. “I see it as a form of stewardship,” he said.

If the house sells for the asking price of $ 4.99 million this time around, Gund will make a good profit. Although that’s a big one though: the price comes in at almost $ 5,000 per square foot, which for a village townhouse is unusually steep (much like the stairs, one assumes). For comparison, a 21-foot-wide townhouse on East 11th Street that sold for $ 28 million earlier this year was $ 3,778 per square foot.

Of course, 75-½ Bedford is exceptionally charming, which seems to be the reason it continues to sell despite its obvious downsides. Besides her fairytale aura and Millay’s brief residence, other notable former residents include cartoonist William Steig, anthropologist Margaret Mead (who was Steig’s sister-in-law and lived there with him and his sister), and John Barrymore and Cary Grant, who (separately) stayed there briefly as a rooming house for actors working at the nearby Cherry Lane Theater.

Stewardship, security and profitability are common themes among buyers. “I fell in love with the house when I saw it, but I want to be its keeper,” said architect Christopher Dubbs, who bought the house for $ 270,000 in 1993, renovated it and l ‘listed for rent at $ 6,000 per month. years later, said to New York Times. In other words, Dubbs and his partner didn’t really want to live there. They sold the house, furnished, in 2000, for an undisclosed sum, to a businessman who used it when he was in town for work, then he let his daughter and her boyfriend move in. The 23-year-old recounted AMNY that she planned to stay until her parents kick them out, although she doesn’t think this is a place to raise children, describing one of the bathrooms as follows: “If you slide the door shut, your knees bump into it. The shower head is against the wall, so if you want to wash one armpit, you turn it one way and then the other to wash the other.

The businessman sold the property to an LLC for $ 2.175 million in 2010, which sold it three years later to Gund. It now has two bathrooms, although one is absolutely tiny (three feet seven inches wide). There are three fairly deep but narrow bedrooms, as well as a shared rear garden and a constant stream of groups of tourists and passers-by who stop and watch.

A smaller Marvel game turned out to be better than the big budget Avengers


Spider-Man crossing New York while escaping from MODOK.

Look, you can play as Spider-Man!

I know I know. The last thing the world seems to need right now is another Marvel video game. Looks like a dozen have been announced and about as many have been released in the last few years. On top of that, this is a mobile game so I know a lot of you have played it before. But listen to me. I think Marvel Future Revolution is a fun open-world MMORPG that’s packed with wild cartoon energy and isn’t as boring to play as Marvel Avengers.

The first thing that impressed me Marvel Future Revolution was the list of characters he was cast with. You get your usual Iron Man and Captain America, but that also includes Storm, Captain Marvel, and Dr. Strange, heroes who don’t appear as often in games as other more widely used Marvel characters. Future revolution Also launching this week on iOS and Android with Spider-Man, a character who still hasn’t appeared in Square Enix Avengers Game. The initial roster is completed by Star-Lord, who, like the other characters on offer here, is heavily inspired by his MCU counterpart.

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Marvel Future Revolution ‘The story isn’t particularly original, focusing on other dimensions and alternate Earths clashing with each other, causing different versions of heroes and villains to come face-to-face with their overpowered lookalikes. If you’ve read Marvel comics or played superhero games in the past decade, you’ve probably come across this type of setup. But while it’s not a single story, it does help explain why 200 Spider-Men are running around the same area.

Developed by Netmarble, Marvel Future Revolution is marketed as the first Marvel-themed open-world action RPG. This is technically true, but he ignores that Future revolution is too an MMO in many ways. It almost looks like Marvel wants us all to forget about the game Marvel heroes existed. As Marvel heroes, you choose a hero and level him up as you travel through various worlds filled with other players, defeating baddies and collecting loot. However, Future revolution Also includes plenty of side quests and loot that actually change your hero’s appearance, not just their stats. This means that you can end up with some really ugly superheroes early on when you grab and equip any new, better gear you acquire.

Various superheroes standing in a crowd.

Various superheroes standing in a crowd.

You can play with different camera angles, like this one that feels more Diablo-As.

Fight in Future revolution is simple, but fortunately not boring. You have different abilities that you unlock and upgrade as you level up. You then equip some of them and activate them during combat while moving through the level using a virtual controller. Some of these attacks are more useful for groups of enemies, while others are better suited for one-on-one combat, and others stun or incapacitate enemies, allowing you to create combos. While you can simply mash the virtual buttons that correspond to each ability and get through most fights, larger fight sequences or boss encounters require skill and precision. There’s also an dodge button, allowing you to steer away from deadly attacks or evade mobs of thugs.

Granted, it’s not an incredibly deep or complex combat system, but it’s not straightforward either, and I felt like I got better in combat over time, mastering certain abilities and developing skills. strategies for particular enemies. Honestly, I prefer to play this game compared to the much bigger version from last year. Marvel Avengers because in Future revolution the heroes feel powerful, able to easily defeat dozens of random thugs and robots. I’ll take this on the fragile heroes in Avengers who get shot by the same Adaptoids over and over again.

Future revolution Also features surprising depth of RPG and gear systems. You have your main hero, who you can level up through missions and items, unlock new skills, and increase your stats in the process. But you can also unlock battle badges that improve your character’s stats, improve your team’s combined power level, collect and equip cards that help you deal more damage or find better loot, and more. . The game is good at slowly introducing you to its more complex systems as you progress, but I suspect some players might still find it all a little too overwhelming and walk away.

If that’s how you feel, here’s a tip: you can always tap “auto-equip” and the game will make all of those decisions for you. It might mean you’re losing a specific perk or build, but it’s nice to have the option to just say “Uh … I don’t know!” And basically asking the game to figure everything out.

Ironman fights Modok on a rooftop in New York.

Ironman fights Modok on a rooftop in New York.

This being a free-to-play mobile RPG, you’re probably wondering if or how the game puts microtransactions and ads in your face as you play. And yes, no shock here, Future revolution contains microtransactions, allowing you to purchase new costumes, gear, character slots, consumable items, and more. Fortunately, the game doesn’t constantly beat you up with these purchasable items. And there are no energy timers or mission limiters. You can easily play this game for hours without spending a dime. I also never had to watch a video ad or anything really boring like that. Overall, it looks pretty nice and cold compared to other mobile games I play that seem determined to stick an ad on every screen and menu.

I did not expect to enjoy Future revolution as much as I am right now. The easy yet active combat system, mixed in with a weird and silly comic book storyline and the ability to play as less-seen heroes really helped this free-to-play RPG hold onto me, and I’m surprised to say I am. have more fun with than Marvel Avengers. Maybe in 10 more hours I’ll hit a paywall or I’ll be bored, but right now I’m having a blast being Spider-Man, ugly, mismatched suit and all.

HBO Max Unveils ‘So She Did’ Campaign, Film; Hulu Launches Animated Series – Deadline


UPDATE, 11:45 am: moving woman, a feature documentary honoring Star Trek alum Nichelle Nichols, was uploaded to the International Space Station and was made available to NASA employees to mark Women’s Equality Day. The movie, from Stars North films, Shout! Studios and Concourse Media, is available for astronauts aboard the International Space Station to watch anytime, and for NASA employees and contractors until September 6.

Directed by Todd Thompson, the film chronicles how Nichols turned her sci-fi television stardom into a true science career when she embarked on a campaign to bring diversity to NASA in 1977.

moving woman is available on demand and digitally and is broadcast on Paramount +.

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“Love Life”: Steven Boyer joins season 2 of the HBO Max Anthology series

PREVIOUS, August 26: Today is Women’s Equality Day in the United States, celebrated annually on August 26 to commemorate the passage in 1920 of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits states and government to deny the right to vote to US citizens on the basis of gender. .

In honor of the day, HBO Max unveiled its “So She Did” campaign initiative, as well as a short film that celebrates women who have been told they are “too much,” those who break all the rules to be who they genuinely are. The film presents Jordan Alexander (Gossip Girl), Laura Donnelly (Les Nevers), Susie Essman (Sidewalk), Myha’la Herrold (Industry), Martha Plimpton (Generation + ion), Lisa Ling (CNN That’s life with Lisa Ling), Hannah Einbinder (Hacks), Sion Moreno (Gossip Girl) and Eyricka Lanvin (Legendary).

You can watch it here:

HBO Max also commemorates the pioneers behind the camera with the “So She Did” sets on its home page, Series & Movies page, Documentaries page, Comedy page, and the HBO hub.

Hulu marks the day with the launch of an animated television series celebrating three remarkable women and their monumental stories.

Made by her: monumental women is a 3-part animated television series that explores the lives of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Coretta Scott King. The series, with 5-7 minute episodes, was created and produced by Hulu’s in-house creative team in partnership with Black Women Animate. The series will air on September 2 with Marjory Stoneman Douglas, followed by the RBG episode on September 9 and the Coretta Scott King episode on September 16.

Arizona program offers vouchers to parents who remove their children from schools where masks are required | Education News


Arizona families whose children are enrolled in school districts defying state law by requiring masks or temporarily shutting down due to COVID-19 outbreaks can take advantage of a new school voucher program from $ 10 million – a program funded with federal help from the newest coronavirus relief program.

“Our COVID-19 educational recovery benefit will allow parents to exercise their choice regarding their child’s education and COVID-19 mitigation strategies,” Republican Governor Doug Ducey said in announcing the program last week. “It will also give families in need the opportunity to access educational resources such as tutoring, child care, transportation and other needs.”

In doing so, Arizona becomes the first state to use federal aid from the American Rescue Plan to fund a controversial school-choice program – though likely not the last because the controversial debate over masks, vaccines, and School closures intensified between some Republican governors and the Biden administration.

In Arizona, the Republican-controlled legislature included language in its budget spending bill prohibiting school districts from mandating masks and vaccines or shutting down due to coronavirus outbreaks. School system principals in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson and at least seven other districts are defying the law and demanding masks anyway – joining dozens of school districts from other Republican-controlled states that have put restrictions in place similar.

$ 10 million voucher program allows low-income families whose children are enrolled in school districts requiring masks or whose schools have reverted to virtual learning due to outbreaks to apply for up to 7,000 $ to cover private school tuition, online tutoring, transportation and child care. It was announced alongside a plan to also withhold federal relief funds from these school districts – creating a new $ 163 million school grant program with US bailout funding that is only available to schools adhering to state law.

Cartoons about the coronavirus

The Biden administration has pledged to support school districts financially penalized by their state to implement risk mitigation strategies they deem necessary to keep schools open. But Ducey’s announcement does a big job for Republicans.

The highly contagious delta variant, which is driving up infection, transmission and hospitalization rates across the country, has caught principals off guard and scuttled well-prepared back-to-school plans, especially in states and school districts where masks are optional and vaccination rates are low. Yet the vast majority of parents want their children to learn in person this school year, including those of children under 12, who are not yet eligible for vaccination, and those whose children are immunocompromised – despite the increase. pediatric infections.

The voucher program seeks to lure into the school’s camp of choice dedicated public school parents who, after a year and a half of virtual school, hybrid school, and unpredictable quarantines, need a additional support. He also plays an important role in energizing the GOP base by elevating the controversial debate over masks, vaccines and school closures – issues Republican leaders are addressing ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. .

“When schools are trying to dictate and mandate and it doesn’t work for a family, give parents other options to choose from,” DeVos told Fox News earlier this month. “If that doesn’t work for your child, you should be able to take your child to another school that will work for him.”

Later this month, DeVos will headline a school choice summit in New Hampshire alongside former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and David McIntosh, president of the Club for Growth, a influential and cash-rich conservative group with the intention of focusing on the hot button K -12 cultural war issues as the midterm elections approach, including school choice and mask terms and vaccine.

“School choice will be a major issue on the ballot in 2022 and beyond, and Democrats will either start to listen to parents or lose more elections,” said McIntosh, a former member of the Indiana Congress. “Parents deserve to have a say in how their education tax money is spent, and the combination of mismanagement of the pandemic and attempts to impose ultra-leftist policies in the classroom has led more and more parents and elected officials to question the status quo. “

Some parent surveys reinforce their strategy: when asked in June if they supported the right to use taxpayer money spent on their child’s education to send their child to a public or private school, 80% of parents who send their children to public schools said they support this right, up from 67% when asked the same question in April 2020, according to a RealClear Opinion Research poll.

At the same time, about 6 in 10 Americans say that students and teachers eligible for COVID-19 vaccines should be required to receive it, according to a new poll from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research released on Monday.

School choice programs such as tax credit vouchers and scholarships have proven popular amid the ongoing pandemic: Since the start of 2021, 18 states have adopted new school choice programs or expanded 21 existing ones. , according to EdChoice, creating vouchers, scholarships and tax credits available to at least 4.5 million new students. Maximum participation in new and expanded offerings would mean that the number of students participating in a program of private school choice could almost quadruple – although the pool of students operating such programs would still represent only 4% of K- students. 12 of the country.

“As part of their portfolio of school recovery activities, state and local governments should consider establishing educational restoration benefits to provide direct financial assistance to low-income families,” says John Bailey, researcher principal at the American Enterprise Institute in a new report on how states and districts can tap into the various funding streams included in the US bailout.

Arizona is the only state so far to use federal aid from the US bailout in this way – although New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Tennessee have used previous rounds of federal aid against coronavirus to strengthen similar school choice programs.

Earlier this month, the Florida Board of Education voted unanimously to allow parents to enroll their children in a private or charter school to avoid mask warrants and other COVID-19 restrictions. Funding would come from the state’s Hope Scholarship – not federal aid. Meanwhile, in Tennessee, the president of the Republican House is threatening to provide school vouchers to families in school districts in need of masks.

