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Quick Chat: Dominick Blaylock – University of Georgia Athletics


By Jean Frierson
Personal editor

Georgia wide receiver Dominique Blaylock is back healthy, finally. Two knee injuries have dogged him for the entire 2020 season and much of 2021, when he saw limited action, playing four games and making two catches.

Blaylock helped the scout team with practices last season. Blaylock had 18 receptions for 310 yards and five touchdowns as a rookie in 2019, before the first torn ACL ended his season in the SEC Championship Game. His 2020 season never started due to the second knee injury. But now Blaylock feels good and feels fast.

In a quick chat after practice last Thursday, Blaylock, the son of former longtime NBA point guard Mookie Blaylock, talked about last season, playing other sports, cooking and much more. Here is part of what he had to say:

Frisian: How often do you think about what this team accomplished in 2021? Is it an everyday thing or do you have to forget about it as you move on and prepare for next season?

Blaylock: It was obviously a great experience to win a national championship. Beyond the fact that we won a national championship and now it’s a new season, and obviously a lot of people have left and we have new guys coming in, it’s hard to get past the fact that we won a national championship because it hasn’t happened for a long time, but we have to know that it’s a new season and we have to think about it.

Frisian: How was last season for you, when you couldn’t be there as you would like?

Blaylock: One of my big roles on the team last year most people probably don’t like being a scout but I would go to the scout team last year and go have fun the low. I would try to give them (the defense) the best look to help them see what they are going to expect in the national championship or before the Michigan game. I just tried to play a big part in the scout team and help the defense.

Frisian: What other sports did you play growing up? What were you good at and what were you maybe not so good at?

Blaylock: One sport I liked to play was baseball. It was always fun and I was going to play ball in the yard once in a while, and I was going to swing a bat once in a while. I also played golf, golf is great fun. They were probably the two main ones.

Frisian: Considering your father’s playing career, was basketball ever part of your sports?

Blaylock: Basketball was not a sport I was very good at. I always shot the ball and always the airball, so that this sport would not be transmitted to me.

Frisian: Who’s the funniest guy on the team this year?

Blaylock: jackson meeks is a funny guy. He’s the funny one of the bunch (wide receiver).

Frisian: What’s the value of having someone funny around you who can keep things light during the long grind of a season?

Blaylock: I guess the thing we always talk about is the connection, and it’s always good to joke around with the team and the players here. If you have a good connection within the team, you will always be a good unit and you will have good communication within the team.

Frisian: What could you eat every day and never tire of it?

Blaylock: It would probably be spaghetti, spaghetti and meatballs.

Frisian: How are you in the kitchen?

Blaylock: I can make eggs but that’s about all [laughs]. I usually put some cheese in it and maybe some turkey, then after that I splash some hot sauce on it.

Frisian: When you think back to the player and the person you were when you arrived in Georgia, how much have you changed in the last few years?

Blaylock: I could say I’m still the clumsy kid I was back then. I still watch cartoons every day – I never watch regular TV shows, like reality TV, but I usually watch Cartoon Network or something like that.

Frisian: What are your favorite cartoons?

Blaylock: “Adventure Time” is one of them, it’s a good one, and “The Regular Show” is another. They are two good ones.

Frisian: If you could be good at anything for a day, just to experience it, what would it be?

Blaylock: If I could be really good at animation, like cartoons, I’d love to do it. I wish I could do movies or TV shows like them. I think that’s a really cool thing.

(This Q&A has been lightly edited for length and clarity.)

Deputy director of sports communication Jean Frierson is the UGA Sports Team Writer and Curator of the ITA Men’s Tennis Hall of Fame. You can find his work at: Frierson Files. He is also on Twitter: @FrersonFiles and @ITAHallofFame.