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Pokémon Evolutions Gif shows behind the scenes animation


A behind-the-scenes look at Pokémon Evolutions reveals the animation process used to produce high-quality short films based on video game content.

Behind-the-scenes footage from Pokemon Evolutions‘ The sixth episode reveals the animation process used to create the shorts, showing why each episode is unique and beautiful. Pokemon Evolutions is the fourth collection of miniseries episodes created by the Pokemon franchise to cover stories based on the video game series, instead of the traditional Pokemon anime series characters and plot points. The episodes each cover a significant moment from one of the series’ eight main storylines, livening up scenes previously limited by early console gameplay.

While the Pokemon The anime series and miniseries shorts have changed steadily over the decades, the overall style has remained recognizable to fans of the TV series and games. This is in part due to episodes remaining primarily in 2D, despite an industry-wide animation push to go 3D. The 2D characters and backgrounds remained expressive and detailed, leveraging the talent of the artist, unhindered by small digital and software budgets. This allowed the content to age well and remain recognizable regardless of Pokemon story is told.


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In a post shared by the Pokemon Twitter account, fans discover side by side the animation process of episode 6 of Pokemon evolutions. Zinnia is shown preparing to catch Rayqauza, with the images above showing the finished episode, and the images below covering rough animation sketches and important moment in-betweens. The 2D sketches give fans a look at each character and the raw Pokemon designs as well as unfinished parts of the 3D process.

One of the most exciting points discussed in the Pokemon Evolutions animation process is Pokemon designs. Fans can see sketchy artwork of Latios as he glides across the floor, Mega Rayquaza facing Zinnia, and Mega Salamance as he prepares for battle. The rough sketches are simplified and show how the animators decide on each Pokemon’s moves and expressions. Sometimes Mega Rayquaza appears to have a goofy smile instead of a closed mouth, while at other times the sketches look more terrifying than the finished animation. While many Pokemon fans are used to static images or polished game models, the ability to see the mighty Pokemon from a different perspective adds depth to already beloved designs.

Currently, Pokemon Evolutions has finished airing new episodes, though past episodes of the miniseries and other previous collections are available on the official Pokémon YouTube channel. It was also announced during the Pokémon Presents 2022 live stream that a new miniseries would be coming soon, with the story set in Pokemon Legends: Arceus Hisui region. While little is known about what the new series will cover, chances are the animation will be just as stunning as Pokemon Evolutionsgiving fans more ways to connect with the exciting stories told in the main series games.

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