“The federal government has used direct financial assistance extensively throughout the pandemic to provide income support, rent assistance and food assistance to families,” Bailey said. “It exhibits the benefits of speed and flexibility to meet the immediate needs of individuals and families to overcome the disruption created by COVID-19. “

Why Michael C. Hall returned after the series finale


Did the finae of the series widely derided Showtime’s serial killer drama “Dexter” influences decision to bring the series back for a new series of events?

This certainly motivated star Michael C. Hall to try and come up with a more satisfying ending for fans who watched the series when it originally aired from 2006-2013.

“The way the series proper ended has a lot to do with why we’re revisiting the show and the character, ”Hall told reporters during a Television Critics Association panel for the 10-episode sequel, “Dexter: new blood” (due November 7 9 EDT / PDT).

“A lot of what was mystifying or unsatisfying to people is what creates appetites” for the new season, he says. “The show didn’t end in a definite way for people or give anyone a sense of closure. We didn’t hear from Dexter… and I think that left the audience feeling like it was. ‘suspended animation “about” what happened with this guy. “

The new series, which takes place around a decade after the events of the 2013 series finale, is less an attempt to fix the mistakes of the finale and more of moving on to a new story, the cast and creators said. In the new season, Dexter leads a semi-normal life in a small, snowy town in upstate New York. This is a far cry from the glamorous, sunny Miami setting of the original eight-season series.

“He’s not in the same place he was when we left him,” Hall said. In fact, he concocts a normal life and tries to live one. “

And while the new setting introduces many new characters, some favorites are returning, including Dexter’s son Harrison (Jack Alcott), now grown up and looking for answers from his father.

“The theme of the season quickly became fathers and sons,” executive producer Clyde Phillips said. “Dexter has a lot of work to do to win back his son and prove he’s a good father, and I think we’ll get there.”

But while there are many callbacks to the original series, Phillips was quick to point out that this was not “the ninth season of ‘Dexter’.”

“This is a whole new incarnation of the series, a whole new take on the series,” he said of what Showtime calls a special event series. “He has nothing to do with his previous life other than who he is. By the time the first image appears, you can see that we are in a whole new world.”

Hall also added that he wanted to return to “Dexter” because it was a good time to revisit the character.

“There were a lot of moving parts, which all came together,” he said. “But I think a big part of it was that enough time had passed for Harrison to be a certain age to presumably be someone who can afford to find his father.”

Showtime Entertainment President Gary Levine said he was still troubled by the lack of closure at the end of “Dexter,” something Hall was hoping the new series could resolve for fans.

“I certainly hope watching the show is a satisfying experience for people who originally watched it and are curious about what happened to it. I certainly hope it provides definitive answers. ”

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US cartoon The Loud House soars on Netflix with filming in Scotland


AN award-winning American cartoon skyrocketed the global Netflix charts with a film set in Scotland starring David Tennant and Michelle Gomez.

Nickelodeon’s The Loud House was created by Chris Savino and premiered in 2016, and has spanned five seasons since.

It stars Lincoln Loud (Asher Bishop) who is the only boy in a family of eleven children residing in the imaginary town of Royal Woods in Michigan.

The Loud family includes his sisters Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn Jr, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa and Lily.

David Tennant lends his voice acting skills to the film

It was the top-rated children’s animated series on American television in its first month, and received the GLAAD Media Awards for supporting characters Howard and Harold McBride, who are an interracial gay married couple.

The family’s latest adventure can be seen in The Loud House Movie, released on Netflix on August 20.

Promoting the film, the streamer said, “Along with his parents and 10 sisters, Lincoln Loud heads to Scotland and learns that royalty is part of the family on this worldwide musical journey!”

The Loud House Movie is currently the second most-watched movie of the week on streaming giant Netflix, behind Jason Momoa’s Sweet Girl and ahead of The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf, which is an animated prequel to the series starring Henry Cavill and Scottish actors including Graham McTavish.

It also ranks second in the UK, ahead of Memories Of A Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes.

The National: Michelle Gomez downplays thoughts of Missy hanging out with the doctor

Michelle Gomez is also a star of the film

The Loud family’s travels in Scotland see them encounter such characters as the Gardener Angus, voiced by David Tennant, and the Guardian of Castle Morag, voiced by Michelle Gomez.

It was written by Chris Savino, Kevin Sulivan and Chris Viscardi, and was directed by Dave Needham.

The film sees Lisa from the Loud family discovering that Lynn Sr’s side is from Scotland.

Children are, naturally, in love with this fact, and Rita – Lynn Sr’s wife – agrees it’s time to vacation in our beautiful nation.

They end up traveling to a Scottish town they discover named Loch Loud after their own family.

It is then that they meet Angus and Morag who reveal that the local castle is in fact their ancestral home, and many hijackings ensue.

Director Needham had asked the film’s writers why Scotland was chosen specifically, previously stating that the family was from Europe.

They responded that they needed a place with a castle – and Needham, who grew up in Wales, immediately supported the choice, given he has a sister who lives here.

Daily cartoon and live briefing: Tuesday August 24, 2021


Women’s rights in Afghanistan by Osama Hajjaj, Jordan.

Today in the eyes of the editorial staff: Palm Coast City Council meets briefly in a special meeting to appoint a redistribution committee, as required by the city charter. The redistribution of electoral constituencies is carried out every 10 years in accordance with the results of the census, by balancing each of the city’s districts in proportion to their population. Each member of the municipal council will appoint a representative from each district. The mayor will appoint a person appointed in a personal capacity. The council will then hold a workshop where the city’s finance manager will present a final overview of the proposed budget. The agenda for the special meeting is here and the agenda for the workshop is here. Matanzas Woods Parkway viaduct closure coming Thursday: The Florida Department of Transportation will work on the Matanzas Woods Parkway between the two ramps of I-95 on Thursday, August 26, causing lane closures. The contractor on the project will keep one lane open at all times to allow traffic to alternate on the one lane segment and there will be a signage operation in place for traffic control safety. The project will stop from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. during the morning and afternoon school rushes. Magna Carta: Two months after the approval of the “Great Charter of Freedoms” by the King of England John – his barons force him to sign it – Pope Innocent III declares it invalid (the same bloodthirsty pope who launched the crusade against the Albigensian in the heart of France, inspiring many crusades in the Middle East), thus continuing the great tradition of the Church of piling one Syllabus of errors on another.

Vaccination and testing schedule from August 23 to 29: The Florida Department of Health in Flagler County is moving its Covid-19 testing operations to the Flagler County Fairgrounds, 150 Sawgrass Rd. In Bunnell. The site will be open on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. to allow testing of:

  • Flagler County School District students, teachers and school staff. No appointment is necessary.
  • The general public (those who are not employed by or do not attend local schools) by appointment only. Reservations can be made by calling 386-437-7350 ext. 0.

Several factors influenced the decision to conduct testing earlier and return to Cattleman’s Hall, including the afternoon heat, increased demand for testing and the adjustments requested by the case investigation team and department contact tracing. To note: On Friday August 27, testing and vaccination will take place at 301 Dr. Carter Blvd. from 8 a.m. to noon due to an event previously scheduled at the Parc des Expositions. As a reminder, the Ministry of Health does not not offer tests for travel verification. Vaccines will continue to be offered at the main health department location, 301 Dr. Carter Blvd. in Bunnell. The Pfizer clinic will be open three afternoons a week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 3.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. for the rest of August and through September. Dates are preferred; Walk-ins are welcome.

Please note that the health department is awaiting further instructions for the administration of the Pfizer and Moderna booster doses. CVS, Walgreens, Publix and Walmart are currently giving boosters to people with compromised immune systems. The DOH-Flagler will add these vaccinations to its operations at the Flagler County Fairgrounds next month. Details will be shared once plans are finalized. For more information on vaccination and Covid-19 testing locally, please visit flagler.floridahealth.gov. For testing and vaccination appointments, please call 386-437-7350 ext. 0 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

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For the full schedule, go here.

“In the vast spaces of error, the truth is but a point. Who found this unique point? Everyone claims to have done it, but on what evidence?

–Marmontel, “Bélisaire” (1767).

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Cuomo grants clemency to 6 people, including pilot Heist de Brink | New York News


NEW YORK (AP) – Hours before leaving office, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday granted clemency to six people, including the driver of a deadly armored truck theft in 1981 whose release was defended by her son, San Francisco’s highest attorney.

David Gilbert, 76, is serving a life sentence for his role in Brink’s failed 1981 heist in upstate New York, a bloody heist involving left-wing revolutionaries that left a guard and two police dead.

He is among the last surviving people still trapped in the $ 1.6 million theft often seen as the last breath of ’60s radicalism.

Thanks to Cuomo’s action, he will be referred to the state parole board for potential release. Under his sentence, he would not have been eligible for parole until 2056. In a press release, Cuomo’s office said that during his incarceration, Gilbert made a significant contribution to education and training programs. AIDS prevention and worked as a tutor, law library clerk. , paralegal, teaching assistant and teaching assistant in various prison programs.

Gilbert’s son, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, said his “heart was breaking and he was also in pain for the families of the three victims.”

Political cartoons

Republican Assembly Member Mike Lawler, who represents Rockland County, where the theft took place, criticized the governor’s action.

“Andrew Cuomo’s final act as governor is a disgusting betrayal of the people of Rockland County,” he said in a statement. “This year will mark the 40th anniversary of Brink’s robbery and rather than standing alongside the brave men and women of law enforcement, Andrew Cuomo has once again stabbed them in the back.”

Four men whose sentences were commuted Monday by Cuomo were in jail on murder convictions.

Cuomo also pardoned Lawrence Penn, a private equity fund manager who served two years for falsifying business records in connection with allegations he stole millions of dollars from investors.

Last week, Cuomo granted clemency to 10 people, including Jon-Adrian Velazquez, whose unsuccessful campaign to exonerate the 1998 murder of a retired New York City police officer was championed by the actor Martin Sheen.

Perhaps none of these cases had Brink’s heist fame.

Brink’s guard Peter Paige and Sgt. Edward O’Grady and Officer Waverly Brown of the Nyack Police Department were killed in the robbery and subsequent shootout at a nearby roadblock.

Gilbert, an unarmed runaway driver, has been charged with theft and murder because people were killed during the crime. He and two co-defendants presented themselves as freedom fighters and deemed their trial illegitimate. During a court hearing, Gilbert and co-accused Judith Clark raised their fists and shouted “Free the earth!” “

Clark was granted parole in 2019, three years after Cuomo commuted his sentence, noting his “exceptional progress in personal development.”

Gilbert’s fight for freedom gained attention when Boudin, who was only 14 months old when he went to jail, campaigned for the San Francisco district attorney last year.

Boudin ran a progressive campaign in which he said visiting his parents Kathy Boudin and Gilbert in prison showed him the criminal justice system was broken.

“On the eve of the birth of my first child, my father, David Gilbert, obtained clemency,” Boudin said in an email to The Associated Press. “Although he never used a gun or wanted to hurt anyone, my father’s crime caused untold damage and devastated the lives of many separate families. I will continue to keep these families in my heart.

Steve Zeidman, the lawyer and law professor who spearheaded Gilbert’s pardon campaign, said he was thrilled for Gilbert and his family.

“David has the opportunity to present his case to the board of trustees, an opportunity to live outside the prison walls,” said Zeidman, co-director of the Defenders Clinic at the City University of New Law School. York.

The director of the campaign for the release of the elderly in prison, Jose Saldana, celebrated the pardons but said there were many more who deserved to be released.

“Governor Kathy Hocuhl will inherit an indefensible racist and brutal prison system and we hope she will lead our state towards a more humane justice system,” Saldana said in a statement.

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

John Robinson | The Gazette




John Vernon Robinson of Marion, Iowa, died suddenly of natural causes on Friday August 20, 2021. John, the fourth of five children born to Margaret and George Francis (Robbie) Robinson, was born on May 15, 1949 in Ottumwa, Iowa.

After graduating from Walsh High School in Ottumwa in 1967, John began his college education at Parsons College in Fairfield, Iowa. He graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, where he earned a master’s degree in social work. After working with troubled youth in Eldora, Iowa, and at Mount Pleasant, Iowa State Hospital, John decided to go back to school. He earned a master’s degree in school psychology from the University of Iowa.

After graduating from Iowa, John briefly worked as a school psychologist for the Grant Wood Area Education Agency (AEA) in Cedar Rapids. He then decided to work as a school psychologist in international schools abroad from 1979. For the next 20 years John lived and worked in international schools in five different countries including Belgium, Egypt, Japan, Bangladesh and Thailand.

In 1999 John returned to the United States and again worked as a school psychologist for AEA Grant Wood in Cedar Rapids. He worked at several schools in and around Cedar Rapids until his retirement in 2014.

John enjoyed international travel, reading and writing, cartoons, opera, and political discussions with anyone who was brave enough to broach the subject with him. John never married, but he was a loving brother and supportive uncle to his many nieces and nephews.

John was predeceased by his parents and sister, Janie.

He is survived by his brother, Frank (Donna) of Walford, Iowa; sister, Karolyn Oim) Daughter of Ottumwa, Iowa; and her sister, Mary Beth (Steve) Craig of Urbandale, Iowa. He is also survived by seven nieces and eight nephews, as well as 25 great-nieces and grand-nephews.

According to his wishes, John will be cremated and his remains will be buried near his parents in Ottumwa, Iowa. In light of the current Covid restrictions, there will be a subsequent celebration of John’s life for friends and family.

