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Since we focus on hard copies in our Hello children! Comics! monthly list, note an e-book here.

Linersrenowned for Macanudo, in partnership with Angelique Del Campo create a graphic novel. The Ghost of Wreckers Cove is now available in English as an e-book from Comixology.
Games Radar has a review and preview. Amazon has Kindle/Comixology editions.

Alison Bechdel recently appeared at Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center.

Alison Bechdelof Dykes to Watch Out For and Fun Home, was the guest of the Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center where she shared her experiences as a lesbian feminist author as part of the Centre’s annual conference on women in culture and society.

The Vanderbilt Hustler reports on the event.

Paul Madonna seriously injured in a car accident.

San Francisco cartoonist Paul Madonna (All Over Coffee) was seriously injured in a hit-and-run.

Paul was rushed to SF General’s world-class trauma center where he underwent four hours of emergency surgery to treat significant internal injuries (including an injury to his liver and spleen, and his stomach s is ripped through his diaphragm, forcing vital internal organs into his lungs). He also suffered a brain hemorrhage, a broken nose, a torn carotid artery (which will never heal), an injured shoulder, an extremely painful nerve problem in his swollen left leg, and a broken right heel. Considering what the Level 1 Emergency Trauma Physician described as “an impressive level of injury”, Paul is expected to make a full recovery, but he still has a long way to go.

SFist has details. A GoFundMe account Has been set up.

Harry Bliss and Steve Martin go on book publicity tours.

Steve Martin and Harry Bliss joined All things Considered
share experience on number one walk.

On the process of creating illustrations

HB: Well, the process, we sort of established it a bit in the first book we did together. But I’ll usually start Steve, in this case he’s talking to animals in the woods. There’s a bear, and there’s a deer, and a raccoon, and other animals. So he tells this anecdote to these animals. Part of the reason I do this, open it up this way, it’s kind of a shot, is that I like to draw animals and trees. It’s just fun for me.

Harry and Steve’s NPR stop.

New comic in the student newspaper.

Earl the Squirrel by Toby Kant joined Fuzzy by Arianna Stewart and Bits & Pieces also by Arianna Stewart in the pages of the College of William and Mary student newspaper The Flat Hat.

Art Spiegelman breaks down “Don’t move around much anymore.”

The New Yorker provides insight of the next edition of
Art Spiegelmannit is Distribution: Portrait of the artist as a young %@&*!

Panel 3, the title, is taken from a blues song by Duke Ellington. The lettering is based on a specimen from an obscure lettering book from the twenties. The square shape of the letters, the initial difficulty in decoding them, the mechanical tones, reinforce the themes of the strip. The detail of the narrator’s face is redrawn from the panel above in a small box almost the same size as the letters and can function as the word “I”.