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Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood almost got a cartoon on Saturday morning


Rob Liefeld’s incredibly popular and violent ’90s Youngblood series almost had an animated TV series (but failed at the last minute).

The 1990s were a time of great change in the comic book world, and the artist Rob liefeld was one of the main players to capture the true tone of the decade. As one of the founding members of Image Comics, he led the creation of many properties including Young blood, his most famous creation (aside from Marvel anti-heroes such as Deadpool and Cable). But Liefeld’s creation ultimately failed to achieve a major goal: getting an official animated adaptation of his bestselling book.

Rob Liefeld was on top of the proverbial world in the ’90s, and his Youngblood series was a big seller. Image Comics was founded in part because creators like Liefeld, who had worked with Marvel Comics in the past, were unhappy with the company over their low wages and the less than stellar treatment of their hired employees. As an alternative to the Big Two, Image Comics was bold, hip, and began to drive readers away from Marvel and DC. Youngblood revolved around a team of heroes who were also celebrities, and that was the main draw of the book: superheroes in the information age.


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Youngblood’s initial team consisted of Team Leader Shaft, Photon, Diehard, Chapel, Vogue, and Badrock as they battled evil and led complex lives. The Youngblood series ended up being popular enough that the creatives presented an animated series to the Fox Network. Since Youngblood’s characters were often vulgar, and some of the fights were incredibly graphic, the animation should tone down the level of violence considerably. A photo of the two-minute demo of what would have been an animated intro can be viewed below, with many of the character’s costumes greatly simplified to allow for easier animation (the timecode was not removed from the demo). ).

Unfortunately, Rob Liefeld young blood the anime adaptation would only progress to the demo. Marvel Comics would eventually strike a deal with Fox, specifying that it would be the only comic book company with shows hosted by the network. This effectively locked Image Comics from all future animated adaptations of popular properties, including Todd McFarlane’s series. Spawn. Instead of watching Youngblood on Saturday mornings, ’90s kids would watch Marvel’s incredibly well-received movie. X Men animated series.

X Men was highly regarded as a multi-layered show that communicated complex messages to children and condensed complicated comics into a half-hour animated format. May be young blood could have done the same, on condition of receiving the budget of X Men. Independently, that of Rob Liefeld historical series young blood never reached the heights of popular Marvel X Men.

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