Please share your support and memories with John’s family on his tribute wall at www.stewartbaxter.com under obituaries.

10 best underdogs in Disney animated movies


Everyone loves an outsider, and it’s a story trope that probably dates back to the beginning of literature, not to mention cinema. And there’s probably no better source for these triumphant stories than storytelling giant Walt Disney Pictures.

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Watching beloved Disney characters and heroes rise from their ashes to overcome the villain or obstacles that stand in the way of their goal is an age-old tradition for all Disney fans. As the home of some of the most beloved characters in all of fiction, it’s no surprise that most of them are tried, true, and triumphant underdogs.

ten Dumbo – Dumbo (1941)

Dumbo holding the tale of Timothy Q. Mouse

Since there is no better place to start than the beginning, it is only fair that the famous flying elephant, Dumbo, starts the list. Dumbo was not only one of the studio’s first films, but one of their most cherished and beloved oppressed characters. Going from an embarrassing clown act to a feat of high-flying aerial wonder is quite a leap for anyone.

Dumbo might earn most of her praise for her wide-eyed cuteness, but her story is a classic tale that has inspired many more since. Disney basically created the archetype for Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and other similar stories.

9 Cinderella – Cinderella (1950)

Cinderella and Prine Charming greet each other at the ball

It may seem unusual for Cinderella to make an appearance on this list, but fans shouldn’t forget that she is the best example of a rags-to-riches story. Cinderella never wanted to become a princess with all the pomp and glamor that the title offers. At the end of the day, all she wanted was to go to the ball.

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While this could easily be one of the most stereotypical fairy tales in the studio, Cinderella made her wish come true by continually being kind and compassionate, even when the world around her wasn’t. It’s cliché, but it’s still one of the biggest examples of how a little kindness can go a long way.

8 Nemo – Finding Nemo (2003)

Nemo and Dora swimming in the water.

Similar to Dumbo, the adventures of Nemo in The world of Nemo and the struggles he goes through are all a tall order for a little guy in a big world. Consider the following: Nemo has every odds against him from birth. He has a bossy father who stifles his development, and he has moved away from home dozens of kilometers from the reef. It would be impossible to see him as anything other than an outsider.

While the movie is more about Marlin as the main character than his son, Nemo is going through some basic development that changes him for the better. This fin might just be lucky after all.

7 Aladdin – Aladdin (1992)

Aladdin characters

Replace Cinderella’s fairy godmother with a genius voiced by Robin Williams and Aladdin is essentially a similar story. But since Cindy didn’t have to face an evil wizard to make her happy forever, Aladdin has more than enough reason to outdo her.

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Yes, it’s a rag-to-riches story, but Aladdin’s adventures are easily the most perilous. He goes from a thief living on the streets to one of Disney’s most recognizable heroes, a diamond in the rough if ever there was one.

6 Milo Thatch – Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

Atlantis The Lost Empire Disney Movie

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a Disney sci-fi masterpiece, as well as one of the most underrated gems in the Disney library, and Milo Thatch is easily one of the most underrated outsiders in the world. studio history. At first glance, Milo is the epitome of the nerdy stereotype, but he finds himself on a grand quest where he’s not only known for his brain but uses it to save the day.

Milo isn’t just a geek who becomes a hero at the end of the movie, he’s a hero who draws on his intellect, skills, and knowledge to overcome conflict. He’s smart, he’s brave, but most of all he’s consistent.

5 Simba – The Lion King (1994)

Simba may not seem like an underdog, at first he is basically royalty by birth after all. But his exile from Pride Rock forces him to embark on a character development journey. With a little help from a certain baboon swinging a stick, he is able to overcome his fears and doubts and reclaim the throne.

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He might not be the most famous underdog on this list, but his film is arguably the most beloved. From the exiled lion cub to the ruler of all Pride Lands, Simba’s tale is practically Shakespearean in its narrative, making it the shining gem of the Disney Renaissance.

4 Hercules – Hercules (1997)

Disney hercules

When his theme song is literally “Zero to Hero,” there’s no way Herc won’t be mentioned on this list. But where Simba rose from little to king, Hercules became a god. Stripped of his immortality, thanks to the villainous plot of the villainous Hades, he had to regain his status as an Olympian by becoming a “true hero,” but, as any true Disney buff knows, it takes more than a few fallen monsters to walk through. this distance.

While he still retained his divine strength, Herc still had to learn that there are forces greater than his impending divinity. As cliché as the “Look Into Your Heart” message may be, Zeus was not wrong. Fortunately, neither did Wonderboy.

3 Quasimodo – The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1996)

“They just don’t make them like they used to be” is a phrase often used to describe Disney’s adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Not only is this film one of the most mature and moving plays the studio has ever released, Quasimodo is going through the most heartbreaking development of any Disney character.

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The world is cruel and mean, but through his emotional journey with Esmerelda, Phoebus, and the Gargoyles, Quasi also learns just how accepted he can be. His happy ending might not be what audiences were expecting, but it’s definitely the one he and his beautiful soul deserved.

2 Nick and Judy – Zootopia (2016)

Judy and Nick in Disney's Zootopia

Nick and Judy are both mentioned because not only are they both a pair of Disney outsiders, but their stories both take divergent approaches to achieving the same end goal. Both overcome societal prejudices and struggle to achieve their goals. Where Judy’s obstacles are directed more towards her stature rather than her only species, Nick is almost entirely against her vulpine status and her devious and harmful stereotypes.

What sets their story apart is how grounded it is in reality, and not just for the residents of Zootopia. Societal pressures and prejudices are all too real for many fans and can be a devastating stumbling block for anyone. Nick and Judy demonstrate how not only can they be beaten, but they can be beaten by anyone.

1 Mickey Mouse – Miscellaneous

Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse

Not only is Mickey the leader of the club, but he has been continually chosen and recast as Disney’s most famous underdog. From the earliest Willie Steamboat to more modern examples, like The three Musketeers, Mickey can start at the bottom, but he always ends up at the top.

His outsider nature is what makes Mickey one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time. He’s pretty much the epitome of all that is positive, and there is nothing better than seeing such a cute and perky character repeatedly triumph over the villain and win the heart of lovely Minnie over and over again. The formula works for a reason.

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10 scariest entities in horror movies, ranked

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The movie – Why the reviews are so positive


PAW Patrol: The Movie has been released in theaters and on Paramount +, and reviews have been pretty positive overall. Here’s why critics love the movie.

2021 Paw Patrol: The Movie debuted on August 21, and the film’s critical reception has been pretty positive overall. Based on the hugely popular children’s animated series and the toy line of the same name, Paw Patrol: The Movie stars Iain Armitage, Marsai Martin, Ron Pardo, Yara Shahidi, Kingsley Marshall, Keegan Hedley, Lilly Bartlam, Shayle Simons, Kim Kardashian, Randall Park, Dax Shepard, Tyler Perry, Jimmy Kimmel and Will Brisbin. After its opening weekend in the United States and Canada, the film has already grossed more than $ 35 million worldwide, on a budget of $ 26 million.

For years, Paw Patrol has been at the top of children’s television, establishing an internationally successful franchise that includes the original cartoon, as well as toys, merchandise, video games, and touring shows. As early as 2017, there were reports that the series was considering a leap to the big screen. Although some changes in scope and animation style have been made in Paw Patrol: The Movie, main story, characters, and tone are all in line with what fans and parents have come to expect over the years.

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Now that Paw Patrol: The Movie has finally arrived in theaters and for streaming on Paramount +, it’s time to see if the wait was worth it. Overall, the film received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics, although it also has its fair share of detractors. Seems like the movie successfully conveys the best qualities of the series, including its simple but compelling messages to kids, fun action, and likable characters. Find out what the critics are saying Paw Patrol: The Movie below.

Washington post:

“A better film than it should be, with polished visuals, an exceptional score and a story that, while simple, is well told.”


“Any gross consumption is overshadowed by disarming and demonstrable themes and meaningful feelings woven into the textured fabric of the film. “

The Envelope:

“Brunker and his co-authors are finding a way to deliver a multi-layered story that can captivate toddlers while entertaining older viewers and not whining at some of the propaganda messages.”


“Parents will appreciate the way the puppies approach problem solving, working together to make the most of each character’s talents.”


“When it comes to life lessons, it’s hard to find a better one than appreciating the heroes among us. When it comes to a cute message hidden in an entertaining movie that your kids will love, “PAW Patrol” is indeed on a roll.

Mixture of cultures:

“PAW Patrol: The Movie is a light, family-friendly animated film with a multigenerational appeal. It won’t win any major awards, but the film does contain positive messages about teamwork, self-acceptance and empowerment. burden of mental health problems.

Pups in Paw Patrol: The Movie

The general consensus among critics seems to be that the Paw Patrol movie delivers where it counts, delivering a colorful, captivating and entertaining adventure to young people in the franchise. The simple but effective themes of altruism, teamwork, and overcoming obstacles all seem to be addressed well and oriented appropriately for the target age group. The fun characters and light but thrilling action of the TV show also seem to have translated well on the big screen. Additionally, many critics say that while the film doesn’t have much going for parents or other older viewers, there is just enough to keep more mature audience members engaged throughout. Not all critics have praised the film as much, however. Sluggish writing, poor pacing, a lackluster storyline, and too much focus on the franchise’s merchandising arm have all been cited as issues with the film, though it seems none of these issues are serious enough to make. that young fans of the show are having a hard time. Here is what some Paw Patrol: The Movie more mediocre reviews had to say about the animated film.

Screen cry:

“Paw Patrol has enough action to keep young fans entertained, but parents will likely be annoyed by the shuffling pace and convoluted plot.


While it’s doubtful whether a film’s humorless death song will make enough of an impression to shape young minds in a lasting way, the PAW Patrol review is useful as a fusion of some favorite Hollywood themes that should be withdrawn. “

AV Club:

The movie version feels most energized when it steps up to sell toys: fetishizing the click of plastic to plastic and oversizing the character’s armor and vehicles with a deranged zeal that is matched only by real police services of the country. “

Los Angeles Times:

“For very young children who love cartoon dogs driving shiny vehicles, ‘PAW Patrol: The Movie’ can be great. For adults, it can be an aggressive commercial for an 88-minute toy.

At the time of writing this article, Paw Patrol: The Movie holds an impressive 84 percent certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an audience approval rating of 97 percent. It’s a solid showing overall, emblematic of the film’s appeal to its young target audience and its general entertainment value as a family affair. The movie’s biggest flaw seems to be a general lack of appeal, but it probably won’t win any boos from the audience’s children. Paw Patrol: The Movie won’t dethrone Pixar or Disney anytime soon, but it will likely continue to sell tickets, especially to younger moviegoers!

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Free Guy 2021 Movie Review

Free Guy Review: Ryan Reynolds To Star In Best Video Game Movie Of All Time

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Why Confused Continuity Is Still The Simpsons’ Biggest Problem


An executive producer of The simpsons Recently dismissed fan annoyance over the show’s inconsistent continuity and non-existent canon, but these issues are responsible for many of the biggest problems critics and viewers have with the show. Since the start of the series in 1989, The simpsons was never too concerned with canon or continuity. A few The Simpsons the characters died and remained dead over the series’ 32 seasons, but this handful of events generally had more to do with the availability of the cast than the desire to establish a formal canon.

Like most animated sitcoms, The simpsons rather played fast and freely with his own cannon. It made the show some hilarious moments, but it also stole The simpsons potentially poignant character in recent years, as the inconsistent characterization and storyline makes the cast of characters more difficult to consider. For the creators, however, the continuity of the series is obviously not a concern.

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Producer Matt Selman said The Simpsons fans chill out about canon in the show, and in doing so, the executive producer has addressed one of the show’s biggest issues. If the elements that contribute to the critical decline of The simpsons (like celebrities playing themselves) the lack of clear continuity robs viewers of any reason to really invest in the characters. Although Selman claims the absurd comic book comedy of The simpsons is stupid enough to rule out the need for consistency, this South Park-Style defense doesn’t make sense for a show that wants to create characters with lovable, instantly recognizable characters. A lack of continuity contributes directly to the inconsistent characterization of The simpsons‘, resulting in phenomena like “Jerkass Homer” and wider fan disgust for the show’s final seasons.

Selman’s comments on Simpsons Canon

Every episode of The Simpsons isn't canon except Treehouse of Horror

When an episode, “Do Pizza Bots Dream of Electric Guitars: (Season 32, Episode 15) portrayed Homer as a teenager in the ’90s, fans were understandably annoyed. The simpsonsTreehouse of Horror releases have always flouted canon, the show itself generally hasn’t taken a totally dismissive approach to the idea of ​​internal consistency, until now. Fan anger prompted a response from Selman, who took to Twitter to explain that:

The Simpsons is a 32 year old series where the characters don’t age, so the ‘canon’ has to be springy / contradictory / silly. That doesn’t mean other classic @TheSimpsons flashback shows haven’t happened. None of this happened. Everything is invented. Each episode is its own Groundhog Day which only makes sense for that story (if it does). There is no “canon” or “non-canon” @TheSimpsons.‘”

Selman’s justification that The simpsons This fiction is not only condescending evidence, nor does it hold up when the series simultaneously attempts to be an up-to-date satire on cultural and social mores. Requirement “everything is invented” makes The simpsons” the then recent and critical attempts at political comments which were also impossible to justify, because if The simpsons is a stupid, playful extravagant series where nothing is coherent, it would be a poor vector of significant satire of the news.

