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Slippin’ Jimmy Teaser Reveals First Look at Better Call Saul’s Animated Prequel


Jimmy McGill comes alive in a first look at Slip Jimmya short-lived animated series developed as a promotional tool for AMC’s sixth and final season You better call Saul. Per Variety, the six-episode animated series “follows the misadventures of a young Jimmy McGill and his childhood friends in Chicago.” Each episode is animated and told in the style of different 70s cartoon shows, also spoofing film genres ranging from spaghetti westerns to exorcism horror. Slip Jimmy will premiere on AMC’s digital platforms this spring, but you can watch a first look below.

As a prequel series, Slip Jimmy is set during Jimmy McGill’s childhood and does not feature the voice of Bob Odenkirk in the role. Along with characters such as Jimmy, Marco and Trent, the voice cast includes Chi McBride, Laraine Newman and Sean Giambrone. The animated series is produced by Rick and Morty Starburns animators and written by Better Call Saul writers Ariel Levine and Kathleen Williams-Foshee.


The name of the show comes from the nickname given to Jimmy in his youth, as revealed by his older brother Chuck (Michael McKean) on You better call Saul. This stems from Jimmy becoming so well known as a trickster that he is known to his brother and others as Slippin’ Jimmy, referring to the common tactic of pretending to slip and fall at the inside a store for quick and easy payment. of the manager.

Meanwhile, AMC will also be developing new episodes of the short form. Better Call Saul Employee Training Video series. Additionally, they will also release another abridged series titled cooper bar starring Rhea Seehorn in a leading role. She plays a horrible Hollywood executive who is a regular at the titular establishment. This will give fans a chance to see Seehorn as a very different character from fan favorite Kim Wexler.

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Better Call Saul ends this summer


We will find out what will become of Kim Wexler in the final season of You better call Saulas she is one of the few characters not seen on breaking Bad whose fate is still a mystery. Fans will also be able to fast forward again to see what ultimately happens with Jimmy McGill as well, who has been living under a new identity since the events of breaking Bad. Whatever happens, don’t expect the happiest of endings.

“To me, this is our most ambitious, surprising and, yes, most heartbreaking season,” showrunner Peter Gould said in a statement. “Even in incredibly difficult circumstances, the entire ‘Saul’ team – writers, cast, producers, directors and crew – outdid themselves. I couldn’t be more excited to share what we’ve accomplished. together.

You better call Saul will premiere the first half of its sixth and final season on AMC on April 18, 2022. The second batch of episodes will follow with a July 11 premiere date. Splitting the season into two halves will allow season 6 to be considered for the Emmys this year and in 2023, and if there are no more seasons left, hopefully You better call Saul finally gets her just due to the event.

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