Why The Simpsons Can’t Use The South Park Approach

Bart Simpson from South Park

Written to respond to weekly world events, the extremely current (and sometimes prescient) stories of South Park are also loose when it comes to barrel issues. However, this series may succeed this approach because continuity is sacrificed for the sake of timeliness and comedic efficiency, while The simpsons abandoned the cannon without any justification. The latter’s humor has grown more cartoonish over the decades, but audiences never wanted the show to be Looney Tunes, so Selman’s rationale does not match. If anything, pretend there isn’t The Simpsons canon weakens the show’s ability to make sharp satirical comments, as it excuses a lack of consistency.

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The problem of the “paradoxical continuity” of the Simpsons

Maggie Simpson holding a TV remote, surrounded by The Simpsons

A phrase borrowed from Selman’s tweets, the term “Paradoxical continuity”Perfectly sums up the problem with the (non-) canon of The simpsons. The show, like South Park, always tries to comment on contemporary society and satire current pop culture (as embodied by a series of failures Strange things parodies). At a time, The simpsons does not want to be surrounded by continuity. Without the characters having a clear age (Is Homer a Boomer? A Gen X-er? A Millennial?), The parodied tendencies don’t have a solid anchor, and the parodies are toothless at best.

At the time of their release, animated comedy shows that ripped off The simpsons As The Capitol Creatures were accused of not having a target audience because their satire was too sweet for adult viewers but confusing for children. In his last seasons, The simpsons seems to have taken this approach, even unintentionally, as the nonexistent canon and PG-rated comedy make incisive satire a rare sight. Many animated comedies like South Park Where american father boast an equally non-existent continuity (aside from the brief attempts to serialize the former), but both also have a more mature rating and the ability to tell darker stories. This gives both series the creative freedom to make shocking and hard-hitting jokes, while more family-friendly animated shows like Bob’s burgers succeed by establishing an adorable cast of misfits and, most importantly, by containing their misadventures in a clear continuity.

Why The Simpsons Need Cannon

Despite The simpsons Influencing all of these later series, the series failed to find its place in the wake of the success of its imitators, and its lack of continuity is central to it. If creators want the freedom to create series like South Park, they need to add more mature humor to The simpsons, which is currently more cartoonish than ever. If the series hopes to restore the warm, PG-rated atmosphere of its early years, it needs to pay more attention to the canon and give viewers a reason to care about these characters by giving them a more solid and engaging backstory. Dividing the difference has already resulted in the continuing critical decline of The simpsons, and the gradual loss of fan interest in what was once the crowning glory of television comedy.

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Loki showed and if the Captain Carter variant

Loki Secretly Showed What If …? ‘S Captain Carter Variant – Theory Explained

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Jim Mahfood returns to Grrl Scouts for new picture comic series


Cartoonist Jim Mahfood returns to his Grrl Scouts designer series with a new chapter, Grrl Scouts: Stone Ghost # 1 from Image Comics.

Designer Jim Mahfood will return to his creator Scouts Grrl universe with a brand new mini-series, Stone ghost, from Image Comics.

Scouts Grrl: Stone Ghost # 1, the first of a six-issue miniseries, will launch in November 2021 and feature a 1:25 incentive variant by award-winning cover artist Eisner Peach Momoko. “I am extremely excited by this news Scouts Grrl series and I think fans and new readers will be very entertained and definitely get their money’s worth with this one, ”Mahfood said in a press release.

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“I present a whole new cast of characters, developing the mythology of the Scouts Grrl, and manage all aspects of book production: writing, drawing, coloring and lettering, to make it a truly unique experience! This series is for fans and collectors looking for something different and quirky when looking at this wall of new releases in the comic book store, ”Mahfood continued.

Written and drawn by Mahfood, Scouts Grrl: Stone Ghost # 1 will follow Dio, Turtleneck Jones, and Gordi “as they face the grim and unpredictable evil of The Teeth,” in a “Out-of-the-box Psychedelic Adventure” full of unique art, bonus comics, and behind the scenes content. Stone ghost is the new chapter of the Scouts Grrl story, which began in 1995 with Scouts Grrl # 1, Mahfood’s first self-published comic under the 40oz Comcis banner.

Scouts Grrl: Stone Ghost # 1 arrives in comic bookstores on November 24. It will also be available for purchase on digital platforms like Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology and Google Play.

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Was he a Spider-Man and if …? Story too dark for the comic book show and code?

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Box Office: “PAW Patrol” crushes Hugh Jackman’s “reminiscence” while “Free Guy” remains No. 1


FILE PHOTO: A guest takes a selfie on the red carpet at the “Free Guy” premiere in New York, New York, US, August 3, 2021. REUTERS / Caitlin Ochs

LOS ANGELES (Variety.com) – Need proof that cinema is far from returning to normal? Look no further than this weekend’s domestic box office charts.

Case in point: An animated film based on the children’s TV show “PAW Patrol” left Hugh Jackman’s romantic drama “Reminiscence” in the dust in North America, with the heroic puppies of Adventure City collecting six times more than a film topped by one of Hollywood’s most charismatic actors in their respective beginnings. This is the unpredictable reality of cinema, as the delta variant continues to drive down ticket sales across the world.

Neither “PAW Patrol” nor “Reminiscence” could beat “Free Guy”, who remained victorious for the second weekend in a row. After debuting last weekend at $ 28.4 million, Disney’s 20th-century sci-fi action comedy has only fallen by 34% in its second weekend. The film, starring Ryan Reynolds, added an additional $ 18.8 million between Friday and Sunday, marking an impressive take with or without a pandemic.

Numerous summer deals including Paramount and Warner Bros. ‘PAW Patrol’ “Reminiscence” was made available on streaming platforms on the same day as their theatrical debut. “PAW Patrol” landed simultaneously on Paramount Plus, while “Reminiscence” premiered simultaneously on HBO Max. Alternatively, “Free Guy,” which had the best take on the second weekend of any nationwide release this summer, is available exclusively in theaters.

In closer than expected second place, “PAW Patrol” won $ 13 million in 3,184 North American theaters. This is not a bad result for a children’s film, especially since children under the age of 12 currently cannot get the vaccine, which makes it less attractive for parents to take the whole family to the movies. . Of those who bought tickets for the opening weekend, 41% were parents and 47% were children.

“PAW Patrol,” centered around a young boy named Ryder and a heroic group of puppies who save Adventure City from evil Mayor Humdinger, has been surprisingly well received by young people, parents and, yes, even critics. Courtney Howard of Variety called the film a “gripping and inspiring animated thriller.”

“This is a good opening for a TV-based family animation release,” says David A. Gross, who heads consultancy firm Franchise Entertainment Research. “These films are not in league with the behemoths Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Illumination, but they cost less, make money and sometimes explode?” the ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’,’ Mr. Peabody & Sherman ‘and’ Scooby-Doo. ‘”

Meanwhile, the Jackman-led “Reminiscence” barely made it into the top 10 on its opening weekend. The film, which aired in 3,265 North American locations, managed to raise $ 2 million, which is a terrible result considering its production budget of $ 68 million. However, the film’s underperformance is hardly surprising. “Reminiscence,” which garnered mixed reviews, targets an older audience, a demographic more reluctant to return to theaters.

Why the Chef Left South Park – The Controversy Explained


Chef was one of South Park’s most beloved characters, but he left in Season 9, and his departure was surrounded by much controversy.

South Park saw many characters come and go, and many of them were involved in the controversy, as was the case with Chef, one of the few adults who was close to the main group of children and whose departure was complicated behind the scenes. Animated shows for adults are now very common, and they have a lot to thank South Park for. This particular series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone is done in a cutout animation style and stood out not only because of that, but also because of its use of profanity and dark humor, and to satirize a variety of topics and current events in social, political, and cultural issues.

South Park follows four children – Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick – and their diverse and mostly disastrous adventures in and around the titular city of Colorado. While the series is aimed at a mature audience, with sexual content, graphic representations of violence, and tackling topics that more often than not end up being quite controversial, it retains some of the characteristics of traditional cartoons, such as children and adults. living in their own world. However, there was one character children could always count on and the only adult they could truly trust: Chef (voiced by Isaac Hayes), who left the show in its ninth season.

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Jerome McElroy, aka Chef, was the cafeteria chef at South Park Elementary, where he met Stan and his company, and he was one of the few African-American residents in the city. The chef won the trust of the children and was their go-to adult for advice, but because it is South Park, he ended up dabbling in songs about sex, although that changed as the series progressed and the character developed further. Chef also won over audiences, but in 2006 Hayes resigned South Park, and although the official press release gave a reason, the story got more complicated and there was a lot of controversy about it.

Isaac Hayes as Head of South Park

First, in January 2006, Hayes championed the style and humor of the show and noted that while he was not happy with how South Park represents the Church of Scientology (of which he was a member), he understood what the show’s creators were doing, but seemed to have changed his mind a few months later. That same year, Hayes suffered a stroke, and it was during his recovery that he quit South Park, apparently due to the show’s attitudes towards and portrayal of various religions, explaining that they had crossed the line from satire to intolerance. There has been a lot of speculation about the real reasons Hayes left. South Park, with Parker and Stone claiming he quit because of the “Trapped in the Closet” episode, in which Stan joined Scientology to find something fun and free. In response, Stone said that Hayes leaving was all about his faith in Scientology and called him on his double standard, saying that Hayes “chased many checks with our show mocking Christians“and he never had a problem with the show making fun of other religions, and at him”this is where intolerance and bigotry begin”.

Conflicting stories about the real reason Hayes left South Park continued, but in a 2016 interview with THR, Hayes’ son Isaac Hayes III said his father was disabled at the time of his resignation and the decision was made by his team, all of whom were Scientologists, because Hayes was unable to make such decisions on his own at the time. The last appearance of the chief in South Park was in the Season 10 premiere episode “The Chef’s Return”, which used voice clips of the character from previous episodes, and for his transformation into Dark Chef, he was voiced by Peter Serafinowicz. As for Isaac Hayes, he died in 2008, and the episode “The China Problem” was dedicated to him. South Park is no stranger to controversy in every way possible, but when it comes to Chef and why Isaac Hayes left, there is still a lot of mystery and ultimately, the only ones who know what really happened. are him and his team.

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Tony Soprano and Many Saints of Newark Cast

The Sopranos: Why Newark’s Many Saints Need a Sequel

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In a house in Albany, the hidden treasures of Hy Rosen


That’s the question James Chaney asked himself when he discovered the box of sketches and paintings in the basement of the South End house he is rehabilitating.

Many of you know the answer. Rosen, who died in 2011, was a famous artist and longtime Times Union political cartoonist, a man known to confuse the powerful with designs that exposed corruption and emphasis.

Chaney hadn’t heard from him, although he and Rosen had something in common. Rosen, the son of an immigrant scrap paper merchant, had grown up in the house at 15 Catherine Street, across from the Schuyler Mansion. Chaney too, intermittently.

In fact, Rosen and her siblings had sold the house to Chaney’s father in 1969, as the growing black population of the South End moved west. Chaney’s father, Archie Johnson, was a food service employee at Stratton VA Medical Center and walked to work.

Fast forward to 2017, when Chaney, 50, took possession of a vacant house that had fallen into disrepair as his father got older and, after paying the back taxes, decided to begin the process. slow, painful and arduous to make it habitable again.

The work continues, and it has not been easy. Chaney, a teacher’s assistant at Montessori Magnet School in Albany, doesn’t have a bunch of spare money lying around. Banks, he said, were unwilling to lend money. And Chaney, who suffered a spinal injury in a car crash as a child, can’t do much of the work himself.

So, Chaney got an additional job as an Uber driver and funded the work on the house as best he could, he said. He asked for help with a GoFundMe page. He started combing Craigslist for aftermarket materials. He enlisted friends and family to help him out when they could.

During this time, he became increasingly fascinated with Rosen’s life and career, after finding this box of sketches and paintings and other items belonging to the famous designer, including his old high school yearbook, his notebooks and personal correspondence. The box launched a journey of discovery. (If you ride in Chaney’s Uber, you might be told, with considerable enthusiasm, all about Rosen.)

“It was like Hyman was sitting next to me and starting to draw,” Chaney said of finding the box. “It was like a time capsule. It was beautiful.”

On Friday morning, Chaney and I sat in front of the house and he showed me what he had found.

There were sketches of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s, when Rosen, born 1923, was a teenager. There were unsigned paintings and notepads filled with scribbles and unsigned paintings. There were the first political cartoons, mostly depicting disturbing developments in Europe, and surprisingly provocative nudes.

“No more flesh,” Chaney said, handing me a charcoal sketch.

Chaney’s house was built in 1870 on land that was once part of the Schuyler family estate. In fact, the building and the two adjoining adjoining houses are easily seen from the grounds and windows of a mansion which has become much more of a tourist attraction since the smash hit of the musical “Hamilton” featuring Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton.

“The entire area around the mansion is to be viewed as a critical historical and tourist resource for the city,” wrote Peter Lacovara, consulting curator at the Albany Institute of History and Art, as part of a series from the historic Albany Foundation on the endangered buildings of Albany.

“One of the historic places in Albany that I think has unfortunately been overlooked is this row of federal houses across from the Schuyler Mansion,” Lacovara also wrote of the houses at 13, 15 and 17 Catherine Street. “They represent a historic streetscape which should be preserved and developed.”

I spoke to Ed Rosen, one of Hy Rosen’s children, on Friday. He was interested in what Chaney had found, of course, and said he remembered the house when he visited as a child. The Delmar resident recalled family dinners in the house and watching the neon light of the the emblematic sign of the city’s Pegasus flashing from a second story rear window.

Chaney doesn’t remember the sign from his own childhood – it was taken off in 1962, almost a decade before he was born – but he does recall a South End that was much more alive and vital than it ever was. is now.

He wants his piece of rue Catherine to participate in the revitalization and rebirth of the neighborhood. Now living in Arbor Hill, he looks forward to the day when at least the basement of the house will be wheelchair accessible. He is ready to return to the house that housed his father.

And Hy Rosen too.

[email protected] â–  518-454-5442 â–  @chris_churchill

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My Hero Academia live-action movie has to cut problematic character


Mineta Minoru has been one of the most controversial My Hero Academia characters – here’s why he needs to be eliminated from the live-action movie.

There is a huge range of amazing characters to adapt for the My Hero academy live-action movie – and Minoru Mineta isn’t one of them. Although the hero-in-training is small in stature, he caused a pretty big rift among fans through his sexually charged antics. While some fans find the antics charming and funny, there is a great subset of the My hero university fandom who find his behavior problematic. Ultimately, this behavior is exactly why Mineta needs to be cut from the live-action movie.

Mineta Minoru made her first appearance in Season 1, Episode 5 of My hero university, which is now in Season 5. He’s a Class 1-A classmate with a quirk called “Pop Off,” which allows him to take sticky spheres out of his head, and goes by the pro-hero name Grape Juice. He started his school career as a coward with little chance of success in the hero world, but he found inspiration in the bravery of Midoriya Izuku. While it originally seemed Mineta was just a crazy little girl, it quickly turned into more serious consent violations, including groping her classmates and spying on them in various states of the world. undressing. Her objectification and violation of consent to her classmates hijacked much of Mineta’s fan base as a supportive character.

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Mineta’s demeanor divides the animation enough, despite a bit of heroic bravery and perhaps an expression of her love for Deku, and her actions would translate terribly into a live-action character. There are some things that can be considered “acceptable” in animation that are purely inappropriate when converted to live-action; Mineta groping and spying on her 15-year-old classmates is just one of them. Whatever attraction there was to his “humor”, if any, would be lost when played by real children. The series attempted to give Mineta a redemption arc, but there was little the series could do to make her character suitable for a live-action movie.

Mineta riding Momo's back from My Hero Accademia.

When it comes to being a perverted character, Mineta has pushed it above and beyond. Uraraka, Asui, and Momo are his most frequent victims, but he doesn’t seem to be picky about his quest for women before Season 5 of My hero university and beyond. He made inappropriate comments towards classmates and heroes, objectified their bodies, and took every opportunity he could find to spy on them, such as in the locker room and on their trip to the hot springs. He fiddled with his classmates without consent on several occasions, grabbing Asui’s chest during the USJ attack, clinging to Yaomomo, and taking advantage of Ashido Mina’s rescue to press himself against his chest.

There is a large part of My hero university fans who would be delighted to see Grape Juice eliminated from the live-action movie. Some fans have started a petition against My Hero Academia’s Manga editor to include content warnings for repeated violations of Mineta’s consent, as well as petitions for Class 1-C brainwashing student Shinsou Hitoshi to replace Mineta in class 1-A . In a cultural climate that fights to take sexual assault seriously – especially with the rise of the #MeToo movement – including Mineta Minoru in the live-action My hero university the film would be a disservice.

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Thor Love and Thunder Custom Letterhead

Everything we know about Thor: Love & Thunder

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August 20: Caricature unfair to conservatives, no social-conservative government, most urgent letters on climate change and more


We don’t need a social-conservative government

The last thing the Canadian electorate needs, as we approach an uncertain future, is a socially conservative government.

O’Toole has included in his election promises a balanced budget, in economic jargon, an operation of decline because of the dollars it will siphon from the real economy! Trudeau recognizes the need to inject dollars into the real economy and he will do so by using our Public Bank of Canada to fund vital public services without creating a national debt.

Trudeau invested billions in new infrastructure, allegedly $ 12 billion, improving Toronto’s transit system as well as CERB payments and subsidies to businesses during the lockdown. It is also in this spirit that Trudeau will bring a long-awaited guaranteed annual income into the hands of those who have been economically disenfranchised for too long.

However, I cannot forget the Paul Martin years with his cuts in social transfers, and the dismal years of Mike Harris who responded directly to them. It is too bad it took a pandemic to bring the Liberal government to its senses, but that is why I hesitate to give the Liberals a majority. We must also take into account that with a minority government, most social spending would not have been a reality without the support of the socially conscious NDP from the opposition.

Climate change, the most pressing problem

With all the talk about child care, health care, etc. all of which are important, none of this will matter if we don’t do something about climate change.

An open letter to Prime Minister Ford:

The immunization policy you have imposed only dodges the problem rather than leading the way. The “education” sessions for unvaccinated health care workers are a joke. If they don’t get it after a year and a half of a pandemic, they won’t. The government continues to protect the unvaccinated at the risk of vulnerable people who you obviously deem disposable. I am 73 years old, my son is 38 years old and has a disability. I am doing home care work and have been doing it for a year and a half since the pandemic and will obviously continue because we have no other choice. You threw my son under the bus with other disabled and fragile people from our province. The constitutional right that you hold about to justify people who choose not to vaccinate says that harming others overrides their actions. The unvaccinated harm us all and for these people to be cared for and protected by you is absurd!

The fourth wave is getting worse and worse. Do whatever it takes if it’s not already too late.

Jan Burke-Gaffney, Dundas

Caricature should have been by Trudeau

The image of Afghans hanging on and then falling from a plane as it took off from Kabul airport will remain an image etched in my mind forever. Graeme Mackay’s cartoon in Friday’s Spec, which portrayed the Taliban and the Conservative Party saying “we are not the old” Taliban or Conservative Party, was in very bad taste. To begin with, Canadians have the freedom to vote for whomever they want. Afghan citizens, meanwhile, are now forced to live under a despotic Taliban regime that does not respect women and the right to vote. A more appropriate cartoon would contain two frames. One representing a hesitant Trudeau dreaming of a majority. The other picture, an Afghan translator having a nightmare because our government did not act quickly enough to bring them and their families to safety while the Taliban knock on their door.

The Taliban are more credible

The cartoon about two outfits trying to rename themselves was hilarious. Unfortunately, the Taliban have more credibility than the Conservatives.

No comparison between O’Toole and the terrorist leaders

Cartoons are supposed to be funny, but it’s amazing – do you compare Mr. O’Toole to terrorist bosses? It’s almost like you don’t want followers who don’t fit a particular narrow view – the daily roadblock is getting harder and harder to bear.

Spec showed his true colors

Le Spec finally showed its true colors by printing MacKay’s political cartoon comparing the Conservative Party of Canada to the Taliban. I never thought I would see a day when it would be good to sink into that level, lower than the level of a snake’s belly using this comparison. The cartoon also portrays the Conservatives as a bunch of tired old men and women, but when you look at the profiles of the candidates running for this election you will find a most diverse multicultural group. Showing once again the bias that has made its way through the pages of the Spec.

Everything is in the rule of law

I think the question is not whether you support statue builders or statue demolishers, but rather do you support the rule of law. Can a group, for whatever reason, if they feel offended, can they just do justice for themselves? And where do you draw the line looking the other way? Anyone or group that does justice itself today may need the support of the law tomorrow. How will they feel if everyone is just looking the other way?

Dear Annie: Trying to sort out love and lust


Dear Annie: I’ve known this “Henry” guy for about six years now. We never had the right timing and we cheated on our loved ones with each other. When I was single he was not, and vice versa. Now I am in a healthy and happy relationship. Henry and I are still talking, and it’s hard to let him go. He had a hard time letting me go too.

I used to believe that I was in love with him and I still have feelings for him. His attitude has changed over the past year. He was very nice and asks me what I want in the future. We both want the same things in life. We share the same interests and we get along very well. He makes me feel differently from any other man. He asked me to run away with him and start a life together in a new state. I don’t know if he would go all the way. It is very spontaneous but also flaky.

However, my current boyfriend, “Mason”, has been there for me through a crazy and difficult time. Mason is also very kind and he helped me a lot to grow as a person. He lives with me, and we want the same things in life. Mason would do anything for me to make sure that I am happy in the relationship. We communicate well and haven’t had any problems yet.

I don’t want to make a stupid choice and regret everything. If I leave Mason, I don’t think there is going back. But I’m afraid I always wonder what the hell happened with Henry. – Love dilemma in Vermont

Dear Dilemma: I don’t know how happy and healthy your current relationship is if you still covet Henry. Ask yourself if what you are feeling is more desire or love for Henry – and Mason – and this will give you your answer.

Lust wears off over time, while love persists. Whether Henry or Mason is more in love or wanting is a question you need to ask yourself. Start by asking, “How do I feel when I’m with this person?” Remember, if Henry cheated on others, he is likely to cheat on you.

Dear Annie: My mother-in-law puts her husband first in her family. Her moods and feelings dictate everything in this house. Therefore, their children – my husband and his sister – do not know how to assert themselves in their relationships. They don’t know how to sort out their true feelings.

They weren’t allowed to disagree during their first few years at home. It almost destroyed her sister, and it caused problems in our marriage, which luckily we overcame. But the main thing is that they haven’t learned to have a good relationship with themselves.

Putting yourself last is not always holy, nor always healthy, for you and your family. – Sad observer

Dear sad observer: Your letter brings a good lesson to life. If your own personal and emotional mug is not full, how can you fill other people’s mugs? The answer is, you can’t. Take the time each day to fill your own cup when you can. Some good manners are taking walks with friends, praying or meditating, taking long relaxing baths, writing a journal, singing a song you like, or spending time in nature.

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ClayFighter Sculptor’s Cut would probably be fun for your offensive uncle – Destructoid


For here or to go?

I bet you have a few childhood video games that you look back and think, “What in my sweet mind convinced me it was good?” Luckily I don’t have many, or maybe I’m just in denial. San Francisco Rush was really so good, right?

Oh, but there is. ClayFighter Sculptor’s Cup, for example. I know what you are thinking, surely I mean ClayFighter 63 ⅓, right? No. I played it when I was a kid, but never owned it. Sculptor’s Cup, however, I tore myself away from Blockbuster as they sold off some of their old games. Looking back, that’s smart, kid. The game has astronomical prices these days, but it’s important to remember: just because it’s an expensive game doesn’t make it a good one.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about ClayFighter 63 ⅓ was the third base entry in the Clayfighter series and the first on the N64. It was not well received. Among other complaints, some of the fighters who were announced until their release were not even listed. Lady Liberty, Hobocop, Zappa Yow Yow Boyz, Lockjaw and High Five. Also, the camera sucked, the animation was choppy, and it was generally dull. It is to say charity.

Sculptor’s Cup was a special follow-up edition that reimplemented the deleted characters and made some small fixes. Except for Hobocop, but we’ll see why he’s not in there. There’s even an interesting theme song to kick things off, and honestly, that’s the best thing about the game.

Sculptor's Cup What?

While I’m no stranger to the genre, I feel like I have to reveal that I’m not really a fighting game pro. I know my quarter circles and my load movements, but I couldn’t tell you about hitboxes or frames. I can chain a combo, but I usually forget about it when I inevitably move on to the next game.

With that in mind, I can still tell you that the N64 Clayfighter games are garbage. They are slow, clunky, and gooey. Part of the problem is that the animation is junk. Some attacks seem to be missing entire frames of animation, others that you could hardly call animated. The movement of a projectile can look exactly like a close range attack, so the clues are everywhere.

Clay sculptor’s cup plays like a budget mash of several games of the genre. The one he seems the toughest ape is Killer instinct, with its obnoxious announcer that shouts names based on how many consecutive hits you get. “Triple brown betty combo”, “Little Girly Combo” and many more. The fact that it invites comparison with these games is a bit annoying. At least he doesn’t have the nerve to laugh at other contemporaries – just reference them. It would probably have been agony to watch.

Sumo Santa Sculptor Cup

ClayFighter’s humor is hard enough to digest. Back then, I would swear it was the funniest thing etched on silicon. I would go so far as to quote it, as humiliating as it is to think of it now, but now I see it as it is; not just juvenile, but offensive.

Of course, when I was 10, I saw myself thinking that a half-naked and overly obese Santa Claus named Sumo Santa was funny. When he… sits on it… oh, my God… I can’t. OK. The Claytality where he sits on top of his opponent and then… kicks them out of his… out of his buttocks in the form of a series of gibs accompanied by a farting sound. Maybe it was… no. Oh, my gosh, that’s the level of humor in the game. Boogerman makes an appearance in Sculptor’s Cup as a fighter, and he fits in perfectly, I guess.

Sculptor Cut Racism

It gets worse, however, when Clayfighter brings out the obvious racism. I mean, we can designate the Zappa Yow Yow Boyz and Houngan as insensitive to indigenous cultures and African diaspora religions, but that’s debatable. I imagine. Not really, but maybe that’s more excusable than Kung Pow.

Ah, yes, Kung Pow. Bruce Lee’s parody intersected with a horribly offensive stereotype of a Chinese chef. His moves are all named after Chinese-American dishes and he launches them with a fake accent that would make Mickey Rooney blush. His voice was made by Jack Bennett in what has to be one of the lowest points of his career as a voice actor. This guy was Johnny Bravo. He probably voiced someone in your favorite cartoon. Here he mixes his Ls with Rs.

The sad fact is that the voice expressed Sculptor’s Cup It’s incredible. Besides Jack Bennett, there are people like Jim Cummings, Rob Paulsen, Frank Welker, Tress MacNeille, and Dan Castellaneta. It’s all your Saturday morning cartoons right there. It is regrettable. There should be a law against this kind of talent abuse.

What’s really funny is that Hobocop apparently received the ax from Nintendo, which viewed the character as unresponsive to the homeless. This is probably true since he was portrayed as drunk and disheveled. But then we have Kung Pow, and I would like an explanation. Like a wreck that has been empowered to fight evil is not allowed, but an Asian cartoon straight out of the 1940s Popeye the cartoon is okay? Where’s the line here?

No more racism

The “Claytalities” – an obvious play on Mortal Kombat’s Fatalities – are unnecessary and horrible. Most of them just involve the victim spilling a lot of gossip. Others make them stretch or deflate. There is one worth it, but it’s rare.

To be fair, Mortal Kombat has come up with the concept that most of the characters are physiologically similar. They probably have a head, heart, and spine – all you need for a macabre finisher. In Clayfighter, they can be a disembodied hand, a drop, or three guys at a time, so you can’t assume they have a spine you can tear off. Still, it would’ve been less exciting if they’d left Klaytalities out entirely or, you know, if they’d come up with an original idea. It may be a lot to ask.


Clay sculptor’s cup might not be the worst fighting game out there. It might not even be the worst fighting game on N64. But if an N64 game was going to break the $ 1,000 mark in the collector’s market, it shouldn’t be this one. Why not Razor Freestyle Scooter? It was a Blockbuster exclusive, and it didn’t make me want to cringe backwards. It was awful, but it doesn’t seem to have impacted the value of Clay sculptor’s cup.

Otherwise, ClayFighter Sculptor’s Cup belongs to the same dumpster as other failed fighting games, which are already stacked high enough. Still, I don’t regret hanging onto it when I was a kid. Reflections of my bad taste are part of my growth in the hobby, just as valid as the times I got it right. Also, I’m not so proud that I can’t look back and say, “Kids are stupid, and I was no exception. “

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Zoey handley

Zoey is passionate about video games. She has played video games her entire life and is a lover of new and retro games. She enjoys digging in the dirt and picking out the games that are perfect if you clean them up a bit.

“CODA”, “Becket”, “What if …” and “Heels”: the best movies and TV shows streaming this week


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Here’s a look at what’s coming to theaters, TV, and streaming services this week, including “CODA” on Apple TV +, “Homeroom” on Hulu, “Beckett” on Netflix and “What If…”, a Disney + Series animated series featuring a host of heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in reimagined events.



One of the year’s most award-winning and popular films, “CODA” will arrive in theaters and on Apple TV + on Friday after causing a stir at a Sundance virtual film festival in January. Sian Heder’s film, which set a new Sundance record with a $ 25 million acquisition, is about the hearing daughter (Emilia Jones) of a deaf fishing family in Gloucester, Massachusetts. She lives with her parents – played by Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur – and her brother, played by Daniel Durant, often performs for them, but dreams of singing – an aspiration far removed from their difficult life. The setup may seem cliché, but little in “CODA” is not crossed with authenticity and heart. “CODA” is both a historical film representing the deaf community and a contagious and fiery coming of age tale. DETAILS

“Master bedroom”

Of all the movies that were cut short when COVID-19 arrived in early 2020, none have been as impacted as Peter Nicks’ “Homeroom,” a living truth documentary about a year in the lives of high school students. ‘Oakland. The film, which debuts on Hulu Friday, invests in the daily lives of school teens, a particularly diverse group of children who grapple with both their personal futures and a difficult public present. A group, responding to national tragedies, pledges to remove local police from campus. It all ends when the pandemic arrives, and Nicks is forced to briefly rely on the students’ own self-documentation at home. But even when graduation goes virtual, “Homeroom” captures a young generation responding to the pandemic with only a heightened passion for the causes they believe in. DETAILS


John David Washington, who has already appeared in two of the pandemic’s most successful films (“Tenet” and “Malcolm & Marie” by Christopher Nolan) is back in “Beckett”, a manhunt thriller set in Greece. Ferdinando Cito Filomarino is directing the film, about a tourist from Ohio (Washington) who is on vacation with his girlfriend (Alicia Vikander) when a car crash on a mountain road at night puts him in the middle of a plot Politics. It debuts Friday on Netflix. DETAILS


“What if…?”

“What if…?” is an embarrassment of the MCU wealth. The animated series features a host of heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in reimagined events. Stars reprising their roles as part of the vocal cast include – in part – Andy Serkis, Angela Bassett, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Wong, Benicio Del Toro, Djimon Hounsou, Evangeline Lilly, Natalie Portman, Paul Rudd, Taika Waititi, Tilda Swinton. A melancholy note: the late Chadwick Boseman is once again heard as his “Black Panther” character. The Disney + series, Marvel Studios’ first animated series, debuts on Wednesday. DETAILS

“Brooklyn nine-nine”

Say goodbye to NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” which began its eighth and final season on Thursday. The series deserves praise, just to begin with, for making a network switch in style and giving Andre Braugher a chance to show off his comedic chops. Then there’s the rest of the ensemble’s skillful cast, including Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews and Stephanie Beatriz. It won’t be just a last laugh at the police station, as the team is put to the test by a tough year over the last 10 episodes aired in consecutive pairs at 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Thursdays through September 16. DETAILS


The small town pro wrestlers of Georgia and those who love them are at the heart of Starz’s new drama series “Heels,” which begins at 9 pm on Sunday, August 15. Brothers Spade, Jack (Stephen Amell) and Ace (Alexander Ludwig) fight for the soul of their late father’s wrestling business, while their partners Staci Spade (Alison Luff) and Crystal Tyler (Kelli Berglund) carry more and more part of the challenge, emotional or otherwise. Mary McCormack plays the role of Jack’s business partner and, as Starz describes her, the “mastermind behind the local wrestling organization.” DETAILS

China Sentences Canadian to 11 Years in Huawei Case | Economic news


By JOE McDONALD and NG HAN GUAN, Associated Press

DANDONG, China (AP) – A Canadian entrepreneur was sentenced to 11 years in prison on Wednesday in a spy case linked to Beijing’s efforts to push his country to release an executive from tech giant Huawei, sparking an unusual joint protest support to Canada by the United States, Japan and 23 other governments.

China steps up pressure as Canadian judge hears final arguments on whether to send Huawei executive to the United States to face charges related to possible trade sanctions violations against Iran . On Tuesday, a court dismissed another Canadian’s appeal for a death sentence in a drug case that was increased after the executive’s arrest.

Entrepreneur Michael Spavor and a former Canadian diplomat were arrested in what critics called a “hostage policy” after Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou was arrested on December 1, 2018 at the Vancouver airport.

Spavor was sentenced in a court in Dandong, about 210 miles (340 kilometers) east of Beijing, on the North Korean border. The government has released few details other than accusing Spavor of passing sensitive information on to former diplomat Michael Kovrig from 2017. The two have been isolated and have little contact with Canadian diplomats.

Political cartoons about world leaders

Political cartoons

The Canadian government has condemned Spavor’s sentence. He said he and Kovrig were “arbitrarily detained” and called for their immediate release.

The court process in the Spavor case “lacked both fairness and transparency,” Ambassador Dominic Barton said outside a sentencing detention center.

Spavor has two weeks to decide whether to appeal, according to Barton.

“While we don’t agree with the accusations, we realize this is the next step in the process of bringing Michael home and we will continue to support him during this difficult time,” the family said. from Spavor in a press release.

“Michael’s life passion has been to bring together different cultures through tourism and shared events between the Korean Peninsula and other countries including China and Canada,” his family said. “This situation did not alleviate, but strengthened his passion.”

Diplomats from the United States, Japan, Great Britain, Australia, Germany and other European countries as well as the European Union gathered at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing to show their support . They also launched separate calls for Spavor and Kovrig to receive a fair trial or be released.

“These procedures are a blatant attempt to use human beings as a lever for negotiation,” the top US diplomat in China, David Meale, said in a statement. “Human beings should never be used as a bargaining chip.”

Meng, Chief Financial Officer of Huawei Technologies Ltd. and daughter of the company founder, was arrested on charges of lying to the Hong Kong branch of British bank HSBC about possible transactions with Iran in violation of trade sanctions.

Meng’s lawyers argue that the case is politically motivated and that what she is accused of is not a crime in Canada.

The Chinese government has criticized the arrest as part of US efforts to hamper its technological development. Huawei, a maker of network equipment and smartphones, is China’s leading global technology brand and is at the center of U.S.-China tensions over information systems technology and security.

Beijing denies that there is a link between Meng’s case and the arrests of Spavor and Kovrig, but Chinese officials and state media frequently mention the two men as to whether or not Meng is allowed to return to China.

Earlier, Barton said he didn’t think it was a coincidence that the cases in China were occurring as Meng’s case progressed in Vancouver.

When asked if Canada was in the process of negotiating Meng’s eventual return home in exchange for the release of the detained Canadians, Barton said, “There are intensive efforts and discussions. I don’t want to go into detail about this. But it will continue. “

Canada and other countries including Australia and the Philippines face trade boycotts and other Chinese pressure in disputes with Beijing over human rights, coronavirus and sea control from southern China. The United States has warned American travelers of an “increased risk of arbitrary detention” in China for reasons other than law enforcement.

Diplomats from the United States and Germany visited the Dandong detention center but were not allowed entry, according to Barton.

“Our collective presence and voice sends a strong message to China and the Chinese government that the eyes of the world are watching,” the ambassador said.

Barton said Chinese authorities cited photos taken by Spavor at airports with military planes.

“Much of it was around photographic evidence,” the ambassador said. “He obviously had a different point of view on this. “

Barton met Spavor after the conviction and said he sent three messages: “Thank you for all your support, it means a lot to me. Two, I’m in a good mood. And three, I want to go home.

“He’s strong, resilient, focused on what’s going on,” Barton said. “We had a great conversation.”

Kovrig, who was also arrested in December 2018, went to trial in March. It is not known when a verdict could be announced.

The Canadian Embassy said Spavor was detained for 975 days on Wednesday.

Spavor worked in China but had strong ties to North Korea in tourism and other business ventures that put him in contact with the leaders of the isolated Communist state.

On Tuesday, a Chinese court dismissed the appeal of Robert Schellenberg, whose 15-year prison sentence for drug trafficking was sharply increased to death in January 2019 following Meng’s arrest. The case has been referred to the Supreme Court of China for mandatory review before it can be conducted.

China has tried to pressure the government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by placing restrictions on imports of canola seed oil and other products from Canada.

Meanwhile, Beijing is blocking imports of wheat, wine and other Australian products after its government called for an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus pandemic.

McDonald reported from Beijing. Associated Press video producer Olivia Zhang in Dandong, China, contributed.

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Trump has imposed an image of hunting on all US hunting licenses. A proposal to change this plan anger the hunters


The hunters are shouting “hen” about a proposed change to a $ 25 stamp they are required to purchase from the US government as part of their official hunting licenses.

Under a new rule proposed by President Joe Biden, the stamp would no longer need to include an imaginary reference to hunting, which was a requirement under President Donald Trump.

“Man… the artists continued to express their dissatisfaction with this [hunting] element being a requirement for all entries, ”said the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which holds an annual competition for a new stamp design, in a statement. declaration in June. “The service proposed this change to allow artists more freedom of expression when designing their entries.”

Not everyone is happy.

“Removing hunting themes from the waterfowl stamp would be a disgrace,” Mike Mancini, of Monroe, Wisconsin, wrote on the US Fish and Wildlife Service website during the 30-day comment period for the change. proposed settlement. “Hunters are the people who pay and pay for the North American model of conservation. We should be celebrated, not denigrated, for our efforts. “

Richard Clifton’s winning entry to the 2020 Duck Stamp Contest, featuring a Little Scaup and a Lost Duck Call. Courtesy of US Fish & Wildlife Services.

Officially known as the Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp, the stamp was introduced in 1934 following the passage of the Migratory Birds Hunting Stamp Act by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with the first drawing by the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist. Jay N. “Ding” darling. The national competition, the federal government’s only juried art competition, began in 1949.

All but two of the proceeds from the stamp sales go towards conserving and preserving waterfowl habitat, raising over $ 1.1 billion to date.

Requiring entries to celebrate the hunt was not popular with some artists who found the restriction too restrictive.

Greg Alexander's entry into the 2020 Duck Stamp competition, featuring a cinnamon teal and a used shotgun cartridge.  Courtesy of US Fish & Wildlife Services.

Greg Alexander’s entry into the 2020 Duck Stamp competition, featuring a cinnamon teal and a used shotgun cartridge. Courtesy of US Fish & Wildlife Services.

“It’s really, really tough,” said Rebekah Knight, a deer hunter and wildlife artist who has entered the contest dozens of times. Bloomberg. “This requirement places many limits on the work of art. You’re going to have a lot of unrealistic and cheesy attempts. “

Many entries from last year featured used shotgun cartridges or, as in Richard Clifton’s winning design, duck calls floating in water.

“The scenes appeared to some observers like rubbish and sparked a public outcry against the perceived politicization of what had been a healthy and beloved corner of the art world,” Audubon Magazine wrote.

Maynard Reece designed the 1959 Duck Stamp, perhaps the best-known of the series, featuring the King Buck retriever.  The artist, who shares the record for most Duck Stamp wins with five, died in July at the age of 100.  Courtesy of US Fish & Wildlife Services.

Maynard Reece designed the 1959 Duck Stamp, perhaps the best-known of the series, featuring the King Buck retriever. The artist, who shares the record for most Duck Stamp wins with five, died in July 2020 at the age of 100. Courtesy of US Fish & Wildlife Services.

Hunting, on the other hand, takes center stage in what is arguably the most famous Duck Stamp, the 1959 drawing of a black Labrador Retriever carrying a mallard by Maynard Reece, who won the contest five times, tied for the most of all time, before his death at age 100 in 2020.

Sales of the duck stamp have declined over the past decades, falling to 1.5 million per year, from 2 million at their peak. Fish and Wildlife has sought to expand the audience for the Duck Stamp to others who support conservation, such as bird watchers and hikers, and there are concerns that a mandatory hunting theme may deter them from purchasing it.

This year’s competition, which is open until August 15, still has the hunting requirement in place. The contest drew unexpected attention to TikTok, where 22-year-old Kira Fennell garnered 2.5 million views on videos documenting her third entry, reports Buzzfeed.

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South Tyneside adviser found illegally detained shotguns after ‘meltdown’ at home


A counselor was found with illegally detained shotguns after a “meltdown” at his home in which he armed himself with an airgun and sword.

Jeffrey Milburn started behaving “erratically and aggressively” in March of last year, prompting his daughter to call her brother for help.

He showed up to find many broken plates and the remains of a chicken dinner on the floor while Milburn, who was drunk, was in the dining room holding an air pistol and threatening to hurt himself.

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His son disarmed him with a pistol and then a sword his father picked up, Newcastle Crown Court has heard.

Prosecutor Joe Culley said Miburn, an independent Conservative adviser to South Tyneside at the time, then damaged the glass door panels with an air rifle and unloaded him in the porch.

After a call to 999 from her daughter, police showed up at around 10:45 p.m. on March 15 last year at the family home in Cleadon in south Tyneside.

Mr Culley said: “The family members all appeared in shock and clearly in distress.”

Milburn was arrested and the house searched and officers found numerous air guns, two hunting rifles – one in a cupboard, the other “loose on the property”, 205 shotgun shells. hunting and machetes.

Jeffrey Milburn, former court counsel for having unlicensed shotguns and owning a knife

Hunting rifles were from the late 19th century and early 20th century, one of which was a .410 single barrel folding rifle, the other a 12 bore double barreled shotgun.

Despite their age and poor condition, they could be fired and were not considered exempt from the law as antiques.

The court heard that Milburn already had a shotgun certificate in 2012, but he was revoked in 2015 because the Northumbria Police Chief considered it unsafe for him to have a shotgun.

He told police he found one of the guns in the attic.

Mr Culley said: “He said he had a seizure that night.”

Five days later, police arrested him in his Porsche in Northumberland on suspicion of drunk driving and he was taken into custody on suspicion of failing to provide a sample.

During a search at the police station, he handed over a Swiss army knife.

The court heard that Milburn had previously been convicted of failing to provide a specimen in January last year, for which he had obtained a community order.

He was also convicted last year of bringing a lock knife to South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court during an appearance there last January.

The 62-year-old Sunniside Lane man Cleadon pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of an unlicensed firearm and possession of a bladed article.

Judge Penny Moreland sentenced him to 20 months suspended for two years with rehabilitation.

Judge Moreland said: “I accept that you yourself have not used any of these weapons for criminal purposes, but you must understand the risk of unlicensed weapons.

“If two unauthorized weapons had found their way into the criminal community, they would be capable of causing serious harm to the public.”

The judge added: “You have to understand that the law applies to you the same way it applies to everyone.”

She said a pre-sentence report said Milburn had “displayed a sense of entitlement” to the probation service and blamed the police for targeting him and claimed he had done nothing wrong.

Despite being told he currently has no income, Judge Moreland ordered that he pay £ 1,670 in costs within two months.

She said: “He drove a Porsche and has two properties.”

Christopher Morrison, defending, said the single-barreled weapon was a poaching weapon his grandfather owned.

He added: “He didn’t try to fire him, he kept him on his property.

“He was simply displayed against the wall in the belief that he was not able to shoot and that he had ancient value.

“He was previously allowed to own the double barreled shotgun.

“He remained locked in a cupboard.

“The items were in poor condition.”

Mr Morrison said Milburn had “something of a meltdown that day” is what brought police to the door.

He added that his son believed the only person at risk was Milburn himself.

Mr Morrison said: “He’s talking about a man who was not feeling well, who was in an extremely stressed state. He feels he needs help more than punishment.

“He got involved with community mental health services.

The court heard that Milburn suffered from various health problems and was “financially bankrupt” and his “businesses are financially bankrupt”.

Mr Morrison said: “He gave his life in public service and it is no longer open to him.”

Milburn was disqualified from his role as an adviser to Cleadon and East Boldon earlier this year due to his convictions.

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Seth Rogen’s upcoming projects, from Pam & Tommy to Mutant Ninja Turtles


The always busy and outspoken Rogen has plenty to do. Here’s a look at all of his new projects coming up so far.

FILE - Seth Rogen appears at the

Willy Sanjuan / Invision / AP

While some of his jokes haven’t always aged well among some audiences, Seth Rogen, now 39, certainly has. The comedian has racked up success after success, starting with the cult series “Freaks and Geeks” in 1999. After minor roles in “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” to “The 40 Year-Old Virgin”, Rogen proved his Man’s leadership feat with 2007’s “Knocked Up”, followed immediately by the critically acclaimed high school comedy “Superbad”. Rogen’s affable straight man character continued in “Pineapple Express”, “This Is the End” and “Neighbors”, with more dramatic roles including “50/50”, “Take This Waltz” and “An American Pickle” adding to Rogen’s prolific and well-rounded career.

As for how some of his sometimes crass and politically incorrect comedies have stood the test of time, Rogen said on “Good Morning Britain” that it’s just “the nature of comedy” for a bit of humor. , especially its variety that pushes buttons, to curdle over time (via Insider).

“I think conceptually these movies sound good and I think there’s a reason they’ve lasted as long as people watch and still enjoy them today,” Rogen noted. “Jokes aren’t necessarily designed to last. “

The author of “Yearbook” recently apologized for his professional partnership and ten-year friendship with actor James Franco following numerous allegations of sexual misconduct by the “Disaster Artist” star. “It changed a lot of things in our relationship and our dynamic,” Rogen revealed to the Sunday Times in May 2021. “The truth is, I haven’t and I don’t plan on doing it. [work with him] at present. “

The writer, director, producer and actor plans to expand his production company Point Gray Pictures alongside his writing and production partner Evan Goldberg. The duo have many projects going on, ranging from animated TV shows to feature documentaries. Check out the next step for Rogen below.

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Aardman Animations and Gurinder Chadha Make Bollywood-Inspired Animated Film


Director Gurinder Chadha, who so memorably introduced Desi culture to a new generation of Western audiences with play it like Beckham nearly two decades ago, will direct a Bollywood-inspired musical for legendary British studio Aardman, by Variety.

The film, which will tell the story of an elephant from the state of Kerala, in southern India, who harbors the ‘impossible dream’ of becoming a Bollywood dancer, is written by Chadha and her husband / creative partner long-standing, Paul Mayeda Bergès.


Image via Fox Searchlight Pictures

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Here is what Chadha said in a statement:

“Aardman is a great British national treasure. I am honored and delighted to bring my unique British Asian vision to their acclaimed animation studio. Their work has so much heart, humor, and affection, and we share a love of genuine, joyful underdog stories about memorable characters – so this really is a perfect match.

Creative Director Aardman Peter Lord added:

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Gurinder, a truly awesome director whose beautiful, funny and warm storytelling we have long admired. His talent, combined with that of Aardman’s team, promises something new and extraordinary in the world of animation.

Although Aardman dabbled in computer animation, he first made a name for himself for his artisanal stop-motion techniques, shown in films such as Chicken coop, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Distant. Recently it released two features in the Shaun the sheep franchise, which is itself a spin-off of the Wallace and Gromit series.

Chadha, meanwhile, has garnered some of the best reviews of her career with her latest feature film, Blinded by the light, a coming-of-age comedy drama inspired by the journalist’s life Sarfraz Manzoor and his love for the music of Bruce springsteen. This marked a bit of a departure for Chadha, in that he moved from his usual portrayals of the Indian immigrant experience to that of a Pakistani migrant family in Margaret thatcherBritain’s era, although the themes – class conflict, racial tension and human desire to fit in – have been the ones that have fascinated her throughout her career.

“Bollywood”, of course, is a reductive term that refers only to the traditional Hindi film industry, based in the state of Maharashtra. Kerala, the state where Chadha’s elephant protagonist Bodhi came from, has its own thriving film industry. In a way, Chadha’s film also bridges the cultural divides in India.

Aardman will work with Indian voices, musicians and designers on the project. Described by the company as an “exuberant and warm musical,” the new film does not yet have a release date, but is in “advanced development”.

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William Zabka and Ralph Macchio in Cobra Kai

‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4 First Trailer Reveals Release Date and Return to All-Valley Tournament

Fasten your seat belt for the return of ‘Cobra Kai’ in 2021.

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France’s Virus Pass is now compulsory in restaurants and trains | Economic news


PARIS (AP) – France took a big step into a post-pandemic future on Monday by demanding that people show a QR code proving they have a special anti-virus pass before they can enjoy restaurants and cafes or travel across the country.

The measure is part of a government plan to encourage more people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and slow an upsurge in infections, as the highly contagious delta variant now accounts for most cases in France. More than 36 million people in France, or more than 54% of the population, are fully vaccinated.

The special pass is issued to people who are vaccinated against COVID-19, or who have proof of recent recovery from the virus or who have recently tested negative. The measure also applies to tourists visiting the country.

In the southern city of Marseille, several restaurateurs had decided not to screen customers for the pass, a journalist from the Associated Press saw on Monday. Many see it as not their job to enforce the measure.

Political cartoons about world leaders

Political cartoons

Persons without a pass where it is required incur a fine of 135 euros. The government has said that during the first week of implementation, police checks will not result in penalties for non-compliance but rather will provide an opportunity to explain the law.

In hospitals, visitors and patients who have an appointment are required to have the pass. Exceptions are made for people requiring urgent care in the emergency department.

The pass is now compulsory on high-speed, interurban and night trains, which carry more than 400,000 passengers per day in France, Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari said on Monday. It is also required for long-distance air or bus travel.

“We are going to impose massive checks,” Djebbari said.

Paper or digital documents are accepted.

Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain football club will be treated to a large crowd for their first home game of the season against Strasbourg in the French league on Saturday. PSG said the Paris prefecture approved 49,700 fans at the Parc des Princes stadium, with spectators expected to show their virus passes.

Polls show that most French people support the health pass.

Immediately after President Emmanuel Macron announced the measure on July 12, more than a million people in France made an appointment for a vaccine in less than a day. Since then, at least 7 million people have received their first injection.

Still, the measure has drawn strong opposition from some people who say it compromises their freedoms by restricting movement and daily activities outside the home.

On Saturday, thousands of protesters marched in Paris and other French cities for a fourth consecutive week of protests against the measure.

The virus pass has already been in place since last month for cultural and recreational venues, including cinemas, concert halls, sports arenas and theme parks.

The law also requires French health workers to be vaccinated against the virus before September 15.

Follow all of AP’s stories on the global pandemic at https://apnews.com/hub/coronavirus-pandemic

Associated Press journalist Daniel Cole in Marseille contributed.

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Toddler is stunned when his favorite cartoon has a plot twist



Woman blown away by boyfriend’s “objectifying” surprise gift

A woman is furious with her boyfriend for giving him a bikini instead of a purse. She explained the situation on the Reddit “Am I the A ******” forum. While she was at the mall with her boyfriend, he complained about the price of a purse she wanted. She explained the situation on the Reddit “Am I the A ******” forum. While she was at the mall with her boyfriend, he complained about the price of a purse she wanted. “My boyfriend Seth and I have been together for two years,” she wrote. “Yesterday we went out on a date. We decided to go to the mall before going to dinner. While we were there, I came across an adorable purse that I loved. decided to go to the mall before going for dinner. While we were there I stumbled across an adorable purse that I loved. Before I could say anything, Seth had looked at the price and said, “Woah! $ 40.00? It’s way too expensive. “I was a little disappointed, but I laughed and told him I was okay, it’s too expensive. Soon after, I had to rush in. bathroom. After I got back, Seth said he had a surprise to show me at dinner. I was excited because I thought he had to buy me something, maybe even the handbag”. “Seth was holding a hot pink bikini from the mall,” she explained. “At first I was confused, then I asked him how much it cost, and he told me $ 45!.“ Seth was holding a hot pink bikini from the mall, ”she explained.“ At first. , I was confused, then I asked him how much it cost, and he told me $ 45! When it’s something I want it’s too expensive, but when it’s something he wants, the price isn’t an issue. He’s mad at me, called me a spoiled kid and said I was mean. “Reddit users thought the boyfriend was selfish.” It wasn’t a gift for you, “one wrote. user.

Trump rally to take place in Alabama’s ‘bull capital’


It is a caricature of opinion.

Turns out Cullman County is perfect for a Trump rally. It is arguably the bull capital of Alabama.

Trump’s visit poses new challenges for Cullman County: “It’s one thing Lynyrd Skynyrd is coming to … “

Cullman County is home to one of Alabama’s Biggest Bulls Events: The North Alabama Bull Evaluation Center (NABEC) is a bull feeding performance assessment center located in Cullman. Bulls are evaluated on an 84-day test, delivered in July, weigh-in-test in August and are evaluated through November. The sales event takes place every year on the second Saturday in December at Cullman Stockyards.

The truth is, wherever Trump opens his mouth Big Lie automatically becomes the Bull Capital. Add some sycophant Mo Brooks and Cullman County make for a handy bullish caricature.

You can’t make up this BS.

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JD Crowe is the cartoonist of Alabama Media Group and AL.com. He won the RFK Human Rights Award for Editorial Cartoons in 2020. In 2018, he received the Rex Babin Memorial Award for Local and National Cartoons by the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. Follow JD on Facebook, Twitter @Crowejam and Instagram @JDCrowepix.

7 animated short films to watch during your coffee break


Do yourself a favor and take eight minutes of your day and watch one of those short, sweet animated films. Some will leave you with tears streaming down your face as you laugh (Presto) or cry (Bao, Partly Cloudy), others will wow you by watching stunning animation and music (La Luna and Sanjay’s Super Team) uplift the stories .

1. Bao: A surrealist tale, Bao is the story of an aging Chinese woman who has another chance to be a mother. By preparing baos, one of which comes alive as she prepares to bite into them, the woman has a revelation – she decides to adopt the bao, like his child, and what follows is a sincere montage of a developing bond between a mother and her child. The film delicately intervenes in the realm of overtly protective maternal love and how it affects both mother and child.

2. Day and night: This playful story juxtaposes the controversial relationship between day and night embodied by two buddies, is simple at first glance, but it draws deep truths, which speaks of accepting and celebrating the differences we see in the world.

3. For the birds: A flock of birds gathers on a telephone wire, sitting quietly when a large gangly blue bird decides to join them on the wire. Furious at the foreigner’s gall, which looks different, the flock performs all the tricks of the book to oust the bird from its “thread” and succeed, but it doesn’t take long before it faces the challenge. the consequences of his acts of intimidation and that we learn karma.

4. The Moon: A surreal and impressionistic coming-of-age story of generational Guardians of the Moon. The three generations, grandfather, father, induct the new generation, the son, in the family business of cleaning up the shooting stars that have fallen from the surface of the Moon. La Luna is breathtaking, complemented by an emotional score and a climax that rises in an emotional and visual crescendo. To watch!

Short animation

5. Sanjay’s super team: A morning ritual of prayer and cartoon viewing is beautifully animated to capture the understanding and growth of a bond between a deeply religious father and his son. When the son discovers the similarities between his superheroes on TV and the gods his father prays, he realizes that they are not that different after all. As the Hindu deities come to life and engage in what can best be described as Mortal Kombat-style combat with Sanjay’s superheroes, you find yourself gripped by this wonderfully twisted plot, accompanied by stunning graphics and zero dialogue. .

Short animation

6. Partly cloudy: Pixar’s ability to make its viewers understand anthropomorphic things is always going to make anyone’s heart swell. True to the myth of giving birth to storks, Partly Cloudy introduces us to a tired crane and his stormy cloud friend, who continues to create thorny, spooky, and at times terrifying babies that the stork will bring back to Earth. But, the dynamic and friendship between these two imprints of black humor and acceptance is heartwarming and disarming, and it makes you realize that even the prickest creatures deserve a hug and love.

Short animation

7. Presto: Presto, the magician is in a duel with his rabbit, who just wants to eat his carrot, but it’s show time and the carrot must wait. Sadly, the bunny doesn’t care, and hi-jinks ensue as Presto and his bunny engage in what can only be described as slapstick physical comedy skits. I have never laughed so much.

Short animation

M. Night Shyamalan’s Last Airbender is a failed adaptation


M. Night Shyamalan Projector

For those who do not know the principle behind the Last airbender series, here is a brief summary. Long ago, the four nations of the world lived in peace. Each tribe had a spiritual connection with one of the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. A single individual could exercise control over the four elements. He was known as the Avatar and he kept the balance in the world. However, one day “when it was most needed” it disappeared and the Fire Nation arose and almost conquered every other nation. One hundred years later, an eleven-year-old boy emerges from a frozen water bubble. He is the last of the Air Nomads and the only one capable of stopping the Fire Nation’s vicious campaign.

The cartoon series that is the source of this film make it clear that manipulating the elements does not require magic. It is a birthright and a will that allows various members of the four tribes to control (or “bend”) their respective elements. “It’s not magic. It’s waterbending, ”Katara tells her brother in the first episode. Well, the movie version is completely devoid of magic in every sense of the word. It totally lacks the feeling of admiration, enthusiasm and above all the heart that the cartoon has delivered with such reliable regularity.

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The great fall of The last air Master the film is a flawed narrative, pure and simple. I’m not a big fan of Shyamalan, but I have always respected the subtlety of his early writing. Not once have I doubted his ability to invest a simple story with a deeper meaning – so I wonder why he adjusted his method of writing this film. For The last air Master, Shyamalan trades subtlety for over-clarification. He speaks to his audience and therefore treats us all like children – especially stupid children. Her characters constantly explain their motivations: Zuko’s obsession with regaining her honor, Katara’s needy desire to emulate her late mother’s moral standards, Aang’s guilt for giving up her Avatar duties. This relentless exposure robs the characters’ actions of any significance, ironically making the characters less dimensional than their cartoonish counterparts.

In the director’s defense, the cartoon had twenty episodes and ten hours to flesh out its story and characters, while Shyamalan had less than two hours. He would have been better off following the Lord of the Rings route and making an epic feature film. I’m sure a lot of his limitations in recreating the cartoon world and epic journey were tied to his budget. But in my mind, if you can’t make the movie you want to make, then you shouldn’t do it at all. He had to know that at least half, if not more, of this adaptation’s audience would come to the film to see how he planned to replicate some pivotal moments from the TV series. So if he intended to reinterpret the final battle and skip Aang’s transformation into a monstrous water spirit, then he should have offered something a little more than a tidal wave. not so epic tide that doesn’t even knock over enemy ships but somehow succeeds in scaring the bad guys away anyway.

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The biggest flaws of all are at the character level. Shyamalan’s script just drops information into its audience’s tricks and hopes they’ll accept it without really giving them a chance to digest it. Sokka’s relationship with Princess Yue unfolds over a glance and a voiceover narration clip. Aang’s crush on Katara, such an important and defining plot point in the cartoon, never shows up in the film, and the story suffers from its absence. The characters in Shyamalan’s story are put together at random, and the kinship and responsibility they feel for each other never gets much attention. For example, Sokka initially treats Aang with suspicion and apprehension, but he undertakes the potentially deadly mission of escorting him to the Northern Water Tribe without much reluctance. Basically, the random pacing and patchy storytelling doesn’t give the heroes enough time for respect to grow between them. Plus, I would say there isn’t enough time or motivation for a relationship to form between the characters and the audience either. I struggled to identify a reason to put down roots or sympathize with Aang and the others.

Perhaps Shyamalan’s biggest violation involves his misinterpretation of the personality of the main actors, especially in Aang’s case. He seems to forget that they are children. Yes, “with great power comes great responsibility”, but it also comes with opportunities to have fun. The kids in this movie don’t have time to have fun or be funny for that matter. The humor and levity of the series is completely absent from the adaptation of Shyamalan. As a result, Aang comes across as a dark, brooding religious figure and not the adorable and always playful sprite that he is in the cartoon.

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Character arcs are also becoming a victim of the accelerated pace. Shyamalan overloads the dialogue with such consideration of the past that he fails to get the characters to consider their current situation. The characters don’t actually learn anything; they just realize their mistakes. Maybe the writer / director intended for them to fully explore their arcs during a multi-movie franchise (a possibility offered by the movie’s final scene), but the movie always left me with a feeling persistent incompleteness when the credits roll.

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Flagstaff History: Cartoonist James Swinnerton Visits Flagstaff | Local


On Friday morning, Mrs. Linda Scott, wife of the county sheriff, left for Phoenix. She was responsible for a woman who was recently declared insane by probate judge Farr. We are a long way from achieving the rights of women when they begin to act as assistants as peace officers. However, we believe that the duties in this case will be better fulfilled than if the deputy sheriff was of the harsher sex, and Ms Scott’s charge will be handed over to the superintendent of the asylum in the gracious manner that this lovely lady does. . all.

100 years ago

1921: George Dewey Carlos, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. ES Carlos, is killed by lightning on Wednesday at noon. The tragedy occurred some distance from the Carlos Branson ranch in Flagstaff. George and a younger brother, Wilbur, were chopping wood. They had just finished the lunch hour George, with his ax on his shoulder, was standing by a cedar, when lightning struck the tree, uprooted it, hitting George on the right side of the head and passing the front of his body to the ground. Wilbur, who was standing about 50 feet away, was knocked to the ground but was not knocked out. He ran to his brother, who only breathed twice after reaching him. The latter’s raincoat and shoes were torn.

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James Swinnerton, the famous creator of the Little Jimmy cartoons, accompanied by Ms Swinnerton, arrived in Flagstaff on Wednesday with a party of four. During the Swinnertons’ stay on the coast, Flagstaff received very enviable publicity for a collection of paintings painted by Mr. Swinnerton showing landscapes surrounding Flagstaff. Most recently, the exhibit was moved from the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles to the Maryland Hotel in Pasadena. The collection is made up of paintings by famous artists from the West, but most of it was selected from Swinnerton’s paintings, a fact of which he has every reason to be proud.

census experts intrigued by high rate of unanswered questions | New policies


By MIKE SCHNEIDER, Associated Press

Census Bureau statisticians and outside experts are trying to unravel a mystery: Why did so many questions about households in the 2020 census go unanswered?

Residents did not answer a plethora of questions about gender, race, Hispanic background, family relationships and age, even counting the number of people living in the home, according to documents released by the agency. Statisticians had to fill in the gaps.

Reflecting an early stage in calculating the numbers, the documents show that 10-20% of questions were left unanswered in the 2020 census, depending on the question and the state. According to the Census Bureau, later stages of processing show that the actual rates were lower.

Rates have averaged 1% to 3% over the past 170 years of U.S. censuses, according to University of Minnesota demographer Steven Ruggles.

Political cartoons

The information is important because data with demographic details will be used to draw congressional and legislative districts. This data, which the Census Bureau will release Thursday, is also used to distribute $ 1.5 trillion in federal spending annually.

The documents, released in response to a request for open files from a Republican constituency advocacy group, don’t shed much light on why the questions went unanswered, although theories abound. Some observers say that the software used in the first census that most Americans could answer online allowed people to skip questions. Others say the pandemic has made it more difficult to access people who have not responded.

Confusion over some issues, including the traditional uncertainty among Hispanics about how to answer the racial question, may have been a factor, but some experts hint at a more sinister possibility. They say the Trump administration’s attempt to end the count earlier and the unsuccessful efforts to ask a citizenship question on the form and exclude people who were in the United States illegally have had a chilling effect.

“I think it’s the pandemic and Trump. The very threat that citizenship was on the questionnaire, the very notion that it might have been there, may have dissuaded some Latinos from filling it out, ”said Andrew Beveridge, a sociologist at Queens College and the City University of New York Graduate School and University Center. “I think a lot of us are flabbergasted by this. This is a very high number. “

Ruggles initially thought it had to do with the software used by people answering online – roughly two-thirds of American households. Other countries like Australia and Canada, which used similar software for censuses, saw the number of unanswered questions drop to almost zero because respondents could not continue if they did not answer a question. question.

“I guess in the American version, they just must have accepted incomplete answers,” Ruggles said. “If the non-response rate was consistently high in all response modes, it is just strange.”

Acting Census Bureau Director Ron Jarmin recently said in a blog post that blank answers cover all categories of questions and all modes of response – online, by paper, by phone, or in in-person interviews. face to face.

“These blank answers left holes in the data that we had to fill in,” Jarmin said.

In a statement last week to The Associated Press, Jarmin declined to go into details, saying only that the bureau would issue updated rates later this month “based on the correct numbers.”

To fill in the gaps, Census Bureau statisticians searched for other administrative documents such as tax forms, Social Security card applications, or past censuses to find race, age, gender, and Hispanic origin. people.

If the available records did not provide the necessary information, they turned to the statistical technique called imputation that the Census Bureau has used for 60 years. The technique has been challenged and confirmed in court after previous censuses.

In some cases, statisticians looked for information about a family member, such as race, and applied it to another member who had blank answers. Either they assigned a gender based on the respondent’s first name. In other cases, when the entire household did not have information, they filled it in using data from similar neighbors.

“Imputation has been shown to improve data quality and accuracy over leaving these fields blank or without respondent information,” Census Bureau officials Roberto Ramirez and Christine Borman recently wrote in an article by blog.

The Census Bureau released the 2020 census state population totals in April. These are used to divide the number of congressional seats in each state during a ten-year process known as an apportionment. .

The agency released a slide show on the high unanswered question rate, along with group housing cases and early details on the non-response rate, in response to a request for open cases from Fair Lines. American Foundation. The Republicans’ advocacy group sued the Census Bureau for information about how the count was done in dorms, prisons, nursing homes and other places where people live in groups. Fair Lines says it is concerned about the accuracy of the number of collective dwellings and wants to ensure that anomalies do not affect the state’s population counts.

With reports showing high imputation rates, some Republican-controlled states may try to leave students out of the clipping data, claiming they were also counted at their parents’ homes, to gain a partisan advantage, a said Jeffrey Wice, a Democratic cutting expert. .

“It will be difficult to prove but would inject more uncertainty and possible delay into the redistribution,” Wice said.

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